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Teacher of computing and maths offering maths tuition in Newcastle/Gateshead - all key stages

I like to base my teaching on my students' ultimate aim. I will assess students' current attainment level and highlight the areas for improvement/development. From there I will help build knowledge and understanding in pursuit of students' ultimate learning aim.

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Science & Maths tutor available in the Poole & Bournemouth area - Bsc Degree in Chemistry

My approach would be for small groups or 1 on 1 tuition. GCSE Science and Maths ideally. I believe in obtaining what the student knows and then helping them in areas where they may struggle, assisting them to get to the right answers. Use of past paper questions and text books.

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Mathematics BsC student with excellent A-level experience offering maths lessons in Bristol

I am a 1st year University of Bristol Mathematics BsC student and teach students taking GCSE Maths and A Level Maths. My tutelage takes the form of a weekly lesson (or more if desired) and some homework set to encourage independent learning. I prioritise the importance of intuition in maths and deep understanding of basic concepts as paramount for more advanced learning.

1st lesson offered free !
1st lesson offered free !

Maths tutoring services for 11+, year 6 SATs, GCSE mathematics or younger

The first lesson will simply be practice questions, in order to establish the areas of strength and weakness. In the following lessons, we will improve on the required areas by going through questions together step by step, and then I will give you some to do on your own, to ensure that you have grasped each concept. I will set short pieces of homework if I feel extra practice is necessary.

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Qualified, experienced and effective maths teacher offering one-to-one online tuition

Maths is for everyone! You do not need to be a 'maths person', you just need confidence, perseverance and guidance so you can approach maths in the way that suits you. I am friendly and skilled at making maths simple and fun. I respond to individual needs and help learners gain confidence and real conceptual understanding.

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Master in Marketing student, with study background in Management and Business Administration for taking double-degree bachelor program in Indonesia and the Netherlands, offering Maths and Statistic

I will be asking individuals with their difficulties in understanding the materials in class in regards to Maths and Statistics. Help working toward homework or exam preparation to be able to understand the subjects well and obtain an excellent score.

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Undergraduate student offering maths lessons for primary school student, high school student and AS/A-level students.

My teaching method is student-centred, accustomed to whether the student is an audial, visual, kinesthetic, or verbal learner. I base my tutoring on student goals and mark schemes, with optional extra curricular education. First stage is to set goals of tutoring. Each session will involve progress bring monitored. I provide material to continue progression in learning.

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Biomedical Engineering student at UCL offering Maths tutoring up to GCSE level in West London.

My teaching method varies with each student to ensure that they learn in the best way suited to them. Lessons can be planned to revise, cover a new topic or test their knowledge. Lessons can focus on the areas that they struggle with to gain a better understanding of the topic as well as practising topics they are proficient in.

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A-level student offering support with GCSE/A-level maths and physics in Huddersfield

My classes are based on what the student is finding difficult and then we work through problems of that topic, building a strong foundation and then exploring trickier exam questions to build confidence. Every student has a different experience that suits them best.

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A friendly, informal, and experienced GCSE Maths tutor based in Portsmouth who is currently studying A Level Maths.

My classes are based on the students specification and areas the student is struggling with. I start by explaining how a concept works by breaking it down into small, easy to understand chunks. I then work through some simple questions with them, and continue to progress on to more advanced questions once they are more confident.

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Ex Physics student offering quality GCSE level physics tuition! (Includes IGCSE) *Brighton*

Knowledge is best conveyed through interaction and participation. I try and involve my students as much as possible by getting them to answer questions, work through problems and apply new concepts to the real world. Having fun is important and I try my best to make my lessons as enjoyable as possible in order to create a constructive learning environment.

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Maths student delighted to offer tutoring and assistance up to A level in Edinburgh!

I believe building confidence is absolutely key and thus I focus on making sure the student fully understands the covered concepts. I have worked with many students and have learnt that there is no set method for teaching, but rather finding a method tailored to the student.

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English/Russian speaking Maths Tutor shows you that Mathematics is E-A-S-Y in Halifax

For me Mathematics is e-a-s-y, I want to show you that it's really not as hard as you might think. I tutor all ages in Mathematics up to A-level. By the way I can do it in both languages – English and Russian, obviously.

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Oxford Chartered Engineer giving maths, further maths, trigonometry and physics lessons in Bedford

I work with students at the GCSE and A-level stages (or equivalent) and work with them so that they can understand the concepts that they have trouble with and carry on to work independently. I prefer to start with the materials that the students are currently working with and expand from there.

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Fully booked for maths lessons for 2018-2019 academic year. Feel free to contact regarding lessons for 2019-2010 academic year

22/22 unanimous 5* combined reviews on all online profiles (feedback available). Limited availability.

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Teaching assistant very passionate and love to teach pupils to achieve high grades offering Maths, English and Science tuition for primary school pupils preparing for SATs and high school students n

The teaching style that I use is that I ask the student what they want to do and learn and get better at and then I teach them that using materials such as books, worksheets and youtube videos so that they get a better understanding.

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Mathematics, Chemistry and Biology student offering lessons for students up to GCSE in Mathematics and Science (A Level students will be considered).

I am willing to adapt my teaching style to the needs of the student. Normally, I base my classes on the exam board’s specification explaining concepts with examples, topic related activities, resources and questions from past papers and other sources.

Bethnal Green

Aletta - Bethnal Green - Maths

I am an enthusiastic tutor with a great skill for helping students to prepare for exams and deadlines in a fun and efficient way. I teach Maths and English up to GCSE level and also help academic students to successfully finish their dissertation.

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PhD level maths tutor in Kent: Stressed about maths? Consider asking a professional.

An experienced maths tutor creating custom sessions to support your individual learning needs. I develop a course of learning based on your individual motivations for improving your maths skills, your current abilities and the goals you are aiming for, e.g.

The Royal Town of Sutton Coldfield
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I am currently studying at university on a primary education course! I am a student teacher that has found so far that teaching mathematics is my favourite subject to teach!! I would love to support a

My teaching method during my placements as a student teacher is to start with a quick starter or pre assessment so I know where the child or children are at the start of the lesson. After that, I begin with varied fluency questions and then I move onto reasoning and problem solving question after they are confident with the varied fluency.

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GCSE and Sats tutor for Mathematics (completed GCSE in 2018 (grade 7 (a))) LONDON ONLY (Can tutor other sats subject)

I approach pupils with challenging questions to ensure they have a great potential to achieve the best grades possible. I help pupils with their weaknesses and further increase their knowledge. I look forward to tutoring pupils either on saturdays or may consider other days of the week.

(1 review)
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Science and Maths tutor with 8 years experience. Phenomenal Feedback. Located in Kent. Online tuition available.

Unlike a lot of tutors out there, tutoring is not something I do whilst aspiring to pursue another career entirely. These tutors are often inexperienced, unenthusiastic and unreliable. Tutoring is my career of choice and it is with great pride that I offer the highest quality tuition and professional service.

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London - A Level student offering maths, private or group tuition, for students from Primary up to GCSE level

I can provide lessons for children ages 10 - 16 (GCSE level). I am able to teach directly by curriculum or by specific topics chosen by the student.

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Marketing professional offering maths lessons in Bristol for GCSE & KS1-KS3 students

I believe in learning through problem-solving. Taking your time to go through a problem is the best way to understand how to solve it. I believe in developing a friendly relationship with the students so that they become willing to tackle their queries head on with you.

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A Level student offering Maths, Further maths, Chemistry and Physics at GCSE level and below.

I will always get to know the entire syllabus in and out before anything. I will help with basic introductions to all topics in order to understand all strengths and weaknesses of the student, and spend most time both improving the students weaknesses to a high standard and making sure the student is retaining and improving on their stronger topics also.

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I'm GCSE student. I can teach maths and science for primary school student, also can teach basic knowledge of german(learning as a subject in my GCSE) and russian language(as carrier)

I prefer to teach personally(not online), but can in both categories. I have my teaching method. I based in on my personal experience. The student must be interested in learning. It's the most important thing. The student should know why he teaches and what he teaches. For younger children, study should be presented in a fun and entertaining way.

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Finance Masters student. Experienced tutor offering Maths tutoring for GCSE levels. London.

I specialise in communicating Mathematics in understandable ways and breaking down barriers experienced in Maths. I can help with understanding of basic principles as well as advanced questions. I can help someone wanting to just pass Maths or someone who wants to excel in it.

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11 Plus and GCSE tuition in slough By an MSc Tutor Master.

I provide group as well as individual tuition .

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Enthusiastic student offering mathematics lessons with previous teaching experience in other fields

I am student studying International Relations and Arabic. My previous experience involved me guiding the students through the lesson set out by the teacher. I have learnt that every student has different approaches to their learning, depending on their strengths.

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Perfect! Anca is an amazing, friendly and clever girl! She’s very motivated and able to push you to do your best and study hard. I contacted her through superprof and she replied very fast. She accepted the lesson and everything went very well! I really...

Mohammed, student
4 days ago
(11 reviews)

Perfect! Babar is a very good teacher. He explains concepts thoroughly and is articulate as well which helps in ensuring the student understands the concepts. He is also good at explaining concepts using computational tools.

Saagar, student
5 days ago
(10 reviews)

Perfect! Great tutor, he explained everything in detail and really helped my son progress and develop his understanding of maths and physics.

Amanda, student
2 weeks ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Myriam Is a terrific tutor who will help you in all the areas that you find difficult. Myriam is very patient and works with steady speed. At the end of each lesson she will summarize the session and everything makes sense . I highly recommend...

Noreen, student
3 weeks ago
(12 reviews)

Perfect! Andrew gives my teenage son support by helping him understand his math lessons and goes through his homework with him. Andrew is really understanding and by son finds him really approachable and kind. Thank you Andrea for helping my son build his...

Emma, student
3 weeks ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Sean has been great with my son and is a great tutor, would definitely recommend.

Jo, student
3 weeks ago
(4 reviews)

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Getting maths support from a tutor: sometimes offers invaluable help

Children and adolescents, from kindergarten to high school, are used to being taught in large groups by a university certified teacher. But what would happen if you changed this methodology and by doing so allowed your child to dramatically progress in math? An in-home maths teacher is a maths professional who intricately knows the ins and out of teaching, while also adding a little something more... Notably, a skill set in successfully working one on one, at home, with students. They can sometimes be self-taught, an engineering student or an experienced engineer, but they always offer professional and tailor-made help to foster the successful progression of the student.

Can in-home maths lessons be a solution for social inequalities?

Arithmetics, Euclidean division, algebraic expression, Cartesian geometry, linear regression, solving a second degree equation, periodic function, calculating the square root... It's impossible to deny, mathematics are not always very easy to understand! And if in addition to all these difficulties encountered in mathematics we add in disparities due to social inequalities... it becomes even more challenging! In this regard, the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development), an international organization based in Paris, published in June 2016 a report highlighting the disparities between the various French social strata in the field of mathematics, which can be easily compared to similar findings in the UK. To sum up the study a little, the OECD argues in particular that the most disadvantaged students learn simple notions of math, while the most advantaged tackle arithmetic, linear equations and other high-level concepts early on. One statistic states: 43% of "disadvantaged" students are less familiar with mathematical concepts than others, while the national average is 65%. To fight against this very worrying trend, there is a solution for parents and their children: in-home tutoring, which is available for everyone! And in the face of such statistics and increasing disparity amongst students, the remedy offered by a private maths teacher at home becomes invaluable... We, therefore, invite all different levels of students to turn towards home schooling support, which offers help with homework and maths classes at home!

The growing importance of maths

We cannot deny the crucial importance of mathematics in our lives. As soon as learning begins in school, children start with distinguishing numbers and shapes. Then, whether they grow up to become a mathematics major in university, or go to polytechnic school, engineering school, business school... and more: maths can be found in the daily and professional lives of everyone!

Maths in education: multiplication tables to Pythagorean theorem

Taking private lessons in mathematics or hiring a teacher for tutoring and help with homework, is proving increasingly necessary. Parents have less and less time to devote to these tasks. But the importance of maths and science subjects (physical sciences, engineering sciences, science and technology) does not decrease with age. Thus, to get accepted into certain university programs and give yourself every chance to get the career you want, or to ace your GCSEs and A Levels, you must know a number of mathematical topics perfectly! This obviously begins with mental arithmetic, the multiplication table and equations (division, multiplication, subtraction), then moves on to the Pythagorean theorem, Thales theorem, right triangles, geometry classes, algebra, trigonometry, learning to solve an equation, an arithmetic sequence, mastering prime numbers, natural integers, complex numbers, relative numbers, calculus, probability... With the help of a maths teacher, you can review all these topics and begin to get to know them by heart, which makes taking the GCSE that much easier. Improving your maths skills can open many doors after high school and help you in finding the best career for you.

What good is maths in everyday life?

When you have your nose to the grindstone and you're tearing out your hair in frustration: maths can feel like hell! Even to the point of wondering what is maths even good for. But by taking a step back from these small roadblocks, we quickly realize the importance of mathematics in our everyday lives. It is with maths that, from an early age, kindergarten and primary school, we first learn to understand our world. A world and a society regulated by numbers and logic, 1 + 1 = 2. Learning mathematics is, therefore, equivalent to discovering the codes that govern our environment. Subsequently, maths allow us to perform countless everyday tasks: calculate distances, percentages, statistics, understand your bank account, subscribe to a bank loan, negotiate, budget... In one's professional life, the knowledge learned from your different maths teachers will be a deciding factor as well. In order to join professions in fields such as computer science, finance, accounting, commerce, architecture, interior design or even to start up your own business, maths becomes a necessity.

Why get help from a maths teacher at home?

Hiring a maths tutor for your child at home is an important decision. To give them all the best chances of success to start. But also for the expense that this can represent. It is, therefore, important to explore beforehand: what are the benefits of home tutoring and getting help with homework?

Tutoring and help with homework can combat difficulties

When you want to progress in math, it is necessary to know the difference between private lessons and academic support. A maths teacher does not have the same approach for one or the other. Let's talk about tutoring at home: it is reserved for students who are having difficulty, looking to improve and succeed academically! This is also why we talk about help with homework in these support classes. In middle school, in high school and even in higher education, maths can pose a lot of problems. The logic of some exercises is not obvious to all students. Worse, maths is also known to cause many psychological blockages. And to deal with such limits, calling upon an independent maths teacher, who can devote all his time to the student, can often be life-saving.

GCSE, A-Level and University... Prepare for the big deadlines ahead of time.

Private maths teachers are not just for students having difficulty. Some simply have to prepare for a major event and ensure admission to their desired program in one of the major schools they are targeting. And to enter upper level maths courses, physics, biology, engineering sciences, business school, polytechnic or engineering school, calling upon the help of a teacher specializing in at-home maths support is more than recommended! In any case, it is an ideal way to learn good studying techniques and know your subject matter like the back of your hand.

A maths tutor can help put an end to psychological blockages

As we said above, maths can undeniably cause large psychological blocks in many students. It is a fact. But incredibly helpful tutors can also help with problems with shyness. It is true that being asked in front of everyone to solve a maths problem on the board about a fluctuation interval, a confidence interval, a standard deviation, a cosine or a tangent, a polygon, an affine function, an exercise in chemistry physics, a differential equation, a complex number, to find an abscissa or start a literal calculation... Can certainly be intimidating! Especially when it has to be done in front of thirty other students. Some middle and high school students are thus limited by their introverted nature and shyness to participate. And in the end they can progress more slowly. A real problem that an at-home maths teacher can solve immediately by fostering a peer-to-peer relationship. No more the image of the all-powerful teacher standing behind his desk and potentially intimidating students: instead a new kind of mathematics teacher (having gained a diploma or not), close to the student and accustomed to teaching in these sometimes delicate contexts.