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BSc (Hons) Natural Sciences student available to teach Chemistry lessons in Inverness

A student myself, I understand the pressures of meeting deadlines and grades. I take an organised and methodic approach to learning- using mind maps, flashcards and other materials to encourage memory recall.

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A-level student offering maths and English tuition up to GCSE level

My teaching method is based on the individual student's strengths and weaknesses, and helping them to build confidence in the subject. I work alongside what they have learnt in school to consolidate what they have learn.

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Engineering and mathematics tutor with University and college teaching experience in preston

My teaching method is to engage and encourage my students to talk during classes. I teach people of various background, so I have learnt to pay attention to details and identify each student unique need.

Upper Basildon
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A level student offering GCSE maths tutoring to help you get an edge in your exams!

I would love to tutor 1 on 1 with those that need help, with homework, revision, or even just getting help with the trickier aspects of the spec. People would be free to ask for help with anything that they are struggling with, and I am sure that together we could get you through it! I am a friendly face, that is very patient so you won't have to worry if you find anything particularly tricky.

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University of Hull student offering maths lessons to all levels up to GCSE

I will use multiple types of practice questions to help develop and teach the skills required for the different aspects of maths. I will use past papers also to help with timing and exam technique. I will explain different topics clearly and make sure the student understands it before attempting practice questions to avoid lack of confidence.

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Patient Tutor will work at your pace to develop your maths skills

My approach to tutoring is patience and listening. I never pressure my students or do my best to make them feel positive about learning. I will work at your pace, and flexibly cover topics that you have found challenging. Most of us find that some concepts in maths are easier to grasp than others.

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A comfortable environment for learning Maths with a training teacher in Birmingham

My teaching methods are to go over what you know ( not necessarily in that subject ) and then develop that into learning new skills to help later on in life.

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Senior Civil Servant in London with Physics, Maths, Philosophy, Logic, and Japanese / English Language and Literature: Admissions Coaching and Life Coaching also available. From entry level to Degree

My teaching method is learner-centred. I did not go to school and have a genuine of learning for its own sake - I try to encourage that love of learning in all my students. I can tailor lessons to any learning objective - from entry level to degree - and I offer a free initial consultation to discuss how to structure a learning pathway.

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Current maths and further maths student offering up to GCSE level maths lessons in London

I understand learning maths can be boring difficult for some students. However I find that the most effective and fun way to learn maths is through past papers. You cover so many topics within an hour or so and will feel much more confident when it comes to your exam. I print everything for the students they simply have to come to the lesson.

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Masters Chemistry student offering lessons in A level Maths in the Brighton area.

The classes will require initiative from both of us, what is studied will be whatever we agree on. This being based on the syllabus, previous mock results and what you find yourself struggling with. Each lesson I bring with me the notes on the topic as I don't like the time being wasted on you writing long pages of notes in our lessons.

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First Class Mathematics Degree 2016 professional offering maths tutoring lessons in London

I have taught a range of students, ranging from very young to degree level. I feel that 1 on 1 tutoring benefits the student the most, but I am a strong believer that mixing up the method of teaching is key.

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Qualified Mathematics teacher and tutor, and part-qualified accountant, with a degree in Business Studies and experience in the NHS.

My teaching style will vary considerably, depending upon the topic, the nature of the material, the needs and the abilities of the student(s). It can range from practical, hands-on use of resources, to demonstration, interactive ICT methods or detailed, repeated practice to embed knowledge and skills.

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Accounting and financial management student taking on teaching in mathematics in Loughborough

My teaching method will be by starting from the basic topics so that the students can get the general information and then go on as how the syllabus is going. Any problem brought up will be solved before the next lesson.

Bricket Wood
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Ex teacher tutors pupils in Maths to GCSE and Physics to A-Level in then St Albans area.

I tailor each lesson to the topics that the pupil needs help with. I try to use the books and material that the pupil already has from school so that I do not add any confusion. I believe that it is important to practice the skills that have been learnt and will set additional work to that end.

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Experienced teacher currently pursuing masters in engineering offers maths and physics classes

I respect my students and treat them as a growing person, during my teaching years I taught a wide range of students from kindergarten to degree level. Each child has his or her own way of understanding and grasping the subjects, Being patient with each one and letting them make some mistakes is the key to teaching. No one has reached there yet, we all learn everyday.

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Maths Like a tool that explore your hiding skills to make you unique.

My teaching methodology is totally different from typically teaching. I understand first of all student vision /mentality level and mold myself under the students level to built-up confidence & moral and explore the hiding skills which make them unique from all. I am using all the time CAN Do approach to make the things easier.

Bognor Regis
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Cambridge MA, in maths, sometime Royal Scholar ( maths chemistry, and physics) has offered successful 1:1 tutoring for 20 years at all school levels, undergraduate and postgraduate ,college entrance a

Depending on the maturity of my student I will use a mixture of echoing their institution's approach, to avoid confusion, answering spot questions across the whole syllabus, and at the right time concentrating on test papers. I set homework.

1st lesson offered free !

UK qualified Experienced Teacher is offering Mathematics and Functional Skills from Key Stage 1 to 5

I have been working as a teacher for over 35 years. My teaching method is based on the use of technology; question and answers, formal and informal assessments. I base my classes on student-centered group activities and approach each topic by clear definition and guidance. Furthermore I offer individual tutoring in Mathematics, Functional skills, 11+ and academic projects.

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Secondary school maths teaching assistant with a masters degree in French offering French or maths lessons in Newmarket/Ely area

As I am in a wide range of maths classes on a daily basis of varying abilities, I feel confident teaching most areas of maths to all sorts of students. I am patient and always make sure a student understands before moving onto another topic.

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University student and self employed entrepreneur is offering maths lessons up to GSCE level in Telford

I base my lessons on the fundamentals and focus on the core concept of each particular subject. In one-to-one sessions, I find it best to figure out the best way in which each student learns, and adjust my teaching method based on this.

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Student at University of Nottingham studying physics and offering maths and physics tutoring.

When I teach I like to use examples set by the exam board to pinpoint areas that need to be worked on. Using this information any concepts or ideas can be picked apart and explained giving insight on how to answer the relevant questions in the examination. I can tutor at A-Level Maths and GCSE Maths and physics.

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Mechanical Engineer (BEng) offering Maths tutoring up to GCSE in the Derby area~

My teaching method in the past has been to introduce fun methods of learning, and providing real life application examples of the subjects being taught. Most people don’t find Maths and other STEM fun, but I aim to at least show their importance to motivate students. I am confident in teaching up to GCSE and AS level maths, and competent (if a little rusty) in teaching A-level.

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GCSE Mathematics lessons by aspiring medical student in London (currently in A-levels)

My teaching method entails asking lots of targeted and personalized exam questions and questioning steps the student takes for example "why did you add the powers?" to encourage cognitive thinking and training for maximum brain retention. I am also able to give full exam papers near to the students exam time for practice.

1st lesson offered free !

Current MMath Mathematics student at the University of Southampton offering Maths lessons for A Level and GCSE students.

I'd like to approach lessons with a big focus on exam preparation, as after all, that's what counts the most. For example, identifying problem areas, then I can work on those with you, then we can practice using real exam questions to make sure that you have a topic at a strong level.

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Mathematics student at University of Edinburgh offering maths tuition in Falkirk for Nat5/Higher

If there is a particular way that you enjoy learning and find beneficial to you, we can focus on formatting sessions in that way to get the most out of them. We will focus on questions/topics that you find difficult or want extra practice in, as well as attempting past paper questions to become familiar with the format of the exam and the types of questions that will be asked.

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Law graduate offering elementary maths, chinese, essay writing lessons in Oxford/ online

I like to teach children. Children have a tendency to get distracted after a certain span of time so I like to chat with them about things apart from the subject and link the subject to their interests to spark curiosity. I ask many questions to engage them and give them a chance to exercise critical thinking. I focus on helping them understand in a commonsensical way.

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HND mathematics graduate, looking to inspire young minds and provide and interest in Maths

My teaching method is to allow a lot of interaction between student and tutor to allow a more personal approach to teaching, I believe I could teach up to A level at an adequate level but feel more comfortable at GCSE or AS Level

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Waleed the Math tutor with good experience in teaching and giving the best

My teaching method is first i understand the topic well which is meant to be the most important thing to me and then when teaching i give out easy solutions based on the problem and make sure that everyone understands it.

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Chemistry student offering maths support up to GCSE level in Birmingham areas.

Maths can be a difficult subject, especially without the right explanation. I believe the most effective method for learning maths is through multiple explanations until the final 'breakthrough moment' where a student fully understands the topic and can apply their knowledge to problems. My aim is exactly that, to find the right explanation for the student to understand.

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I am studying Mathematics at Sussex University and can help tutor maths up to A Level.

My teaching method is to go over content that you may not understand and then to go over lots of questions, practice makes perfect!

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Perfect! Ibrahim has been absolutely brilliant help with our eldest son - year 9. Kai says he learns more with Ibrahim in one hour than he does in a week at school! Ibrahim is very polite and incredibly hard working and diligent - when Kai had exams coming...

Lara, student
4 days ago
(1 review)

Perfect! My daughter has told me that Georgia is an excellent tutor. It seems fitting that they are the same age, as this appears to make relating seamless. One maths paper down, let's see what the final results will be :)

Victoria , student
5 days ago
(2 reviews)

Perfect! Laura is a very pleasant, friendly tutor. She helped Ellie by concentrating on the problems she had in Maths by giving her a past paper to gauge the standard and then dealing with h the difficult topics

Carole, student
6 days ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Excellent tutor and alway knows what he is talking about! Would recommend him to anyone else especially regarding very challenging content!

Ben, student
2 weeks ago
(1 review)

Perfect! My Son cannot not talk any higher of the Tutor. He has improved so much since seeing Aurelian. He also cares if you pass and he often stays well over the allotted time. My Son says he is miles ahead of his school teachers in knowledge.

Paul, student
2 weeks ago
(1 review)

Perfect! I’m extremely impressed with progress my daughter has made in her maths with Daniel. Prior to Daniel, she though she was no good at maths, lost her confidence and was disappointed with the results of her last test. Now, her confidence has returned...

Shianne, student
3 weeks ago
(1 review)

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Getting maths support from a tutor: sometimes offers invaluable help

Children and adolescents, from kindergarten to high school, are used to being taught in large groups by a university certified teacher. But what would happen if you changed this methodology and by doing so allowed your child to dramatically progress in math? An in-home maths teacher is a maths professional who intricately knows the ins and out of teaching, while also adding a little something more... Notably, a skill set in successfully working one on one, at home, with students. They can sometimes be self-taught, an engineering student or an experienced engineer, but they always offer professional and tailor-made help to foster the successful progression of the student.

Can in-home maths lessons be a solution for social inequalities?

Arithmetics, Euclidean division, algebraic expression, Cartesian geometry, linear regression, solving a second degree equation, periodic function, calculating the square root... It's impossible to deny, mathematics are not always very easy to understand! And if in addition to all these difficulties encountered in mathematics we add in disparities due to social inequalities... it becomes even more challenging! In this regard, the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development), an international organization based in Paris, published in June 2016 a report highlighting the disparities between the various French social strata in the field of mathematics, which can be easily compared to similar findings in the UK. To sum up the study a little, the OECD argues in particular that the most disadvantaged students learn simple notions of math, while the most advantaged tackle arithmetic, linear equations and other high-level concepts early on. One statistic states: 43% of "disadvantaged" students are less familiar with mathematical concepts than others, while the national average is 65%. To fight against this very worrying trend, there is a solution for parents and their children: in-home tutoring, which is available for everyone! And in the face of such statistics and increasing disparity amongst students, the remedy offered by a private maths teacher at home becomes invaluable... We, therefore, invite all different levels of students to turn towards home schooling support, which offers help with homework and maths classes at home!

The growing importance of maths

We cannot deny the crucial importance of mathematics in our lives. As soon as learning begins in school, children start with distinguishing numbers and shapes. Then, whether they grow up to become a mathematics major in university, or go to polytechnic school, engineering school, business school... and more: maths can be found in the daily and professional lives of everyone!

Maths in education: multiplication tables to Pythagorean theorem

Taking private lessons in mathematics or hiring a teacher for tutoring and help with homework, is proving increasingly necessary. Parents have less and less time to devote to these tasks. But the importance of maths and science subjects (physical sciences, engineering sciences, science and technology) does not decrease with age. Thus, to get accepted into certain university programs and give yourself every chance to get the career you want, or to ace your GCSEs and A Levels, you must know a number of mathematical topics perfectly! This obviously begins with mental arithmetic, the multiplication table and equations (division, multiplication, subtraction), then moves on to the Pythagorean theorem, Thales theorem, right triangles, geometry classes, algebra, trigonometry, learning to solve an equation, an arithmetic sequence, mastering prime numbers, natural integers, complex numbers, relative numbers, calculus, probability... With the help of a maths teacher, you can review all these topics and begin to get to know them by heart, which makes taking the GCSE that much easier. Improving your maths skills can open many doors after high school and help you in finding the best career for you.

What good is maths in everyday life?

When you have your nose to the grindstone and you're tearing out your hair in frustration: maths can feel like hell! Even to the point of wondering what is maths even good for. But by taking a step back from these small roadblocks, we quickly realize the importance of mathematics in our everyday lives. It is with maths that, from an early age, kindergarten and primary school, we first learn to understand our world. A world and a society regulated by numbers and logic, 1 + 1 = 2. Learning mathematics is, therefore, equivalent to discovering the codes that govern our environment. Subsequently, maths allow us to perform countless everyday tasks: calculate distances, percentages, statistics, understand your bank account, subscribe to a bank loan, negotiate, budget... In one's professional life, the knowledge learned from your different maths teachers will be a deciding factor as well. In order to join professions in fields such as computer science, finance, accounting, commerce, architecture, interior design or even to start up your own business, maths becomes a necessity.

Why get help from a maths teacher at home?

Hiring a maths tutor for your child at home is an important decision. To give them all the best chances of success to start. But also for the expense that this can represent. It is, therefore, important to explore beforehand: what are the benefits of home tutoring and getting help with homework?

Tutoring and help with homework can combat difficulties

When you want to progress in math, it is necessary to know the difference between private lessons and academic support. A maths teacher does not have the same approach for one or the other. Let's talk about tutoring at home: it is reserved for students who are having difficulty, looking to improve and succeed academically! This is also why we talk about help with homework in these support classes. In middle school, in high school and even in higher education, maths can pose a lot of problems. The logic of some exercises is not obvious to all students. Worse, maths is also known to cause many psychological blockages. And to deal with such limits, calling upon an independent maths teacher, who can devote all his time to the student, can often be life-saving.

GCSE, A-Level and University... Prepare for the big deadlines ahead of time.

Private maths teachers are not just for students having difficulty. Some simply have to prepare for a major event and ensure admission to their desired program in one of the major schools they are targeting. And to enter upper level maths courses, physics, biology, engineering sciences, business school, polytechnic or engineering school, calling upon the help of a teacher specializing in at-home maths support is more than recommended! In any case, it is an ideal way to learn good studying techniques and know your subject matter like the back of your hand.

A maths tutor can help put an end to psychological blockages

As we said above, maths can undeniably cause large psychological blocks in many students. It is a fact. But incredibly helpful tutors can also help with problems with shyness. It is true that being asked in front of everyone to solve a maths problem on the board about a fluctuation interval, a confidence interval, a standard deviation, a cosine or a tangent, a polygon, an affine function, an exercise in chemistry physics, a differential equation, a complex number, to find an abscissa or start a literal calculation... Can certainly be intimidating! Especially when it has to be done in front of thirty other students. Some middle and high school students are thus limited by their introverted nature and shyness to participate. And in the end they can progress more slowly. A real problem that an at-home maths teacher can solve immediately by fostering a peer-to-peer relationship. No more the image of the all-powerful teacher standing behind his desk and potentially intimidating students: instead a new kind of mathematics teacher (having gained a diploma or not), close to the student and accustomed to teaching in these sometimes delicate contexts.