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Excelling Psychology student offering Psychology, History and English Literature lessons in Sheffield

I give one-on-one lessons for most of the time, but I can also tutor small groups with the same level of care. I wish to provoke a discussion rather than lecture alone, and try and encourage answers rather than to simply give them to the student, so they are able to perform as such in the exam.

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Creativity is me! Lets explore together the beauty of arts & humanities!

I am a truly enthusiastic individual with a love for students and teaching, diligent and self-motivated. One of my greatest strengths as an educator is inspiring students, increase their motivation and helping them reach their full potentials. I help them grow beyond the evaluation process to become successful in both education and life, while maintaining a warm and creative approach.

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World Culture Historian invites to on-line journey, can meet in Lincoln Castle

I like to put a 'issue' and see what made it, how people reacted and what was outcomes. Sometimes looking at it from the point of view of a modern person,sometimes taking side of another era viewer.We discuss using PPE and I support with use of specific terminology.

Hemel Hempstead
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Third year ancient history and history student tutoring high school pupils in Watford

My name is Harry and I am just finishing my third year at university. My degree is in ancient history and history and am applying for an additional PCGE and have completed 2 weeks working at a school. I love my subject and believe history should be taught as the great story it is and the debate should follow.

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Tailored courses in Ancient Greek History and History of Warfare, from PhD student in London.

I am a PhD student in London focusing on Ancient Greek Military History and offering courses to anyone interested in Ancient Greece from school to university level. I encourage interactive courses with pleasant and constructive discussions over a one sided monologue, but can accommodate any student's requirements.

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MA Medieval Studies student offering History tutoring up to A-level in York

I am willing to tutor students from primary up to Sixth Form/College level. I find the best way to tutor is through using popular culture, art and media to support the learning, as well as make the lessons more interactive.

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A-Level student, tutoring in History and English lessons to pupils in Oxford

- tutoring pupils who are primary, secondary, GCSE or AS Level students - lesson structures would be created uniquely to a pupil, as everyone learns differently - i have a passion for History and English and exhume said passion through teaching and helping others

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Ancient History and Archaeology student offering lessons in History and Latin in the Leicester vicinity.

As I am a Master's Ancient History and Archaeology student, I have the independent skills necessary to deliver concise lesson plans that will greatly benefit any potential student in a quick, methodological and effective manner. I am also able to pinpoint exam technique which is a crucial element for success.

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First Class Honours Media Production Graduate and Freelancer offering classes in the South of England

As someone who always liked learning but never liked school, I base my teaching methods around critical thinking practices, as I feel this style caters to all types of learners. I always try and relate any work to real-world examples and practices, allowing you to see the usefulness of what you are learning, through both a practical and conceptual lens.

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Freshly graduated philosophy student, offering tutorship in: religious studies, philosophy, and ethics

My teaching method is to have my student think about certain scenarios that or which involve the ethics and reasoning behind individual or group actions: these can be done by looking at pictures, videos or concocting scenarios that would question the moral self.

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Experienced creative practitioner teaching art, film, writer and theatre studies in Lincoln!

Whether one-on-one or in a group session, my teaching style can be described as student-led (another term for this is the heutogogical approach, however my background is distinctly pedagogical, which in other words is how our main educational institutions are run).

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Classics and Ancient History Research student based around both Birmingham and Walsall

I am able to teach students up to a degree level, and would structure my lessons personally around the student themselves. With each new student, I will be sure to first ask what you hope to achieve and learn from the tutoring sessions and what topics you would like to prioritise.

Newcastle upon Tyne
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Russel Group archaeology graduate offering history and archaeology tutoring in Newcastle Upon Tyne

I believe tailoring my teaching to the needs of the individual is extremely important in learning. It would be incredibly useful, then, to have a session where I can understand what kind of learner the individual is (visual, auditory or practical) so that I may then plan each teaching session using techniques I know works for that type of learner.

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University student offering lessons and advice concerning Geography and Sociology, mainly based in Kent

My teaching level would be before GCSE and A-level. But I am happy to advise anyone on a range of topics.

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MA Art History student w. art skills, highly competent with philosophy/history/art history

I will structure lessons according to a students' area of interest and desired number of sessions. I will provide PowerPoint slides of pre-prepared images and lists of key texts. My aim is to develop a student's understanding through comparative exercises and would like them to gain an awareness of theoretical and philosophical issues.

1st lesson offered free !

MA Art History Graduate (Sussex) Available for Tutoring, Assessment Guidance and Revision

I am a recent MA graduate in Art History looking to share my knowledge of my field and lend a hand to others embarking upon study in the exciting world of Art History. As an adept essayist I can provide support for essay planning, structure and referencing.

Greater London
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Fine Art, Drawing, Painting, Photography, Choreography and Art History tutor in Stamford Brook 10+ years professional experience

I give art, fine art, fine art history, drawing, painting and photography lessons to kids and young adults from ages 4 to 22 and in English or Hungarian. I have comprehensive professional experience of over 10 years having worked at various different projects, with antiques, fine art as an artist and photographer and choreographer combined with HR and Office management.

1st lesson offered free !

1st Year Undergraduate in History&Archaeology BA, do all up to A Level

Hello! I am at Newcastle University studying History and Archaeology and in my first year. I do all levels up to A Level. I learn visually so I like to set out mind maps with bright colours and draw diagrams to help process the information. I am a very friendly and patient individual. Furthermore, I don't mind going over things if you don't understand them the first time.

1st lesson offered free !

GCSE and A-Level Philosophy Tutoring, Manchester, First Year Undergrad (Philosophy and English)

I'm a first year Philosophy and English student, having done GCSE Religious Studies, and A-Level Philosophy of Religion and Ethics. Tutoring would include hour long sessions focused on content, exam technique, and revision practices. I am efficient, patient, and quick to adapt to the specific learning needs of the individual pupil.

Lytham Saint Annes
1st lesson offered free !

History of Art with socio political ramifications, specialised in late 19th and early 20th Century

Depends what you want or need to know, would be tailored to requirement with a mini project type outcome. Discussion about individuals, movements, reasoning along with world view and other factors that could determine direction.

1st lesson offered free !

History student offering history and humanities lessons up to A-Level in Lincoln

I base my classes around my students; for example, if there is a particular topic they need to go over, then I am happy to explore it more in depth. I am also aware of differing needs. Everybody is an individual, and as such they learn differently, and I take this into account when planning and delivering a lesson.

1st lesson offered free !

Giving lessons in history,sociology and politics for all those mind-boggled by it

I believe best teaching method is through conversation and asking challenging questions. My approach is adaptable based on student's best way of learning. I am a good listener and successful at creating an interesting and safe environment for learning.

White Hart Lane
(7 reviews)

Highly experienced and qualified tutor offering bespoke, engaging tuition in Philosophy and related disciplines. Learn at my home, yours or a mutually convenient space. Palmers Green/ Wood Green

My approach to teaching is always dependent upon the student's needs, preferences, goals and learning styles. I work hard to create an engaging and bespoke learning experience which enables all students to progress at a rapid and enjoyable speed, whilst ensuring full and comprehensive understanding.

1st lesson offered free !

Passionate tutor here to help you! - PhD candidate, History and Archaeology - Richmond-Upon-Thames

I tend to adjust and tailor a lesson depending on the individual need of a person. Usually, I listen to what a student needs to cover or is interested in learning, and then I decide how we can do it together. Most importantly, I ask the student the best way in which she/he learns, so we can work in a better way for him/her. My philosophy is: "it is all about the student, not me".

1st lesson offered free !

Psychology Tutor offering online lessons up to undergrad level, UK/ GB based

My name is Charlotte, and I am a trans girl currently studying psychology myself. I have been tutoring other members of my cohort and decided to expand to whom I teach. I find it best to first discuss with my students what it is they currently know and are comfortable with, before then comparing this to what they need to know for their relevant work.

1st lesson offered free !

Polymath self-student offering wide scope of tutoring in the Southwest or Nationwide

My teaching methodology is adaptive depending on the subject and the person/people, and whether I'm teaching 1 to 1 or in a group. Sometimes teaching outdoors is more engaging and effective, sometimes in a focused indoor classroom is more appropriate. I can be imaginative and creative to make the subject interesting for students so that they are motivated to continue.

1st lesson offered free !

Geography student offering lessons in geography, international relations and natural disasters in Dorchester

I give lessons to anyone studying SAT, GCSE, A-Level geography or anyone who would just like to know more about the subject. My technique is to see what the student knows and help them develop their own knowledge. I personally don't believe in 'spoon feeding' and so I prompt the students in the right direction and encourage them to develop their own ideas.

1st lesson offered free !

History graduate and trainee teacher with a passion for teaching in Liverpool.

No two students can be taught in the same manner and thats why I strive to provide a unique experience for each individual student. I believe that memory retention and academic skills are best honed when the individual enjoys the experience of learning. Consequently, my work aims to provide a fun yet challenging approach to academia.

1st lesson offered free !

An avid mythology fan offering to share knowledge over email in Gloucester

I'll teach anyone who wants to learn. As for how I teach, I'll teach in any way you're comfortable with.

1st lesson offered free !

Final Year Mature Classics Student offering History and Classics guidance in Todmorden

When you contact me I will run through an initial session to work out what you believe are your weaknesses, and also to chat about how you find the subject and and what you are looking to gain from tutoring sessions.

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