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Engineering and mathematics tutor with University and college teaching experience in preston

My teaching method is to engage and encourage my students to talk during classes. I teach people of various background, so I have learnt to pay attention to details and identify each student unique need.

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Qualified, Oxford-educated teacher offers maths lessons in Lancashire and Greater Manchester, UK

My approach is thorough, based upon traditional methods and content, as well as a very personable nature. My results are consistently excellent, normally in the range of two to four grades for GCSE students and two grades for A-level.

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First year student, A*AA A-levels and Oxford interview, will give physics lessons in Preston

I believe the best way to learn physics and maths is: practice, practice, practice. If you want to learn theory, that's fine with me; I'll teach you with endless problems, and I will make absolute certain you will understand every last bit of a given topic. If you are motivated to work and passionate about the subject, that's great. If not, I'll make you.

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Post A-Level student offering to tutor mathematics (up to and including A-Levels) in Preston

I am a student who has just finished my A-Levels and I'm looking to tutor Mathematics up to the standard of the A-Level Further Mathematics course. I am not a believer in repetition or rote learning; instead, I prefer to focus on understanding the derivations and reasonings behind a concept.

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I am Caitlin. I am currently at university studying MChem Chemsistry and I would like to be a teacher eventually but also have a PhD. I'm very calm and understanding, I try to bring the best out of everyone including my students. I give science lessons to students who are struggling with topics, an hour a day can help so much.

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I am sravan kumar Kyasani I am staying in Preston uk , I can teach mathematics and general physics , my background is I have completed by bachelors degree in engineering field and at present I am purs

My teachings method bepends on topics that students willing to learn , and I use methodology that really helps to understand the subject in better way

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Maths, Physics, Biology tutoring from the University of Oxford Education department. By graduate in Physics.

I am a teacher with the Department of Education at the University of Oxford. Currently trainign to be a teacher and employ a creative style that hopes bother encourage creativity, a thirst for knowledge and the dedication to achieve your potential. A-level A in all my tutoring subjects (Physics, Maths, Biology). Happy to tutor all the way from primary to undergraduate level in these subjects.

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Medical Student offering tutoring in Maths, Physics and Chemistry up to A-Level standard.

My approach to tutoring would be to first help my students to understand the knowledge and facts based off the exam board specification, as this is the key to passing those all important exams. After I am happy that my students have a good understanding of the topic, I would focus on going through past papers and exam questions.

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Early Years Teacher offering English, Maths, and Science Tuitions upto GCSE Level

I break down each topic. I use various teaching strategies such as the Power Point, white board and I make the lessons interactive. I also use past paper questions to ensure that students understand and have knowledge of the type of questions that they will be asked.

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Mechanical Engineering student offering maths, physics and Polish-English language lessons in and around Manchester.

I offer you a hands-on approach to learning, a lesson from a student to a student. I will teach you not only the material, but also the methods I myself use to learn and remember, and solve exam questions.

Appley Bridge
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Experienced tutor offering services in and around Wigan - Maths & Physics up to A-Level

Hopefully I can fill out this section later. Hopefully I can fill out this section later. Hopefully I can fill out this section later. Hopefully I can fill out this section later. Hopefully I can fill out this section later. Hopefully I can fill out this section later.

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Maths Physics Tutor All Levels Blackpool North West fully qualified with PhD

I am 27 years old, recently completing my PhD in Mathematics at Imperial College London. I provide comprehensive tuition for all maths levels, and science up to GCSE. I use many analogies and real world applications, so that my students fully understand their subject matter.

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Enthusiastic, experienced Maths tutor for any level up to A level further maths, I tutor in Bolton and Lancaster

My name is John, and I'm a second year Maths student at Lancaster University, I live in Bolton during the summer, Easter and Christmas holidays. I can not only help with teaching maths, but also help with revision techniques, exam technique and coping with exam stress. I hope to hear from you soon.

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Physics and Maths graduate working as a Scientist offering Maths and Physics tutoring at all levels

I tailor my approach to the individuals being taught. I have a methodological approach to explaining complicated concepts and am able to break down difficult concepts in to bite-size and easier to digest sections. I am patient and create my own teaching material from current curriculum in order to help with teaching and to challenge students further.

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Current physics undergratuate student offering maths/Physics tutoring in Ormskirk and around Lancashire

my teaching method is first helping the pupil to understand the content presented to them, then running through a few example questions to show them the ropes before finally letting them loose on questions on their own, at first with little assistance but then with more if required.

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A Level Student with A in GCSE Core and Additional Science offering lessons in Aughton/Liverpool area

The easiest way to teach Science is approaching various different methods to learn. It is an objective subject so it is necessary to do more revision and core learning which will then develop into techniques and easy ways to attain quick marks.

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Theoretical Physics Student offering Maths and Physics lessons up to university level in Lancaster

Asking the right questions and finding correct answers has always been the most important goal in science. My lessons will teach you both, to form clear and key questions and to find the logic behind the subject.


Sabah - Worsley - Maths

Everyone deserves the best education to reach their fullest potential in academic achievements. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach Maths and Science from early primary up to and including A-Level. - Tell me about your qualifications.

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Passionate A level maths tutor in St Helens (current mathematics student at the University of Warwick)

During any session I will identify the problems the student currently has and find relevant questions (past paper or otherwise) to help explain, and eventually, overcome the problem. I primarily will use questions and past papers but am open to any techniques the student believes may be helpful.

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Perfect! I asked Alex to help me in my preparation for the NSAA (the admission test for Cambridge University, in Natural Sciences). Although I don't have the test results yet, I feel confident in saying that she was of great help, always very helpful in...

Lorenzo, student
2 weeks ago
(1 review)

Perfect! George was a great success, he is professional and well prepared, he bonded well with the student and achieved real results, highly recommended.

Robin, student
1 month ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Daniel makes a great tutor. as he is not only very knowledgeable about his subjects, but also has good ideas for how to help the student with how to learn the information. He covered both topic knowledge as well as exam/learning techniques. From...

Ali, student
1 month ago
(3 reviews)

Perfect! Marie is patient to our children. We are happy having her to teach for our family.

Jade, student
1 month ago
(1 review)

Perfect! James has seen my boys for just over a month now and I have been really pleased with his support. He is very quietly spoken and incredibly patient. I have twin boys studying A-level Physics and James always makes sure both boys understand the...

Annette, student
2 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Michael is a very experienced tutor who clearly explained the topics and provided the 'lesson notes' very promptly after the session - would use him again

Fiona, student
2 months ago
(11 reviews)