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I am a professional with more thyan 4 years of knowledge aiming to enhance my knowledge continuoulsy. I do this by sharing and teaching to others. “Performance-driven professional in pursuit of challe

I belive in an interactive and associative teaching mechanism. Learn and enhance your knowledge with an interactive question and answer session and take your time to grasp and understand the concepts. Learning and practicing by self is the best way to understand things.

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I GROW and DEVELOP people in whatever ways that work best for THEM - Guaranteed!

My approach is Unique, Tailored and absolutely Client-centred - meaning that it's ALL ABOUT YOU! I bring a wealth of experience successfully navigating and climbing up through numerous industry sectors, government and Non-government organisations...and combine it with my passion and skills in enabling people's Growth and Development.

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Career - Do you want to reach new heights or Need Guidance?

I offer one to one consultation either in person or over video call. My approach is to listen to your requirements and then appraise you potential. After that I help explore and guide you to achieve you career aims.

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Project Manager with an International career seeks to give a good professional orientation to your career

Essentially, I do not think there is a way, I adapt to you. But I would say to designate one that works consists in searching what is the most effective with you; The master class, examples, directly on the street ... And what you tell me. From there we are progressing comfortably the two of us.

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Engineer turned Social Entrepreneur, providing coaching on career choices and entrepreneurship in Mumbai

As a Teacher, I believe in using empathy for reaching out to my students, identifying their strengths & weaknesses, protecting & nurturing their inherent creativity and unleashing their power to innovate/think differently towards taking more thoughtful & responsible decisions and actions.

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"Motivational speaker & coach, Parenting coach, Teen Coach, capable of Inspiring & moulding kids, youths & the old to become a somebody from nobody."

I approach the topic through practical references, real life examples. I also try to make an emotional impact by ensuring that my point is clear and crisp. There's also some daily routines to ensure it's effectiveness. I do conduct some activities to ensure that it gets registered into their minds.

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Get you personalized coaching for easing your journey into the professional world

I am MBA, B.E with over 17 years in corporate life. I have exposure to multiple geographies, cultures and have dealt with a wide variety of stakeholders from CXO level to junior management. I am also a certified Yoga instructor.

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Graduated in the Master in Management in Bocconi (with more than 10 job offers) she helps future graduates to find the job of their dreams

My approach is divided into three distinct phases: i) the first phase provides an accurate description and study of the abilities of the student / a ii) the second phase involves the structuring of a career path based on the ability to above and on the basis of the student's wishes iii) the third phase involves sharing my best practices, the portals through which to search for work, the documents...

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An Artists with 6 years of experience in sketching, painting and drawing gives lessons to beginners and intermediates on superproof.

I am an Artist in drawing, sketching and painting. I produce cartoons, picture books and portraits for beginners and intermediates in the media and publishing sectors. I will provide you with video and text tutorials. The course is going to be engaging, full of practicals, quizz and assignments in a friendly environment.

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I am a very good Career Counselor, according to the hobbies, passion and qualification i can give a better suggestion in which field a person has to pursue his/her career and how he can move forward

My Teaching methodology is very practical in nature. I like to teach in the way of discussion on every topic. I can take classes online, offline, Home Tutions or at any place where students feel comfortable. For me understanding of the students is very important.

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Life Coach with marketing & admin experience educates people for a successful personal & professional life

My principle is that a good teacher is not the one who makes the student understand the problem by teaching them the solution. A good teacher is the one who makes his/her student to interpret the problem and support them in such a way that they find the solution for it.

Navi Mumbai
Jyotiprakash mishra
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Leadership is important for all walks of life. Leading a team gives name, fame and money.Best part this is one skill it can be mastered with practice certain habits. Thanks and regards for reading and

I am JP Mishra born 28.07.69. Thankful to my father and mother. I am 1989 B. Sc with Chemistry and Botany and NCC certificate holder. I have joined Pharma Industry in 1990. With zero knowledge of Industry. Achieved high level success in segment. 1998 venture into Medical and Dental Equipment Industry got grand success.

Rajeev kumar
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Wished to touch you.A new feeling that will fill you with new passion, do you know that when people will join then only they will grow.

I am happy that I am able to share my life with him. I have a lot of people. I would like to talk about your problem to the people of your own logo, and to see if you have a look at some of the questions, I am sure you can. I want to talk to you about what I am doing.

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Successfully funded start-up CEO teaches how to pitch to investors and clients

My teaching method is one on one only. I cater to professionals who want to level up in their careers or aspiring first-time entrepreneurs who want to get started on their ideas. I use my experience of pitching my venture to investors to teach the same.

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Grab all the prerequisites to be professional leader & corporate enthusiast in minutes!!!

There are many ways I can take training sessions and keep trainees attentive and involved, including Storytelling. Stories can be used as examples of right and wrong ways to perform skills with the outcome of each way described.

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Personal Branding: Learn to create your own brand and achieve your goals

A first interview is held to understand the aspects that you want to work on. Short-term objectives are set and we carry out a series of exercises that help to strengthen the areas of opportunity of each individual. Webcam sessions are held and in one phase of the program, anonymous interviews are conducted with family, friends and colleagues to evaluate what is currently being projected.

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A working IT professional who can guide the newbies to the IT sector

1- How to convert yourselves from college life to professional life 2- How and where to find the suitable job for yourself 3- Career guidance and professional helps to make you a step ahead of others 4- Help in creating the proper resume

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HR professional with 6+yrs experience, Hyderabad. Passionate to be a spokes men as part of profession I undertake trainings on communication, personal developement and Leadership traits.

I handle training in cooperates as part of my profession. Majority of my sessions includes personality development, communication skills, personal & interpersonal skills, influencing and leadership traits.

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A corporate professional with more than 9 years of HR,training,mentor and CRM experience

"Soft skills" is an unfortunate term. It sounds weak or dull. The fact is that soft skills are the most important skills for your career. They are the skills that are difficult to systemize and automate. They are the skills that define leadership and creativity. By definition, soft skills are those skills that are difficult to measure.

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Leadership and Business Development - Sales, Marketing, SEO and Business Development Fundamentals

I can teach on the below mentioned functions: - International Marketing Fundamentals - Business Analysis Fundamentals - Online Marketing Fundamentals - Sales Fundamentals - Leadership Skills I have been working in a corporate company and have experience in training to professionals in few large and small companies.

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A business Consultant is offering professional services for individuals & businesses to excel in their profession

We are offering training on one to one basis, classroom model as well as online as per the requirements. We are not working on fix syllabus module wherein we create training modules as per individual requirements. We are working in fully professional modules.

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Career Building and Counselling English Speaking and Medical Knowledge for Students Mind

Online videos and Clinical Notes and also focus on 1:1 Ratio with all the kind of focus on preperation with the details mentioned for all the topics.

Nanjunda swamy k
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Have completed post graduation in Biochemistry & Business administration, have passed National Lectureship eligibility test in Master of Business administration & have passed state lectureship eligibi

Teaching technique based on power point presentation, can teach only through video conference method. i will be free in evening from 6.15PM to 8.30PM to teach every day.

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Wanna introduce you to the world catch me u will sure try me be you

My teaching is like inspirable with new concepts every time every class should be interesting with enthusiasm..

New Delhi
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Become a powerful orator and improve and excel in pitching with the most easy training

Building confidence both in language and the ideology of the subject to pitch about, thus being really convincing and clear at your language

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Career is not about money. It's totally about your dreams and choice.

I literally don't believe to teach with books, I think practical learning is more effective and is even easy to understand and learn.

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I will teach you how to be a better leader and in everything you do in life to become successful and to leave a legacy behind for your coworkers and family to follow.

Theory, life experiences, group discussions and role plays and real life situations. I prefer to work on one on one as it allows uninterrupted exchanges and the opportunity to ensure that the student understands the message and is able to ask any questions.

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Head of Marketing gives Job Interview Guidance, Career Advice and Job Search Advice

I would like to give individual attention to my students and since the classes are more Professional Development oriented, I would try to understand what the student really wants and chop and change my approach based on their needs.

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Coaching the students on business etiquette, how to attend interviews, how to win

I teach students with powerful presentation, videos, case studies and practical examples with followed by action plans and SMART targets for them to work on.

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Performing Artist Giving Impact Acting Classes in Mumbai

Your techniques and methods of instruction? (class structure) Answer:= Performance Oriented,Experimental,Readable & Practical Involvement.

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