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Keele University Neuroscientist providing tutoring in: Biology, Business, Professional Development (not necessarily together!)

The best way to teach any topic is to find relatable examples which symbolise larger processes or units, and create a story that combines the concepts of what you are trying to learn with the realisms of everyday life. In my case, this often means teaching Biology in a more abstract way, such as explaining poisons from their points of origins (e.g. fish, frogs etc.

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Ian - Glemsford - Pitching

I am an experienced training facilitator, practical coach, theatre director, drama teacher, actor and singer. I will be able to help you gain more confidence in how you present yourself with a range of communication skills and drama skills.

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Graduate recruiter offering personalised career consultations and advice on how to secure a graduate scheme or internship.

My teaching methodology will vary depending upon what the student wants from the lesson. For example, I can sit down and review a CV or I can offer to run mock interviews with feedback. Equally, I can talk through how to tackle these aspects of job applications.

Leamington Spa
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Public Policy student delivering lessons on Leadership skills to aspirational tutees who want to make a difference! (Limited candidates, Weekends ONLY)

I do NOT help tutees portray strengths they don't have; instead my main objective is to find out the key strengths and drivers of high performance and provide training to utilise these strengths in an organizational setting to create maximum impact.

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Managing Director of Sales Team in Clacton-on-sea, offering Business Development & Sales lessons.

The training I provide is part of an 8-module program that starts right from basic pitches and evolves through to advanced work in closing deals. There is a huge element of Psychology tricks in there, along with Natural Language Processing, Body language and Resilience training.

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London based, professional job interview/sales pitch teacher. The perfect pitch is the start of the perfect job interview/sale

My teaching method is to learn about you, show you how to portray yourself as the best you you can be, following on from this you will be filled with the confidence needed to take on your next challenge level headed and clear thinking.

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Ill teach how to talk that your sale will always be closed and youll always earn your commision

so my name is chris at this moment i work for vodafone as the coeach so i teach all the new starts into the company how to sell how to pitch and how to close my techniques are very simple have fun with having a bit of fun and knowing what to say to people is all you need.

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Investment Banking Consultant with 10 years experience on Career coaching, training, one-on-one personal guidance and mentoring on Getting your dream Job!

One- on -one coaching Deep diving into weaknesses and turning these into strengths. Bespoke knowledge sessions to make you marketable and promote your key skills. I will hold an initial session to understand your exact needs and then tailor the subsequent help/sessions to this.

Newcastle upon Tyne
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Did you envision something different for yourself? A qualified teacher, IBM certified coach and advocate of neuroleadership. Let's craft the new you.

I like to blend coaching and consulting with a business backdrop! This is about you, your agenda and where you'd like to go. The coaching sessions will be therefore be centered around what you'd like to bring to the table - and together we will start the journey forward.

April juliet
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Professional Director who can offer an insight into starting a business, recruitment and hire and how best to optimise your career and company opportunities

I base my class on exploration and working through your expectations; delivering you your own solutions to your problems and starting from the basics upwards. I believe in empowerment and allowing you to empower yourself with the right tools to take you forward through your business needs whilst giving practical and sensible advice.

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Learn Sales and Key Account skills, together with Compliance and Corrective Action. All skills needed in modern industry.

My tutorial will be hands-on and is targeted for most people, especially students and experienced people who want a refresher course or who are changing jobs to encompass sales and account management etc. We will go through the sales process in depth and also I will show and ask you to construct a PowerPoint presentation selling yourself to me as part of your home work.

Central Cambridge
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Charlotte - Central Cambridge - Pitching

I am a professional presenter and voice over artist and the lessons I teach my students I use myself to deliver a clear, articulate, confident and effective performance. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I work as an elocution, accent reduction and public speaking coach. I can reduce an accent or work with you to chance an accent completely.


Marianne - Bramcote - Pitching

Hi I'm an experienced Voice Coach who works with actors, presenters, students and business professionals to enhance voice, speech and communication skills. I'm passionate about all aspects relating to the voice and teach a unique methodology.

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Career/Life Coach, 11 yrs successful business and personal training, Norwich and London.

Productivity-I have, at great length over the past eight years, studied the publications, essays and recordings of psychological pioneers of productivity including Edward De Bono’s six thinking hats strategy and his theories on lateral thinking, Dr. Thurman Fleet’s Stickman theory and its psychological re-framing benefits therein, Brian P.

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Professional coach with 12+ years experience in multinational corporate organisations as well as start ups

I can work with people of all levels from graduates to senior professionals. I take a very tailored approach to coaching, it's all about providing individual solutions to help you develop and achieve your personal and professional goals. Coaching is a partnership where I will provide all the support and guidance required and help to hold you accountable and keep you on track to meet your goals.

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Currently an MBA student with a MA in Poverty & Development & a BA in Anthropology.

My teaching method is very hands on. > Class would be planned around the students needs. E.

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Rufus - Maidenhead - Career Coaching

Qualified teacher in England and currently teaching AAT in AAT accredited colleges. Offers private teaching in spare time. Experienced in teaching AQ2013 and AQ2016. - Which subject(s) do you teach? AAT Level 2 AAT Level 3 AAT Level 4 AQ 2013 and AQ2016 Bookkeeping IT and computer skills A course on excel skills for business - Tell me about your qualifications.

Central Bristol
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Nathan - Central Bristol - Career Coaching

Hi everyone! My name's Nathan. I'm a friendly, personable, dynamic and results-focussed tutor with 9 years' experience in tutoring History and Law from A-Level to Masters Level. I'm also a qualified Leadership, Career, Business and Life Coach.

(10 reviews)

Izo - Hammersmith - Pitching

Hello my name is Izo and I look forward to working with you. Voice is a huge part of how we represent ourselves so I aim to give you all the necessary tools to deliver confident speech and powerful communication. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach all aspects of vocal and performance coaching for singing and spoken voice.

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I'm The Digital Career Coach with considerable experience in the world of ECommerce and Digital Marketing, as well as successful people centred recruitment of junior to Dirctor level people.

I can have an intelligent conversation about your career and inevitably life choices by helping you brain storm your skills, experiences gained, aptitude, strategic thinking as well as current trends in the digital world and review options of kinds of roles and environments / culture that will best suit you.

Bognor Regis
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How to become leader and professional manager at any life position. We learning how to speak, behave and body language. My jobs: Broker (now), Sales manager at hotels group, Tour guide (EUROPE)!!!

All people think that is much easier when other people do some hard tasks. I like to use that examples to show and learn people methods of life. If you want to feed men you can give him a fish, but if you want to feed him for all life learn him how to fish.

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Hospitality Management professional offering lessons and support in running your own business, building a good customer base and staff training.

If you want great support and lessons in running a business then I’m your gal. I have worked in the hospitality industry since I was 14, and have worked my way up from a waitress to a hotel manager. I can provide the necessary advice and training on how to achieve your goals as well as make a good name for yourself in the trade.

1st lesson offered free !

Professional Management consultant offering career advice and job preparation techniques to help you get your dream job today!

I teach one to one and offer you practical advice based on your skill set and career aspirations. I can help you produce a roadmap of where you are now and where you want your career to be. I offer practical advice based on your skills and advise you on the best career route to take. I can help you find your dream job, apply for it and take you through the interview process.

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Senior Manager and Consultant in Business/Product and Marketing Development. Do contact!

A consultative and supportive style for all levels of staff and management, from ground level workers through to MD's/CEO's who may not have experienced formal training or exposure to wider and growing best practices. Always friendly and approachable with detailed case studies and facts.

1st lesson offered free !

Dominate The Hidden Job Market! Unique Skype Based Job Hunting Success Coaching

Stand out from the crowd with my unique method. I'll walk you thorough and coach you into understanding the mind of what a potential business recruiter really wants to see from you resulting in making your way onto their desk above all the other boring applications (or requests) they get. This is a longer-term approach, but the methodologies can essentially get you results the first day.

Elstow and Stewartby

Joanna - Elstow and Stewartby - Pitching

- Classes Individual voice training and small group classes are held at my venue in Elstow, Bedfordshire.

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Successful and experienced business leader with strong strategy, Sales, P&L and business growth skills. Looking to support others by utilising these skills and experiences.

I have built an international Recruitment business with a turnover exceeding £20million and employing c100 staff. I have opened branches across UK and in Germany, and successfully partnered with some of the worlds leading organisations including Amazon, Siemens, Budweiser and Royal Mail.

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Former Commodity Trader current Master’s Student offering business development classes online

My teaching method is laid back in style but effective and professional in manner. Feel free to google my name Brandon Raidoo and see a speech I gave at a University 4 years ago.

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Austrian founder of an international company wants to make you a leader

When I am your tutor, I want to get to know you. I want to know your strengths, weaknesses and make sure that you know them as well. With that knowledge and your interests as fundamental building blocks, we will make sure that you don't just become a boss, but a true leader who works with their people together.

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Personal Branding and Mindset Coach offering Career and Professional Coaching In London and Worldwide.

My teaching method is based on your needs, first of all, I like tailoring my content based on your needs to make sure that I meet most of your requirements. I like making my teaching interactive so I rely on your participation and your engagement to maximise your chances of success.

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