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💰What is the average price of Prenatal Yoga lessons?
The average price of Prenatal Yoga  lessons is £18.

The price of your lessons depends on a number of factors

  • The experience of your teacher
  • The location of your lessons (at home, online, or an outside location)
  • the duration and frequency of your lessons

97% of teachers offer their first lesson for free.

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On Superprof, many of our Prenatal Yoga tutors offer online tuition.

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438 tutors are currently available to give Prenatal Yoga lessons near you.

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From a sample of 152  tutors, students rated their private tutors 5.0 out 5.

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Prenatal Yoga in the UK

Are you pregnant? Or are you looking for ways to relax or stay fit? Consider prenatal Yoga. Prenatal Yoga will help you prepare for labor and promote your baby’s health.

It is never too late to practice pregnancy yoga. Therefore if you are past your 1st trimester, come along and experience the importance of Yoga under the care of our experienced pregnancy yoga tutors. Our general guidelines are that you do not practice Yoga during the first trimester. It is good to start in the second trimester and continue your classes with us until before birth. It is good to be conscious of how your body feels and seek medical advice.

What are the Benefits of Prenatal Yoga?

Before starting prenatal Yoga, it is always good to understand the range of benefits as well as what a typical class entails the essential safety tips.

Prenatal Yoga:

  • Reduces anxiety and stress - Stress and anxiety is a threatening killer cause in life. It weakens the body's immune system and may result in poor functioning of essential body parts. Prenatal Yoga helps reduce anxiety, stress, and pressure, maintaining the body in its perfect shape.
  • Improves sleep - Recent studies have shown that prenatal yoga is healthy, especially to pregnant mothers. They enhance sufficient blood flow to all body parts, maintaining the health of the unborn. It makes on to have a peaceful sleep without any disturbances.
  • Increases the flexibility, endurance, and strength of muscles needed for childbirth - Childbearing is not an easy task. In today’s world, the majority of women undergo surgery to give birth as a result of pregnancy complications. Prenatal yoga classes help in flexing the muscles, increasing the body stamina and muscle strength necessary for childbearing.
  • Decreases lower back pain, nausea, and headache- Prenatal Yoga is the antidote to backaches, nausea, and headaches. The classes will help you stay fit and pain-free.

Prenatal Yoga Classes

Our yoga instructors offer a wide range of subjects in our classes. Some of these subjects include:

  • Hatha Yoga
  • Relaxation Yoga
  • Yoga flow
  • Vinyasa Yoga
  • Prenatal Yoga
  • Parent baby Yoga

Our prenatal yoga classes might involve

Breathing - Our instructors will always encourage you to focus on breathing in and out slowly and deeply through the nose. These breathing techniques might help you reduce or manage shortness of breath during pregnancy and work through contractions during labor.

Gentle stretching - Your instructors will encourage you to gently move certain areas of your body, such as your arms, and neck through their full range of motion.

Postures - While standing, sitting, or lying on the ground, you will gently move your body into various positions aimed at developing your strength, flexibility, and balance props such as blankets, cushions, and belts that might be used to provide support and comfort.

Cooldown and relaxation - At the end of each prenatal yoga class, you will relax your muscles and slowly restore your resting heart rate and breathing rhythm. Additionally, you might be encouraged to listen to your breathing, pay close attention to sensations, thoughts, feelings, and emotions, or repeat a mantra or word to bring about a state of self-awareness and personal claim.

These activities are just a drop in the ocean of what happens during the typical prenatal yoga classes.

Teaching Methodologies We Use

We offer one on one classes as well as group classes, depending on the client's taste and preference. Besides, we handle a variety of clients ranging from children to pregnant clients and families. Our courses are fun yet authentic.

Our method is based on the clients’ current health and well being. Additionally, our classes are aimed at addressing the current need of the client. Therefore, our teachers conduct a full assessment to establish the needs of each person. They build a detailed and tailored program to fit their needs, whether they are just starting on their journey with yoga, or they are more advanced practitioners that are looking to perfect individual skills or postures.

Why Study Prenatal Yoga with Superprof?

Our prenatal yoga classes make it possible to reach students from all over the world. We provide equal opportunities with all the benefits of yoga study through our personal, one-on-one online teaching methods. Unlike other colleges and universities which require higher tuition, budget cuts, and course shortages, causing students to look for alternatives, we meet all your needs at a relatively lesser budget. Some of the benefits of learning with a private teacher are:

  • Variety of programs and courses: We offer a variety of options to students. Our student-clients learn how to think creatively and how to turn their prenatal yoga classes into an income generator.
  • Lower costs: Our prenatal yoga classes can be a more affordable option than traditional universities and colleges. We offer less expensive net tuition prices as compared to conventional colleges; hence our associated costs are less expensive.
  • Conducive learning environment: We offer classes at your most convenient place, either your home, at the tutors’ home, or through the webcam, where all tutorials and class materials will all be sent to you.
  • Convenience and flexibility: Our online classes allow students to plan their study sessions around the rest of their day instead of the other way round. It gives students s a chance to work when they are at their peak energy, whether its early morning or late at night.

Sign up With a Private Yoga Teacher Today

If you are reading this, you may be toying with the idea of whether to enroll for a prenatal yoga class or perhaps you don’t have a lot of experience with prenatal yoga. If you have previously taken face-to-face classes all your life, being a little apprehensive at the beginning is normal. However, taking an online prenatal yoga class with us has its perks.

  • Our tutors have an average rating of 5.0, with an average of 39 reviews.
  • The best price: 95% of our tutors offer their first lesson free, and a lesson costs an average of £22 per hour.
  • Our tutors’ response time is under 8 hours.
  • Teaching methodologies: The teaching methodology for every discipline is the best since both you and your tutor determine it.
  • Our tutors are professionals with verified tutor profiles.

Therefore, get in touch with the tutor of your choice on our website. Let him know your needs, objectives, plans, and goals. You will then schedule a class together a convenient time for you and pay for the courses as you learn them all through the inbox. You can now enjoy our prenatal yoga classes with lots of fun and explore other great opportunities as you grow your creativity. Once you pass our course, you have unlimited access to all our tutors. We care for you! 

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