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A qualification in Psychology puts you in a great position to enter a range of different professions from scientific to artistic, but one of the most common and direct careers is to become a therapist or psychologist.

And while it may come across in films like therapists sit in chairs and listen to someone talk for a full hour, there really is much more to this. Not to mention the different approaches required for Child Psychology. So what will you do with your knowledge of Psychology?

The Importance of Therapy Sessions

Our society has become increasingly aware of mental health in the last decade, and it has become clear that talk therapy, as it is sometimes known, is a critical tool for helping those suffering.

Having a therapist was always a bit of a taboo subject in the past, but thankfully many people are now open about seeing a psychotherapist, even young adults (although for this generation it is particularly important as they are so heavily influenced by social media). What's more, some celebs have been praised for revealing that they speak to a therapist regularly even though they don't see themselves as suffering from a mental health illness. They claim that this is simply a way of looking after their mind, just as they go to the gym to look after their body. This is such a good way to look at don't you think, as just another self-care method?

Studying Psychology In Bradford

Bradford is a big city where there are plenty of opportunities. This means that there are plenty of places where you can enrol on programmes of study, from college through to university. If you are keen on studying Psychology, then you might look for a college that offers this specialism, if your existing school or feeder college doesn't already. Psychology is quite a popular subject so you shouldn't have any trouble finding an establishment with a Psychology department.

When it comes to looking at universities, again, Psychology is up there with many of the other high-in-demand subjects. This is not because it is easy as some have been guilty of saying, it's because it's absolutely fascinating and an excellent subject to pursue if you want to help others.

The University of Bradford has its own Psych School and offers a range of interesting courses and degrees related to the field. You can find topics covering Criminology, Counselling, Health and Wellbeing and much more.

Becoming a Therapist

If you dream of becoming a therapist, then you need to have studied for several years prior. A qualified therapist will need to have completed a degree course (four years) which means that your training starts at the age of around sixteen when you first choose your A Level options - or before if your secondary school offers Psychology as an option for Key Stage 4/GCSEs.

But the studying doesn't stop there because you will also need a Masters degree on top of your Bachelor of Science degree, which can take a further two to three years to complete. Alternatively, you could opt for a doctoral degree which is usually seven years long.

This means that you could be in your mid-twenties before you even set off on your career, however with this level of qualification you will surely find work in no time at all.

Focusing on Child Psychology

When working with children, the above training applies in much the same way. That said, to be able to work as a child psychologist, unsupported, then you will need to have a proven track record of working with children in a related field for two years or more. This might have been working in social care, as a nurser or in another capacity that has had you supporting vulnerable children.

Being a child psychologist can be incredibly rewarding and enrich your life, however, it can also be quite a dark and disturbing field. Those children seeking help have normally suffered terrible abuse or been through extraordinary circumstances in their few years on this planet and this is something that you must get used to encountering. Bt if you love kids and want to help better their lives and prospects for the future then this could be your calling.

Hire A Psychology Tutor In Bradford

If all of the above sounds like it's meant for you, then you will want to get started right away with your studies, to get you that step closer to achieving your professional dream. Knowing that it can take not far off a decade to train to become a therapist, for example, you probably want to ensure that there's no chance at all of you failing any element of your course and having to resit exams. No setbacks, please!

A private tutor can be hired to help you outside of your Psychology class with things like homework, coursework or generally keeping on top of the workload (as there'll be a lot to take in!). If this is the case, then you can discuss your curriculum of study with the tutor when enquiring and ensure that they are familiar with the topic and contents, as this will make the process a whole lot easier. And if they've done the same course in the past - been better! As then they'll know what it takes to pass it.

In Bradford, there are 13 tutors offering Psychology tuition on a one to one or group basis. Prices start around the £10 per hour mark but some of the most experienced tutors may charge £30+ for their expertise. Of course, if you are simply after a mentor who can follow along the course with you, then you may be keen to go for someone who has less experience of teaching or who has fewer qualifications, but if you are in need of a teacher with a wealth of experience getting students to pass their exams then it might be necessary to find someone educated to masters level or higher and with years of experience working in Psychotherapy.


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