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Intensive and methodical preparation for the CAPES English competitive exam: linguistics, literature, civilization and translation

I have a CAPES of English and have been working for several years, I am willing to share my passion for English and Anglo-Saxon culture as well as my vocation for this job. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Applied Foreign Languages ​​(Bac + 3) and a Master's Degree (Bac + 5).

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Degree in English Philology. Official of the Junta de Andalucía of the Secondary Education faculty.

Weekly classes of opposition preparation in small groups to give an individualized training. I also have the collaboration of a British Social Sciences teacher to work on pronunciation and fluency, thus strengthening the preparation of the opponent's oral defenses. Classes will be divided into theory, practice and linguistical skills...

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Tutoring methodology and preparing for nationwaide exams by an engineering student in Nancy

Je suis élève ingénieur à TECOM Nancy, école ingénieurs Mines Telecom suite aux classes préparatoires aux grandes écoles Maths SUP/maths SPE. Je vous propose des cours particuliers ainsi qu'une mise à niveau au niveau de la méthodologie en plus de la préparation aux concours.

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Find your career path : talent identification and coaching by HR profesional

HR professional, I have developed a methodology to help you choose your direction is to identify your special talents: those who do YOU ​​bring something extra that the others do not. To do this, I developed a career test, and also relies on me several personality tests scientifically recognized as the MBTI test.

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Teacher. Master in Modern Literature gives French lessons or literature for all levels

I am a young French teacher currently PhD. Dynamic, I teach by seeking the best way to capture your attention. Originality of course, expertise in the field and good humor as much as rigor. You will not be bored and will progress without you realizing it.

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Doctor of Comparative Literature gives French classes all levels in Montpellier

Hi, I have a PhD in comparative literature. I also hold a degree in English and a Masters in cinema and audiovisual. I taught for 10 years. I give private lessons for all levels in French, from primary school to higher education.

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French PhD student, Normale, gives tuition in French / literature / methodology

Bonjour, Looking for private tuition in French? I am preparing a PhD in literature, and I can help you improve your skills, whatever your age and level. Depending on your situation, the lessons will be developed to meet your specific needs : exams, writing or conversation skills, literary analysis, translation,...

Paris 5e
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PhD in cognitive psychology and lecturer gives private lessons in methodology and science

Holder of a doctorate in cognitive psychology (Mention very good with honors, thesis prize from the Society of Biology in Strasbourg, Strasbourg University), I also has a Master 2 Research in Biology (Valedictorian, with honors, University of Strasbourg) and a Masters in science communication Pro 2 (honors, Université Bordeaux 3) As part of my teachings, I propose a methodology using memory writin

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French courses for ERASMUS students and EXPAT / English courses for ERASMUS STUDENTS and Expatriates

Looking for affordable and efficient French courses in Strasbourg? You've found your teacher! In a relaxed atmosphere, learn a lot about French culture, idioms, vocabulary and basic grammar so that you can communicate in everyday life, understand the news, and read interesting things.

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PhD student at the Sorbonne gives private lessons in Philosophy in Paris and nearby suburbs

I hold a Master of Philosophy at the Sorbonne and a PhD candidate in the same matter. If rigor and method are important in learning philosophy, it accounts for little ones if one has neither taste nor enthusiasm for this material. This is above all that I will try to share with you.

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Become a teacher online! Intensive and certified training throughout France! Join us!

All levels, all ages! Learn how to speak in different languages, how to pass a contest and how to teach online (Skype, Yahoo, etc;) suitable methods to everyone, you can learn while staying relaxed at home and have fun learning and enriched!

Rio de Janeiro
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Master in Eng. Chi Mat classes, Thursday and Physics for levels (EFII, IN, ESMS, Tecnico) and specific materials Engineering (Thermodynamics, kinetics, OPU, Mec.Flow, BM / BE among others). Rio de Jan

Engineer Chemical, Master of Process Chemicals, MBA at FGV. classes with didactic dynamics, seeking learning and in short space of time that student learning will become independent counsel to study and need not more reinforcement. Use of audio visual resources, ludica proposal when possible and guided the carencias individualized for each student. (No formula ready.

El Campello
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Teacher tutoring at home of the subjects belonging to the branch of the letters: Spanish language, philosophy, history, Valencian and Spanish for foreigners.

I for many years the subjects of the branch of letters both students of ESO as BS, in the province of Alicante and at home; as I teach Spanish for foreigners to all those who come from a foreign country and want to learn our language

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Littérature courses, philosophy and general knowledge to prepare for examinations and competitions

The courses are open to all those wishing to improve their knowledge of French, philosophy and general culture, to effectively prepare for exams and competitions. I am an Associate of letters, and I have taught at all levels of secondary and higher education, particularly with a personal methodology, due to my long professional experience.

São Paulo
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Preparatory for public tender - Teachers (Pedagogical and specific part in Geography

# Theoretical classes with differentiated material and studies applied to the chosen discipline. # All the material is appropriately chosen according to the student's need, making the advantage of the classes even better. #The classes are very didactic and simple, which makes learning even easier and accessible to all audiences. #Professor graduated in full degree in Geography course.

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Portuguese teacher, Writing and English teacher for all levels, with extensive experience

I teach in my dwelling at $ 50.00-hour class, or the residence of the person concerned for $ 60.00. Theoretical and practical classes with resolution of numerous exercises. Dynamic classes and well detailed. free care out of school hours and within business hours by whatsapp.

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Do not get scared language, syntax or Latin! Malaga Rincon de la Victoria

Classes aimed at students from 11 to 18 who need support with language and literature classes but mainly the primary classes can benefit them my understanding, spelling reading ... I teach Spanish to foreigners. I am also preparer COMPETITIONS SECONDARY EDUCATION LANGUAGE ARTS. I helped write theses and final master work of the master of secondary education and languages. I am also maquetadora.

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We help and support you effectively, to undertake any type of university work

I give classes and give you access to all my material (solutions, theory, summaries and statements), from secondary to masters, whether regularization, review, preparation or project your TFG or Thesis. I evaluate the level that each student has and review together works or doubts or a topic from scratch. I have a strong pedagogical vocation and I adapt to the needs of the student.

Paris 5e
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English teacher - spoken and business English for high school or university students

High school / university students : help with homework, leaving certificate preparation, English grammar, spoken and written English. Business English, help with CV and cover letters for job/university applications... English is my second language, I have learned it since the age of 4. I speak English everyday and I am completely fluent.

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Braga (Portugal) Master's degree in teaching: coaching education, special population, languages, academic support from primary education to university studies.

My name is Laura, I´m graduate in Sports and Physical Education Science, and Master´s Degree in education. I have a strong vocation and experience in teaching in all levels, from primary education to superior studies. - Students with attention deficit, hiperactivity, and other problems. - Teaching in languages: Spanish, English, Portugues, French, Catalán, Gallego.

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