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Employee in Medgenome Labs gives tuition for classes I to V in Bangalore

I can take tuition for classes I to V. I will use creative ways of teaching and will make sure to give it my all when it comes to teaching my students. I will clear all their questions patiently and ensure they understand the concept rather than blindly mugging up the content.

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PG Student in Game Design and Fine Art giving tuition for English for all who have problems conversing and writing the language

I have always found watching movies, listening to songs and reading in the desired language to be a really good way to learn it. Another way that helps is conversing in the same. My classes are for people of all ages who have trouble with the language.

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French and Spanish language teacher(native speaker ) gives tuition to all level.

Teaching the 4 skills (speaking, writing,listening and reading) to a the students. French and Spanish diploma, BSc, BBM I have been trained as French and Spanish teacher and translator French and Spanish interpreter. French and Spanish diploma, BSc, BBM I have been trained as French and Spanish teacher and translator French and Spanish interpreter.

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University of Wollongong student with extensive experience gives English tutoring lessons to Kindergarten, Primary School and High School students.

I believe that a gentle yet firm approach works best with students unable to grasp the concepts being taught in class. A comfortable one on one session, in order to feel out what works best for the student, is ideal.

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English and Geography grad with nine years of teaching/tutoring experience gives lessons for all subjects up to Grade 10; English and Geography lessons are available for senior and university students

My teaching methods involve using personalized lessons for students, and introducing strategies that will help them improve both their grades and their ability to work on their own so that eventually, tutoring will no longer be required.

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Learn to Write an Engaging, Well Structured Story, from Idea to Finished Draft! | Short Stories, Screenplays, Novels, Etc. | Personalized Teaching for Any Level

Each class will be divided into two parts: Theory: Develop fundamental skills in storytelling, structure, character, format, and genre. Students will also learn the best way to outline and flesh out their ideas before heading into writing their first draft. Basically, I will guide you through every step in bringing your story to life.

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Fiction writer with a BA in English and Creative Writing offering academic tutoring in Derry, NH

I like to approach each lesson from the appeal of the student. Literature and English can feel old and dry to a student but if it is discussed in terms of the modern world, it can be easier to grasp. In my lessons I work hard to adapt to what each student needs and what is unique to them. Patience is a must as well as learning the foundations for good study skills in the future.

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A passionate english & Science teacher, Basically a dentist, who can shape up any aspiring student and also will give you knowledge about your teeth (oral cavity)

I'd like to give notes to students to understand in better way.. (I can give notes by Mail) I give classes by webcam. English classes For the level(s)primary, middle, secondary, higher secondary. Science classes for the level(s) primary, middle and secondary.

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Let’s make English easy , fun and interactive for all you students right there.

My teaching method is through research. Before we begin a topic I like my students to come prepared with the chapter to be taught so that when I teach certain terms ,characters are clear to them. It should be an interactive based session.

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Hi There, I am a marketing professional and doing my 2nd masters in Business (Marketing). I enjoy teaching languages of English, Tamil, Sinhalese and soft skills for personal and professional developm

My teaching methodology is simple. I teach languages for student or anyone willing to learn English, Sinhalese and Tamil. For a school students - For English - I would mainly focus in the school grade marking system. I would focus on the base and and the advance factors to make a good student to a great student.

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With over 15 yrs experience, I can help with math, reading comprehension, and test taking skills.

I believe all children and adults can learn, each in their own learning style and at their own pace. I always look at different ways to present the same information. I just enjoy helping others learn. I love seeing the smile when they totally understand.

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Professional Trainer of English language and business communications interested to teach for school and college students

I believe in facilitating the learning atmosphere with usage of technology, interaction, books and all teaching aids.

San Clemente
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Experienced, Positive, Credentialed English Teacher Who Delivers Results in South Orange County!

I've worked with children from the 1st grade though 12th grade. I have taught ESL, Reading, Language Arts, and lower grade Math. We generally use grammar books and reading comprehension books in most lessons. I provide a lot of positive feedback and patience.

New York
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English enthusiast with 5 years of experience ready to spread the word(s)

My teaching method consists of using the raw material of my students and building upon it. I ask guided questions so that their work is their own and they feel fulfilled at the end. I cater my teaching method toward individual student needs and always use positive reinforcement to inspire my students to enjoy learning.

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Higher School Certificate Graduate with a passion to teach English and History

I approach my topics in a logical manner and at the pace of the student. I believe that any individual has the potential to succeed when they understand how they learn and what makes them succeed, each student should be given a chance to succeed.

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Engineering Graduate with Tutoring experience in Maths and English for classes 6, 7 and 8

My tutoring is based on practical and live examples that help the students retain the knowledge for a very long time and also recollect them very easily. I do tutoring at students home or online. My English is very good and easily understandable by the students.

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Secondary English Language Arts teacher offering online lessons in all things English!

In my three years of full time teaching, I have taught Math, Social Studies, Science, Intervention, and Reading. I have taught grades 6-8 and have worked with students of all ages through internships or other experience. My personal theory in teaching is to not accept work until it is perfect.

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Retired English PGT (experience of 30 years) gives tuitions to students from high school to college

To stimulate interest of students in the subject, it is very important that student understand about the essence of language and its purpose. I develop such understanding in students to create their interest in the subject. Enacting real-life scenarios is also one of the most effective way to teach and reinforce English subject.

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Secondary Education student teaches English to hardworking students in primary and high school. Online

I am looking to teach hardworking and determined primary and early high school aged students of any knowledge level. My personal teaching method includes rigourously going over the basics before moving on to assignments or test work. In other words I start lessons by focusing on basic knowledge and grammar/spelling before moving on to the in depth work.

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UWA student giving writing lessons to primary - high school students in Perth

My lessons will be revolved around any problems/struggles a student is having at school with English (the subject).

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❝Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere”. If one knows to play with words, this skill of your’s can put people behind bars!

My teaching methods mostly include explaning context and putting in some sort of fun either through activities or by some other way! I give my level best in putting things to a students mind. I just try and make use of every possible way through which a student understands things.

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From Home Writing Skills Seminars, With Pre Service Teacher! (ONLINE CONNECTION NEEDED)

I base my classes on YOU. All methods I devise are based on where you need help. I also know that the best way for the majority to learn is to have practical applications. That is, not sitting down and filling out a sheet, but discussing the issues and how we can improve them. Most of my learning tasks have some form of practical task.

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By profession I am an engineer, by passion I am a teacher.

I don't believe in one particular strategy of teaching.I think every student has different understanding ability and different grasping power.I try to know what students understand and then forging connections between what is known and what is new for them.

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Skilled, personable English tutor in Tampa, FL; 10+ years of experience online and in-person!

I teach English for those needing to learn and also have taught ESL too. I can give one-on-one sessions using your books and designed solely to reach your goal. I teach the subject and work to the student's ability to handle the material. I prefer smaller sessions, but can and will teach larger groups too. We will use YOUR textbooks or workbooks; and if possible I will supplement them too.

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Completed HSC last year and ready to let others do the same! School tutoring for all years Balmain/Sydney area

Confidence is the key to success! the biggest problem for almost every student I have taught has been that they didn't believe in their self! once you trust your judgment you will often find you know more than you think! I am passionate about working with my students to not only increase their knowledge base but to increase their confidence as well.

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Student of B.TECH giving Tuition on English(Improve your Oratory skills and Comprehensive Writing skills)#Focus_on_pronunciation in Dehradun!!!

My teaching methodology for this particular subject ENGLISH is that people in India are actually scared of speaking English.It is so because either their grammar isn't that strong or their pronunciation or they fumble in between.

Ciudad de México
José ezequiel
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BA in Language and Literature teaches both subjects: linguistics and Hispanic literature

My classes are based on contemporary pedagogy theory where inclusion and student participation are fundamental. Relaxed and comprehensive style although intense in content. It is better to consider the class a talk to a knowledge opinion. Success depends on intension.

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Publishing Professional with 5+ Years of ELL/ESL tutoring, creative writing help, and grant writing

I approach tutoring based on the needs of each student. Beyond that, I like to have grammar refreshers, followed up by discussing readings using literary criticism and then end with creative writing prompts. I love to help people learn how to write personal essays using a theme of a metaphor. One of my favorite creative writing practices is writing imitation poems.

Santa Maria
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Qualified English tutor with 6 years experience offers customized lessons in Santa Maria

I base my classes on the theory of different learning types. This means I adjust my style to the individual, based on whether they are a visual, verbal, tactile learner etc. I prefer to make sure the student understands the in’s and out’s of the English language and writing/reading, while still keeping their own style in their writing.

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Professional writer and tutor offering English tutoring to students of all ages - online or in Tallahassee, FL

My lessons are variable, and focus on short, achievable goals as a framework towards larger progress. Most students ask for help with specific assignments at first, which I often use as a gateway towards developing other skills. For instance, if I offer specific instructions on an essay's structure, I will tie this in to a larger discussion of persuasive techniques and text features.

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Perfect! My best English teacher ever. Really, she is perfect.

Majid, student
7 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Leslie is amazingly supportive and passionate about helping me make progress in my studies. She has my best interest at heart and continuously motivates and encourages me to move forward. We are currently looking at some research articles of...

Chris, student
8 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Amazing teacher. My starting level was very low and I was so frustrated... Thanks!

Emanuele, student
8 months ago
(3 reviews)

Perfect! I am completely struggling during my third year of university at Kings and could find no help from my lectures or tutors. I do not know what I would have done without Franco's help. He explained to me SO clearly the readings I was given within...

Jasmine, student
9 months ago
Cosimo franco
(6 reviews)

Perfect! Michael was quick to reply and so accommodating. Highly qualified and so helpful and professional throughout with a kind personality and lots of encouragement. I can’t recommend Michael enough.

Eric, student
11 months ago
(5 reviews)

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