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Tutoring in Ballarat focusing on English studies - literature, essay writing, oratory preparation and more.

My lessons are almost always tailored to meet the needs of my students. This only changes with regards to group learning, where individual needs are taken into account, but cannot be prioritised due to numbers. However, I like to encourage my students to enjoy their learning and remove the fear and shame from the learning process.

Ribarroja de Turia
(6 reviews)
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Student of Finance and Accounting who loves the syntax and morphological analysis, I am efficient and I really want to teach

I rely on applying a method of fruitful study for the student since I was recently there and they will help him a lot to be able to overcome the subjects that he attends my class in an easy way and also learning a lot for an academic future.

(10 reviews)
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Certified teacher ( Pre-K thru 6th Grade) with over 15 years experience offering tutoring in Reading and Math

Hello fellow students! I feel we are all always learning, including teachers. My name is Randee and I love to teach. I currently work with Title 1 students tutoring in Reading and Math (ages Kindergarten-5th grade). I graduated from Eckerd College. I would say my philosophy on teaching is that every student learns differently.

(2 reviews)
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Merhaba, good morning, bonjour everybody :)!! After having worked as a host, I will accompany you (step-by-step in learning this beautiful French language :) !!

I base my teaching on interactive modules, which allow everyone to participate, through exercises and courses, and direct applications. Two objectives are specifically targeted: - for those who are new to the language, literacy classes are planned. - For those who are in exams, oratorical classes as well as direct applications, are provided to gain confidence before going to the "pan".

Carlton North
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Qualified and experienced Primary school teacher-specialist in Primary writing, Early reading skills, mastery maths and Physical Education.

My teaching approach is to encourage children, through positive praise and providing appropriate support, so that they can discover and increase their learning themselves. I aim to not only teach the content but also to teach children how to support their own learning and foster a love a learning. I usually start each session with a talking point or something to hook the interest of the child.

Illovo South
(5 reviews)
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Enthusiastic teacher offering English lessons up to university level in South Africa

I believe that education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it.

San Francisco
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English Language with a bachelors in engineering tutoring online in San Francisco

I like to work with individual students usually, but have taught groups as large as five students at once. Depending on what the lesson may be for the day I am open to teaching multiple students at once as well.

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CSME graduate, gives Math and English lessons for school students at their convenience.Will provide language classes (Malayalam)for interested students

Hi students,this is my first time experience on online tution but I do have taken direct classes for school students. I would like to take classes in an interactive way where you can directly communicate with me. I am a Bsc CSME(computer science, mathematics,Statistics) graduate.

Seven Hills
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OP1 Law Student Offering English Tutoring, Essay Writing Skills and Assignment Editing

I focus on core essay writing and editing skills that enable students to write at a high level well into the future. I also provide numerous exemplars of A+ standard assignments across a range of genres, including analytical essays, monologues, feature articles and speeches. Finally, I provide comprehensive feedback on assignments and written work to help students achieve their highest potential.

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Ivy League Student in LA-County with a Personalized Approach and Three Years Experience

My teaching methodology is very personal to each student! I, first, lay out the client's goals, their learning style, and their current experience to cultivate an experience and lesson plan for them. I am a very motivational tutor that can help a student succeed.

Den Haag
(5 reviews)
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NT2 / Nederlands als tweede taal - Dutch as a second language (with focus on conversation)

Together we look at what your goals and wishes are and how we can achieve this step by step. I focus on personal improvement by practicing a lot and studying with the student where the points for improvement lie. I am very patient and find it important that you feel at ease during the lessons.

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Advanced English pre-law student gives English lessons to high school students in Halton area

I like to encourage my students to generate their own ideas and work based off of those. I provide gentle guidance and insight, while helping mature their thought process. I focus first on the ideas, and then on the actual writing process.

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College student with exceptional English/reading skills and the tools necessary to help your child excel where needed.

My teaching method is hands-on and interactive. I like to use games to help a child learn, as well as diagrams, real-life examples and to correlate the knowledge with something the individual student can relate to in order to help their interest/understanding.

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Experienced and knowledgeable teacher helps you with English, ESL, Spanish or Portuguese via Online or in person

I base my classes on the Lesson Plan to be followed and own and shared knowledge of the world with the students: to associate what they are learning with the world. I try to make students communicate in the best possible way, with patience and once the pattern is established, I give them the opportunity to express themselves.

(3 reviews)
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Student in history and art history, literary training in high school, offers courses in French and Latin

I do not consider myself to have a strict teaching methodology except that I focus primarily on the theory provided by the professor. Once I am sure that the student has really understood and integrated this theory, I go to the practical exercises.

New Delhi
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English is a language which is required globally.If your kid's core of English is fluent & upto the mark at a primary level, nothing can stop them from cracking best scores and interviews in future!

My methodology includes trying to understand the way in which a student finds it easier to learn with examples rather than a mere rote. It was very easy to learn something and soon forget it. My work would be in explaining in such a manner in which the student rather learns and remembers.

(3 reviews)
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Murdoch English and Creative Writing student gives lessons to high school and undergraduate students in Perth

My classes are run focused on enthusiasm and fun! I am a bubbly, enthusiastic person and my classes reflect that. I'm looking for students that are as excited to learn as I am to teach.

1st lesson offered free !

Experienced, warm and friendly Master of Arts in English and teacher of English language, ESL, reading and writing.

I always adapt my teaching method to the student and context. I believe in meeting individual students at the level they've already achieved and affirming, naming and congratulating them on their current skills sets. I present myself as a compassionate co-learner who just so happens to have the knowledge the student needs.

(3 reviews)
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Reading Mastery Teacher with 15 years of tutorial experience. I love to incorporate music in all of my lessons.

I approach each topic with the intent to make learning exciting and fun. Keeping each student attention can difficult at times, especially after being in school all day and then has to attend a tutorial session with me. I make a game out of it with incentive prices after a couple of weeks of successful sessions with me.

(2 reviews)
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University English graduate with 11 years teaching experience wants to help you.

I like to make my lessons fun and interesting. I believe students should be given as much opportunity to practise what they are learning. Practise, after all, makes perfect. I also believe that forming a bond with your students promotes better learning.

(25 reviews)
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Certified English Language Arts Public Speaking Teacher Instructor 18 Years Experience Speech Writing / LIFE COACH +

I am highly motivated and enthusiastic and teach in a passionate and practical way. I love to see students excel in confidence and content knowledge. I am patient and will meet you where you are at. Through tutoring, we will explore your learning style and exploit your strengths to be successful.

East Corrimal
(1 review)
1st lesson offered free !

University of Wollongong student with previous tutoring experience helping you with your English studies!

My teaching methods vary depending on the age and requirements of the student. I pride myself on being adaptable to the individual needs of my students and work closely with them to develop a method that will optimise the outcomes of my lessons. Each of my lessons is tailored around the individual needs of the student and works to aid them in relevant areas of study.

New Delhi
1st lesson offered free !

I m student currently pursuing my Masters in Computer Applications in Delhi. I have a good speaking skills and good at English and Maths. I will more good at teaching till level 10th grade

My teaching idea is to read and understand. More you read more you understand.My teaching method is very friendly. I like to teach the student in the way he/she is comfortable. Everyone of us has different learning pattern, so forcing on him/her the way they should study is bad and becomes challenging. My base is quite very clear. I like to interact so that I come to know the weakness of kid.

Cape Town
(3 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

English is my passion, let me help to make it yours too

I adapt my teaching style to the individual needs of the person, because no two people are ever the same. I have been training for many years, my main subjects being trauma and english.

(7 reviews)
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Let's have fun READING! Canadian ESL teacher with 15 years experience reading with children!

My philosophy in teaching is very simple: Learn and have fun doing it! Many of my activities include singing, playing games, coloring, and using interactive PC games. I like to use lots of visual aids like flashcards and short videos. If it's fun and engaging I do it. If it's not fun and engaging, I don't do it.

(3 reviews)
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Content writer from Chennai with 5+ years of experience gives creative writing classes online!

I am a consistent writer on Quora and briefly led the newsletter team of my High School. I believe a hands-on approach is the most effective form of teaching, so we will read through some of the greatest pieces of writing and dissect it. I will also teach you how to write creatively and express your intentions without any mistakes.

Seaford Meadows
(2 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Flinder's University Masters Student prepared to teach English and writing in Adelaide

I am a nurturing tutor, however, I don't like excuses, a growth mindset is a must in my lessons. Nothing is impossible and my lessons are geared towards those who would like to realise their potential in a safe and fun environment where you will be challenged and valued for your effort. If you are prepared to put the work in, you will reap greater rewards.

Mill Park
(2 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

University of Melbourne Master of Teaching student provides English lessons in Melbourne

I adapt each lesson to the particular needs of the student. I am able to find their weakness and build their confidence and skills in English, to improve and advance their grades. I understand that students can find literacy and English difficult, and am able to recognise if we need to go back a few steps (e.g. Grammar and Syntax) in order to progress in their writing.

Mohammad tabish
1st lesson offered free !

I am a Tutor.I give tuition upto 8th class Maths to 12th class,and all subjects for 8th class to 12th class Science

I explained every topic very clearly.I repeat every question if student is unable to understand the question.I teach very friendly and don't pressurize the student.Take my free demo class and you feel very comfortable with my teaching style.

(10 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Secondary BASICS Back up! I can help your child achieve their potential!

I am an experienced teacher and Educational Doctoral student with the time to spend one to one to ensure your child achieves to their potential at school. If it is a lack of basics holding them back, I can fill those gaps! If they are not being extended, I can help them grow and develop new skills and attitudes. I can help edit and refine any item of written work for most purposes.

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Perfect! Elaine has worked wonders with our daughter who needed help with her handwriting. Her calm, supportive, engaging and inspiring approach ensured that Anna's confidence and handwriting rapidly improved. We can't recommend her highly enough.

Lorraine, student
2 months ago
(10 reviews)

Perfect! Brillant teacher! Olivia has helped my son with his English. She is very well prepared, friendly, patient and supportive. She explained things really well. Jedi has improved, he can now analyze poems, he is much more confident with his writing...

Audrey, student
3 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Katie has been a wonderful tutor to my 8 year old daughter. Within 3 months, my daughter has improved a lot in English. She is very committed and reliable and makes the lesson and homework fun. I would highly recommend Katie for anyone who needs...

Farhana, student
6 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! My best English teacher ever. Really, she is perfect.

Majid, student
1 year ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Leslie is amazingly supportive and passionate about helping me make progress in my studies. She has my best interest at heart and continuously motivates and encourages me to move forward. We are currently looking at some research articles of...

Chris, student
1 year ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Amazing teacher. My starting level was very low and I was so frustrated... Thanks!

Emanuele, student
1 year ago
(3 reviews)

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