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Want to learn the art of storytelling? Interested in Literature, Film, or Television? Want to understand how the entertainment industry operates so you can sell your work? Want to improve your reading

-Received a Bachelor's degree in May of 2018 from (SUNY) Binghamton University, double majoring in Comparative Literature and English Literature & Creative Writing. -Youngest student admitted to the MFA in Screenwriting program at Boston University with an honorary merit's scholarship, will be attending in the fall.

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Writing Tutor with 3 years of experience, I can proof read any paper, no matter how bad you think it might be!

My teaching method can change based on the needs of the student, I like to emphasize what was done correctly as much as focusing on what needs improvement.

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Fun & Enthusiastic Humanities/Creative Tutor - History, English, Art, Writing, Film, Academia

I love to get excited about whatever topic the student is receiving guidance in, if the tutor is feeling drab, so will the student. Depending on the subject, I plan my lessons around teach a specific insight or technique, and then have the student utilize the insight under my encouragement until they can perform the task solo.

Boulder City
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English Major at UNLV offering guidance and assistance in literature analysis and essays.

My teaching methods reside in the student's general awareness of the assisted lesson, and I typically try to tutor in a language the student can understand. I like to match their level of awareness, gather my wisdom on the topic, and further their knowledge that way. I do not teach to a book so much as I teach to the student.

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I'm and English major with seven years of tutoring and practical writing experience.

I base my teaching on the needs and current understanding of the student. I identify their weaknesses and strengths and develop a plan to develop the areas where they are weak and hopefully improve the areas where they demonstrate strength.

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Well educated english, literature, poetry and creative writing tutor in Pittsfield MA

My teaching method is to learn the learning styles of the student first and work around them. I am a visual and "learn by doing" learner myself, so I will always try to involve the student in hands on lessons.

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High school student wanting help primary school students and early high schoolers with english!

I like to tutor by first understanding the problem the student is facing and then creating lesson plans to help overcome their problems. I believe that children need to be given the space to learn but should be steered in the right direction.

Fort Wayne
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I have a Bachelor of Arts in History and want to help kids love it as much as I do

I am a language arts teacher with a focus in history who loves to show kids how appreciate what they learn.

Mount Pleasant
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Enthusiastic Creative Writing/ Analytical Reading Graduate of the University of South Carolina

I believe a hands on approach that is saturated with encouragement, and filled with inclusive discussion is what aided and inspired me the most in my own academic exposure. Therefore, my approach to guiding and teaching students is much the same.

Chagrin Falls
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Licensed and experienced Cleveland teacher available to help you reach your goals!

I provide lessons for students in grades 7 through 12. I work with students and families to get to know the student's learning style and develop a plan for success. Through using the latest and most effective teaching methods, I am able to help a child learn to better read, write, study and think critically.

South Bound Brook
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Teacher with 5+ years experience offering reading and writing tutoring in Central New Jersey

My teaching practices include the use of instructional technology whenever possible because students live in an ever-changing world these days. Being able to adapt and embrace technology and the way it benefits us is important. As a tutor, I establish a relationship with students first because getting to know them will help me cater to their tutoring needs.

Las Vegas
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Social Work Student W/Creative Writing Minor To Help You Improve Your Critical and Creative Writing

I originally came into college as an education major and I have experience teaching art, so teaching is something I am well versed in and enjoy. I also have experience in editing other individual's writing through workshop classes and other writing classes. As a writing tutor and a student myself, I understand most students are looking to improve their basic college level writing.

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Teacher in Florida with B.A in education and CDA. Willing to go above and beyond for students!

I am flexible with what and whom I teach. My lessons are colorful, bright, creative and sure to keep students engaged and excited to learn. I will work with each students particular learning style, and focus on their short term and long term goals.

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English Teaching - Sullurpet, nellore district, I studied B.com, english Medium, and my schooling is in CBSE Course english

My teaching is based on online only, please share me the topic, and give me sometime to prepare my self and teach you what you expect from me. I am continuous learner, I am confident that i can deliver what you expect from me.

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English student offering lessons in essay writing, reading comprehension, and test prep in Alabama.

I am an undergraduate student planning on pursuing a PhD in English. My lessons are structured to fit the needs of the student, and my teaching methods vary accordingly. I like to create an active learning environment, in which students engage with literature and essay writing.

Beverly Hills
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Private English Tutor attending New York University offering services in Los Angeles, CA

Education is not a black and white system; each student learns in a different way and at a different pace. As a one-on-one tutor, I am able to dedicate my full and undivided attention to my students and become familiar with the methods in which they are comfortable learning.

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Tuitions in english language from schooling to college by a newly relieved undergraduate

i believe in pictorial learning such that it is very easy to remember things in the form of pictures insted of working hard mugging up the things.learning the concept and its application is much more important than grades. so my classes include the pictorial explainations.

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English major offering reading, spelling, and grammar lessons, etc. to all ages in and around the Youngstown area.

Hello there! I am willing to tutor anyone who may need help regardless of age or background. I find it easiest to simply base my tutoring off of your wants and needs specifically, and will find the best way to study these subjects with you through your preferred method of study if you have one.

1st lesson offered free !

Veteran teacher with experience in all ages academics offers tutoring in all aspects of English and Literature.

My teaching method varies according to the student's learning style and needs. I believe all students can learn and finding the right approach is my goal for each lesson. As a student gains skills in the subject, I apply that knowledge to new information and lessons.

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Students, Don't be book worms. Be Creative and be appreciated for your creativity!

I would like to teach in such a way that students must be able to understand the concept very clearly and must try to make something great with the knowledge they have gained. I do not want them to be book worms.

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UW English student willing to help with reading, writing, and philology and SAT/ACT prep

I am a college student who is capable of giving lessons in English, philosophy, history, and other soft sciences. The most important part of lesson is establishing a baseline of knowledge, so I always like to figure out what a student already understands and build off of that knowledge to develop mastery of a topic.

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Recent College Graduate with a Love of Writing & 8 years of Editing Experience

I have typically helped those who are the same age as I am, such as friends or fellow peers. However, I am certain that, by incorporating my own knowledge and experience with those my age, I can also better guide others toward achieving common objectives.

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Student in Engineering School... Gives tuitions to students upto +12..specialised in IIT & JEE training

My teaching method is through basics and formulas... can teach for an individual or to a group... i approach through the basics and explain straight without any mess... easily understandable English... unlike others i had an excellent knowledge in many other subjects.

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19yr. old Elementary Education major with 4 years of experience working with children

I usually try to teach in many different ways the first week or so that I'm working with children to see the best way in which they learn, and from there I begin teaching in the way that I saw them responding to the best. I work very hard to make sure that children succeed the best they can, and if I see them struggling, I make sure that they understand everything before moving on to a new topic.

Port St. Lucie
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Honors College Student who can teach you how to impress your professors with your writing skills located in Saint Lucie County

The feeling of gaining knowledge is incomparable. The feeling of being able to apply that knowledge effectively is indescribable. As a tutor, this is my goal. By the time we're done working together, you will be able to write academic papers easier, better, and more confidently.

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Professor of Language Practice and Literature with experience offers classes by Rosario

I am addressing secondary and tertiary students. My classes are based on the development of the Language Practices, which refers to writing, reading and orality. Therefore, Grammar, Linguistics, Semiotics, Literary Theory, English and other kind of activities may be included.

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A Qualified Teacher in Toronto Area looking to help in all subjects!

I want learning to be fun and enjoyable, and never feel like a chore. I like to understand what my students learning style is and base all lessons off that. Whether hands on, visual, oral, etc., I like to make sure the students feel heard, and have fun while learning.

Cidade Nova
Ana clara
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Student of Speech Therapy teaches Reinforcement classes for students from 1st to 7th year of Elementary School 1

I approach the subject in a free way, so that the student can understand as clearly as possible. I use revision and extra activities for fixing. I try to adapt the teaching according to each student so that everyone can achieve good results.

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MBA(HR), Jolly Phonics and Grammar, taking phonics and Grammar classes in Bangalore

my teaching method is the "Hybrid Style" Multi-sensory way of teaching. love the subject and play vital role in developing interest in the subject. classes are conducted for Primary Kids and to those who find difficulty in reading and writing English Language.

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Queensland teacher gives lessons in English and the art of Literacy for primary and middle school students

My teaching method is that each child does not only need to be able to read and write, but also comprehend what they have read and written in order to understand what is being said. It is not only essential for a child to be able to read but to also understand what the have read.

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Perfect! My best English teacher ever. Really, she is perfect.

Majid, student
7 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Leslie is amazingly supportive and passionate about helping me make progress in my studies. She has my best interest at heart and continuously motivates and encourages me to move forward. We are currently looking at some research articles of...

Chris, student
8 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Amazing teacher. My starting level was very low and I was so frustrated... Thanks!

Emanuele, student
8 months ago
(3 reviews)

Perfect! I am completely struggling during my third year of university at Kings and could find no help from my lectures or tutors. I do not know what I would have done without Franco's help. He explained to me SO clearly the readings I was given within...

Jasmine, student
9 months ago
Cosimo franco
(6 reviews)

Perfect! Michael was quick to reply and so accommodating. Highly qualified and so helpful and professional throughout with a kind personality and lots of encouragement. I can’t recommend Michael enough.

Eric, student
11 months ago
(5 reviews)

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