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Experienced, responsible English Literarure and Creative Writing student in their 2nd year at Surrey University, looking for kids who are willing to learn what I can teach them about English.

I am friendly and relaxed in my approach to teaching whilst maintaining an academic mindset. I encourage children and young people to ask lots of questions to encourage academic curiousity, and introduce them to useful academic reading and/or writing techniques by demonstration.

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Approachable & supportive Journalism graduate offering a range of English tutoring; from written comprehension to grammar and punctuation.

My teaching approach is tailored to fit around each student’s individual needs, and combines identifying areas for improvement with a range of exercises designed to adjust mistakes while boosting confidence. Teaching will be monitored by regular quizzes to make sure information has been absorbed thoroughly.

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University English student with 3A* at A level giving lessons over summer in Yorkshire

I like to base how I teach on how I wish I had been taught myself at school. No-one has ever got anywhere if they don't want to learn. I try to make it my goal to help those I help, to want to learn. Being 19 years old, I wouldn't like those I was helping to think of me as a teacher, rather someone helping them to get to where they want to be academically (As cheesy as that sounds).

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Law Graduate with excellent oral and written English skills. I am available for proofreading coursework and other assignments.

I aim to teach the correct grammar in any given manner. I am available to help in other subject areas, please provide me with full detail as to what this may be. I will be able to assist and guide you and I tailor tutorials to suit individuals needs.

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"COMéDIEN" with 25 years of Drama, words lover, teaches French in Brighton & Hove area. : ^)

Learning French in the way you like ! As I worked with the students in Acting courses, I will follow your expectations, your desires, so : your personality. You want a usual approach, we will do that way. You prefer something more lively, no problem. For children it is possible to play with words and..

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Kingston University graduate living in West Yorkshire, offering tutoring sessions in English, History and Drama to your door.

I am internal supply teacher who teaches every subject when asked to 11-16 year olds, although my specialist subjects English, Drama and History I could teach up to degree level. I have a laid-back approach when it comes to teaching, however I do strive for efficiency when doing so.

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Univeristy student offering English Language lessons, specialising in help with GCSE and ALEVEL

I am offering my support to GCSE and Alevel students. I base my tutoring around your weak points in order to pull your grade up. My lessons aim to put you at ease and feel confident ready for your examinations. I focus on key skills within each lesson so that you are equipped with the knowledge needed to become a master of English.

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Business Graduate offering lessons in English and Business up to College level in Birmingham

I give lessons to students up to college level. I help my students to achieve the best grades possible by being patient and understanding towards my students. My teaching methods will include carefully constructed lesson plans which help my students fully understand the subjects.

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Edinburgh Napier Third year Student offering high school tutoring across varied fields

I offer high school tutoring from standard grade to higher and advanced higher in some subjects, my tutoring is predominantly theory based, I aim to improve skills such as essay writing and exam preparation. I plan my lessons around what you require to raise your grades and or pass your exams.

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A level English Literature Student Offering English lessons up to GCSE level

I am a student (A level) and I give lessons to secondary school GCSE students. Brief outline of a lesson: We'd focus on the texts that you are focusing on in school, to make sure you have a good understanding outside of the classroom. A warm up task which would vary lesson to lesson.

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Primary Education (Major specialism English! tudent offering anything up to year 6 level English tutorials.

My teaching methodology is through fun. When you engage a child, you can teach them anything at all. Fun, personal lessons that grab the child's attention. I also love to promote a love of reading. I love to encourage children to read for pleasure as I love to read myself.

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PRIMARY SCHOOL TEACHER- I am a qulified Primary school teacher with a post graduate degree in Primary education and a degree in English with education. I also have a diploma in Childcare, learning and

I approach each topic with as much enthusiam as possiable and always aim each lesson at the learner’s interests. I always differentiate my lesson plans and make sure each child gets the support they need to enjoy learning and strive.

West Kirby
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Higher Level Teaching Assistant available to support children up to age 11 in all subjects

Hi I’m Abbie I’m 23 and from West Kirby. I teach using fun, engaging activities and games whenever possible. I believe the more fun a child’s learning is the better they retain the information given. I am able to support ages 3-11 through any part of their schooling including SATs and phonics screening.

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Parents! Busy? Tired? Stressed? I'm offering reading lessons to Primary/Middle School aged children who need some extra help at home.

The way to learn to read, is for the student to learn the look and sounds of letters and words to gradually build on their vocabulary and then they become reflective and selective in their choice of words and language.

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Highest qualification I have is a GSCE, however I’ve retaken then recently and can offer recent help on High School pupils GCSE work and recent knowledge.

I’ve never tutored before, however I would go by the pupils exam boards requests and follow topics on what they would need to include. If they didn’t get it first time, I would continue the same topic until they had a full understanding. I’m a very patient person and wouldn’t pressure anything more that the pupils ability.

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English teacher offering tuition up to A level in English language and literature

I love my subject and wish to pass this on to my students, helping them to enjoy and achieve. My teaching methods adapt to the individual need of each student. I have taught both skills based and direct instruction approaches. I have experience of teaching special educational needs and English as an additional language too if needed.

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English and Literature can be hard to understand sometimes. Sometimes we just need some guidance to steer us in the right direction and help us to achieve the things we deserve to achieve if we are de

My teaching method can be seen as laid back, once tasks have been assigned, I allow the student to lead the session so to know what the student knows, but offer insights where I see necessary as it’s important for the student to not be overloaded with information in order to process things better.

Greater London

Marilyn - Greater London - School English

Qualified primary teacher offering patient and creative teaching. New! Now offering: -Italian tuition Contact me to find out more! - Which subject(s) do you teach? All subjects in the KS1 and 2 National Curriculum. I also offer exam preperation for KS1 and 2 SATS and the 11+. - Tell me about your qualifications.

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TESOL A* English student offering EFL/ ESOL lessons or GCSE English lessons!

I believe that the most important thing in a classroom environment is communication. Within my tutoring sessions there will be a lot of communication which will hide the fact you are learning behind a wall which is more "fun". In other words, my main teaching methodology is making learning interesting.

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I am an inspiring writer and believe reading is so special it opens you to new worlds and new experiences learning to read is an amazing thing new books to explore is wonderful

My name is Alicia I've been writing since I was seven and reading is my passion I've tutored before and love helping people learn new things, having a open warm tutor is important to make learning fun I believe I can bring this to my tutoring job since I have a young friendly face

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Classics and Latin student offering English and Classical studies tuition in Lampeter.

Offering tailored tuition to students working from high school to degree level. Each lesson will take the form of an informal seminar, with time set aside for the discussion and debate of ideas. Study aids will be provided if requested. With a flexible teaching style designed to best suit each student's unique needs.

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Exeter University Student enthused about encouraging and improving your academics in English, History and related subjects, in EX and TQ postcodes.

I am a 22 year old undergraduate at the University of Exeter, studying Ancient History and Theology. I offer tutoring to students of primary, secondary or sixth form/college ages looking to improve their academics. I will be able to teach information, prepare for exams and help students perfect their essays and coursework. I encourage students to aim for their best in an environment that suits you.

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I'm studying a degree in English and Creative Writing at Liverpool John Moores University. I achieved two A*s in English at GCSE level as well as an A and a B at A Level.

I'm enthusiastic and friendly, as well as more than happy to change lessons according to individual needs and preferences. I worked hard to achieve an A* in English Literature at GCSE Level as well as an A* in English Language, and I also achieved an A and a B in these subjects at A Level.

Newcastle Upon Tyne
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Third Year Literature student at Newcastle University with past teaching experience offering English lessons to A-level or below in Newcastle

My name's Will and I've been studying English Literature exclusively for the last three years at University. I'm able to tutor any student at any stage, and hope to foster a love of reading - it's a simple truth, but the more we read, the better our skills at analysing become. My lesson structure will vary depending on who I am tutoring, but there'll be a good deal of discussion.

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English Literature Student offering lessons on multiple areas of English within Nottingham

I am a first year English Student at Nottingham University, and I will give lessons to anyone who needs the help, whether that be something very simple or something seemingly difficult. I understand that learning takes time and my method of teaching reflects this.

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Fall into a world of creative writing at your own imagination of style

I am a creative writer and have been writing for the last eight years. I am passionate on what I work on and how my work comes across. I have taken courses within the Writers Bureau over the years to polish up my writing style.

Greater London
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Chloe Alicia a hard working, enthusiastic and passionate teacher of the English Language.

Teaching is part of my personality and who I am. If you are looking for a forward thinking, student focused teacher who will nurture and guide you, then look no further. Your goal is my goal! I will adapt to all styles of learners and empower you to use the tools we build to be able to learn and progress under a joint goal.

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GCSE Student Prepares Primary School Children for their 11+ SATS Test For Secondary Education

I am a GCSE student who can tutor primary school students and prepare them for the challenging 11+ exams that they will face to get into Secondary Education. I usually structure my lessons into different sectors in order to not overwhelm my students with too much work. However, my methods are effective and will help them to learn as much as they can in the time provided.

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Undergraduate student available to teach A level and below with English Literature and Language

I am available to help any students or persons who need help with A-Level English Literature or GCSE level English Language and English Literature or below. I have Grade A’s at A-Level standard and A* at GCSE standard. I am currently studying Politics in Swansea University, however I am free to do sessions for English lessons.

Newton Ferrers
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Experienced school teacher provides English tuition to key stage 2-5 and adults

I have been teaching for over 20 years and have experience of primary,secondary and college education.I am fully qualified in both classroom teaching and tuition.

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Perfect! Elaine has worked wonders with our daughter who needed help with her handwriting. Her calm, supportive, engaging and inspiring approach ensured that Anna's confidence and handwriting rapidly improved. We can't recommend her highly enough.

Lorraine, student
2 months ago
(10 reviews)

Perfect! Brillant teacher! Olivia has helped my son with his English. She is very well prepared, friendly, patient and supportive. She explained things really well. Jedi has improved, he can now analyze poems, he is much more confident with his writing...

Audrey, student
2 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Katie has been a wonderful tutor to my 8 year old daughter. Within 3 months, my daughter has improved a lot in English. She is very committed and reliable and makes the lesson and homework fun. I would highly recommend Katie for anyone who needs...

Farhana, student
6 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! My best English teacher ever. Really, she is perfect.

Majid, student
1 year ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Leslie is amazingly supportive and passionate about helping me make progress in my studies. She has my best interest at heart and continuously motivates and encourages me to move forward. We are currently looking at some research articles of...

Chris, student
1 year ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Amazing teacher. My starting level was very low and I was so frustrated... Thanks!

Emanuele, student
1 year ago
(3 reviews)

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