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BA English Literature student offering tutoring in the Norwich and Cambridgeshire area

I offer a friendly, structured approach. I will tailor each lesson to each individual student to ensure their learning styles are effectively met. I will prepare resources before each lesson so the student is fully aware of what materials will be covered in each lesson.

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SME Business owner, fully qualified, experienced in multiple disciplines teaches you how

Through many years of courses I have attained a variety of well rounded skills and experience that can be easily applied.

Newcastle upon Tyne
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EU Computer Science student is offering English lessons in Newcastle Upon Tyne

My teaching methodology is in relation with the characteristics of the student and the type of learning it is supposed to bring about. I base my classes on actually learning to use the language in realife cituations . I approach each topic by using interesting and relatable content.

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International Relations Student offering English Literature lessons in Exeter up to university level

I base my classes around what the student needs. I like them to let me know exactly what they need help with so that I can prepare and then have a session ready to help them with. I'm a very friendly and patient person - I know that work can be difficult so I am more than happy to take things slowly and go over things as many times as needed.

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Enthusiastic animation student offering essay writing, reading and grammar level CAE lessons in Falmouth.

Basically, during my classes, I try to get to know my students in order to tailor my teaching methods according to their learning style. I mainly teach level B2( First Certificate in English), but I do have the knowledge of the Cambridge Advanced English.

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Writer / Researcher offering help with essays and professional development. Presently studying with SOAS reading Climate Change and Development.

Good writing creates a great academic student. You must be able to communicate your ideas with refinement, intelligibility and authority. Begin the essay or dissertation, with a clear outline of the main points to cover in the entire document. This then determines the structure of the essay and informs the reader of how to relate to the topic.

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Primary education student offering reading lessons in the Liverpool and surrounding area.

I would first assess the level of ability that my student can read at. I would do this by getting the student to read to me or by having my student sound out words. This allows me to analyse the best teaching methods to use to allow them to reach their full potential. I would then allow my student to improve by increasing the difficulty they are reading overtime.

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A* Level Literature Pupil Giving English Language and Literature Lessons in Bexley

I believe strongly in order to maximise the potential for learning, i must build a relationship with my peer first. A mature, sensible and professional relationship built upon a mutual respect will ensure the peers comfort and make them more willing to engage in my lessons. Occasional jokes and a similar sense of humour and shared interest help with this but aren't necessary.

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"Maverick Teacher, with QTS, offering KS1, KS2 Mathematics and English lessons online"

As an educator, I strongly believe in every student’s ability to succeed and I am very passionate about inspiring others to learn.

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Teaching English in a foreign language, qualified teacher; scholar level 1 TEFL.

My teaching method is listening and understanding in key areas that the student needs help with and praise when needed throughout. Lead in with speaking and listening, setting the task topic.

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Qualified Teacher with Sports Science/Development/PE Background based in Belfast and Northern Ireland

I ensure that my lessons are catered for each individual learner and their specific needs. I feel that this is essential in order to boost the holistic development of each individual learner. I am approachable and willing to consistently learn personally.

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Primary Education student offering English, English Literature and Poetry Lessons from experience.

I approach every student by finding out what level they are currently at and from there I find out what they are capable of learning within a session. I work with Primary school students and secondary students to GCSE level.

Newcastle upon Tyne
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A masters student in Cross cultural communication and media studies, I offer to teach English literature to students looking for guidance in Newcastle upon Tyne. I have a BA in English Literature.

Every text has context and without context, it is not possible to understand a piece of literary work. In my method of teaching, I aim to make the subject as interesting for the student as my professors had made it for me.

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An A level student offering English and any other subject in Woolwich

I study psychology which puts me at an advantage when it comes to studying your child's body language and what way your child prefers to learn. I will be able to provide those resources in order for them to learn, whether that be online clips of fun exercises to engage your child's brain.

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English Language A-level student (GCSE grade 9-A**) willing to help both primary and secondary school students in Northumberland

My teaching method is both fun and eccentric in the hope that I can make English appear amusing to children.

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Psychology student offering proof-reading, English literature and language tuition and essay help in Dorset

As I am currently at university level, I am happy to tutor anyone in school with homework, writing essays, proofreading, spelling or just general advice. I am have a very friendly and warm personality which shows through my tutoring, I would prefer to take the time to practice doing the correct method of something with my student rather than just telling them how to do something.

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Retired British Primary teacher with 20 years experience working overseas but now back in the UK and ready to help any primary student realise their potential

I like to inspire, give confidence and encourage young children to enjoy the process of learning, especially reading and creative writing. Once a child learns to read they can learn anything. I've had 20 years experience as a primary class teacher. I have taught many abilities and have also had the joy of teaching children with special needs.

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English, reading, spelling and writing support from a qualified teacher in Norwich

I have experience teaching children with a range of abilities and special educational needs, as well as those who are high flyers and need to be challenged more. I tailor the style and speed of my lessons to each individual to help them get the best out of their time.


Diane - Seven Sisters - Reading, writing & handwriting specialist for children and adults

MY CREDO: The saying is, "No pain, no gain." My attitude is just the opposite. I like to make learning as easy and enjoyable as possible for both children and adults. If learning is a struggle, come to me and let me take the heat out of the situation. MY SUBJECTS: English: I teach English at beginning, primary, secondary and college levels.

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Graduate student offering proofreading, English comprehension, and writing tips for all levels

My teaching method is a combination of skill refinement while gradually introducing new ways to accomplish the mundane tasks. I use positive language at all times and give suggestions not commands; ultimately, I want you to become an independent thinker and writer.

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University student and T.A offering lessons for Primary school children focusing on SAT

I like to see where the child is struggling and focus on that. I tend to use the word ‘yet’ a lot, for example if a child keeps saying they can’t do it i will usually say you can’t do it ‘yet’.

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English literature, drama and film A level student offering lessons in Shepperton surrey area.

My teaching method is to make learning the boring stuff fun through games and fun activities. I also have a passion for active learning so I would defiantly make sure it's not just all notes and listening but also doing.

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Law student providing English and History tutoring at GCSE level in Doncaster

I don't currently have a teaching style as I would prefer to tailor it to each student, finding a way that works best for you, but if you have a preferred style I will try my best to teach in that particular way. I found that this worked best with previous students.

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Speech and Language student offering English lessons in Edinburgh. Exam-prep, general help or anything else related to the subject of English, I'm here to give a hand!

When helping a student I always ask what he/she knows, so I know where to start. From there on we build upon that knowledge, much like building blocks - One has to understand the foundation before one can build on top of it. This can especially be helpful when going though homework, assignments or their general participation in class.

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Positive and a ball of energy Drama student offering super fun English lessons in London!

Hi I am Shannon and my main objective is to make you smile! My teaching methodology is a range or games , exercises and repetition to make learning the most enjoyable experience! Being approachable is one of my best assets as everyone says that I have a friendly face and I talk for Britain!

1st lesson offered free !

English Literature student from King's College London offering comprehensive English lessons online

I offer interactive, encouraging and friendly lessons for school and university students. Classes focus on key aspects of English language, grammar and literature. I am happy to answer your questions and offer easy exercises to review your learnings throughout the lesson.

Mere Brow
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English student who are not best in speaking, spelling and pronunciation at any level of education

I have taught both online and offline, I teach pupils I teach them grammar and vocabulary I also offer oral English to my student for better understanding question and answer period also important for quick understanding.

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Chinese Language student offering to teach English and Chinese up to High school level

My teaching method is to inspire students to be passionate about English. A passion for English is lost because we speak it everyday, but learning the intricacies of grammar and linguistics teaches you to appreciate how complex our language is.

1st lesson offered free !

English is like a story and its fun to read a poem

My teaching method is I like the area to be kept quiet so that students can concentrate on there study and I am the person who loves English so much, also I got taught by the teacher who was an examiner of AQA board

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GCSE English and French exam revision and preparation with qualified teacher in Southampton

My lessons are student-centered and aimed to meet their learning needs. Lessons are supported with past papers and extra materials, aimed to cover all the areas students may need to practice on and/or revise. My methodology adapts according to each student's school syllabus and curriculum to prepare them the best way possible for their subject.

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Perfect! Katie has been a wonderful tutor to my 8 year old daughter. Within 3 months, my daughter has improved a lot in English. She is very committed and reliable and makes the lesson and homework fun. I would highly recommend Katie for anyone who needs...

Farhana, student
3 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! My best English teacher ever. Really, she is perfect.

Majid, student
9 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Leslie is amazingly supportive and passionate about helping me make progress in my studies. She has my best interest at heart and continuously motivates and encourages me to move forward. We are currently looking at some research articles of...

Chris, student
10 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Amazing teacher. My starting level was very low and I was so frustrated... Thanks!

Emanuele, student
11 months ago
(3 reviews)

Perfect! I am completely struggling during my third year of university at Kings and could find no help from my lectures or tutors. I do not know what I would have done without Franco's help. He explained to me SO clearly the readings I was given within...

Jasmine, student
1 year ago
Cosimo franco
(6 reviews)

Perfect! Michael was quick to reply and so accommodating. Highly qualified and so helpful and professional throughout with a kind personality and lots of encouragement. I can’t recommend Michael enough.

Eric, student
1 year ago
(5 reviews)

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