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Greater London
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Old student working in financial sector gives lessons in all levels of English from pre-school through to GCSE level. Gained grade A in both English Language & Literature.

I teach anywhere from Pre-School right through to GCSE. I gained 4 A Levels myself 8 years ago. Lesson structure - to ensure the pupil fully understands the basics, then move onto the in depth details. I'm very patient, extremely empathetic and have a history of assisting dyslexic children.

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College student open for tutoring for great price. A* in English literature and in English language. Based in Halifax

I am a freshly qualified GCSE student with an A* in English language as well as an A* in English literature. Additionally i have a distinction* in English speaking. I also have overall great grades in all subjects with 3 A* 4 A's and 3 B's. This means i can teach numerous subjects whenever necessary e.g.

Greater London
1st lesson offered free !

A level student in English Literature offering GCSE english tutoring to anyone

I just finished my GCSE in the summer of 2017 therefore I know what it's like to be there and I have recent knowledge. I got A* in English Literature and an A in English Language having done the new 9-1 grading system.

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GCSE A* English Student, English Literature or Language Lessons. Available on weekend.

Easy and friendly to talk to. Achieved A* in English Language GCSE and working at an A* level in Literature currently. Creative and will do my very best to help the student achieve the best they possibly can. Available on weekends (Saturday and Sunday) between 8 am and 6 pm.

1st lesson offered free !

Tutoring for primary school children to learn English online from an English tutor.

Tutoring primary school children to learn English abroad by teaching phonics and reading skills to help them move on in there Education. To learn to read to spell and sound out words.Is very important in a learning envivornment.A child that can read becomes a very confident learner.

Greater London
1st lesson offered free !

Former editor and ex school teacher offers excellent English tuition for primary children in South London

I am a English native, graduate with a BA in European Studies, a P.G.C.E and a post graduate degree in Journalism. Following a two year stint as a primary school teacher in Shepherds Bush, London, I have tutored several 5 to 10 year olds in the English language (written, spoken and reading comprehension). I have written for national newspapers and magazines in the UK and abroad.

Downham Market
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Social worker based in Norfolk, England gives english lessons to primary, secondary and GCSE English level lessons

I qualified with a distinction in Bachelor of Social Work and a distinction in a Masters in Public Health. I am looking to teach English at primary, secondary and GCSE levels. Allowing students to write and read on subjects they may be interested in has made teaching easy! My first task will be focused around something students/pupils enjoy.

1st lesson offered free !

English Graduate- Help you analyse books from Shakespeare to comics and everything in-between!

I'm a thoughtful teacher, I like to get to know my students, so I can get a better understanding of their needs and abilities. Not everyone is academic, so I have a casual approach to help settle the nerves and make English fun again.

Whaley Bridge
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Experienced and enthusiastic native French teacher -all levels- and KS3 Spanish teacher

I have been working for years in education in various countries but mostly in England and taught at GCSE and A level. I have a lot of experience teaching three languages: French and English as a foreign language -my best specialist subjects- but also Spanish KS3 and I have excellent knowledge of the national curriculum requirements.

1st lesson offered free !

Classical Learning with a Classical Uni Student in Winchester (Latin and Classics)

My name is Anna. I am a university student at Winchester doing a degree in classical studies. I have an advanced higher in Latin and Classics. I pride myself on listening to my students and patience when they are having trouble with something.

1st lesson offered free !

Creative Writing and Poetry Tutor in Aldershot, Hampshire studying Film Production at university

I have recently finished my A Levels and I am currently doing Film Production at university. I have experienced teaching English as an additional language to foreign students in my secondary school during my A Levels which gave me valuable teaching skills that help me transfer those skills onto the course I am currently doing at university.

Great Glen
1st lesson offered free !

College student in Criminal justice and psychology gives English lessons in Unites states

Hello I am Aaliyah Effs. I will be teaching English lessons to children in middle school and high school.

1st lesson offered free !

Experienced and patient female English tutor specialising in business and law from preschool to post grad

My name is Charlotte and I'll be here to support you fully throughout your learning adventure! An experienced tutor, I am familiar with the struggles associated with the English language - alongside the accompanying worry from fear of failure. But fear not! For help is at hand.

1st lesson offered free !

Under graduate teaches Kids English & helps with homework in Milton Keynes

My name is Sharon, a 20 year old undergraduate student in Buckingham. I give weekly lessons in English and Maths for Primary school students and urgents homework problems. I help you develop you writing, in preparation for secondary School. I am easy to understand, methodical and straight forward.

Megan leah
1st lesson offered free !

English Language Tutor for GCSE students, A-Levels and those in higher education

I am an English language graduate student and wish to help people of all ages with any difficulties they may have when writing, reading or with subject knowledge in general.

Greater London
1st lesson offered free !

Experienced British Teacher giving Exam Preparation lessons in English, IELTS, Tesol, Maths, Computing lessons

My lesson is structured with a warm up to engage the learners for the theme of the lesson. Then I get them to participate in group based activities and pair work. I like to use technology for blended learning. In the past I designed online quizzes, students were able to complete them using their smartphones.

Newton Flotman
1st lesson offered free !

Primary Teacher specialising in Early Years, Early Childhood Studies and Phonics. Qualified to Masters level Norfolk

I have a wealth of teaching experience. I have worked in schools since the age of 21 and have been teaching for eleven years. I specialise in Early Years and Early Childhood studies. I have also mentored many trainee teachers and proof read many assignments. I aim to provide honest and constructive feedback. Within my daily role I teach Reception and Year One children.

1st lesson offered free !

English tutor with Masters Degree in History and Undergraduate in English, based in Dundee, Scotland

I hold an undergraduate degree in English and Linguistics, and a masters degree in Twentieth Century History. I can help with these topics and more general English reading/writing skills, as well as essay and thesis writing (I've written 2 dissertations and got great marks on both!).

1st lesson offered free !

A level grammar student providing Literacy/English tutoring in the area of Canterbury

I am an A Level Grammar student available to tutor students from Primary to GCSE age. I received As in both English Literature and English Language at GCSE and am targeted to receive an A in my English Literature A Level. I am a calm but informative individual- used to being around and teaching children of all ages.

Holmes Chapel
1st lesson offered free !

Experienced tutor, mainly for revision. Primary and seniors. In own homes locally.

10 years experience in schools, without a PGCE, tutoring, Latin, Classical Civilization and English, mainly for revision. I have also taught both my instruments, Violin and Piano. Current confidence and I haven't always had it comes from 5 years as assistant rainbow leader and my contribution to church music at St Luke's, Holmes Chapel.

1st lesson offered free !

English Tutor with degree and experience working in UK schools. Covering test prep, primary, secondary, GCSE, A Level and English as a foreign language

I am a relaxed and approachable individual, able to work at your individual pace and on the topics you would like to cover. I can cover anything from Primary up to A Level, and can help with structuring essay technique up to Undergraduate level.

1st lesson offered free !

College student studying A levels - incl. english A level - A* GCSE English in Literature and Language - Chichester

Hi! I am a year 14 college student, currently studying A levels in English Language, Chemistry and History.

1st lesson offered free !

Cockermouth Based, Degree Educated and Very Experienced Literacy & Numeracy Primary Teacher

I love finding ways to help all pupils succeed & will think my way around all needs, using many resources & different methods to enable pupils to progress. I have a 2:1 degree in English & Education & have taught at eight schools in the North and South of England.

1st lesson offered free !

♡ Become an English superstar and get those all important grades today in the UK! ♡

Hi there, I'm Hollie and I aim to make learning fun for everyone who chooses me as their tutor. I love to help people and spread positivity with my bubbly and creative personality. I love English / literacy and I would be delighted to help you out, I can also lend a hand with spellings aswell. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope it helped you out.

1st lesson offered free !

Undergrad Student With Key English Language and Literacy Skills for those interested

I'm an undergraduate university student. Currently in my first year of university. I'm taking a foundation year in Computing Technologies with the hope of transferring to a university with a higher standard. My English skills are inrefutable and you'll enjoy.

Greater London
1st lesson offered free !

Raise your head in society by achieving higher academics results and standing ahead in society.

Hi there my name is Monika & I am here to help you regarding your any queries. I have given lessons to students studying in 11 & 12th too. I have completed my masters & m certified financial planner too. My techniques r easy adaptable & it will definetly help you.

1st lesson offered free !

English Undergraduate student Gives English Reading and Literacy Tutoring at all levels online

I'll be giving tutoring for the benefit of basic English reading and literacy. I can give detailed or basic seminars dependent on tutee's requirements. My lesson structure is straightforward following a 123- introduction, understanding and comprehension format. They will be relaxed with quizzes and exercises to test and enhance learning.

1st lesson offered free !

English help for anyone GCSE standard or below from student to student

Having recently done public English examinations myself I find myself often offering support to younger family friends and peers within literacy and reading. Able to offer advice and resources for those completing the new GCSE course as I have also completed this and are expected a Grade8/9 equivalent to a**.

1st lesson offered free !

A-level student offering english lessons to primary and secondary school pupils in Mansfield

I'm currently studying English literature at A-Level and received A*s in language and literature in my GCSEs. I offer tuition to primary and secondary school students working towards their SATs or GCSEs, and aim to help pupils improve on their weaker areas of the subject whilst ensuring lessons are engaging and enjoyable.

1st lesson offered free !

Exciting, creative and inspiring Teacher of English & Drama at KS3, GCSE and A/S Level

I am an extremely friendly, energetic and ambitious individual. I am highly driven, self-motivated and able to utilise my skills, to achieve the highest possible results. My experience as a course leader, has provided me with the skills required to enable students, to realise their potential; highlight own skills and further develop their career.

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Perfect! My best English teacher ever. Really, she is perfect.

Majid, student
3 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Leslie is amazingly supportive and passionate about helping me make progress in my studies. She has my best interest at heart and continuously motivates and encourages me to move forward. We are currently looking at some research articles of...

Chris, student
4 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Amazing teacher. My starting level was very low and I was so frustrated... Thanks!

Emanuele, student
4 months ago
(3 reviews)

Perfect! I am completely struggling during my third year of university at Kings and could find no help from my lectures or tutors. I do not know what I would have done without Franco's help. He explained to me SO clearly the readings I was given within...

Jasmine, student
6 months ago
Cosimo franco
(6 reviews)

Perfect! Michael was quick to reply and so accommodating. Highly qualified and so helpful and professional throughout with a kind personality and lots of encouragement. I can’t recommend Michael enough.

Eric, student
8 months ago
(5 reviews)

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