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To generate understanding through real life experience, while finding the right way to relate a concept to something from a student's every life is often a key to successful comprehension.

Encouraging tutees to contribute as many students can be nervous when learning in a one-on-one environment for the first time. It is critical to be patient with them, and build their confidence through encouragement and praise. My current goal is to help the tutee become comfortable and confident in the subject, even if they occasionally make mistakes.

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Highly experienced primary school teacher. Gives Maths, English and reading lessons to pupils in Milton Keynes. A qualified Special Needs Coordinator with experience in teaching learners with Dyslexia

As an experienced classroom practitioner, my lessons are practical, engaging and I use a hands on approach to teaching. All my lessons tailored to the individual needs of each learner. I believe in personalised learning - if a learner does not learn by the way you teach then you have to teach in the way the learner learns.

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Secondary School English Teacher, Teacher Trainer & UCL University Lecturer offering English support

I approach each client by understanding their needs and learning styles. This enables me to design effective, personalised tuition which meets the needs of my pupils. Through combining my extensive knowledge of the English curriculum with a deep understanding of how students learn I am able to provide extremely successful tuition for each of my clients.

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Final year student in Salford with a passion for English. Teaching English from key stage 1 to key stage 4. Meeting needs from spelling, reading, grammar and punctuation to creative or essay writing.

My teaching method depends on what suits the individual, I am very flexible and have a variety of methods to suit different people. I base my classes on techniques I have learned via self-teaching and revision over the years and from mentoring students - little and often seems to work very well with most incorporating some aspect of fun - focusing on valuable skills needed for exams and tests.

Greater London
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English Literature and English Language. London. Experience in school and centre. Degree.

I mark the students work and give specific feedback which they can improve on. I am able to solve any problems students have in areas of study they don’t understand and able to correct them effectively. I first investigate areas of weakness of students by setting different tasks which look at the effectiveness in different areas of English e.g.

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TESOL and Applied Linguistics MA student offers general English in Manchester or online :)

My teaching method is quite flexible as I have experiences in teaching different learners from kids to teenagers and adults. My philosophy is that the goal of teaching is the use of language in real life. As a result, when teaching language, I focus on speaking and take other skills to support conversation.

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MA/MPHIL educated tutor offering English and 11+ tuition in South West London.

I approach each learner and their needs individually, always meeting with prospective clients to discuss their aims and goals, strengths and weaknesses, prior to beginning lessons. I believe that learning should be fun, individual and creative - taking place in a supportive environment.

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English Literature Graduate offering Tuition in Literature up to University Level in Manchester.

I approach each topic, first, on the basis at which the student may first understand it, aiming to establish some immediate confidence in their own knowledge. From this I hope to understand the student, how they personally approach the topic and their own learning, meaning I am more easily able to tailor their lessons to suit their learning.

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Literature undergraduate providing lessons for GCSE and A Level students in Birmingham

I am a Literature undergraduate providing lessons for GCSE and A Level students. My technique would consist of firstly asking students to make sure all novels/poems/ plays under study have been read (at least once) so their own impressions can be formed without the need to analyse at all.

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PGCE qualified primary teacher over 15 years teaching experience specialising in 7+, 8+, 11+

I thoroughly enjoy working with children and have had an excellent rapport with my pupils. I have helped speed up my pupils' academic progress significantly especially in 7+ and 11+ exams.

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Outstanding English teacher, 18 years of experience teaching ALL key stages, specialising in A Level.

Each and every one of my lessons includes a variety of activities to access all learning abilities. I also regularly include personalised feedback both in class in a formative, oral manner, and also in a summative manner, in their exercise books when marking/ assessing their progress and attainment.

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Writer of poetry and prose with two books published offering English Language tuition in Northamptonshire

My teaching is based on the enrichment of vocabulary with the introduction of grammar to build fluency. I devote considerable time to conversational practice using different scenarios to create the need for vocabulary and grammar to be used. I encourage students to read the language, initially advertisements, then small newspaper articles followed by books.

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English Language and Literature University Student offering English lessons in Greater Manchester

I am prepared to give English lessons for GCSE and A-Level students. The way I plan my lesson is to look at my student's weak and strong points within the subject and analyse any area they seem to be lacking. I would then set examples and techniques of how to overcome their difficulties. Also, I would also teach the effective way on how to research and analyse novels, plays and poetry.

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Basic English Language Aid for French Speakers in Limoges or Surrounding Area

I am moving to Limoges, France for 5 months in order to improve my basic level of French. I hope to be able to encourage and tutor anyone who needs a bit of help in English and/or proof reading for any essays or exams. I give lessons to those with a basic level of English and want to improve, or those hoping to focus their skills.

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A-Level student practising reading for primary aged children in Gloucester (mainly Hucclecote)

Hello! I aspire to be a teacher one day but am currently studying A-Levels. I am very friendly and passionate about teaching so i am sure me and your child will get along so it can be the best learning environment.

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Reading is a great skill to have starting from an early stage. I am University student who would like to teach your child how to read or improve their reading skills.

I plan to assess how well your child reads aloud, work on improving that and on your child understanding what is read in order to build a wider vocabulary. My goal is for your child to be able to read internally and aloud with confidence.

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Aviation student offering 11+, English, Maths, Chemistry and Physics tuition for anyone up to and including GCSE level

Although most tutors are bland and tend to follow a script, I prefer to adapt to the child's specific needs, using videos, printing challenging worksheets and heeding to the child's own preferences. Efficient and organised, I make my lessons fun and engaging.

Greater London
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French native private Tutor gives French lessons to pupils and adult in London

I'm French native girl who wants to become French Teacher. I have A level of Literacy and Bachelor Degree in History. I have a passion for French history and culture. I have been teaching as Tutor for 2 years. My main duty is to help my student to get a strong knowledge of French grammar, vocabulary, and culture. I use different media tools such as videos, newspaper, etc.

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Medical student in London with experience tutoring English, Biology, Chemistry and Maths

My teaching method is based on questions, and working through them to give the examiner the answers they want. This ensures any gaps in knowledge are filled, by giving the students my own made notes for the main exam boards and improving exam technique.


Maxine - Staines-upon-Thames - School English

I am an experienced teacher qualified to teach children with Specific Learning Difficulties/Dyslexia. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I am a qualified dyslexia teacher. I also provide tuition support for phonics, reading, literacy, study skills, primary maths and handwriting, and teacher's assessments to devise or review a teaching programme.

Central Brighton
(5 reviews)

Hilary - Central Brighton - School English

My lessons are known for their relaxed nature using humour as well as hard work to achieve each child's educational goals. Most of my lessons are 45 minutes long (£36) and I am a one minute walk from Brighton Station. - Which subject(s) do you teach? Hello. I am a dyslexia tutor covering phonics, phonological awareness, reading development, spelling development and handwriting.

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Eton College and Edinburgh University Graduate, offering exciting English lessons for all levels

My English lessons are in depth and you will come out being more confident with your English. I provide comprehensive detail as well as in depth feedback with your work. My lessons are relatable, exciting and personal.

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Experienced teacher and Oxford graduate offering Latin, Greek, Classical Civilisation and English tuition in South West London.

I am able to teach Latin, Greek and Classical Civilisation from beginners to first year University level. I can also teach English up to GCSE level. I tailor my approach to the needs of the pupils I teach, but here are some examples of approaches which I have adopted.

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A-Level student offering any help with up to KS3 ENGLISH MATHS OR SCIENCE

I like to approach topics slowly and thoroughly to make sure everyone understands.

Newcastle upon Tyne
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Fun primary school teacher offering reading, grammar, punctuation and spelling tuition, ideal preparation for SATs.

I treat each child as an individual. I tailor the teaching to their level of concentration and their interests. I believe in learning facts and skills and use repetition to build skills over time, introducing new content at the child's pace.

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Human Rights Law student offering English and History GCSE / up to Philosophy A-level tutoring

I would feel most comfortable tutoring GCSE students, but I would be more than happy to assist with A-level homework. Ideally, I think I would be best suited to assisting with homework and going over topics covered in the student's classroom.

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Tutor with over 6 years of experience offering Maths, English and 11+ tuition

Every children is different for a wonderful reason and therefore I believe that it is really important that I adapt my approach based on each child as an individual, taking in to consideration their strengths and weaknesses and their preferred learning style. I want children to feel relaxed and confident to make mistakes when working with me.

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Experienced English Language and Literature teacher offering effective, engaging classes in Bristol.

I have extensive experience with a range of students, but most recent experience is with secondary school students in groups, as well as more student-centred individual tutorial classes. My classes focus on achieving clear language based learning objectives outlined from the outset, either directly from the student, or achievable goals that I feel will be most beneficial to the student.

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Reading lessons, Torquay for qualitys you need in life, book now x

My teaching method is to see what they know and then try and help them improve, not to fast but not to slow

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Third Year English student offering lessons up to University level in Edinburgh

I hope to be able to benefit senior school students most specifically but I am also open to assisting pre honours University students. My approach to study is thematically based and I believe that from this basis, it is possible to narrow down focus to style and form, and thus come to deconstruct a text.

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Perfect! Katie has been a wonderful tutor to my 8 year old daughter. Within 3 months, my daughter has improved a lot in English. She is very committed and reliable and makes the lesson and homework fun. I would highly recommend Katie for anyone who needs...

Farhana, student
3 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! My best English teacher ever. Really, she is perfect.

Majid, student
9 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Leslie is amazingly supportive and passionate about helping me make progress in my studies. She has my best interest at heart and continuously motivates and encourages me to move forward. We are currently looking at some research articles of...

Chris, student
10 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Amazing teacher. My starting level was very low and I was so frustrated... Thanks!

Emanuele, student
11 months ago
(3 reviews)

Perfect! I am completely struggling during my third year of university at Kings and could find no help from my lectures or tutors. I do not know what I would have done without Franco's help. He explained to me SO clearly the readings I was given within...

Jasmine, student
1 year ago
Cosimo franco
(6 reviews)

Perfect! Michael was quick to reply and so accommodating. Highly qualified and so helpful and professional throughout with a kind personality and lots of encouragement. I can’t recommend Michael enough.

Eric, student
1 year ago
(5 reviews)

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