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Alternative Health Practitioner gives private and group classes in the Strathroy, Ontario area or online!

My classes are for everyone who would like to change their lifestyle and lead a more natural lifestyle. Classes are done according to my client(s). Each client will receive an intake form, where they can detail what they are looking for, and even how they would like to proceed with classes.

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1st lesson offered free !
1st lesson offered free !

Physical therapist mannual therapist sports physiotherapy all in one u need come

Mannual therapy electrical therapy exercise therapy physical therapy rehabilitation massage therapist yogasana physical workout sports specific activity sports training or

1st lesson offered free !

Holistic wellness from yoga and meditation to reiki and hair cuts x

My classes are based on the students needs, And required at the point of contact.

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Hi I am a funny person who will keep you on trACK

My teaching methodology is to make education as must fun with hands on experiences t develop education more

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I am reiki healer, motivator and tell all you guys to stay positive

My teaching method is very simple and customer friendly

Morphett Vale
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Return to a healthy way of being with Reiki Master Teacher Tracy Hamilton-Breed.

I use a combined teaching method of hands on, meditation, and lecturing.

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Practice and teaches for over 15 years: meditation, massage, art therapy, music therapy, energy treatment for beginners and advanced

I teach meditation, massage, music therapy for beginner, intermediate, advanced levels at all ages. My specialty: to help you reconnect with your fundamental nature, free, happy, peaceful. I rely on this for several techniques. I mainly use listening, breathing observation, guidance by my voice and the sound of Tibetan bowls or crystal.

Ciudad de México
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Master of meditation and certified anti-stress therapies in the US and Thailand

Through our classes and courses we increase the well-being of people, which translates into more motivated, resilient, creative and happier human beings. The classes and courses do not come from any religion, they are supported by scientific foundations and all are aimed at creating new neuronal connections, that is, to improve the way in which the brain processes information.

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Reknow yourself. Meet yourself. You are the creator of everything you have.

My method is to create or rekindle your ability to question so that you can choose better and get better.

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Licensed Psychotherapist (25 years in practice) teaching mindfulness, stress management and relaxation classes

My teaching method is one where my students feel safe, supported and empowered. I teach my students to think put of the box and I put 100 % presence in my work.

Kialla East
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Reiki Master teaches Reiki and Spirituality for everyday life. Learn about astrology, numerology, positive affirmations, moon cycles and much more

My teaching method will be in modules. We will start with learning what Reiki is and each class we will learn different topics that I have personally found to be helpful on my own path. You will build your own book with the information you learn.

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Life coach for individual sessions of meditation, relaxation and touch for health.

My techniques will be adapted to your needs and I help you to improve your well-being, manage stress and relieve tensions in the body. They can calm down and help you to improve your emotional balance, a better sleep and serenity.

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Hipnotharapy , bars and tichi ,yoga teacher group sessions based on suitable time

Basic information and clarification Based on group of people the method can be accordingly accommodated

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Professor of meditation, energy therapies - Reiki - Education on Human Values

Professor of Interpretive Art. Artist. Reiki teacher and teacher of Meditation, and relaxation. Teacher of Education in Human Values. Classes based on effective and simple techniques. Practices, dynamic, pleasurable and fun. - Meditation: different tools. Spiritual orientation - Relaxation - Reiki courses and therapies. Harmonization of chakras. - Expression of emotions through art, with the voice.

Geshe lhudup
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Hello I teach meditation, fanayama, trulkhor, yoga tibetan in versailles and paris

GESHE LHUNDUP GYALTSEN EST Born in Tibet. His monstic training at the Bon school (one of the 5 schools of the Tibetan Buddhist) allowed me to explore different fields of study (philosophy, sacred art medicine etc.

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All Student's Learns Best Super MEDITATION Technics & Benefits of MEDITATION Ok.

My Teaching methods are very best and easy to understand.

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Usui / Holy Fire II Reiki sessions with Reiki master - it will be a pleasure to welcome you!

I am a Usui/Holy Fire II Reiki Master practitioner and trained in London. I offer Reiki sessions as well as courses in Usui/Holy Fire II Reiki. I also organise group events - please see my website for more details. Holy Fire Reiki is a new form of Reiki that was introduced about three years ago by the ICRT.

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Meditation and breathing techniques....relax ,explore ur self deep within and transform yourself

I guide the meditation using various commentaries to increase the Alertness of your Five senses along with different BREATHING TECHNIQUES. Different breathing techniques and meditation increases your inner peace concentration,focus,clarity of thoughts,confidence and above all gives you tremendous POSITIVITY and stability.

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Energetic Universe - How to Harness, Share and Heal with Universal Energy Intentions, Breath, Visualizations, Channeling, Mudras, Sounds, Crystals ☆ Connection with Universal Energies

As we, each and all of us are Unique, every teachings are unique too. Here, we will learn and Feel different ways of healing accross our World, then venture deeper into Energetic Healing.

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Hatha Yoga teacher gives private lessons (any age!) Near Deauville in a Zen workshop at the seaside or at home.

My method is free and personal because it draws its roots in different spiritual and cultural fields. A Yoga session lasts an average of 1h to 1h30. We start with a series of warm-ups, then Yoga postures adapted to your physical condition and your needs. I use different postures, very gentle techniques and respectful of the body.

Shari elizabeth
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1st lesson offered free !

Teacher of Healing Therapies & Techniques (Reiki, Animal including Shelter Animal Reiki, Mindfulness Training, Etc.)

My Teaching Methods Include Being Thorough in Teaching Not Only Everything that is Required for Certification , But to Become Registered Members of Associations, Start their Own Businesses and Be Professionals in their Particular Genre.

Phenix City
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Stress Relief Made Simple: A One on One Guided Session of Meditation and Breathing Techniques

1.Completed Level 1-3 Reiki Healing Masters Program with the International School of Reiki 2.Interfaith Minister with over 10 years in the fields of Divination, Personal and Spiritual Development 3.Honorary Life Coach from the ULC 4.Master of Wicca from the ULC 5.Ministry Ordination in 2010 through the ULC 6.

Sesto San Giovanni
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Reiki Master is offering to activate the flow of vital energy channels for personal balance

My basic approach is the way of the heart. The care and health of the body lead to an intelligent lifestyle. First of all, the toxic thoughts and elements that prevent us from happiness must be eliminated. Dance, joy for life and laughter are the alchemy to rediscover love.

Blackburn South
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I am a PhD in Plant Breeding and Genetics. I also hold a degree of Bachelor in Education

Teaching is a passion for me. I am especially sensitive to the needs of both average and really talented students from varied social milieu. I have excellent written and oral communication skills and can effectively blend my long research experience and knowledge into effective classroom teaching.

1st lesson offered free !

Advanced Therapeutic Therapist with Neuromuscular knowledge, Injury Rehabilitation skills, and Trauma-Informed Care Provider.

I teach to each individual student. I must gain an understanding of how the student learns in order to deliver education appropriately. ~ I utilize an Audio, Visual, Kinesthetic (AVK) model of instructing. It is vital for me to incorporate all levels of engagement so students get the most from the lesson. ~ I can modify my lesson plans to involve a group dynamic if needed.

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Get Reiki classes through Midhila Reiki. first degree , second degree, third degree and master degree courses. India Traditional reiki with certificate.

Traditional Reiki methods, Using symbols, Attunements for each degree given individually..Do reiki . Make them practice reiki till the student become co fident .

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South West Michigan Massage and Relaxation In-Home Classes with a Holistic Approach

My name is Jhai and I am a Certified Massage Therapist with international experience in guided health consultations. I typically offer my services to clients who are experiencing pregnancy, those bearing discontent with their physical/mental health, those seeking weight loss support, those with limited mobility and/or those seeking out a healthier lifestyle in general.

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Pediatrician doctor tutor teaches on nutrition and health and well being in children

my approach is a bit of basics like anatomy , physiology and nutrition followed by different systems functions.thereafter i will deal on psychological issues pertaining to children and ways and means to get rid of psychological issues in children especially in school children.

1st lesson offered free !

Alchemist-Transfomer, giving lessons on personal development, and wellness. Learn to transform your life into Gold!

Studied Arts and Humanities in High School, at Bridgeton High Studied Liberal Arts and Music at Cumberland County College ~ Associate Degree Reiki Master Practitioner, learned under Master Teacher Lisa Powers Kundalini Tantra Yoga teacher, studied at Mastery of Yoga and Meditation

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