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Gloucester Road
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Anthropology, Sociology and Philosophy on Skype.. Understand humanity objectively and analytically as a Martian might, using Anthropology and other Human Sciences.

Understand the objectives of the student or discussant and work within the student's parameters whether that is to pass an examination or provide a stimulating opportunity for a discussant to explore the topic.

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University of Cambridge trained educator in Philosophy, Theology, Ethics and Religious Studies

I like to to facilitate students discussions around the big questions in life. My teaching style reflects this dialogic and flexible approach. I enable students to define key concepts, back up their ideas with scripture and develop the evaluation of these key ideas. Teaching techniques allow pupils to develop their research skills through open ended tasks.

Dr janet
(7 reviews)
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Dr Janet. Oxford University Graduate with PhD Tutoring History & English. 12 years experience & 100% student pass rate.

70% of my A-level students achieve A* or A grade. I'm an Oxford University graduate and a full-time professional tutor with many years experience. - Which subject(s) do you teach? History, English Language, English Literature, Academic Writing, Entrance exams. I also offer academic proof reading for essays, dissertations, theses and articles.

Dr jan
(1 review)
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I am specialized in Foreign policy by having a strong theoretical background.

My teaching method is essentially based on powerpoint and going through the readings together sometimes. However, I am quite flexible about teaching method since each has a unique level of understanding and learning. Considering this, I open to various teaching method based on the student's suggestion.

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History PhD Studentship winner offering from Primary to Masters Level coaching in all Historical topics. Full, Clean UK Driving License.

I am happy to teach a wide range of students from those academically inclined, to those struggling. I have successfully tutored a GCSE student from a 2 (in the new 9-1 system) to a 4 in four short months. Technique will depend on level of study and student.

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Teacher with 20 years experience offering History and humanities related subjects to A level

Given the wide age and ability range I teach my teaching methodology is varied, and I very much aim to tailor the method to suit the individuals requirements and learning style. This might range from teaching students how to answer exam questions or how to approach essays, to Kagean or thinking skills more kinesthetic and collaborative learning.

(6 reviews)
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Degree in Film and Media with Highers in Sociology and Religious, Moral, and Philosophical studies. I'm experienced in each and looking for the cornerstone of intelligence in a student: curiousity.

My teaching method depends entirely on you. If you want to improve rapidly in a singular area such as Religious Studies, then my tutelage shall be concentrated and concisely directed in that area. If you'd prefer advice across several subjects, then my method will be more diverse and generalised -perhaps taking more time but ensuring to cover each subject thoroughly.

Little Baddow
(1 review)

Alex - Little Baddow - Philosophy

I am a postgraduate student at the University of Oxford offering customised tuition in English, Philosophy, and Religious Studies. - Which subject(s) do you teach? English Philosophy Religious Studies I can also help prepare students for university entrance interviews and provide advice on writing effective personal statements. - Tell me about your qualifications.

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King's Graduate History Teacher offering One on One tutoring for all. Based in Broadhempston and happy to travel.

I learning approach is based on assessing your strengths and putting a plan together to address any weaknesses in your writing or understanding. I provide a scheme of additional tasks that can be completed as your own time to keep you progressing in between sessions.

(10 reviews)
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History and Politics - British, French, German, Indian, Italian, Russian, US and European Union

I believe that good teaching and learning is based upon: 1) developing understanding of subject matter through critical thinking and enquiry 2) developing self-belief, self-confidence and self-expression 3) combining the above with independent study. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I work in most aspects of management and social sciences, from foundation degree to PhD.

Newcastle upon Tyne
(10 reviews)

Michael - Blakelaw - Philosophy

I am a tutor and proofreader. I primarily tutor in the North-East of England. I am prepared to take on students of any disposition, from the nervous and struggling type to the confident and capable type.

(7 reviews)

Louise - Durham - Philosophy

RELIGIOUS STUDIES ONLINE. New specs A Level OCR / AQA REL STUD Phil, Ethics & Christianity. Testimonials from all parts of UK-- as far afield as Bahrain, achieving top grades. Experienced and empathetic teacher. Focus on critical thinking also. - Which subject(s) do you teach? RELIGIOUS STUDIES New specifications A.Q.A. (7062, Components 1 & 2) & O.C.R.

1st lesson offered free !

A-level English, History and Law Student Tutoring You in South London !

I focus on finding a way to make lessons exciting and engaging, no matter how boring the subject may appear. The key is to tackle what you find difficult or boring and find a way of making it fun and engaging for you.

Notting Hill

Harrie - Notting Hill - History

Hi! My name is Harrie Lyons and I am 21 years old. I believe actions speak louder than words, so I have offered money back to any student not satisfied with their first lesson. So far I haven't had to give back anything! - Which subject(s) do you teach? Any humanities or essay based subject.

(1 review)
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Recentelly graduated Tutor with 3 years teaching experience offering History lessons from Primary to Secondary school levels

I try to make my lessons fun, dynamic and engaging by showing many pictures, songs and short clips to create a cinematic image of the topics explained, which so far has proven to work as the majority of my studentes showed a tendency to improve their grades.

(1 review)
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Master degree in History and Geography teacher to help students in London

We can discuss what you would expect from the lesson, depending on how strong or not you feel your level is. My approach is to explain the subject by describing the background more thoroughly but with an easy vocabulary, or provide additional facts that you cannot find in an ordinary school book, as I have managed to gather lots of resources through the years.

(2 reviews)
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LLB (Hons) Student Offering Lessons in Religious Education, History and AS Law

I have an interactive approach to teaching. Be prepared to have heated discussions and arguments making very valid points backed up with excellent research. I value your thoughts and opinions. Prove your points right with the correct and in depth background knowledge.

Barby and Kilsby
(7 reviews)

Phil - Barby and Kilsby - History

I love working with all sorts of people to help them realise their dream and full potential. Come and have a chat and lets see if we can put together a plan today. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach a multitude of different subjects including portfolio learning. - Tell me about your qualifications. I have a Masters, a BA Hons degree.

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A* Religious Studies Gap Year student offering Religious Studies tutoring, online/Wirral area

I can offer GCSE/A-Level Religious Studies lessons tailored to your exam board.

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Religious Studies, Politics and English Tutor from Belfast with Straight A* Record

In my tutoring sessions we will focus closely on the specification and past paper questions for your subject, so you will know exactly what the examiner is looking for and there will be no surprises on exam day. If there is a certain unit you are struggling with, we can look at it in detail using example answers and study materials. I am also happy to mark your own practice questions.

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Passionate and knowledgeable history graduate in Manchester, looking to help young minds.

Inspire, understand and illuminate. Any kid can learn, any kid can listen but not every teacher can teach. I find it crucial to gain an understanding of the pupil in question, as once you understand them, you can teach them.

1st lesson offered free !

Undergrad Psychology student offering tutoring in Psychology, Sociology and RE, up to A Level grade

My teaching method is based on each student, as everyone learns differently. I prefer to focus on exam technique as well as explaining difficult terminology and theories. Each lesson will start with a quick recap of the previous and end with a summary.

1st lesson offered free !

Public Policy Masters student at Swansea University offering lessons in politics/history inc American studies/ US Politics and general knowledge related to humanities

I can cater to various students but my primary audeience would be children/ secondary and A-level students that wish to gain a greater understanding of these topics from a comfortable start and exploring further into these subjects depending on their grasp on the information they are given.

Camden Town

Jaime - Camden Town - History

Hi! Thanks for looking at my page. I'm an experienced and thorough teacher who has a passion for his subject and ensuring that his students perform to the best of their ability. - Which subject(s) do you teach? My specialist subject is German History in the twentieth century (I am happy to offer tuition to MA level) but I am able to offer tuition in any period up to A-Level.

1st lesson offered free !

Experienced ex-lawyer / Philosopher/ Researcher of 15+ years offers personal tutoring and teaching

My teaching method vary from student to student, there is a need that the student be comfortable and feels can express the difficulties in best way he or she can to get help. I am open and flexible to the students requirement.

1st lesson offered free !

Liberal Arts student in Canterbury offering tuition for History and Religious Studies.

My teaching methodology centres mainly around past-paper practice, understanding how to achieve the best result possible through a familiarity with the exam. The learning of new topics will be focused around essay titles and directed learning in order to form a consistent style of writing.

North Shields
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History and English tutor offering lessons up to, and including, A'- level standard the Newcastle area

I am an inclusive teacher. I believe the more involved students are, the more they will learn. I also believe that everyone learns and applies knowledge in a different way and prefer to work with students than to lecture them and expect them to things my way. We never stop learning as long as our interest is piqued.

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Oxford & Cambridge grad (and qualified teacher) offering lessons in history, etc.

I specialise in providing guided readings of primary source documents and teaching through engaging conversations (also known as the Socratic Method). I offer student-focussed content and make good use of multi-media (particularly photographs and documentaries). I also make good use of writing assignments and enjoy using innovative, non-traditional formats for these.

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Qualified teacher offering Social Science and Philosophy lessons at GCSE and A-Level

I make sure to differentiate my lessons to suit the needs of the learner. An example of this is including stretch and challenge activities for more able learners. I like to use a range of different activities to make learning more engaging.

1st lesson offered free !

Fully qualified (PGCE) Religious Studies and History Teacher offering Primary, Secondary and College/Sixth Form tuition in Manchester

My teaching methods are interactive and focus on the students main areas of difficulty. I like to bring variety to the sessions, with a combination of question based activities, worksheets and modelling techniques.

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