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MSc graduate in Biotechnology offers classes in Biology, Chemistry & Mathematics for Primary, Secondary & post-secondary students.

My teaching methods vary, based on the grasping power and the attention span of each of my student. My classes are highly interactive and I encourage my students to raise questions in order to enhance their critical thinking on the subject. I focus on building a good rapport with my students, so that learning would be a pleasant experience.

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Philosophy student gives school reinforcement in several subjects and assists in the planning and performance of the studies.

I try to help the student to follow his own steps, in order to develop autonomy in studies. Through teaching techniques and study strategies, based on many research and personal experiences, the student develops his autonomy and improves his academic or academic performance.

Le Bouscat
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Bilingual Business School student gives homework assistance and tutoring in Bordeaux

I help my students first by putting myself in their place and already understanding what is wrong with their work methodology. Then, I adapt the courses according to the difficulties and the personal constraints of each one. My classes are based on what I studied at their age and on textbooks adapted to the level and age of each.

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Graduating in international management offers repetitions concerning the development of a correct method of study for any subject: from languages to mathematics

Following the student step by step, I individualize the problems and the gaps and, exploiting qualities such as empathy, understanding and sharing, I can transmit the right methodology to be able to reason in a logical way and to memorize the concepts at best.

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I am a student at the Autonomous University of Barcelona and I offer an school support in Terrassa.

I always try to make an agreement with the family, although I always propose to do first the homework they do in class and then an exhaustive review of what it is more difficult for the student, in this case, making dynamic activities to understand the subject in question.

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Tasks, repetitions and study method, let's learn with passion! For children and teenagers, from elementary to middle school.

Every child is unique, this is my starting point. After a knowledge that allows you to understand what are the most to be treated and those that can form a basis from which to start, I proceed to structure a program designed according to the needs of the student, from the development of concept maps to the links between the various topics , to keep alive the interest in the subjects to be explored.

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Student in BTS Graphic Design from a literary baccalaureate gives courses of academic support as well as advice methodology and academic guidance in Lyon.

My vocation is to adapt my courses according to the level and the learning pace of each student. I start by knowing what the student expects of me, what he wants me to bring him, then I try to find out what are his weak / strong subjects.

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Mastered degree in Philosophical Sciences offers repetitions of history and philosophy to high school students.

My methodology is gained through years of experience in the field, not all boys and girls can find the appropriate approach in the study of philosophical discipline and history, often for lack of passion or mere distrust towards the role of the philosopher or the historical in our days.

New Delhi
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CA, CFA (L2) having 8 years experience can teach school students and commerce subjects

I prepare students to hold their basics and understand the concepts rather than just clearing the exams. I make students independent and let them apply their mind. I don't believe in spoon feeding. I understand every student's capacity and capability and work accordingly.

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Success assured online tuition in science and maths for class 6 onward

I conduct class through online(Skype) for individual student 1hr/day. The approach of teaching is based on their syllabus through English language. For Maths I used to explain the theories & give class work based on it. For Science, I used to co-relate the subject with present scientific development in the world, so the students can understand the subject well.

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I am a student and a working professional. i am in to finance sector since 2 years. i started to teach my friends initially,followed by my siblings and now,i teach people from gateway of south india t


María alejandra
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Social Communicator and Journalist offers task assessment and school counseling service in Bogotá

My teaching method is based on the recognition of the multiple intelligences of each student. (linguistic-verbal, logical-mathematical, visuospatial, musical, corporeal-kinesthetic, intrapersonal, interpersonal and naturalistic). With affection and patience, the student will be able to carry out all the desired goals.

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The engineering student is there to give Maths Classes in Vancouver Area

My teaching methods vary from student to student depending on the ability of a kid to learn. As every child is different, so I try to obtain a suitable technique to explain and make the child understand. Making use of a variety of pedagogies according to the need of a student is the best methodology to explain the concept clearly.

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Mathematician would like to teach Mathematics to enthusiastic students. Write me up.

My first and foremost step is to bridge-in. I engage students to make them attentive. Set the goal / objective of the lecture. Pre-assess their knowledge and approach and relate the work with the last lecture. Participatory learning is essential. I use it throughout my lecture. Post-assess what they learned from the lecture. Provide them a summary of the lecture.

North Fremantle
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Experienced tutor and University of Melbourne Graduate offers interactive academic support and proofreading assistance.

I believe in the power of peer-to-peer education. I use my age as an advantage, to empathise with the experiences of my students, and to make them as comfortable as possible. At times, studying can be stressful and overwhelming - and I get that! That's why I make sure my sessions are as interactive and fun as possible, using a range of activities and constantly checking in with my students.

New Delhi
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Student in engineering college can give tuitions for all subjects to students up to 8th class in Delhi

My teaching method is by making the session interesting and not making the class and the student bore, I approach the topic from its basics to fully set it in the student's mind.I teach in a friendly manner,I have a lot of patience and can entertain doubts till the topic is clear.

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Biomedical hons graduate interested in providing academic support to school goers in science and mathematics

I teach students by involving the student during discussions. I use presentations and place cards and carry out question-answer sessions to involve the students. I also provide them with the course work for the next week for their better preparation.

Praia de Itaparica
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Lawyer teaches human subjects and legal matters in Vila Velha / ES

I believe that, for a maximum understanding of any subject, the teacher must know the student and adapt his teaching to the needs presented by him. Thus, the classes are preceded by a previous conversation so that I understand the deficiencies of the person and adjust the classes to the student. After, the material can be taught in several ways: reading, exercises, games, etc.

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Master student in Public Relations at IHECS who can give English lessons and help with homework!

I base my classes on a theoretical part and then a part of practice. Indeed, during my course in high school I realized that the practice is very important to master a field. I try to make the fun thing to learn while having fun.

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Honour roll high school student gives homework help and English lessons for students in Burlington

I try to teach my classes by looking at what the student knows, and doesn't know, and try to show many examples until the student understands how to do a topic by themselves. I prepare the material prior to the class starts, but will improvise if the student prefers to learn different material.

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Mrs.Sudha, Chemistry teacher with 17 years of experience in India and Abroad.

Segregrate the lessons into 3 or 4 sub-topics, following 5E methodology - engagement, exploration, explanation, elaboration and evaluation. Teacher is not a sage on the stage but the guide at the side. School level - middle, secondary and senior secondary level.

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Engineering student at Instituto Superior Técnico gives explanations to 1st, 2nd and 3rd cycle students

I give great focus on doing by perceiving and not by automation. I myself learn slowly and I like to clarify all the doubts of my students and take the time that it takes to explain the necessary concepts. In addition, the classes are focused on the student's difficulties and my goal is that these are always exceeded with my assistance.

Maria antonietta
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Former University teacher with native English skills, both verbal and oral, offers English courses, philosophy classes, repetitions and homework help in English and literary subjects.

Each lesson of mine begins by making clear the learning objectives for the students. This is usually followed by targeted questions that I need to verify the degree of knowledge students already have on the subject. I integrate this discussion with an explanation.

Sesto San Giovanni
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Graduating in Linguistic Mediation, she offers repetitions in English, Spanish and Italian with related literatures for elementary, middle and high school students in Milan and Sesto San Giovanni.

My lessons are based on the teaching of language and literature in a dynamic way, certainly keeping to a possible textbook, but also deepening with personal knowledge that I have acquired in my course of study. I am extremely passionate about what I study, and I believe I transmit this passion in teaching.

West Hobart
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Hobart based Primary School Teacher with 12 years experience. Offering tutoring in all Primary Education subjects.

I believe that learning is a process of exploration and discovery, where we practise valuable skills. Learning does not have to result in a perfect finished product. I create a supportive and stimulating learning environment for my students, by incorporating scaffolded open experiences and tasks which extend thinking, imagination and motivation.

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Recent high school graduate with a final 12th grade average of 102.39, looking to help high school and middle school students with homework and studying, and to succeed in school!

My goal as a tutor would be to help you succeed in school, and get the grades you desire. I would do this by walking you through homework and studying, and by helping to explain curriculum from a student's point of view. I could also help with editing and correcting essays, writing lab reports, completing projects, or whatever other difficult task you may need help completing.

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Online Homework and Tutoring Service with National Honor Society Graduate and Current Undergraduate

My teaching method is very basic and solely based off of the information my students need to know and understand. It is not about memorization, but to create enough repetition that the student will fully remember and understand the materials given to them.

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Environmental Management Specialist from Charles Darwin University (Australia), can produce sound academic writings with understanding in statistic & spacial science. Also taking Postgraduate study in

I am new to tutoring, but based on the academic experiences I've had, I approach every lesson and student carefully. I asses my student capabilities and redefine academic teaching methods to produce better result. I exude great passion in everything I do, especially when teaching lessons to my colleagues.

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Student of Foreign Languages ​​and Literature offers repetitions in English, French and Italian to middle and high school students. I attended scientific topics in high school and I offer mathematica

My lessons are based on interactivity, participation and dialogue during the lessons are important to learn correctly. I also help students with homework by explaining any doubts on the subject.

Battle Creek
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Academic and Test Taking Help for Chinese students with experienced ESL Teacher in Battle Creek

I prefer teaching middle or high school students who want to work 1:1 or in small groups. I will individualise instruction for them and focus on the area that is most needed. We will work on pronunciation issues, speaking in casual settings, or preparing for formal presentations if that is needed.

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Perfect! Bernadete was extremely helpful with helping me to grasp a better understanding of learning Human Rights from a Gender perspective. I am looking forward to more sessions with her in the future

Lois-diamond, student
10 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Margareth é molto professionale e puntuale nel suo lavoro; grazie a lei ho superato bene l'esame d'inglese all'università. Scrivi testi molto chiari e coincisi ed è stata un aiuto prezioso.

Cristina, student
2 years ago
(1 review)

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