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Builth Wells
1st lesson offered free !

Scenic artist with PgDip from the Royal Welsh College specialising in event decor offering lessons in acrylic painting from beginners to advanced near Hay on Wye.

As my background is in scenic design, I tend to work quite large. Perhaps you want to learn how to paint backdrops, or perhaps you aspire to exhibit smaller pieces in galleries. I’ll help you to identify what your niche is, find your style and help guide you through the steps you need to take to take your painting to the next level.

1st lesson offered free !

Film & TV animation artist, jewellery, author illustrator of 2 books, Penzance

I have given a jewellery making workshop at the BRIT School, Croydon. I was a Swimming Teacher for several years in London. I am an experienced professional artist specialising in jewellery making (resin), drawing, acrylic paint, animation, recycling furniture with fun designs. I am currently a project manager developing a community arts project in Penzance.

Joao vitor
1st lesson offered free !

I am an art and design student offering to teach all techniques used in Art, from drawing to 3D making.

my method of teaching is by checking the person ability first, then help them out to develop the skills further. I can show and teach anything the person would like to learn and I also can show them some of my skills and weakness so they can feel comfortable with their ability.

1st lesson offered free !

Animation university Student with 5 years experience and passion for the arts

My teaching method is very simple. I will explain how to draw a subject and give the participant one of my examples. I will then give them most of the lesson to perfect the drawn subject. I will also still be there to help as a tutor, in case help is needed.

1st lesson offered free !

Fine art student offering tips, tricks, and advice on art skills and exams!

I will show you examples of my work or others work that I think will help you as an individual, suggest artists or topics to research to help, give advice on how to improve your own work, and display techniques that will be useful for improvement :)

1st lesson offered free !

A Level Student with A in GCSE Art and Design and Capital of Sculpture Prize for Art offering tuition in Aughton/Liverpool area

Art and Design is completely personal to the student and follows no specific methodologies in approach to teaching. It is important that the student completes all of the art themselves and recognises their development.

1st lesson offered free !

Arts Graduate, here to help. Sketches, cartoons, sculpture and more, just ask!

Whether you want to dip your toe in the arts just to give things a go, or you're already on your way and need some guidance, I'm here to help. I'm a very friendly Animation graduate from the UK who would love to spread my love for arts and crafts by helping others.

Anna ancuta
1st lesson offered free !

Psychology,rethoric,business,speaker,body language,public speaker ,coach,facial experssion,trainer,rhetoric,oratery,oral expression,painting,sculpture,plastic arts,oil painting,music,singer ,artist ,i

The world of work is in a state of continual change: your career today may involve moving between a number of different job functions and employers, and those jobs and employers are themselves likely to change and develop during the time you are employed in them.

1st lesson offered free !

Professional artist here to help you create within the context of the contemporary art world

As art is such a diverse topic I think there is always something to learn at any skill level. Its foolish to equate a successful artist to an experienced one. My methodology is simple and straight forward, and often strange.

1st lesson offered free !

Post Graduate finishing with a 1st in Illustration and Animation. Confident cartoonist, creative thinker and problem solver.

I find what each students abilities are and help them find grounds to reach their potential. Approach their work in a positive way, this will allow them to make confident decisions and in turn create better work. Learning the fundamentals of art is essential and to get a rich understanding of this to start with is key in providing efficient progression.

1st lesson offered free !

3D environment artist offering lessons in 3d animation/ game art in Teesside

I strongly believe in giving a student something tangible to work towards. I approach each lesson with the specific needs of the student in mind while assigning them homework tasks they can go away and do to help them progress further. I also believe in providing the student with extra knowledge or resources so that they can develop further through self study.

1st lesson offered free !

Fine Art BA(Hons) First class graduate giving lessons in Art: Drawing, ceramics and academic tutoring

I have a creative teaching approach to allow students to gain confidence and realise their capabilities.I would be very suitable to help young creatives completing secondary and further education in art. I will go through projects to help students realise how they could progress work.

Sarah grace
(10 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Professional Visual Artist sharing experience in all areas of Art and Design in Sheffield

I am a practicing visual artist and believe experimentation is vital and mark making in its broadest sense provides the tool to search and discover ways to create. I work within drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, printmaking, papermaking, collage and bookbinding.

1st lesson offered free !

Secondary Art Teacher offering 'Art & Design' and 'Photography' up to university standard.

My teaching method is based around secondary school, teaching up to 30-32 pupils within a class. I have much skill in the areas of 'Art & Design' and 'Photography' and am able to teach all ages.

1st lesson offered free !

Designer Learn how to create design that could be used in product, fashion, graphics and abstract art.

Step by step tasks that develop design skills. Realisation of how research and continuous development helps student to understand the design process.

1st lesson offered free !

10 years experience in art and in all type of paintings. As an architect student I have great knowledge of art. Provive best teaching experience . Currently, I am only available in Chelmsford.

My teching method depend on type of student and what basic knowledge they have about art. So, I go according to there understanding.I try my best to teach them in a way so that they will become passionate about art and their hobbies.

1st lesson offered free !

Current LJMU Fine Art student offering Art and Design lessons in Liverpool.

I offer lessons in any style and medium, from painting and drawing to crafts. My teaching style is very relaxed and informal. I offer lessons to primary and secondary school students, and adults who are at a beginner level.

1st lesson offered free !

Animation and Visual Effects student offering Digital/Traditional 2D/3D animation, character design and illustration lessons

My teaching methodology is not only based on my drive to offer an efficient way of assimilating information, simplifying concepts and ensuring constructive feedback, but also offering constant support, availability and openness for help request and questions.

(1 review)
1st lesson offered free !

Artist offering lessons on how to create OOAK sculptures- near Glasgow City.

I'm incredibly patient, and explain the process step by step. I encourage lots of chat, listen well and have fun.

1st lesson offered free !

Creative & Colourful Arts & Craft tutor gives lessons over various levels in Luton.

My teaching method is dependent on the student & the actual work they are undertaking at the time, we all learn in different ways.

1st lesson offered free !

Graduate Art creative offers art and craft lessons in London and Brighton

My teaching methods are all about encouraging students to explore and experiment with their choices of subject and medium. I challenge them to recognise that we often draw or paint what we expect to see not what we actually see. It's good to throw out the rule book and create outside your comfort zone. I will always encourage students to really stretch their capabilities.

1st lesson offered free !

Fine Arts graduate and practicing artist with 20 years experience gives lessons to age group 16 +

Hi all, I am a practicing artist and I work under the name of Sadey Art, you can find me on google and on facebook. I have a degree in fine art and a vast knowledge of various mediums. Over the years I have studied in many different areas of art joining courses that I felt would benefit my practice. Here to help anyone with an interest in art and its history.

1st lesson offered free !

Art student offering fun and educational classes for those who would like to understand and create art

I bass my classes on what are my students goals, helping them over the process with fun and interesting way of learning

1st lesson offered free !

Enthusiastic BA Fine Art student willing to give art-related lessons in London.

My teaching method is to be friendly and open to ideas. An artwork is formed out of imagination and it is not my right to control the way that imagination can be used. My job is to teach the concepts, methods of painting, different styles and ways to approach art, and of course, to provide more ideas.

1st lesson offered free !

Business student offering art-related lessons or aid in IB coursework in Reading.

Depending on what is needed from the student, I am able to assist in technical aspects of producing art as well as the planning and work behind a ,for example A Level or IB, student's coursework. This depends on what is needed from the student.

1st lesson offered free !

Dedicated artist would like to offer lessons in all types of art/craft drawing, painting, sculpture, knitting work to any enthusiastic students

My teaching methods are showing examples of my own work and the work of other artists.I would demonstrate and give handouts to encourage and develop further knowledge ,skills and creativity.I believe my enthusiasm ,hard-work,determination and creativity would enable me to carry out the duties and responsibilities of this post. I have assisted with the general safety of employees and students.

1st lesson offered free !

Art and Design specialist offering advise and guidance. From key stage 3 to 5

My teaching method is based on development of basic skills knowledge and understanding of art and design. Building Independence and encouraging a willingness to experiment and taking risks with ideas techniques and medias.

1st lesson offered free !

Freelance Graphic Artist and Fine Art graduate tutoring in traditional illustration or digital illustration in Adobe illustrator or Photoshop

Gain a basic understanding of Adobe software then use these applications to create digital illustrations or scan traditional artwork into the computer and use digital technology to manipulate the images either 1on1 or group sessions

1st lesson offered free !

Art and Design graduate from Sheffield Hallam University offering lessons up to college level.

My teaching method is practical, I believe the best way to learn to by doing and making mistakes.

1st lesson offered free !

Master Artist, designer and sculptor. Working in Film, Game and animation. Tutoring drawing, painting and sculpting.

Starting from basics, assessing the students level and requirements before customising a learning schedule. Breaking down traditional and digital techniques to manageable chunks.

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Perfect! Lauren is fantastic . She is very approachable and friendly. She spotted straight away how to improve George’s GCSE outcome . She leaves him tasks to complete each week so he stays on track with his coursework. She listens to his ideas and works...

Mary, student
3 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! We really enjoyed our two lessons with Sarah. She was helpful without being intrusive and gave both my son and I encouragement to start painting and get creative! Would use her again.

Tami, student
4 months ago
(4 reviews)

Perfect! Sabrina is teaching my 13 year old boy. We were impressed by her energy, her love of teaching and her very quick understanding of my son's areas of interests.

Virginie, student
7 months ago
(2 reviews)

Perfect! Sara has been a brilliant tutor for Carla, very talented and easy to learn from, excellent and fun way of teaching, Carla improved a lot in a short time and now has a lot more confidence in her sketching and her home work takes her much less time. I...

Liliana, student
1 year ago
(4 reviews)

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