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Art and Design tutor, with A* A-level, distinction certificate foundation diploma and 1 year degree level in Art and design

The combination of my patience and knowledge for the subject has taught me how to pass my knowledge onto peers. I will teach people to bring out themselves in their work, rather then pushing my style of work onto them.

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Professional artist offering bespoke lessons and workshops in fine art, drawing, print & photography for adults, and art, computing, animation, coding and forest school to children: key stages 1 - 3.

My approach to teaching is to bring the best out of the people I teach. I work with students to identify their interests and to help them hone their skills and knowledge, and nurture their enthusiasm for art.

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UAL Art & Design Student based in South London offering lessons and idea development classes in art for sixth form or GCSE students

My teaching is based on idea development classes, integrating contemporary art and themes into my teaching requires a shift from predominantly technique-driven instruction to idea-driven instruction. Many artists do not work in a single medium or technique and instead try to explore an idea, event, situation, or question through multiple media and visual strategies; I encourage this methodology.

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Highly experienced Art and Design Student, looking to teach students who are going into the Visual Arts!

My teaching method is to get to know the individual first, see what they need help with, and then go from there. I am experienced in various subjects involving the visual arts and would be more than happy to help develop other students abilities.

Bognor Regis
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Art Tutor of wide range of media from textiles to sculpture to drawing to lens based West Sussex

I give lessons at GCSE and A Level for Art and Design qualifications. You will be able to express your creativity in as many different materials, techniques and processes as you can imagine, or be more selective in range of media.

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Artist. Maker. Creative - I am a Master of the arts based in west Wales. Offering lessons using a diverse range of artistic mediums. Able to teach all age groups and assist with projects.

I have always found that my own work comes from within me, it makes its way into the world through my hands. My brain is constantly ticking and coming up with all kinds of ideas. Sometimes I find it refreshing to step back and experience the artistic world of others. When I work with other people and teach I always encourage a 'free-ness' of thought.

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I am a Fine Art Masters graduate, in the south of UK, looking to teach the Arts, English, and Crafts.

I am a mature tutor, who understands complex needs having lived with dyslexia for many years. My teaching will help you to work out the best method for you to learn from. I teach up to Masters level, firstly by working out what you need the extra tutoring for and work out strategies with you on how to improve and learn more step by step.

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Art/Design professional, with a positive personalilty offering lessons in a variety of creative media in Brighton and often London.

I base my approach on a partnership very much under the humanist philosophy of building empathy and trust, geared to involve the learner at each stage of the decision making process. Through building up a rapport with students i can adapt my methodology towards individual learning styles.

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Art tutor with teaching experience from KS2-ALevel located in NW5. Art school folio preparation and recreation lessons.

Art lessons are student centred and tailored to suit student interests and ability. Lessons are designed to be inspiring, challenging and engaging. I have taught KS2- A level across a range of abilities including SEN, gifted and talented, as well as A star student GCSE and A level students.

Newcastle upon Tyne
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Recent Fine Art Graduate, offering Painting and Drawing Lessons at home in Newcastle

The beauty of art is that anyone who has a passion in it can learn it with the correct guidance. I believe the best way to teach it is to let the student lead the teacher. Student are free to decide what they want to make and I guide them along and teach them relevant skills to improve their abilities to make and create.

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Art, drawing, painting, sculpting. Highly experienced in a variety of subjects, and a fully qualified tutor/assessor. Based in Barmouth, Wales.

I combine my teaching style between demonstration and encouragement of the student. It is important that the student is engaged and challenged, they must be guided to learn and improve their skill sets. I can structure the lessons to match the individual learners requirements and have regularly taught up to Levels 3/4 on varied curriculums.

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Graduate offering 3D Model and Prop making lessons in and around London

I take an individual approach to each project as the process will be unique.

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Fine art student teaching oil painting and detailed shaded drawing in Bournemouth! My style is similar to the Pre-Raphaelites.

I am a very practical person, so I teach with a very hands on approach. I will physically show you how I would complete the task and then will let you attempt it on your own, then continue to teach through trial and error.

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If you can dream it you can create it! Learn how to make your dreams come true.

I am a very patient and enthusiastic teacher, learning to create things from clay should be fun (not like sitting down to double maths first thing on a Monday morning ! As such I try to make lessons as enjoyable as possible as it is proven by both science and common sense that memory retention and learning is far more effective in an enjoyable environment.

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Well qualified teacher of Art situated in Newcastle. I can help you pass your examinations. I can help you learn a new skill.

My approach to teaching is student led. I teach students what they need to know and what they are interested in. I can teach Art from 3 years old to adults. I can teach to any British examination board. I have skills in most Art mediums my favourites being, painting, drawing, textiles and sculpture.

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Former Art Director offering Art & Design guidance tailored to you! Available for all ages; from absolute beginner, to portfolio prep for university/college applications and beyond!

First and foremost, my intention is to help you reach whatever goal you have through a study of Art & Design. Do you want to apply for Art College? Great! Lets figure out what course you want to study, then look at any work you have to date as a starting point. There are a wealth of paths for us to take.

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Art & Photography Tutor Currently researching a PhD in the new digital view

Art isn't about failure, it's about expression and thought. Good teaching doesn't teach you how to copy the masters, or lead you down one specific route. Effective arts tutoring helps you expand your own practice, it encourages you to face your artistic fears by challenging your knowledge and teasing out of you what you didn't know you had.

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My name is Pakiso and I am Veganic farmer and fine artist, I have been doing art for as long as I can remember. I teach English, growing veganic food and Fine art

My teaching is rigorous and really creative, in English lessons, I focus on pronunciation and during veganic farming and art lessons, I have the experience to share.

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Modern Art Tutor in Birmingham with art studio. Currently exhibition in Birmingham/London

I base my teaching on what the student relates most to and what their personal interests are, developing a keen eye for detail and skills in pencil drawing and painting. I have a wide range of materials for us to use to make the classes as fulfilling for the student as possible.

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Passionate Professional Artist with international experience in drawing, sculptures and glass art based in Glasgow

I believe that the key to the success in art is taking individualistic approach. It is by understanding of individual interest, hobbies and passion that I can uncover hidden potential and subsequently work on spheres that require improvement to achieve the full satisfaction of the client.

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Sam Baker BA MA MRSS Royal College of Art. MA Sculpture graduate, 2018. London based, Fine Art Lecturer.

I can provide a diverse teaching and learning experience that is tailored for any individual. I have experience in GCSE, A-Level, Art foundation and currently work as an Associate Lecturer in Fine Art. I am happy to share my practical, working knowledge of art making through a series of workshops, critical feedback sessions, 1-2-1 tutorials and mentoring.

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Art A level student offering enlightening lessons on Painting, drawing, sculpting and preparing you for exams.

My teaching method is to tailor make the lessons to the student's needs, while setting them on the right path for top marks. My lessons consist on the sharing of ideas, the expectations of the exams, and the best way to make the art work more special to the student.

1st lesson offered free !

Art and Design teacher offering bespoke, inspiring and exciting arts education in West Midlands

I have high expectation for my students. I inspire them by showing artist's work and through the use of techniques which either intrigue or link to their own personal interests. l can teach across all the age ranges, from younger children developing skills to degree level students with critiques and portfolio development. I have worked alongside the OCR exam board.

Joao vitor
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I am an art and design student offering to teach all techniques used in Art, from drawing to 3D making.

my method of teaching is by checking the person ability first, then help them out to develop the skills further. I can show and teach anything the person would like to learn and I also can show them some of my skills and weakness so they can feel comfortable with their ability.

1st lesson offered free !

Previously art student, with vast knwledge in all fine arts techniques (acrylic, watercolour, graphite, oils..etc) Because life is all about improvement, I'd absolutely love to share my knowledge with

Students will be introduced to one of the basic elements of art color, pagination and perspective through analysis of famous artworks, analyzing types of lines will help students to understand how artists use line to recreate movement and mood, or shape, technique, textures. All this are the base of a good artist and by understanding this things you have the key to success.

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I teach online basic sculpture/figurines creation - great for everyone to learn new skills, as a type of relaxation after work or it could become a source of additional income

I will teach the most basic sculpture (folk figurines - foxes, cats, dogs). Later I can about more complex sculpture - human. You will need very basic materials for the lessons: air dry clay or Plasticine, and some basic clay carving tools you can buy in any book/DIY store. Optional is acrylic paint set - any colours you like/or needed for your project.

City of Bristol
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Multi-skilled designer and artist offering creative activities in Bristol. Drawing, Typography, Painting and Sculpture

My teaching method is tailored to the individual, focusing on their strengths and improving their weaknesses through multi-disciplined, interactive experience. Overall the classes are laid back, enjoyable and there's plenty of tea and talk. I teach a range of fun activities, from drawing and calligraphy to sculpture and logo creation.

Builth Wells
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Scenic artist with PgDip from the Royal Welsh College specialising in event decor offering lessons in acrylic painting from beginners to advanced near Hay on Wye.

As my background is in scenic design, I tend to work quite large. Perhaps you want to learn how to paint backdrops, or perhaps you aspire to exhibit smaller pieces in galleries. I’ll help you to identify what your niche is, find your style and help guide you through the steps you need to take to take your painting to the next level.

1st lesson offered free !

Film & TV animation artist, jewellery, author illustrator of 2 books, Penzance

I have given a jewellery making workshop at the BRIT School, Croydon. I was a Swimming Teacher for several years in London. I am an experienced professional artist specialising in jewellery making (resin), drawing, acrylic paint, animation, recycling furniture with fun designs. I am currently a project manager developing a community arts project in Penzance.

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Animation university Student with 5 years experience and passion for the arts

My teaching method is very simple. I will explain how to draw a subject and give the participant one of my examples. I will then give them most of the lesson to perfect the drawn subject. I will also still be there to help as a tutor, in case help is needed.

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Perfect! Lauren is fantastic . She is very approachable and friendly. She spotted straight away how to improve George’s GCSE outcome . She leaves him tasks to complete each week so he stays on track with his coursework. She listens to his ideas and works...

Mary, student
5 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! We really enjoyed our two lessons with Sarah. She was helpful without being intrusive and gave both my son and I encouragement to start painting and get creative! Would use her again.

Tami, student
6 months ago
(4 reviews)

Perfect! Sabrina is teaching my 13 year old boy. We were impressed by her energy, her love of teaching and her very quick understanding of my son's areas of interests.

Virginie, student
9 months ago
(2 reviews)

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