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The average price of Spanish  lessons is £16.

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Learn to speak Spanish with a native speaker

While the proximity to France and Germany geographically and economically have led to the popularity in courses in these respective languages, Spanish has consistently held a spot amongst the top languages people in the United Kingdom should learn. According to the British Counsel’s Languages for the Future 2013 report, 34% of companies in the UK rate Spanish as useful to their operations.

The language of Cervantès is practised by around 1 billion people around the world, making it the second most spoken language. Learning Spanish, and the diverse cultures that come with it, is also a way to make travelling around the world a richer experience.

There are dozens of ways to get started on learning how to communicate in Spanish. The best one? Finding a talented Spanish tutor who can come to you, and make learning Spanish both efficient and memorable.

Why Learn Spanish?

Learning Spanish as a second language can appear difficult for the native English speaker, it can be the key towards learning other Indo-European languages!

In fact, Spain is part of a family of languages often recognized as the “Romance” languages, a name that stems from their relation to Latin. The languages included in this group are Romanian, Italian, French, and Portuguese. Needless to say, learning Spanish can help you understand many more languages.

To take advantage of these opportunities, parents and students: take advantage of the almost 4000 Spanish professors that can be found on our site.

The tutors with which you start to study can help you accomplish any of your goals: becoming a bilingual Spanish speaker, prepare for your standardized tests in Spanish as a foreign language, prepare for entering a Spanish speaking university, an internship, and much more.

Speaking English is not enough!

Why should you learn Spanish (with a private Spanish tutor, Spanish online, or even free Spanish lessons)?

The most important reason can be found in a simple fact, being monolingual is becoming increasingly insufficient in the 21st century. While having English as a mother tongue can give you a large competitive advantage in your own market, being bilingual can help you in terms of the global market. Being able to translate Spanish in a professional setting will be able to give you a career edge.

Being signed up for Spanish courses can help immensely. Whether you are looking towards an AS or A level Spanish test, understand that taking the courses available to you at your school is already a giant step forwards in terms of mastering Spanish. These courses provide an excellent introduction into: the discipline of studying every week, written expression, grammar courses, Spanish vocabulary (words, phrases, personal pronouns, verbs), oral expression, written expression, oral and written comprehension.

Being able to write Speaking Spanish to your accomplishments on your CV will help you in the job market today and for many years to come!

Prepare for the DELE with Spanish tuition

Whether you’re in middle school or are already studying a bachelor’s degree, taking Spanish courses can help you pass or ameliorate your scores in exams like A levels, but also official exams like the DELE (Dimploma de Espanol como Lengua Extranjera). Amongst the countless ways to learn Spanish, which one is right for preparing for exams?

Learning with a Spanish tutor!

Many studies have shown that one-on-one tutoring is much more effective in terms of helping students improve their scores. Being able to have that kind of support at home can help you not only pass your exams but prepare for your future.

One to one Spanish courses at home

Taking Spanish courses at home with an experienced tutor as your guide is the best way to improve your scores in school and deepen your knowledge of Spanish language and culture.

Understanding Spanish speaking culture can give you access to the history of many of the countries from around the world. Mastering written expression and grammar can help you come to a better understanding of cultures around the world, from Latin America to Spain!

Speak Spanish to travel or work in the Americas

Like we’ve mentioned before: Spanish is one of the most spoken languages in the world! The second most spoken, to be exact. Spanish is the mother tongue of about 425 million people – however, if we were to add those who consider themselves Spanish learners, we would arrive at a number close to 1,175,000,000 speakers around the world.

These speakers can be found in Spain and throughout Latin America (where it is the official language of most of the countries). Spanish speakers can also be found in the United States, counting about 53 million Hispanophones, and in other countries around the world (Equatorial Guinea, Philippines, etc.).

Thanks to international exchange programs like ERASMUS, why not start to practice? There are a diverse number of programs and opportunities around the world that can make use of your passion for perfecting Spanish: internships, language stays, and study abroad.

These kinds of immersive programs can help you better your Spanish accent.

In order to begin, don’t hesitate in placing your confidence in a native Spanish speaker. Having one as a tutor can give you access to effective methods in preparing for your work and studies abroad.

Learn Spanish for less than £20!

Around 9 574 professors, specializing in the language of Cervantès, can be found today on Superprof. There, you will be able to find bilingual professors ready to give walk you through speaking Spanish at all levels.

These levels begin at courses given at an elementary level and extend up to those speaking at an advanced or almost-fluent level.

Above everything else, choosing to learn Spanish at home should be an affordable choice, which can be easy with lessons by our tutors, where the average price hovers around 20 £ per hour.

You will be able to learn a great variety of subjects while sticking to your budget: South American culture and civilization, written oral expression and pedagogy, Spanish vocabulary, Spanish grammar, pronouns, conversational skills and more.

Take time to choose your private Spanish tutor

With 9 574 tutors around the UK, students should not feel limited in their options.

Will you be more comfortable with a certified professor? A professor who has worked closely with the Ministry of education? A native Spanish speaker? A high school or university student?

Making the choice on what kind of background you would like your tutor to have is an extremely important one, as they can affect both the quality and price of their lessons. Here, you will be able to find extra school support that can come straight to your door, Spanish courses online, and fulfill your desires to become a better Spanish speaker.

How to find the perfect Spanish tutor?

For people seeking to learn Spanish, language lessons can be the perfect solution for fast progression.

The conversations you have with your tutor will allow you to reinforce the skills you have already attained, as well as move you to a more advanced level quicker.

After taking part in a great Spanish program with an experienced tutor, you will be able to communicate and pronounce words at a much better level than before.

Ultimately, whether your aim is to pass your next exam or go study in a Spanish speaking country, having a Spanish tutor will help put you on the fast track towards achieving your goals.

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