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Online personal training, nutrition coaching and mindset coaching. Helping you understand your body and mind, get stronger and find the right nutrition strategy for you.

My coaching is based around understanding how your body actually works. Training for strength and mobility, building a strong metabolism with a nutrition approach that works for you and overcoming those mindset challenges that hold you back so that you can get results that last.

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Level 3 Personal Trainer in Swansea (Wales). Improve your health and fitness, train for an event or try fun outdoor activities!

My style is friendly, confident and encouraging. This helps my clients to get the most out of our sessions, and progress quickly towards their goals, whilst also having a lot of fun. I am currently training clients ranging from people who have not exercised for 20 years to people practising sports to an advanced level.

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Qualified Sports Student Offering students Fitness Lessons - ONLY MOTIVATED AND DETERMINED PARTICIPANTS

My lessons are accessable to anyone who is studying Sport at any level, preferably at GCSE level. Or even if your just intrested in fitness overall. Every student that I teach has the potenial to achieve their desired grades and aims as all is needed is hardwork.

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Experienced Level 3 Personal Trainer with military connections in Devon, Competitive Boxing knowledge of 7 years, Sports Coaching for 8 years and extensive bodybuilding knowledge or general health and

I aim to teach on a individual or group basis for those wishing to excel in personal trainer, health and fitness or those wanting to learn about methods of boxing, bodybuilding or weight loss programmes.

London Colney
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Army Cadet offering fitness classes based on Cadet training in St Albans

Having already said my methodology in my "my qualifications" section, I will not repeat it all again. However, I will say the last line again: I may not be the best, but I will try my best for you. That is what i offer: my best.

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Enthusiastic Tutor, eager to share his experience from the Professional Sports world!

I follow Anders Ericsson's "Deliberate Practice" method, and also combine that with Periodization. Creating a custom methodology for my students. Everyone learns at a different pace, and each person is unique with regards to their goals. I like to set micro goals with my students, so we can take small steps over an extended period of time.

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Applied Exercise and Health Science Masters student and 400m athlete offering Personal Training, Athletics coaching and specialised Speed Coaching

Individualised: Whether you are just looking to become more active or are serious about exercise, every person has a unique situation, goals and life experience. My teaching methodology is to assess the aims and ability of clients to offer the best exercise intervention and training structure for their goals and lifestyle.

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Qualified Personal trainer offering personal training and flexible nutrition coaching in London

I teach based upon evidence based practices that are either research based or have been tested from my years of experience training myself or as a personal trainer and nutrition coach. I provide fun personal training with a smile but focus upon getting you the results.

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I’m a professional athlete and I believe fitness is the key to sound health.

I approach each and every individual in periodical transformation and it also depends on the individual goals set in mind. As each individual has different mind sets so it denpends where the student stands in his/her mind and what they see ahead as an obstacle.

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I am a personal trainer, sport massage therapist, BSc Sport Science,MSc Psychology of Sport & Exercise. Tutoring in West Yorkshire.

I am a humanistic teacher. Each individual possesses the unique qualities to become their best self. Knowledge is at the centre to prosperity. I pride myself in the ability of my students, aiming to inspire you to achieve greatness. My lessons entail structure, in line with your assessment guidelines.

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Sports Tutor (Coaching, Fitness, Training) Bsc Sports - Level 3 Personal Trainer

Lessons are available to all abilities Stuck on your uni work, need help with your personal training course, want to learn more about how to be successful in the fitness industry? Lessons are easy to follow, and can be designed to suit your needs, and how best you work/study.

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Muscle Gains, Fitenss Goals, Beach Body In Scotland,UK. I am very expearicened.

Talking to my clients asking what they want from this experience. I would be keeping in touch with my clients daily/every few days with select workouts for my clients to be doing in the gym. I would give them my phone number to get direct contact with me.

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Sports Coach - Specialising in Run Coaching, Personal Training and General Conditioning. Sports Degree qualified, Sport Development Professional based in Manchester UK

I am a fully qualified Sport Development Professional able to deliver physical training sessions, assist with academic qualifications in sport coaching and development or help to develop your own coaching. I am flexible in the delivery of lessons and can cater for all requirements.

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Sport Psychology, Fitness, Nutrition, BSc, MSc student in Liverpool. General study tutor.

I have a very applied teaching style, I like to put the onus on the student and allow them to discover their own learning style and therefore tailor study plans to their needs. This has worked for many of my peer university students through use of goal setting, study planning and scientific and general writing techniques.

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Highly motivated Personal Trainer available for individual or group classes in Dhuram

My metod of training is adaptable and based on individual needs. The training starts with a goal with the aim of reaching it by working on the weakness and developping new skills. My role as a Trainer is not only to push the phisical border forward, but also motivate, encourage and sustain the trainee from the psichological point of you regarding the established goal.

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Professional Physical Performance Coach offering theoretical and practical tutoring in Sports, Fitness and Diets.

I like to make my lessons engaging by making each topic relevant and specific to the individual student, as I feel this is a major component in increasing both understanding and retention. I try to offer the student as much freedom to learn as possible by giving them the power to choose their method of learning, whether that's text book driven, visually or practically.

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Sports and Exercise Science Student from Nottingham, offering help in Fitness, Physics and Physiology!

I provide teaching for those up to the second year of university. My teaching methods are adaptive and unique, suited for those who find it difficult to go at the pace of regular lecturers! My lessons break down larger topic areas allowing students to go at a pace that they can understand.

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Sport Science Graduate who wishes to share his knowledge of building and maintaining fitness.

I base the fitness plan on the individual and their personal needs and wants. Not just taking fitness goals into account but also the constraints of time, equipment, space and even money. No matter what the situation, a fun, flexible fitness plan can be made for you.

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Martial-arts & Stength and Conditioning Personal-Trainer/Coach here to inspire and get results.

I study my clients closely, finding their weaknesses, building them onwards/upwards in stages hitting targets, reaching for the individuals goals.

Great Sankey
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Fitness instuctor and personal trainer students wishing to be successful in fitness

I approach my topics depending on the subject we are learning. I make sure everyone is interacting within the sessions. I make sure I find ways of helping each student by explaining about my experiences within the fitness industry. I use methods that If this was In there work as a fitness professional and how they would deal with the situation they had.

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It's those little human moments that stick with you forever, the random acts of kindness

1.Tell 2. Show 3.Do The most important thing is the movement of the joint and not the amount of weight. And that is what I would love to teach. You can reach high goals and have a healthy body at the same tome.

Sutton Coldfield
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I am a motivated Fitness professional who is accomplished in helping members and clients of all fitness levels get into better shape and improve their lifestyles; I would like to help others gain this

I have a very relaxed and patient tutoring approach. I am always happy to discuss the students needs and ideas, so together we can improve their understanding and passion in their chosen career path.

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A Personal Trainer with 10 years experience offering to get you in Shape.

My teaching method is very adaptable and effective. I have trained many athletes and who have enhanced their physical and mental performance by following my guidance. I also do boot camp for summer where people enjoy training outside atmosphere.

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Professional fitness and sport tutor with extensive experience in teaching and PT

I started my teaching career at Sussex Coast College as a Pathways lecturer for 14-19 year olds. The Pathway course enables learners with learning and behaviour difficulties a pathway into education with additional life and study skills. In the planning and delivery process I quickly learnt the importance of safeguarding and additionally equality and diversity.

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Strength and conditioning coach with 10-years elite sports experience gives bespoke lessons, physical training guidance, and PT mentorship

I've been lucky to experience a lot in my career up to now. I want to share that knowledge with you! After completing my Postgraduate degree in the Sports and Exercise Sciences, specialising in Strength and Conditioning, I have spent 10-years applying the principles to support athletes and the general public.

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YOUR PERSONAL Strength & Conditioning Coach | Affordable training plans & counselling

Experienced athlete who studies Strength & Conditioning in University of South Wales is offering AFFORDABLE, PROFFESIONAL, PERSONAL and SUSTAINABLE training plans/meal plans, and counselling.

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Help with weight loss and the growth and development of muscle in Maidstone

I have a relatively high level of knowledge for weight loss and muscle growth with previous experience from being overweight a couple years ago.

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Physical Education teacher with 10 years experience in Secondary, Post 16 and Primary. Offering private lessons in fitness, agility, balance, coordination and fundamental movement skills for young peo

Experienced PE teacher, working in the UK and abroad with children from primary up to post 16. I teach a number of sports and activities. I work with young people to deliver fundamental movement skills that underpin any sports or physical activity. I focus on agility, balance and coordination through games. I also deliver academic tutoring for Physical Education subject at GCSE and A level.

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You grind you shine ..hard work with fun lets play and enjoy

My lessons are general fitness..from any age including training with kids during weekends ,come join me and enjoy yourself. Running intense lose weight exercises. Muscle strengthening and inspirational and motivational speaker to carry you through your journey. Thank you and wellcome.

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Individual and group sessions for Basketball,Volleyball,Fitness,Tennis, for any age and current level!

Over the last 30 years I have been involved in Sport in the capacity as a Player, Coach, Developer and Tutor. During that period my love for Sport, in general, gave me appreciation and understanding of different aspects and benefits of Sport in life. My experience has been enhanced by my previous constant opportunity to live and work abroad.

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Perfect! We have been with Tara for months - she is a FANTASTIC tutor and could not be more pleased with the excellent value for the quality of instruction. My daughter is making amazing progress in her gymnastics as Tara has created an individualised...

Laura, student
2 months ago

Perfect! Tara is a lovely lady, always so positive, my daughter loves her weekly sessions. She has helped improve my daughters confidence in gymnastics and is always so enthusiastic. Tara is very passionate about her gymnastics and she has pushed my daughter...

Shahina, student
2 months ago

Perfect! Tara is an excellent gymnastics coach. Her response was quick and efficient and she has a lovely warm personality. My daughter already adores her after just a few sessions and she has helped her progress significantly very quickly. She brings plenty...

Jane, student
2 months ago

Perfect! Excellent tutor. She is well organised and prepared session prior to session according to child needs. Her teaching method was excellent , enthusiastic and my son loves her method and never bored . She is a young professional gymnastic tutor. She...

Priya, student
3 months ago

Perfect! Yacin is a very cool guy, extremely pateint and great to work with. Have really enjoyed our sessions!

Matthew, student
7 months ago

Perfect! Yohann is a fantastic couch, he will really test your limits but with a lot of encouragement and optimisms. Yohann is very inspiring and explains things super clearly. Me and my husband cannot recommend him more!

Olga, student
2 years ago
(32 reviews)

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