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Semi Professional Rugby Player looking to teach Sports and Exercise. 9 years experience

Very hands on coaching using my experience and science to help improve clients with long and short term goals.

1st lesson offered free !

I am an ambitious student in the University of Aberdeen in my 4th year with Molecular Biology and Sport and Health science. Qualified Gym instructor that is seeking to provide knowledge on training, e

**Training/Fitness** I approach every person entirely independent. I always have an introduction with the person so to understand more about themselves and their goals/needs. I always give lectures and explanations on variety of topics concerning training with actual demonstrations either 1to1 or videos and teaching points for certain exercises.

1st lesson offered free !

Let’s practice and enjoy some basic training, most importantly have a great fun with it :)

Initially I’d like to get to know who’s the person I’m working with and this can be by having a coffee togetherand I’ll be most happy to share my story of how I become to love fitness and how it changed me as an individual, then I will be breaking down what will we be doing, staring by giving you my knowledge of nutritins and working out routines etc.

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Fitness is looking after your inner and outer body. It all starts with self-believe, motivated and determination. Must important never give up.

I provides time for participants to practice movement so instructor can provide individualised feedback for each participant. Advantages include allowing the instructor to interact with participants and give them the opportunity to select their own level of difficulty, thus creating a nurtured feeling for participants.

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Qualified personal trainer with extensive sport background offering one to one sessions

Firstly to see what are the client's needs and the client's sport background and to see where the client is at the moment. Than together create a short and long term objective so I can build up a plan accordingly.

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Exercise Science Student Offering Health, Fitness and Strength and Conditioning Lessons Online

The services I offer include: - Lectures/discussions on strength, hypertrophy, nutrition and sports performance (can be altered to your specific needs) - Coaching and personal training - Resistance training exercise form checks (barbells, dumbbells etc) - Fitness program design and guidance - Nutrition advice and guidance - Can provide additional services if suitable

Sutton Coldfield
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Gym instructor/personal trainer offering physique transformation and online coaching tips fatburning cardio and musclebuilding.

My teaching method is to establish a working relationship and understanding of each clients personal needs and goal dependant inspitations leading to a better improved version of yourself.

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Personal trainer with experience in power-lifting, ultra-running elite military. Online and Preston

low equipment methods such as circuit training and running are my speciality. I design flexible programmes which can fit around your demands. I aim to educate everyone to the point where they no longer need a trainer. You will always know why you are doing what you are doing and should come away having learnt something.

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Plant based personal trainer offering online and mobile sessions in and around Manchester

I have a huge passion for fitness, health and wellbeing and I enjoy finding new and innovative ways to train. I live for seeing how the body can change after undergoing exercise and proper nutrition.

1st lesson offered free !

My goal is to inspire people to become the strongest version of themselves through training, you MATTER!

I can teach you simple weight lifting and cardio training to either build muscle or lose weight. If you want to train at home with no equipment, then I can teach you through video chat or go to your home if it's nearby. Or training can be done in the gym. I can always teach you Thai boxing, kickboxing, or taekwon-do combat techniques.

Greater London
1st lesson offered free !

Personal training to assist with weight loss and develop personal fitness outdoors in SE London, BA Hons with a proven success in coaching and mentoring

Low ratio training sessions (1:1, 1:2) are tailored for specific needs, offering the potential for maximum personal development. Mechanisms used are unique to the individual to ensure maximum benefit, from weight loss to strength training and beyond! Nutritional advice also available.

1st lesson offered free !

Inspirational and committed English, Sports, physiology and health and wellbeing, fitmpness tutor

I am a patient and dedicated tutor. I take my time to ensure that the subject matter is understood and use the appropriate learning methods for each individual student. I cover a wide range of topics like sport, nutrition, wellbeing and English.

1st lesson offered free !

I am a motivated and passionate health and fitness educator. I have over 20 years industry experience with over 11 years spent as a tutor and assessor. I have a proven track record.

I have a successful track record while undergoing Internal Verification and External Verification. I am a former South West ‘Regional Tutor of the Year’ for Premier Training International. I have been involved in course development and developed and wrote a Medicine Ball Training CPD course. I have written for FitPro magazine and presented at a R.E.P’s conference in Wales.

1st lesson offered free !
Wooburn Green
1st lesson offered free !

Senior Personal Trainer with a Degree in Physiotherapy looking to impart knowledge!

My teaching method is encouraging and logical. No specific syllabus to cover but will give you comprehensive instructions in how to build programs, give nutritional advice for the general population.

1st lesson offered free !

Professional Calisthenics athlete offering Calisthenics,Street WOrkout lessons in Solihull. Ninja Warrior Competitor,Street Workout Champion , Muscle up , Pull Ups, Dips, One Arm Pull Ups, Front Lever

My teaching method is about oldschool Calisthenics , with basic exercises and than with advanced exercises . I can teach you to do one arm pull ups, muscle ups, ring muscle ups,front lever,human flag,dragon flag,pistol squats,and all exercises to do in a corectly form.

1st lesson offered free !

University Athlete offering Fitness guidance, workout plans, and schedules to achieve fitness goals

My teaching method is analyzing past behaviour and habits with the student, afterwards pointing out the common mistakes being made. After Which I go over how to correct these mistakes, what to focus on instead, and how to target the students weaknesses in order to achieve optimal efficiency to reach their goals.

1st lesson offered free !

Personal Trainer - reduced price for short time only. Fitness is my life, and whether you want to run a lose weight, gain muscle, run a marathon or anything in between I am here to help.

Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard. - I went from being able to swim no more than 50m without needing a break, to swimming 6 miles in the choppy sea. With the correct strngth and conditioning plan, nutrition guide and hard work, anything is possible.

1st lesson offered free !

Level 3 personal trainer offering knowledge on fitness, weight loss, nutrition, muscle building.

My teaching method is an individualised approach rather than generic. I'm well researched in all aspects of fitness and nutrition, I'm also learning new things everyday. I have specialist knowledge in the ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting, as I believe that these 2 combined are the key to a longer, happier, healthier life.

1st lesson offered free !

Sports student offering any help up to A Level based in Wales, great knowledge on most sport topics!

My teaching method is fun and simple, I often use videos, textbook, powerpoint and the internet to help with my lesson, if you do not understand something i will look at putting it to you with a different approach untill you do understand it. I learn the best when I get along with the teacher, I have a great sense of humour and I know I can help you reach your goals.

1st lesson offered free !

Professional body trainer in body training and power lifting, over 3 years training history

My lessons basically depends on the most popular training methods, and I add in some special training methods, plans, and meal plan, in order to help with my student to learn about weight loss, gaining muscles, increasing powers.

1st lesson offered free !

Italian Rowers of national team 5 time at world championship undergraduate in economics master in quantitative finance

for accademic field i like a problem solving approach so, understand where your difficult is and solve it in a easier way for training i like to train with you for give you all my tips and advice as an international rower

1st lesson offered free !

Personal trainer and Nutrition coach, Homemade healthy cooking lessons''8 years experience'' learn the advantages of a healthy living. 1-1 Personal training lessons and group training.

My teaching method varies.. depending on your needs and goals. My classes are purely focused on making you understand techniques, learn the mindset and perform. I am a Perfectionist and so I will always push you to do your best and you will feel amazing about it.

1st lesson offered free !

Oxford-based: Become more physically and mentally in tune and proficient. Trained with some of the top coaches in the country. I am training to be part of the U.S. rugby 7s team and looking to pass on

I give lessons to anyone willing to learn and wanting to improve, from children to older adults to upcoming sports talent. Mentoring is a big part of sporting and athletic development and this is my approach to teaching. Sessions start with understanding the clients goals and history and an initial assessment. From there I build a program to structure the progression.

East Kilbride
1st lesson offered free !

Extensive Fitness and Health knowledge - Focus on fat loss, toning, sport performance, bodybuilding amongst others

I utilise different teaching methods on a person-to-person basis. I am able to use a wide group of contacts to gain further knowledge on almost any health and fitness related topic.

Saint Austell
1st lesson offered free !

Hi I am a qualified sports leader and fitness instructor also personal trainer and nutritionist, I am also experienced in a whole range of sports including boxing kick boxing judo and others.

one on one or as a group session, I a happy to teach any range of number of people, one on one I can generally teach more at a time, I can teach boxing skills kick boxing and some judo, I can also teach anatomy and physiology psychology and nutrition.

1st lesson offered free !

Experienced Personal Trainer offering support to pass A+P exams at Level 2 and 3

I am an experienced Personal Trainer with many years in the industry. I am offering to teach those who want to become a Fitness Instructor or PT and deliver A+P sessions along with advice and support in the industry.

1st lesson offered free !

Neuromuscular function PhD student at Loughborough University with professional experience offering lessons in muscle strengthening, health and fitness

I am a PhD student offering lessons to undergraduate and postgraduates students in the area of muscle strengthening, biomechanics, conditioning and rehabilitation. I can provide answers to questions and/or guide research and knowledge development in your subject area.

1st lesson offered free !

Start training like an athlete now. Customized training programs with 6 years of experience behind them.

Let me help you become a better version of yourself! My services include: - customized training programs - customized meal plans - advice on how to stretch, how to maximise your gains, how to correct your posture and how to improve your endurance and strength

1st lesson offered free !

National Level Athlete - Getting and Staying Fit + Weight Loss routines and advice to get into shape in Bath

I'm a fitness enthusiast first and foremost and a national level athlete who would love to give fitness advice and workout routines to anyone of any age! Even parents who feel like they need to get into shape! Firstly If I may question your diet and lifestyle as well as some habits to get a better understanding, then I would give my take as well as advice as to how to solve whatever problems you...

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Perfect! We have been with Tara for months - she is a FANTASTIC tutor and could not be more pleased with the excellent value for the quality of instruction. My daughter is making amazing progress in her gymnastics as Tara has created an individualised...

Laura, student
2 months ago

Perfect! Tara is a lovely lady, always so positive, my daughter loves her weekly sessions. She has helped improve my daughters confidence in gymnastics and is always so enthusiastic. Tara is very passionate about her gymnastics and she has pushed my daughter...

Shahina, student
2 months ago

Perfect! Tara is an excellent gymnastics coach. Her response was quick and efficient and she has a lovely warm personality. My daughter already adores her after just a few sessions and she has helped her progress significantly very quickly. She brings plenty...

Jane, student
2 months ago

Perfect! Excellent tutor. She is well organised and prepared session prior to session according to child needs. Her teaching method was excellent , enthusiastic and my son loves her method and never bored . She is a young professional gymnastic tutor. She...

Priya, student
3 months ago

Perfect! Yacin is a very cool guy, extremely pateint and great to work with. Have really enjoyed our sessions!

Matthew, student
7 months ago

Perfect! Yohann is a fantastic couch, he will really test your limits but with a lot of encouragement and optimisms. Yohann is very inspiring and explains things super clearly. Me and my husband cannot recommend him more!

Olga, student
2 years ago
(32 reviews)

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