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Bodybuilding / fitness athlete, 8 years experience with training & 4 years experience with nutrition planning (lean muscle growth or cutting fat)

First, we must determine your personal goals! Then we have to determine your nutritional requirements to achieve your goals. Furthermore, I give you a broad list of exercises for all muscle groups. Nutrition and training are adapted to your lifestyle (I'm looking for what's best for you!) I do periodic checks to determine your progress and to see what needs to be adjusted for optimal results.

1st lesson offered free !

I know all sports. I completed national in cricket. I am good cricket player. And as well as all rounder.

Methodology means. Well know as good. I will not bother for any thing i will be all ways be positive.

1st lesson offered free !

Bachelor's Degree Student will couch in athletics, hockey and cricket who has played in state level.

My methodology will be in both explaination and physical classes. Will try helping out in every possible way. Good luck.

1st lesson offered free !

I am keen in applying to suitable openings within the Sports Activity, Yoga, Fitness, Cultural activities.

Live class with activities, Go through with real task explaining, one to one guidance, friendly atmosphere, result oriented, online videos

Hukam sharma
1st lesson offered free !

Sports coaching in Ghumarwin Bilaspur HP Students in my school we gave coaching of volleyball and cricket

My teaching methodology is to gave 100% my own and also theory part as well as practical knowledge in this field

1st lesson offered free !

Student in engineering college.. state level cricketer for karnataka.. would love to train young kids.


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Personal Soccer Trainer 100%Colombian Living in Winnipeg #perseverance #nopainnogain #success More than 20 years of experience in Sports, especially soccer. I am a friendly and disciplined person. Mas

I based my classes on each student requirements, and different tactical and technical methods. Definition, dribblin, control, possession, teamwork.

1st lesson offered free !
1st lesson offered free !

If you are looking for serious commitment this place is for you

In my class i dont want any quitters i like sacrifice and hard work.

1st lesson offered free !

Always up for Coaching Work hard and to be hard Earn it

I prefer more of practical knowledge and giving them proper tips Share knowledge to all To spread it for a good cause

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Sports coaching and fitness.yoga.game . Sports Development.skill .sports Instructor and tennis volleyball gme

My teaching methods is very good so I am base my calss room on outdoor games.i approach the is My good working on class.

1st lesson offered free !
1st lesson offered free !

Working professional for enthusiasm of business development and Entrepreneurship for building future.

My teaching method belongs to direct teaching with understanding of the process accordingly the matter of subject with respect to basic laws.

Chak That
1st lesson offered free !

I am man who teaching help in sport Good sports teacher i want

Hsjjskdk hik hue hjeb have hsj sjjj wjjj sjf jwh uwu hwgbuwi jwi b ho jyf jwy uo ujvq i

1st lesson offered free !

Hello I am Sumit.my current job St.xavirs High School my post sports teacher

My theory subject is physical education .now my count job St.xavirs high school sec 82.

1st lesson offered free !

Just had finished my 12th and I am state level sports player ...I can handover class in hindi , english,and kannada

as am still a teenager hay I do mingel with Kidd's and also loving to teach them ...

New Delhi
1st lesson offered free !
1st lesson offered free !

Something fit will makes you a something change in this special world.

I can't say myself hoe the method is going to be done or made , make sure that a first class can make you a better change after my result you can tell about my style and opinion in my study.

1st lesson offered free !

Here i woukd like to teach all 12 th and graduation batches....

my teaching classes on the basis of practicall method where students get easily in their mind ..

1st lesson offered free !

Karate, dance,physical education with 16 years of experience , various awards from government

My teaching method is practically explain and then theories and giving standard notes to students and practice sheet of last year papers

1st lesson offered free !

An experienced, qualified and professional personal trainer who is keen to help you grow and achieve goals.

Lead by example, I believe that it is extremely important for the coach / trainer to make sure he or she is capable of demonstrating a fit lifestyle.

1st lesson offered free !
1st lesson offered free !

Students are in any school, I'll learn sports and yoga posatively.as per condition and procedures

My teaching methodology is sports oriented(field). and classroom teaching.

1st lesson offered free !

I m a cricket i represented nationals team i can be your coach to guide you for sports i also represented my state in volleyball and football you can have a thorough knowledge from my side.

my teaching method is like being indulging on a particular activity for a long time to make it perfect. And it is the best strategy of all time.

1st lesson offered free !

Sports coach in a variety of sports with 30 years coaching experience.

My teaching is the whole/part/whole method. I describe a skill in it's entirety to a student to give them an idea what the finished school should like. I then break it down into components so the student can learn small pieces of the skill. Finally when the student is competent in the skill, I introduce the skill into a competitive environment.

Pramod kumar
1st lesson offered free !

"National athletics coach" & "Physical Education Teacher" for CBSE class XI XII

Theory & practical class, teaching and training on board, at the ground, with demonstration with use of equipments, board etc.

1st lesson offered free !

Sports introduces you to yourself but you have to earn it with effort and hardwork.

My teaching methods are different it always start with basics because I believe that basic gives the accuracy to master techniques

1st lesson offered free !

Student come to school and tucation in sports .I will tucation perfect

Mere ko seles bhaut pasand hai sale ke leye many setting Job Left ke hai jis kaam ko karne me maja aye wo karna ch.

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Perfect! Tara has been teaching gymnastics to my daughters (7 years old and 3 years old) for last 5 months . My daughters thoroughly enjoy their lessons with her and really look forward for their gymnastics class every week. Tara has always been very...

Pradeep, student
1 month ago

Perfect! We have been with Tara for months - she is a FANTASTIC tutor and could not be more pleased with the excellent value for the quality of instruction. My daughter is making amazing progress in her gymnastics as Tara has created an individualised...

Laura, student
5 months ago

Perfect! Tara is a lovely lady, always so positive, my daughter loves her weekly sessions. She has helped improve my daughters confidence in gymnastics and is always so enthusiastic. Tara is very passionate about her gymnastics and she has pushed my daughter...

Shahina, student
5 months ago

Perfect! Tara is an excellent gymnastics coach. Her response was quick and efficient and she has a lovely warm personality. My daughter already adores her after just a few sessions and she has helped her progress significantly very quickly. She brings plenty...

Jane, student
5 months ago

Perfect! Excellent tutor. She is well organised and prepared session prior to session according to child needs. Her teaching method was excellent , enthusiastic and my son loves her method and never bored . She is a young professional gymnastic tutor. She...

Priya, student
7 months ago

Perfect! Yacin is a very cool guy, extremely pateint and great to work with. Have really enjoyed our sessions!

Matthew, student
10 months ago

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From fitness training to bodybuilding: a personalised fitness programme by your own personal trainer!

Online fitness coaching? That’s not enough for you!

What you’re looking for is far more tangible than a couple of online fitness lessons. Even if it’s true that the internet is overflowing with videos and programs that can be rather effective. Your goal is to find an at-home sports coach. A personal trainer that will know how to motivate you by finding the fitness programme that best fits your needs. Because, if you’re motivated, you’re already half-way there. It’s hard to commit to an exercise routine involving a personal trainer when you have little to no motivation… It requires effort, concentration and diligence! It’s up to you, now, to find a personal coach who will know how to steadily lead you towards your goals, whether they be about keeping fit, losing weight, muscle strengthening (pecs, shoulders, thighs, calves, arms, biceps, triceps, back), gaining flexibility, having a flat stomach and rock-hard abs, cardio training, running, cycling, etc.

An at-home personal trainer for better results

You can’t deny it: fitness classes and sports that worship the body are very trendy at the moment. To that, it’s important to add that people are generally a lot more aware about what they eat. As such, exercise is increasingly paired with healthy eating (getting more greens, fruits and vegetables, organic products and proteins in our diet). A fad, yes, but one that, while reinforced by a number of fitness videos scattered all over the internet and Youtube, or by sports coaches that advertise themselves on social media, is first and foremost a good thing. However, when facing other people’s progress and results, and trying to compare them to your own lack of success, what to do? Where to turn? Why not rely on a personal trainer, or, even better, one that will come to your home? If personal coaching represents a certain budget for you (although it’s not much more expensive than certain gyms out there), you can at least be sure that you’ll more quickly reach the goals that you set for yourself. Whether it’s simply starting a fitness class, strengthening your muscles, preparing for an event, personal development, losing weight, drying up calories, trying to exercise consistently because dieting no longer works, resuming a sustained physical activity, trying to eat more healthily, working your abs, pecs, glutes, improving flexibility, losing weight to have a flat stomach, recovering your figure, finding your rhythm and motivation, bulking up and sculpting your body, keeping fit, or trying out different exercises, such as weightlifting, boxing or pilates. If you don’t believe that you can achieve these goals on your own, then don’t hesitate to consider going with a personal trainer. Having a strength and conditioning coach that’s used to these kinds of objectives is really the best way to reach your goals.

Personal training with an experienced fitness instructor

Because that’s your dilemma today. You’re out there looking for a personal trainer who will come to your home, but you don’t know whom to put your faith in for fast and tangible results. You’ve never tried this before, this physical and fitness training 100% adapted to your body type. And so, naturally, you’re wondering if this kind of personalised support is even for you! The secret is to find an experienced, high-level coach (one who’s licensed, ideally). Somebody for whom fitness is a profession, and not just a side hobby.

How to find your personal trainer?

An athlete who has obtained a Level 2 or Level 3 Diploma to become a professional coach, a fitness instructor member of a professional organisation, such as the REP or the NRPT... in short, someone who knows how to give fitness lessons, useful advice to make progress and to not get hurt easily, as well as tips to improve your diet. Basically, a coach who can also act as an expert nutritionist. Because exercising, keeping fit, strengthening your muscles, losing weight, following a fitness regime, improving your health, stretching, doing yoga, etc. cannot be entrusted to just any trainer! As a client, you naturally need some sort of guarantee in order to exercise by the book.

Personal training: the endless opportunities of having a private fitness instructor

A personal trainer is just one click away. But, resorting to a professional sports coach is a decision that should be carefully studied. The large variety of professionals that we find nowadays also means a host of different exercises and body parts to work on. But what do you wish to work on, specifically? Now that’s a question you must absolutely ask yourself and which you should thoroughly discuss with your future coach before getting started with your athletic training. Firstly, so that your trainer can tell you if they’re competent enough in the program that you wish to engage in. But also so that they can implement the appropriate exercises into your personalised programme and bring the appropriate material to your home for the lessons. But what can you actually do during a personal training session at your home? Well, you can do just about anything! Starting with classic fitness exercises to lose weight and increase muscle mass, and then moving on to physical and mental conditioning, muscle toning to firm up and tone your glutes and your thighs, a range of different physical activities (running, stretching exercises, yoga, strength exercises, elliptical machine, cycling, treadmill exercises to test your heart rate, abdominal exercises, push-ups and pull-ups, cardio training, etc.). The idea is to create a fitness regime for greater wellbeing, to help you train for a marathon or a half-marathon, use a Power Plate to fight cellulitis, bulk up to help with back problems, or whatever your goal may be. Turning to a fitness instructor that will come to you doesn’t necessarily mean taking these lessons at home. If you’re hesitant to get started on your own, both because of the dedication it implies and because of the elevated budget, you can ask your company to hire a personal trainer for a corporate training session. That way, you can motivate each other amongst colleagues. What’s important is that you’re in a comfortable environment to exercise and progress towards your goals. Finally, a personal trainer can also help steer you towards a healthier lifestyle, especially if you are overweight or obese. By the same token, fitness instructors can also become expert nutritionists, responsible for what their clients are eating and helping them to diet if they want to lose weight.

Find your personal trainer from among more than 1,100 fitness instructors!

It’s settled then, you’ve decided to go with an at-home personal trainer to lose that extra weight and strengthen your muscles. From here on out, your task is simple. Superprof invites you to go to our website and discover all of our fitness instructors right away to find those that are located near you. A little over 1,100 coaches are waiting for you online and all over the country. You may also note that the average cost of a personal training session is about 20£ an hour, on average. True, this may account for a certain budget, but think of where your gym budget was good for this past year, and the one before. One thing’s for sure, with your new personal fitness lessons, you’ll definitely be seeing fast results.