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Personal Trainer working in the North West of England with a Degree in Sports Coaching. I provide both online and 1 to 1 personal training.

I provide tailored personal training, including training programs, nutritional advice, macronutrient breakdowns, and constant support from myself. I coach for both weight management, body compositional changes, bodybuilding, sports performance, and exercise/ GP referral.

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I really enjoy sharing my knowledge whilst I learn from you

Hi I'm Darren I'm a level 3 fitness instructor and personal trainer covering Fatloss, fitness, muscle mass increase, strength, conditioning, balance and flexibility. I'm of a very positive mindset and offer life coaching.

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JB One-One fitness trainer/coach and conditioning nutrition adviser also ex professional athlete

I'm an ex professional athlete. Fully qualified sports fitness instructor and sports coach level 3 2:1 sport fitness Bsc (hons) degree university of Gloucestershire Owner at JB One-One personal fitness training.

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PE Teacher available for practical or theory tutoring to primary or secondary pupil, in and around Aberdeen, UK.

I am a secondary PE teacher in Aberdeen who studied PE at the University of Edinburgh for 4 years. I am able to travel to a neutral location to provide theoretical tutoring, preparing pupils for exams or helping them to complete their portfolios to a high standard.

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Elite Athlete with a Sport Science Degree gives lessons on anything SPORT

Need help with your BTEC Sport coursework? Perhaps you need help or guidance on your sport science assignment? Or just want advice/information relating to sport, fitness, coaching, exercise etc? Whatever it is, and in whatever way I can help you!

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Online Sports and Fitness Coaching UK Wide - Personal Tutoring and Mentoring

Provide lessons, one to one coaching/mentoring/personal development for young learners and adults at level 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. Up to degree level. I have been using coaching methods and active learning approaches since 2006 in Sport and Exercise Sciences and Physical Education.

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Qualified sports coach gives lesson to children in ball sports and fitness in county down

I am John I coach kids aged 6 to 10 ball skills and movement. As well as general motor movement.

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I will assist you to achieve your goals and help you to improve your lifestyle

I am a fitness enthusiast and also a semi professional footballer. To me, fitness is a lifestyle and it helped me over the years to become a better version of me every day. It is my ultimate dream to influence other people's life is a positive way, give them a reason to start loving themselves all over again.

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Paula Personal Training core aspects Illness pain and fitness business

I am QUALIFED IN FITNESS !! I teach students to become qualified fitness Personal Trainers. My area of expertise is . Writing fitness programs Micro Meso Macro cycles. . Core area if you suffer pain because training method are incorrectly performed . I use Inquiry based learning, hands on learning providing quidance and support for students through their learning process.. .

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Do you want to grow some muscle and enhance your general well-being?

I base my training on each individual’s body type, offering tailored adivce for training and diet.

Virginia Water
(3 reviews)
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Former England athlete - now keen crossfitter and triathlete wanting to coach and help others

Fun! You should want to step out the door and train, not find it a chore! I do the exercises with you, are your pace, motivating you all the way. Start at an easy level for you to continue to improve your fitness or whatever your goal may be.

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As a company owner, assessor and IQA of Fitness and Pt qualifications I build fitness futures. As a teacher of Sport for over 20 years, I have a range of techniques to support learners in this area.

My approach is individual support, I train learning mentors to it is all about techniques to build confidence and belief in the learner - a 'you can do' approach. It is patience and facilitation that empower people to want to learn.

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Fitness instructor who has over five years experience in the fitness industry.

My lesson structure includes a warm up, then a focus on exercise (this is personalised to what you want or if you’d like to work a certain area) and a cool down with stretches.

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Personal Trainer offering services upto Level 4 specialist in obesity and diabetes.

I base my teaching on rehabilitation and weight loss as well pre/post natal exercise. Gym fitness,spinning and circuits, Tai Chi.

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Fitness delivered to you on the isle of wight by a friendly and knowledgeable qualified and insured personal trainer.

My goal is to help you get the confidence you want! May it be physical or mental. I make programs especially to suit each of your different goals. Whether it be weight loss, toning, muscle building, or simply just fitness and health, I offer some nutrition advice, one on one session or small groups either in the gym or you own home. I’m extremely flexible.

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10years experience in the Sports - Fitness industry. Working in partnership with local schools and Football team

My teaching methods are fun, knowlage full and i feel a great way to keep on to information about certain techniques etc in ÇSports. Example naming the muscles in the body can be a pain.

Greater London
(1 review)
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Natural bodybuilding with 10 years plus of training, no powders no creatine only 100% natural food

My classes are made to get you to achieve your body building and fitness targets, 1 evaluate your physical level and what you are currently doing 2 know what is the goal you have in mind and what time frame 3 get you a bit of additional information about what you are doing right and what you need to keep doing, adding the missing parts that you need to know in order to reach your goal 4...

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Experienced Personal Trainer offering Nutrition, Health & Fitness tutoring in North Yorkshire/Teesside

My approach to teaching people about how the body works, and how to get fitter is to educate people along a journey of change. I help people to understand what they are doing, what they should be feeling, and why they are doing it. I've ran a series of 6 week courses for local leisure centre, teaching people how to train and understand the importance of nutrition.

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Fitness Freak offering fitness lessons in Derby. Military Applicant who is training to military standards.

I base my lessons on a times regime. Which means by the end of it I will get the students doing specific exercises in certain times, high enough to a military standard. I am very energetic and love a challenge.

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Personal Trainer offering personal fitness and muscle strengthening sessions in Northern Ireland

A motivated tutor, wanting to help people get into fitness or get lapsed exercises back into it. I offer basic or advanced fitness sessions for both newcomers and experienced customers. These vary from basic cardio and resistance training to High-Intensity-Interval-Training (HIIT).

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Hi Barry Lynch online fitness and wellness coach. My goal is to make positive changes to your life and support you on your way to a better you.

I’ve been blessed to be coaching people for over 10 years in health and fitness. The key to my success is striking a meaningful connection with each client. For success in life we must seek comfort and support in those around us. I’d love to work with you and help you succeed.

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Do you want to loose weight, no cheats, no shortcuts. Real life advice, and you do not need to go mad exercising.

Hello, I am a 25 year old guy who’s weight used to fluctuate, I looked for shortcuts and I looked for excuses, I did not find them. I am a active guy who plays sports, works serious long hours and play as a high level within teams. Very happy and a laid back guy who loves to enjoy life.

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College Student offering Personal Fitness Training (Fat Burn, Muscle Build, Toning) Epsom

I am offering structured, effective lessons to improve fitness, tone your body, or loose fat. This includes HIIT (High-intensity interval Training), Cardio, Full body exercises, Anaerobic training, Body weight training, and/or circuit training. :) I motivate and encourage you to reach your maximum potential, and your personal goals.

Greater London
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HI , I'm athletic coach and skills to teach running events (eg, 100m , 200m, 400m , etc..) / field events (eg, Long jumb , triple jump , javelin throw , Discus throw , paul wall, High Jump ).

my ability to identify student natural skill which is most intend to follow as event and i have National qualification to instruct and teach athletic i mostly attention school student ( between Age 10 to 18 ) who most like to develop their basic professional skills of any event of athletic. secondly fully instruction to build physical strength / morality.

1st lesson offered free !

You are new in the gym and you don't know how to workout ? I will expain everything in just some hours.

Hello there. My name is Yasen and I am from Bulgaria. Currently, I am studying in the UK. I am taking a biochemistry and genetics class and also I work as a fitness instructor. My lessons are mostly for people who are new to the gym and need right advice how to start.

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Fitness professional and LSA to tutor in all areas academically to give support and guidance.

I teach on a one to one basis in Fitness and I also tutor for Maths and English. I have 15 years teaching experience and I am working in a college as a LSA in supporting students/learners to achieve their aims in various subjects by building their self independence and confidence to pass exams and be successful.

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Degree in Health and Social Care. Teaching qualification. 15 years teaching experience all levels

Over 15 years teaching experience with secondary and further education. I have worked in primary, secondary and further education sectors teaching the following subjects: Health and Social Care, Physical Education, Citizenship and Child Care. I also have experience of teaching on a one to one basis and private teaching.

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Sports Tutor in mid ulster area available for exam, assignment, ucas and cv assistance.

Further education lecturer with 8 years teaching experience and 12 years industrial experience in sports industry. Personal trainer and specialist in nutrition, fitness, sports sciences and sports development. Tutoring available in limited slots to help with A level exams or btec assignments.

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Sports/fitness expert in how people learn and lifestyle education- based in Merseyside

I am a highly experienced and successful educator having lectured at university, taught in schools and operated as a consultant in Lifestyle Education. I can offer an unrivalled expertise in imparting knowledge and understanding in all sports and fitness related topics.

Giani dorel
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When you are determined to change something to your body, I can help you.

These are the different methods an instructor might use to help participants understand the movements by breaking down or building up a move or routine.

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Perfect! We have been with Tara for months - she is a FANTASTIC tutor and could not be more pleased with the excellent value for the quality of instruction. My daughter is making amazing progress in her gymnastics as Tara has created an individualised...

Laura, student
2 months ago

Perfect! Tara is a lovely lady, always so positive, my daughter loves her weekly sessions. She has helped improve my daughters confidence in gymnastics and is always so enthusiastic. Tara is very passionate about her gymnastics and she has pushed my daughter...

Shahina, student
2 months ago

Perfect! Tara is an excellent gymnastics coach. Her response was quick and efficient and she has a lovely warm personality. My daughter already adores her after just a few sessions and she has helped her progress significantly very quickly. She brings plenty...

Jane, student
2 months ago

Perfect! Excellent tutor. She is well organised and prepared session prior to session according to child needs. Her teaching method was excellent , enthusiastic and my son loves her method and never bored . She is a young professional gymnastic tutor. She...

Priya, student
3 months ago

Perfect! Yacin is a very cool guy, extremely pateint and great to work with. Have really enjoyed our sessions!

Matthew, student
7 months ago

Perfect! Yohann is a fantastic couch, he will really test your limits but with a lot of encouragement and optimisms. Yohann is very inspiring and explains things super clearly. Me and my husband cannot recommend him more!

Olga, student
2 years ago
(32 reviews)

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