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I did mountain running for northern Ireland at the age of 16, over sportsman in high school, ulster trails for rugby at the age of 17 and also did track, road running and cross country, best pb in 5k

The execrises would change with the days of the week there would be varieties of running methods and with the weather too,as we would be training cardio, endurance and agility and we would be pushing you to the best of your capacity

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Competitive runner looking to train people up and give advice on training plan and give tips

Patience is a virtue, I want you to enjoy running and build yourself up slowly so the enjoyment isn't taken away

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Sport athlete for Notts AC , Bluecoat student offering sprinting lessons in Nottingham

My teaching method is fun for little kids so they can get the basis.

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Scotland's best pole vaulter offering teaching in anything athletics related in Glasgow

My experience as an elite pole vaulter has given me extensive technical knowledge about all the different jumping events in athletics. My lessons will also cover the training and diet necessary to not only perform at a high level in athletics, but to look and feel healthy.

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Would like to be fit and flawless? Please get in touch and make the impossible possible.

The teaching will mainly be based on practical learning and techniques. Depending on your fitness level and interest in running would be created a specific tailored to your preferences training programme. I have been coaching individuals between 14-18 years old for 2 years and have been consulting people around their 30s.

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College Athlete studying/competing in the USA. Compete in 400m-800m & Cross Country. Located in Carlisle over summer/winter breaks.

I am currently a student-athlete in the USA where I am earning a degree in Psychology & Behavioural Science and competing in athletics. I compete in middle distances during track season, and Cross Country (5km-6km) during the Autumn. I have experience writing training plans for beginners to regional standard, which are based off of current fitness levels.

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Boy offering running classes and club to improve your running to a greater stander

my teaching method is to slow nature you into becoming not only faster but more efficient runner, i would do this by slowly increasing pace of runs and showing proper technique.This would be done in both sessions and will be a good way to increase your liking for running.

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College student, competitive sprinter offering classes for developing sprinting techniques to improve their performance

I approach each technique in its entirety, concentrating on one skill at a time (e.g crouch starts developing into sprint/ block starts) once the skill has been learnt and mastered, overall fitness training will occur, making them the best performer they can possibly be.

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Athletic performance coach with degree, beginner to elite experience. Based in Sussex

I am an athletic performance coach, who coaches individuals of all ages. As well as performance based tutoring/coaching. I teach academic units From secondary age; skill development and leadership to degree level; studying sports coaching; to expanding active coaches knowledge on how to progress athletes athletically. Sessions are practical or theory based on needs.

Cape Town
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Athletics running coach for all ages, beginners, experienced and amateur athletes in Cape Town

I train athletes based on their athletes goals and races. Bringing enjoyment and passion to the sessions is important to me as a coach. Training sessions can take place on the track as well as road running and field exercising.

Lennox Head
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1st lesson offered free !

Guinness World Record Holder Ultra Marathon Coach Online Based Will Get You Reach Your Running Goals

After an initial conversation and information gathering session to assess your level of fitness, running history, availability for training and goals, I put together a weekly training plan. The plan is available in an online training platform which is free for you to access and have a beautiful smartphone app which sync with your GPS watch and you can use to add comments to every session.

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Track and Field x3 State Champion of Pole Vault and 4x4 Relay

I usually work with people one-on-one to give them customized workouts, but a group of friends could be great time. when there are more people, that means that you have more encouragement with you. My coaching is based on what you put in. If you work as hard as you can with the activities i give you, you will succeed in many ways.

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Sprints Coach with 8 years experience and 4 years collegiate experience for running 400m and under.

I am a former collegiate runner who earned a full athletic scholarship for a Division 1 university. I have excelled at the belief of practice makes perfect. I am very easy to work with and will have a workout geared towards bettering your running positions and skills and most of all speed. I am offering my experience and knowledge for any track athlete running the 400m , 200m , and/or 100m dashes.

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College students in engineering gives sprinting lessons and selestions,in nit meghalaya .


1st lesson offered free !

My name is lexi , im a young female and would like to help train and practice with anyone close to the alamo /san juan area . I've ran in trach and field since kinder , workout regularly and would lik

I teach and train the person im dealing with how ever they feel most comfortable and what ever they feel like they need help in . I love to see people push them selfs and succed so to help would be an acomplishment to me already .

Sultan Bathery
1st lesson offered free !

Student in central university giving tips to young sprinters and how love sports

Am like to give tips I will say how can you improve your speed and stamina I will teach by chat

1st lesson offered free !

A good run brings best in you. Let's Run together and keep running for a healthier life.

My teaching methodology is keep trying untill you succeed. It is not a quote but it is a strategy for success.

1st lesson offered free !

I'm a athlete and I have 8years experience in school and college....

My methodology based on the student and there talent bases I wl teach all sports and games....

Om prakash
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Students in govt.collage give from commerce high eduCation sikar I am very good.

My teaching method is very good. I base my class on very exatide .i approch the topice by topice .

1st lesson offered free !

Under class 8th students I will trend very easily for 100mtrs sprint

My teaching methods is not so strictly I will teach all the students just like my friends and teach very well all the students

1st lesson offered free !

How to run fast.. gradual sprint work outs for kids and adults are available here

My coaching method depends on the age height weight of the athlete. Everybody can run fast.. if u r samrt .

1st lesson offered free !

Mame ur body fragile by practice 100 time of skill need in sprinter. Revolution in sprinting

Jogging, warm up, skill breakup in each part, increasing will power of athletes, stamina increaseup by making athlete to run more than 1 hour

1st lesson offered free !
1st lesson offered free !

I was a headboy of my school sports team.won many medals in sprint races as well as prepared many sprinters who today are performing well in different levels.

My teaching methods are very simple.firstly I usually pay more attention on person physical fitness.I give more focus on different types of useful experience exercise that boost stamina and persons confidence.

New Delhi
1st lesson offered free !

Engineering school for physics subject and no school for Delhi physics subject

Yes I m national player games of athletics event 100 to 400 MTR I like athletic games I love game

1st lesson offered free !

This is national athlete and wanted to teach or give information about sprint and running workout for your fitness and sports

I have gave many results in my career as a student and teacher both that's why I am great. I became so friendly while I teaching to my students and running is my passion that's why I have many achievements in running.

A. López Mateos
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Student of the Faculty of Sports gives courses of preparation and practical work for the development of resistance and strength required for obstacle courses of 5km, 13km and 21km (Spartan Race yo

This course I would like to take it in a theoretical-practical way; since it is an aspect that requires not only practice; if not of constancy and a structured planning to achieve the objectives of higher level of demand. It is this aspect I like to take the body to the current limit to achieve progress; and give the theory so that it is recorded and can be applied as required.

1st lesson offered free !

Coaching / Personal Training Service at PISA with Professor-Coach. Specific Objectives. Training program. example: Armed Forces Competition Training. High jump. Tractions. Jump in Lun

Coaching / Personal Training Service at PISA with Professor-Coach. Specific Objectives. Training program. example: Armed Forces Competition Training. High jump. Tractions. Long jump. Michele Moni Coach. Athletics. Sweet gymnastics. Postural gymnastics. Training. Coach Pisa. Rope uphill .... . . . . .

1st lesson offered free !

We are here to strenthen your leg muscles and help to attain highest pace with desired time

I would give the best way out for every problem in an practical mannner where thinking would be logically and practise would be practically

1st lesson offered free !

I don't want to say much , because I believe in practical knowledge ...

I believe in practical teaching have a demo and you'll find what type of coach am I ..... true ...

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Perfect! Pat has been brilliant in coaching my 10-year-old to sprint, he’s punctual and excellent in keeping my son focussed and motivated. N

Matthew, student
1 year ago
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