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Succesful Law Graduate offering life coaching and professional development tutoring online and in Manchester

I tailor my classes to each individual's needs. If you need the training to build confidence, improve networking skills or even just to help build a stronger CV profile or help with applications then look no further. I am a hands-on and passionate teacher and happy to help you build yourself and love to see people transform into new confident and bold individuals.

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Certified Hypnotherapy Practitioner, NLP Practitioner of Time Line Therapy and NLP Practitioner gives Life Coaching and Goal Setting sessions in Peterborough area

I use NLP Coaching , Time Line Therapy and Hypnotherapy techniques to support others in achieving life success. Whether you are interested in a career change, are going through personal change or have a life goal to achieve such as weight loss or giving up smoking, I have a sensational tool kit of mind challenging, life altering techniques and processes to catapult you to success.

Greater London
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Warm, friendly and approachable life coach experienced in a diverse range of issues!

I would always start with an assessment of your needs and work around that, using a person-centered approach means that you are at the center of our plan to support you. Once I have gathered enough information we would then decide what approach would be best for you.

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Bristol based life coaching: Tackle barriers productively! Achieve your dreams! Live your passion! Try a class for free

Lessons will be based on what you want to achieve! What areas are you happy with in your life and what areas are you unhappy with? Are you living your passion or do you need help working it out? Theories and exercises that might be relevant to your journey include: Environmental factors, CBT, overcoming negative emotions, positive focus, links between mental and physical health, the...

Greater London
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Impossible is nothing. Impossible is a dare. Impossible is temporary. I'll help turn your 'impossible' into reality.

I teach the positive thinking needed to achieve your potential. I have past experience training mentors and students on how to reach their potential. I give lessons to people in and around London and can be flexible on location and timings. I am an avid and perpetual student on positive thinking, life coaching, law, politics and business management.

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Personality Development & Life Hacks by Sara Alam, Professional Life Coach in United Kingdom

Every individual is unique and so the study pattern adopted is tailored to the needs of each individual. I am privileged to work with young and old alike from the field of cricket to media to the wonderful individual beings I meet on a daily basis, and to be a guiding factor in their lives. I facilitate your overall development by providing tips and exercises that form a part of your daily life.

Greater London
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Upgrade relationships resolve challenges. Transformation and empowerment coaching on deep soul level. Removing subconscious blockages

Hello, My name is Konsuelo Ester Nova. I am an Empowerment and Transformational coach. Are you ready to : *Find your purpose in life. *Deepen your relationships with others. *Understand yourself better and gain clarity in your life. *Learn how to transform challenging emotions. *Come back to your power within. *Return to inner peace. *Resolve fear and insecurities.

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Qualified college student gives life advice and support for teens and young adults (mental health or general life stress)

I am passionate towards helping others with a variety of issues involving mental health or general life. I am an empathetic listener who is understanding and caring towards every individual. My sessions involve a brief introduction of each other, followed by an exploration of the topics you wish to discuss.

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Youth work and social care professional with 10 years experience gives lessons on self development coaching and conflict management

I use all types of learning activities and adapting learning to suit the individual learners needs, so they get the best out of the learning. The methodology I use with learners depends on the individual and what has worked in the past for the learner. This can include visual aids, audio aids or even practice elements.

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Get you back In control of your life in all aspects and just a better version of yourself

Help you get out there and enjoy life to the fullest, teach you that where there is a will there is a way.

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Life is Challenging But not Impossible- Trained in Special Educational Needs and Behaviour Management

Having worked with specific needs and individual challenges of pupil I have learnt as a Tutor and Mentor that lessons are more than just -by the book, it's more about catering to each individual's pace of understanding and following instructions and setting goals and next steps that are easily achievable.

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Life-Coach and Mentor offering one to one personal coaching, mentoring, goal setting and more.

My teaching method is based around relaxed sessions where we work together to identify and set out your goals before we implement a strategy that's personally tailored to your needs to help you get where you want to be. The sessions will very from you doing most of the talking, to me talking and asking questions, to using exercises to help you reach you goal.

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Personal development- body/mind approach, counselling, stress management or just a normal conversation. Psychology student and mentor. Try me, first session is free! Don't let your mood decide about y

My teaching methods are based on your needs. Not every exercise will be suitable for everyone so I'm approaching everyone individually. I will use many psychological exercises taken from CBT therapy, mindfulness and many other. I'm taking into account your diet too, your attitude, nutrition, environment and your life situation.

Sutton Coldfield
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Positive Thinker in the arts of being beautiful and yourself in Birmingham

My teaching method is talking with the student, helping them in anyway possible, I have helped people with different types of processes.

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Development student offering conflict management and stress management lessons in London schools.

CURRICULUM VITAE 2.PERSONAL PROFILE A highly motivated and enthusiastic graduate with a good knowledge of education with economics and projects planning and management profession, from my young age. I am able to use my own initiative and work as a part of team under pressure to meet challenging deadlines or objectives. I use to perform better all assigned duties.

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Medical student, who knows exactly how difficult school can be, and wants to offer support to those in need

I'm a medical student who has tackled the difficulties school can throw at you. I've dealt with bullying, mental health issues, and stress whilst at school. I didn't enjoy school, but I did get through it. I would love to be a support to someone who could benefit from having someone to talk to or vent to, as at the end of the day, that would've helped me when I was struggling.

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Online Life coach- Learning to live the life you want to live

These lessons are for anyone. The only qualification needed is IGCSe in English grade A-D, because I will be teaching in English. We will review all aspects of life that can affect our well-being and techniques to change negative circumstances into positive.

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Multidisciplinary professional who loves helping people to improve and reach their best.

Using too many "I"s to show how to help to improve "YOU" As a graduated Life and Career Coach, I have already helped more than 100 people to excel in their lives using a 360º method for permanent improvement and development.

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Life Coach looking to help and guide you through the next steps

Please get in touch to discuss your requirements in full. Either a one off discussion or you can sign up for a course. As a tutor I take my lead from you. TOgether we can work towards a plan of what you need and what you expect.

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Change your reality, life, positive mindset with taking massive action right now!

I have experienced years and years of having to work on myself before I teach others. I have done a lot of therapy and work on mind shifting for a while now. I can talk from experience. My teaching skills will be about how to shift your mindset, how to find your purpose in life, also taking action and how to improve your social skills.

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Recent Oxford Postgrad and National Champion Debater Looking to Help You Excel in Every Situation

My teaching method is based on your needs. I have taught 1-to-1 basic classes that cover theory and practice of public speaking. I have taught simulation classes of interviews, speeches, and business management. I am also well-versed in pedagogy of teaching both children and adults in group settings.

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Psychology graduate offering support and psychology insights to help you achieve your goals

I engage with you personally and aim to fully understand your background and your goals, I can then offer the best advice suitable for you and help you create a plan to reach your goals. I can offer as much support as needed.

Greater London
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Psychology student wanting to make sure you live a life you love!

Hey there beautiful human, with a degree in creative brand communications specialising in copywriting and currently studying psychology, I have a passion for living life with the right attitude! After all we only have control over this very moment, why not make sure we can get the best out of it? I am fun and loving, ready to coach you to become the person who you've dreamed about.

High Wycombe
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Sports coaching graduate offering, sports professional development or health and wellbeing advice.

Currently holding a bachelors degree in sports coaching and development. Willing to give lessons to any individual capability. Am willing to offer support, guidance in all aspects of sport and wellbeing. Myself as a tutor will ensure you are comfortable, and have a pleasant learning experience.

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A university student in education Department gives stress management and life coaching lessons to beginners in kenya

Tips: Simply describe your teaching here by answering the questions above am a university student I offer canceling to those students who are depressed and have no idea on how to tackle their problems through positive thinking and stress management lessons

Greater London
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Graduate offers advice, support and skills to help your life become full of happiness and positive vibe. Yoga, fitness coach, life coach and more. Beat stress and succeed in your dreams.

Who am I? - A graduate of human sciences, philosopher of life and lover of animals and nature. Who are you? - A person looking for a little direction, motivation, inspiration and a lot of happiness and success! You are wonderful and if you don't think it now you will do soon! When? Where? How? - Anytime! From the comfort of your own home or on the move.

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Experienced Registered nurse offering personal health lessons - BSc hons, MBA, PGCE

My teaching method is based around question and answer sessions. I aim to give the learner as much ownership as I can related to their lessons and will adapt learning styles to meet their individual needs. I like lessons to be interactive and fun.

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Virtual life assistant. Positive spiritual free thinker, looking to use my time, life experience and knowledge to change lives for the better. Birmingham based but free to travel if you prefer face to

I like to identify the main cause or reason you are not reaching your goals and then strip them down in order to eliminate them and break the cycle. I will set specific tasks for you to help you achieve your goals and plans to take you out of your comfort zone and bring you to the next level of you! I will also provide mental excercises to help you break free of any negative thoughts.

Greater London
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The Art of Public Speaking: Creative Mentoring and Mindfulness to enliven your self confidence and your unique public speaking style. Tutoring from internationally experienced professional storytell

I am an internationally experienced degree educated professional storyteller, martial arts tutor and informal educator. I have been Mentoring, Tutoring and Coaching children, young people and adults in personal development for over 20 years.

Greater London
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Stress management programs, techniques and strategies from a trained Therapist - online

Lessons on managing stressors - for anyone, from professionals to students, mothers to fathers, adults to children.

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