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Young actor / director released from the conservatory gives effective tools for public speaking, stress management, declamation / phonetics, sensory exploration, awakening of the senses, presence, s

My teaching method is based on concrete tools such as breathing, listening and awareness of the body, body impulses. Works based on improvisation aimed at letting go of the mind, control, and work relationship to abandonment. Benevolent listening to stress, body-scanning and warm-ups that help to better mobilize his relationship to the present.

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Stress Management with Scott Fardella - Learn The Art of Not Caring

My instructional methods are a mixture of strategies based on my professional experience and personal strategies I've learned and applied to situations in my own life that I have found to be effective.

Old Toongabbie
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ACT NOW! Learn the art of communication (written & verbal) using role-play & various other techniques taught by a professional with years of industry and teaching experience under her belt.

I believe in having fun - it is vital to establish a great rapport, awesome dynamic and an atmosphere of trust. Then, can we take risks and step outside of the box. I believe in communication there are no right or wrongs, rather there are more engaging ways of getting a message across. My classes are fun, there is no judgment and no dignity to worry about.

Porto Alegre
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Doctor in Learning and Neurosciences helps to improve the development in different areas

The way to work is to first identify the most efficient forms of learning for the student and set goals for achieving their personal development. This methodology is intended for those who wish to discover personal potential in the development and improvement of their skills beyond repetitive content.

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Experienced social worker, therapist and counsellor available to help with stress management in the Coffs Harbour/Nambucca Valley or on-line

Together we will explore your problem story and uncover your strong story, to reconnect with your skills, values and knowledge to get through difficulties you are currently experiencing. I use a range of creative methods such as storytelling, drawing, clay, music, sport, nature, or whatever your interest.

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A Certified Life Coach Who Helps Clients Re-empower Themselves and Feel Fulfilled

My approach with each student is a very individualized one. While I coach using the same key and proven concepts and frameworks, I have a multitude of strategies and exercises to pull form based off of the client's personality, needs, strengths, and objectives.

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Psychologist gives classes in understanding and conflict management, mediation, personal and / or professional coaching

Psychologist from Universidad del Valle, applies a multidisciplinary approach in teaching. I support the value of constant learning and I have experience and capacity for group mastery and instruction in them. I seek to provide foundations and open spaces for debate, autonomous search for knowledge and their respective appropriation.

East Perth
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I want people to know they are more then the difficulties and challenges they are facing in this life. Are you a Youth? have you been under attack by the media, as well as the entertainment of music a

I'm very friendly, caring and enthusiastic nature and a genuine passion working with children all I want from you is to do your best. Are you fed-up with living ? please don't hear and listen I wan you to be facing on to know how a special creature of God you are. I want you to know you're loved God made you in His image and likeness. God has a very great purpose and plan for your existence.

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Learn to manage stress and be more serene everyday with sophrology !

My name is Filipa DOS SANTOS, sophrologist certified RNCP. Classes are for adults, teens and children from 4 years old. I teach you sophrology techniques that can manage stress (controlled breaths, gentle movements and deep relaxation with positive visualizations) At first appointment, we will define together your goal.

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A qualified dentist cum behavioral psychologist can help you to sort out your in life problems

My teaching method is very simple and straight and based on practical aspects of any subject keeping in mind my KISS ( keep it simple and straight) formula.

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Success Mindset Coach mentors students, parents, professionals to achieve desired results they want in the field of studies, sports or personal well being.

Participants are made to go through experiential learning. Because experience is the best way to learn effortlessly. Study material is also provided as and when needed and relevant. Various types of exercise are created using scientific methods to ensure deeper and stronger learning.

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Holistic Personal Coach for Happy & Stress free Living ( Yoga ,Ayurveda & Meditation )

His workshop consists of Suksham Vyamam, simple & Effective Asanas, Pranayamams , Relaxation techniques and fun filled group games to burst out accumulated stress and tension. Some of the corporate for which he conducted sessions are in Trichy , Chennai & Kerala. He has right now taken Yoga as a Full time career and his aim is to create stress- free and happy world around him.

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Certified Empowerment Life Coach gives private and group coaching for women in the GTA

Anchelaa uses various techniques to bring truth and awareness to the forefront of one’s life in a compassionate and empathetic way. She is committed to bringing the very best of what she is living and learning, and to keep it real and honest along the way.

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Teacher of Mindfulness, Mental Coach and Yoga offers online and in-person journeys!

Are you looking for a practical way to reduce stress? Have you already tried yoga, taichi or "holistic guru" courses without finding the solution? Paths of Mindfulness and Coaching in person or online.

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Highly experienced business woman with 8+ years of international experience gives Personal Growth Lessons

My teaching method starts with identifying the real issue to maximise the investment made. It is STRICTLY INDIVIDUAL with every student in order to benefit them. I am very careful, straight forward and my lessons are not to give students a theory a let them go. My main goal is for them to unleash their knowledge and work it with me during the lesson.

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Semi retired: many years in community health in BC focused on individualized care

My approach is like a teacher and mentor. We discuss, learn, come up with plans that work. Stress, planning, to do lists, tools that work. Calm and focused style. I have spent most of my career in community health, mental health and have real life experience as well as a degree in Psychology with graduate studies in Leadership and Linguistics.

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Get to me to get to know your potential and your capacity.

I follow the most interactive and creative way to be in a fun loving space and take all the freedom to learn from everything and just everything around you. we have all the framework and i can help see everything with a different spectrum.

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Conflict as Value: how to negotiate conflict effectively from an Accredited Mediator

I teach Connected Communication, which is based on Marshall Rosenberg's Nonviolent Communication.

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Integral therapist specialized in mindfulness and regression offers attention to the management of stress, through the understanding of one's own being. Bachelor of Medicine.

My methodology is personalized, depending on the needs and reality of each person, since we all experience life differently and respond to our environment according to how we have learned to interpret it. This is where the therapy works, how we let this interpretation affect us. Each session lasts approximately one hour.

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I'm a graduate of the early childhood leadership degree program, my leadership skills provide support for the healthy well-being of all individuals

Every individual is different, everyone learns differently, the task as an Early Childhood Leader is to find education in activities that intrigue each individual. In a sense my duty is to find out how each individual develops and what engages them in the learning and development needed to gain the proper skills to succeed to their next chapter.

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Yoga-pranayama is the master key for being healthy for along time with a positiveness in mind.

my teaching system is simple and systematic, yogasans are not giving you strain,they give you internal strengthful ness and your body stemina is increases gradually, i have my class on system of yoga and pranayam,I approach with my teaching with practicals with nerrating the benefits of the yogas you learn from me.

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Special Education Teacher, using Behavioral Techniques to improve children and adults lifestyles.

My teaching method focuses on the Individual. I believe, that just as any 2 people are different, the way each person learns is also unique. During my time as an educator I spent most of my career working with individuals diagnosed with Autism.

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Certified Life Coach (Law of Attraction) offers private coaching sessions on the phone

My coaching is designed to create of relationship made of trust where you can feel comfortable to speak your truth without any judgement. The sessions are on the phone so you can be in the place of your choice that feels good to you. I will guide you with tools and processes to help you create everlasting success.

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Current Bachelor of Counselling student, who knows the struggle. Let me help.

I am dedicated to helping others actualize themselves. I practice what I preach, and I constantly try to improve upon myself and be the best I can be. Although, at the same time, I try to be aware of the fact that we are only human and therefore, we sometimes cannot perform life to the efficient of say...a robot (AKA: flawlessly).

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I teach health and well being in the Toronto area focusing mainly on conflict management, stress management and positive psychology.

I adapt my teaching style to each individual student. I am flexible and get along with all types of people however my primary experience is working with elementary students. I am very patient, personable and attentive to each student I work with.

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As a founder of SWANUBHUTI YOGA AND MEDITATION CENTRE GHAZIABAD, I am a professional yoga and meditation instructor and trainer. As a freelancer, I have 4yrs of experience in teaching medita

I am a professional yoga and meditation instructor and trainer. As a freelancer, I have 4yrs of experience in teaching meditation and traditional Patanjali yoga and hath yoga in many ashrams and studio all over India.I love using the skills I have learned to spread the love and benefits of yoga. With a passion for yoga therapy and promoting the healing aspects of yoga.

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Health Coach, Advanced Client-Centered Consultant (ACCC), providing life coaching for secondary and post-secondary individuals, with over 5 years experience.

I possess excellent interpersonal and communication skills, the ability to be supportive, discreet and non-judgemental about individual’s lives and aspirations, good level of fitness health, a responsible attitude to health and safety, and proficient organizational skills to maintain accurate discipline .

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Stress Management, Personnel Coaching, life Coaching to those student who are stuck in some negative thoughts.

what i will teach is with my personnel experience about life. because i have seen my life with lots of difficulties and tough situation. To handle all those situation person must have Positive Attitude towards life and i have that attitude and with that attitude i want to help those who really need it.

Pitt Meadows
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Scared to speak in public? Hire a french TV and radio reporter!

My technique is based of my own experience of stress just before doing my radio or TV live hit. I will teach you a method tested for 20 years that I created and taught to young reporters. This method includes yoga techniques and visualisation practices.

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Clinical Psychologist gives advice and training in psychology issues in Chihuahua City

I like to teach in a free way, following a constructivist current where the student's learning is generated thanks to the cognitive scaffolding, as well as facilitating the teaching-learning process by identifying the individual abilities of the students. As well, we can provide some counselling.

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