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Expert And Engaging Online Dyscalculia Maths Tutor. Your Child Will Learn in a Supportive and Nurturing Environment.

Your child will receive one hour of Dyscalculia tuition. I tailor the class to your child's needs and I determine this based on their interests, personality, primary mode of learning (kinesthetic, auditory, visual), ability level and emotional state. I provide a supportive and nurturing environment so that children can feel safe and develop or master their love for learning.

Central York
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Diane Kirk M.Ed - Individual Tuition for Dyscalculia, Maths learning difficulties (including maths anxiety) and Dyslexia, in York.

When tutoring students for maths, I first assess them informally to find their most basic areas of weakness and take them back to that point to ensure there are strong foundations in place. Dyscalculic pupils are those who are in the lowest 10% to 15% for maths in their age group, and have continued to fall further and further behind their peers as they have moved through primary school.

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Spanish special needs teacher offering to work hard to enable your child to reach his full potential.

I do not follow a particular methodology. I adapt my lessons or sessions to the child needs so I use what I see it works for the child. I always tend to use multi-sensory approach since it works for both special needs and mainstream kids. I have created a Facebook page where I share articles and interesting facts for parents who like to be up to date with methodologies, research etc.

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Patient and enthusiastic primary Tutor in Malvern and Ledbury; ‘making learning fun’.

I enjoy working with children as a tutor and seeing the accelerated progress that they can make in a short period of time. In order for a student to make this progress work needs to be carefully tailored to their needs. I like to look at where the student is currently and fill in the gaps in order to move them forward. I am available to tutor between 4 and 7pm on week days.

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Stephanie - Rotherhithe, Bermondsey, Greenwich, London - patient, experienced and qualified dyscalculia and maths tutor

I am very patient and love helping students of all ages to develop greater confidence in mathematics. My aim is to teach real understanding as well as to pass exams as I believe mathematical and logical thinking skills are for lifelong use.


Maths/ English SEN tutor - London - MSc Educational Psychology graduate - six years experience working in schools supporting children with SEN

I am an experienced and enthusiastic SEN and academic tutor, with 6 years' experience working with children and young people in education. I foster an approach centred on developing confidence, self-belief and an autonomous learning style. My tutoring style uses a person centred approach, that enables the student to manage their own learning overtime.

Vigo Village
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I’m a 16 year old a-level student who does maths as an option looking to tutor as a part time job.

I think that I’m good at breaking down questions and subjects students are having problems with so that it’s easier for them to understand. I can always help with homework and class work just bring it with you and please note down any subjects the student is having trouble with.

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Engineering student offering maths and physics lessons in Portsmouth. I have excelled in calculus and linear algebra.

My name is Mohamad Ramadan, born on the 29th of March 1998 in Barja, Lebanon. I will try to use the best teaching maths ways by explaining the rules and the theory and solve high numbers of problems together.

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Trainee Teacher offering support for children who need extra support in Mathematics

I am currently a trainee teacher on a Primary Education degree so I do a lot of work on teaching approaches and techniques to aid children's learning. I am passionate about teaching and aim to provide children with a positive educational experience. I adapt my teaching style to the individual needs of each child as to give each child the best opportunity to achieve.

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Highly qualified, open and friendly primary school teacher willing to tutor 4-12 year olds, or adult learners, in Reading, Writing and Maths. I am willing to travel to you.

I think my class would tell you that our learning is based on enjoyment and engagement! I like to use a wide variety of resources and ensure that the learners’ needs are being appropriately met. Nothing should be too difficult or too easy! Like Goldilocks, we want our learning to be just right! Fun is a major factor with lots of discussion and interesting, engaging resources.

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Health and Social Care student at Arden University. I’ve also studied English language and Literature at A-Level. I tutor people with dyslexia and of a foreign language in the beauty of the English la

I teach by being patient and understanding that everybody learns differently. It’s society that gives us these labels, but we are all just different learns, in our own unique way. I too struggled in school, but I learnt by accepting help.

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I'm a primary teacher with SEN experience offering support and extension lessons for primary pupils

Children learn when they are confident, feel safe and are successful. Most pupils have a one hour lesson, usually given in my home where I provide an environment for children to be effective, enthusiastic learners, preparing for their life in future society.

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Early Years Teacher Graduate ready to help aid your life long learning.

My teaching method is a child centered approach. I will make a lesson engaging by catering to the child's needs and interests. I will take the time to understand where the child is at and adapt my lesson accordingly.

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Engineering student with classroom experience, to support all students in mathematical related subjects.

The approach I take is to ensure that students are moving along with the syllabus in a homogeneous way, that way no one is left behind. I prefer to check with students frequently of their understanding, whilst giving the chance to other students to progress quicker if they can. This can be difficult but with positivity and encouragement all students all capable of great success.

Central Birmingham
(1 review)

Jacqueline - Central Birmingham - Support for Students with Autism

I have experience working with children of all abilities. I have acquired various teaching strategies over the years which has increased my ability to help children raise their self esteem and confidence levels in order to progress. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach all the subjects I have indicated above.

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Finance Student offering math lessons in Birmingham. I can drive to your home

My teaching method is based on making a lot of exercises, you will not be bored with me ;). I firstly explain the topic to give you understanding what you doing, then by solving a lot of examples we can achieve high results.

Station Approach
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Need some help for your children to improve mathematics and English from age 5-10 years old in London (Harrow).

My teaching method is that I give tuition individually as well as in a small group of student. The way how I will approach to the student, I would like to give them plenty of time to adjust with the tutor and become friendly with them so that they feel more comfortable while learning.

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A helping hand for all primary school children across the curriculaand SEND support

As a passionate and enthusiastic individual; I believe I can deliver a wide range of different learning experiences, which are enjoyable but also meet the learning goals. It has always fascinated me how different people learn and develop; making a difference to the learner on their journey through the different educational stages is the most important role I can fulfil.

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Lessons for Special Educational Needs and Extra Support for Children with Learning Difficulties

Having worked in a school for children with a range of SEN, I understand the time and patience needed and how valuable extra support is. Every child is different and learns in a different way. I keep lessons short and concise but regular.

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Math is easy.. Just need to make our foundation a lil bit strong. Wanna get started?

I am also a student but I have been helping my juniors in the subject. My method of teaching is, firstly I explain the topic. Then I will give some examples and finally give some questions for the student to solve. If doubt does not arise, then it's good. But if it arises, then it's much better..

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Friendly Female Environmental Science Student willing to help with Maths/ Science Subjects up to Degree Level

My teaching method is to practice theory with exam style questions after learning the basics, I am patient and empathise when the student is often baffled by the problem. I would be calm and coherent as well as setting out bite sized revision materials, to assist with the continued development.

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Lover of everything psychology and statistics. Offering to help students in need of maths or psychology support

I am a first year psychology student in the UK. My lessons are for anyone between middle and high school who wants step-by-step friendly online help with after school lessons and homework.

South Shields
1st lesson offered free !

An experienced SEN worker in final year of degree gives all round support and lessons in the North East

By adopting an individual learner based approach it allows the learner to get the most out of each session. Having clear objectives and interactive lessons mean that the learner knows what they are going to get out of each session and have the opportunity to put some of themselves into every topic.

1st lesson offered free !

Professional teaching assistant with 15 years experience in helping primary children with a variety if learning difficulties in heacham/Hunstanton area Norfolk

Looking to help primary age children .key stage 2 with specific learning needs in maths, English , reading, handwriting . Phonics sounds And to help build their confidence that is needed in the day to day needs if the child.

1st lesson offered free !

MSc student offering help in various subject e.g Maths, Economics, English etc.

I base my class upon simple understanding, it usually depends on the ability of the student. My pace is flexible and based on the satisfaction of the student. I believe in practical learning more than just theoretical learning filled with examples.

1st lesson offered free !

Law graduate who can teach law upto graduate level and beyond I.e Legal Practice Course. I would also like to help those with difficulties. I am open to areas of learning to teach.

My teaching methodology is communication In a clear and simple form. I believe communicating such ideas through verbal/written and interaction is key. Thus, allowing for the student to be able to understand, respond and feel confident in the subject and the ability to pass all examinations with this exact mindset.

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Master SEN - Paisley- M.Ed. TESOL Teacher of Primary Greek Spanish Assistant

I have a Bachelor on Primary Education from University of Athens and a Master on Special Educational Needs from University of East London. Now I will start a Master at UWS. Also i have experience working as a Special Education Assistant with Pupils with Asperger, ADHD, Dyslexia and Leanrning Difficulties.

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Functional Skills, English, maths and employment skills in and around the Durham area

I have a lot of experience working with people aged between 8 - 62, with a variety of abilities and learning styles. I have knowledge of English, maths, sports and employment skills. I use different teaching strategies tailored to each individual learner.

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Petroleum engineering student tutor in coventry university offering courses in oil and gas

I teach degree classes but wont mind helping with basic physics and chemistry. I dont have a specific methodology because i understand the psychology of human beings therefore i work with responsiveness of my client. I try to understand key problems while giving appropriate solutions.

1st lesson offered free !

Student offering support to students with additional support needs. I am nice.

I like to take my students step by step through what they need to do. I like to explain things to them clearly and reassure them when they are upset or shy or just worried at all. I would like to be able to teach well.

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