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Hi! I'm an engineering student offering maths and science tutoring in London or Sheffield.

I like to approach topics methodically when teaching based on the student's weaknesses as this is how I work through my own work. I find diagrams and examples very helpful, so these would be used a lot in my tutoring. I am friendly and fun, which is important in engaging the students with their work. It also helps them remember when working through problems themselves.

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Maths student ate University of Oxford offering maths lessons in the city

My teaching methodology is highly problem-based. I believe that solving maths problems motivates all the theories/formulas and etc., so I would like to start a session taking problems and then talk about all the ideas involved in the problems. Still, everything will be pretty flexible, and I am more than happy to change methods of delivering a class if you would like me to do so.

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Maths tutoring by an Engineer professional with a Master's Degree and 10 years past tutoring experience, to GCSE, A-level and university students in London and Surrey area

My name is Anri. I've lived in Greece for 11 years and in Italy for 12 years. I've got a Master's degree in building engineering and I've been tutoring for almost a decade now. I know that it is difficult for a student to comprehend some subjects and that's why I never give for granted anything.

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Mathematics Lessons in Cambridge for children, teenagers and adults (MoS in Architecture)

· I teach at the student's home on an agreed timetable · I have 5 years of experience on private lessons and tuition · Levels of my classes are: Primary Education, Secondary Education, High School and Adult Lessons · I impart lessons of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Geometry, Biology, History, Music, Languages and general reinforcement lessons · The tuition may be centred either on just on

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Maths teacher offering maths lessons in Kent (Canterbury) and London (British Library).

I focus on teaching the concepts and thus give pupils the foundation for understanding maths. Once you have the foundations, we can move on to skills and then problem solving. Maths is fun, when you know how to do it.

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Experienced Oxford graduate tutors Maths online for GCSE, A LEVEL and IB

My approach to teaching Maths is to engender confidence in my students by showing that they can master each step. It is necessary to establish what they have missed or find difficulty with. I am a British certified teacher with many years experience of helping students to understand Maths.

Greater london
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Experienced science tutor offering online tutoring in Physics, Math and Chemistry subjects

My students come from a broad profile spectrum. I've worked with all age groups, from elementary school to high school, university and even people in their retirement years. Currently I mostly teach IB and IGCSE students from various international schools around the world.

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Maths Doctor with 10+ years experienced offering tutoring service in Uxbridge, Hillingdon, London, UK

Tutoring Approach SATs & 11+: Dr Puri mainly help students in solving sample paper questions. He helps students to develop technique to solve questions using short and long method (when possible). If the student is particular weak in a topic, a full lesson dedicate in confidence building in the weak areas.

Muhammad ali
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Qualified and experienced, PhD (electrical Engineering) researcher offering mathematics lessons in Guildford

My approach is totally based on student, I will first listen to the student and then try to develop notes as per his/her understanding. I am open to taking lectures that falls into my area of expertise. I am more focused towards building concepts by developing the lectures as simple as possible.

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Engineering Ph.D. holder with Physics Olympiad honor giving lessons in math and physics

I am a mechanical engineering bachelor and Ph. D degree holder. I served as teaching assistant during my doctoral education where I teach and solve problems for 1st and 2nd-year university students. I generally prefer deductive teaching for topics that required to be learned in depth and go for inductive teaching method when only shallow knowledge of a subject is required.

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Passionate Maths graduate offering Maths lessons from KS1 to A-Levels in London

-I evaluate students learning styles and implement lesson plans concentrating on their abilities. -I develop instructional materials to help students understand the concepts of mathematics easily. -I assess students often to determine their understanding and progress.

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Psychology student with 5 years experience in tutoring Maths based in Huddersfield

My teaching style is hands on, I like to make sure my students understand what is being taught by giving plenty of examples and explaining the work followed by letting them practice themselves. I then would go over the work with them to see if they understood and work from there to help them further.

Bishop's Stortford
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Do you struggle in class? Do you feel embarrassed about your maths ability? Do you perform well in class but poorly in exams? You are not alone.

I hаve а pаtient аnd eаsy-gоing аpprоаch tо my tutоring thаt аllоws me tо mаke the leаrning fun аnd enjоyаble fоr yоur children. This cаn leаd tо а greаter retentiоn оf infоrmаtiоn they hаve leаrnt аnd cаn help fоr successful grоwth within the clаssrооm, аs well аs prоmоte higher levels оf cоnfidence in yоur children.

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Qualified Maths teacher that teaches up to A Level and to all exam boards.

I teach to the Exam Board or to the exam specification for entrance exams. I have a flexible approach to teaching that takes into consideration different learning styles, hence I endeavour to create variety in lessons, making use of activities during which learning takes place. I believe in developing a good teacher/student relationship and engaging students in the lessons.

1st lesson offered free !

Qualified Maths Teacher Offering Tutorials at Key Stage 2 & 3, GCSE and A Level

Whether you are aiming to meet the top grades, or just trying to get that pass, I will tailor each session for your needs to make sure you achieve the grade you deserve. By drawing upon my experience teaching maths in the classroom, I will help you: address any misconceptions you may have in the subject, introduce new ways of thinking and also master exam paper technique.

1st lesson offered free !

Engineering Masters Graduate offering Maths and Science Lessons up to GCSE Level

I approach my students in a patience and understanding manner as I was once a student. My teaching style is flexible to the students needs and difficulties.

Rayyan binti
1st lesson offered free !

An Earth Science student studying in UCL. Offering Math, Chemistry and English lesson up to university level.

I prefer to do a lesson face to face rather than online. But if you only available online we can discuss further for an arrangement. Each lesson will be around 2 hours. My style is more to assist you to understand things you have learnt rather than teaching you a new one.

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Keen and energetic mathematics tutor for 1:1 teaching current University student studying Mathematics and Statistics

I am keen to get students up to where they need to be and I usually work best from material in books and going over exercises with students. I am also able to create exercises on the spot from may different mathematics topics.

Milton Keynes
Erin marie
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A-Level student offering Maths tutoring up to GCSE Level in Milton Keynes

I teach very much how I like to be taught myself; I am a very visual learner and believe that students learn more effectively when they have a diagram that shows them what they have been given in the question and what it is that they must work out

(8 reviews)

Professional full time top London tutor (BSc,MSc) tutors Maths, Physics, General Science

My approach to tutoring is to consider every student as an individual and to make learning fun. I have a passion for the subjects that I teach and I try to enthuse my students too. A happy student is a more productive student and I endeavour to make my tutoring sessions a highlight of their week, rather than a chore.

1st lesson offered free !

Top Tutor offering Maths, English and 11+ in and around South East London

I base my tutoring around the homework supplied by the student. I am a highly experienced tutor, tutoring pupils up to the age of 16, including preparation for the 11+ and GCSE. I tutor Maths, Verbal Reasoning, Non-verbal Reasoning, English and Science.

Letchworth Garden City
(10 reviews)

Highly experienced tutor offering tailor made solutions to suit individual student's needs.

My style of coaching is pretty much hands-on ensuring that basic concepts are fully understood before doing plenty of practice using past papers and appropriate mark schemes. This is of course done taking into account of the students needs and focusing on the areas they may find challenging.

1st lesson offered free !

Don't Wait for GCSE and A level maths help. GET STARTED ASAP. £30's an hour

1) recognising the pattern , concept or rule being applied. 2) Model applicable situations and exam style questions. 3) Have you repeat the pattern, concept or rule with similar exam style questions.

1st lesson offered free !

Maths, art, religious studies and numeracy at a GCSE level around Wrexham and North Wales.

my method is to help students in GCSE revision and work to a method that suits them. I will work out how they best learn and adapt to that. for example I can work with visual learners by helping them to do mind maps or drawings whilst revising a topic.

1st lesson offered free !

KS3 / GCSE / A Level Student Teacher delivering Maths lessons in Preston/ North West

I tailor each tutoring session to the individual. I believe that practice of skills and developing skills through engaging activities is the perfect way to learn. I adapt each session to how the students prefer to learn, and what they want to focus on. In the first session I like to develop a week by week plan of what topics need to be the focus.

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Engineering student providing lessons in maths , physics from A-levels to University level. My aim is: helping students reach their potential. Empowering students to learn better !!

My teaching method is very easy. I make understand the way student perceives the topic. I approach the topic where it gives easy meanings. I want my students to actively participate in each lesson. I make sure that students have a chance to speak, express their thoughts, and share them with the class. I enjoy how their faces brighten every time.

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University of Warwick Mathematics graduate offering maths lessons around North Hertfordshire and Stevenage

I will give maths lessons up to A level standard, covering all A level modules.

St Albans
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3 years experience and friendly Maths Tutor local to St Albans with a first class maths degree

With summer exams approaching, I remember the stress that many students may be feeling and it is my aim to alleviate this and inspire the confidence that will help them succeed. You should contact me if you need tuition in any kind of maths up to A-Level and are looking for expert knowledge that will visibly improve your maths.

1st lesson offered free !

I have GCSE of the Maths A grade and BA of Technology engineering science degree, so maths is my life

I use to give homeworks and always some kind of small tests and like quiz and game on maths to make the subject easier to be learnt because a lot of people do not like the maths and found is very hard.

1st lesson offered free !

Professional Engineer and Manager passionate about academic mentoring of school students (Math)

I would love to teach/mentor students preparing for Year VIII, IX and X.

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Perfect! Lorenzo was really good about corresponding with me, and got in touch several times about my son's requirements and setting up the first meeting. He arrived on time and my son and he got on every well. We are looking forward to his next lesson.

Sarah, student
2 weeks ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Leo has been helping my son with A level maths, providing well planned lesson and giving excellent help with topics my son found difficult as well as exam preparation. I would thoroughly recommend Leo as a tutor!

Louise, student
1 month ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Andrew gives my teenage son support by helping him understand his math lessons and goes through his homework with him. Andrew is really understanding and by son finds him really approachable and kind. Thank you Andrea for helping my son build his...

Emma, student
2 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! I've been having difficulty with the most complicated topics in maths such as differential equations, trigonometry and linear algebra. He helped me to learn these topics, prepared for the exams and was very committed to my case. I was truly happy...

Vaida, student
3 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Catriona is a lovely, friendly girl who helped my daughter achieve an A in her Maths national 5 prelim after failing it last year. She made my daughter feel relaxed and confident, I would have no hesitation in recommending her as a tutor.

Margaret , student
3 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Responsible and on task. He is willing to answer persistent questions the tutee has.

Ziying, student
3 months ago
(6 reviews)

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