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Reiki healer yoga teacher for beginners to advance level practitioners. Type of yoga hatha, vinyasa or ashtanga.

I base my classes on the chakras of the body if my student is passing through a more emotional path. If they have any physical injury i focus on finding poses to release or strengthen the area. If the practitioner is looking to perfection-ate its practice or achievement i do the class depending on the pose the students want to achieve.

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I am a full-time yoga/teacher and have taught over 2500 hours of classes and workshops. Specializing in Ashtanga yoga, I also teach Hatha, yin, vinyasa and restorative yoga for student at various leve

I customize the program for each group (client) based on their goals and experience level, whether it be enhancing sports performance, general fitness, relaxation or rehabilitation.

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Good experience(8+ yrs) of teaching Fusion of different styles of yoga like Classical, Hatha, Vinyasa, Power, Yin, Thai and Partner yoga in combination with other holistic techniques like Ayurveda, Ma

• Good experience of studying and teaching different styles of yoga like Classical, Hatha, Vinyasa, Power, Yin, Thai and Partner yoga in combination with other holistic techniques like Ayurveda, Massage, Acupressure to a wide variety of students in a group and private classes • Designed and implemented specialized private & group lessons and programs according to individual & group needs

Peregian Springs
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Feel strong, healthy and happy fast with my extremely effective approach to health and fitness. Allow me to guide you to being the best version of you!

I take time to understand your needs and goals and from there, create a unique program designed for you as an individual.

New Delhi
Acharya ravishankar
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Yoga for weight loss, PCOS/PCOD, spondylosis, hormonal imbalance, psychosomatic and non-communicable diseases

I use IAYT (Integrated Approach of Yoga Therapy), which the most scientific way of healing any kind of cases through combination of Yoga therapy, Naturopathy and Ayurveda. The whole methodology is focused to rebuilt and rehabilitate the sufferer to normal.

Red Deer
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Experienced 200HR yoga instructor teaching vinyasa yoga and incorporating dance techniques for creative flow yoga

My teaching is based on the students needs combined with what I feel intuitively will benefit the student. I like to incorporate music into the yoga practice and I will practice with you so it's easy to follow along. My goal is to get you out of your head and into your body so that you can truly connect to the practice.

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Happy experienced teacher and trainer. Helping students around the world to wonder, learn & grow!

I make it all relatable! Start with an essential question and an objective. Socratic questions and a way to apply the learning to check for understanding.

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Yoga for Beginners (learn the basic stretches for your body!) BEST FOR YOU

I began doing yoga when I was first 13 years old in high school by simply taking an afterschool class, and slowly began going to classes at gyms, college and decided to do it at home by myself. I have a passion of doing it regularly because it helps with the mind, body and soul. I want to get people educated in what yoga can do for you, where it comes from and why people do it.

Maple Ridge
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Yoga instructor leading one on one individualized classes for residents wanting to gain more knowledge of what yoga practice is. Leading classes in; Hatha, Flow, Yin, & Restorative practices in a safe

Classes are based upon skill level, what the intention of the class is, and what your body needs. I believe in moving to feel good with proper alignment in order to gain strength as a whole. I will teach beginner to more advanced level.

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Yoga teacher available to help all ages groups with yoga and meditation.

Classes are based on individual needs. Weather to have a power class and want more strength based class. Others may want more relaxed rejuvenating one. If Class is for children or family yoga. It is based on fun. Some segments can be just for meditation.

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Certified Ashtanga Yoga teacher offering beginner level Ashtanga Yoga you can do at home on your own pace.

I am a bit silly and like to have fun. My teacher told me there is a difference between being intense and being serious, and not to be so serious. So ya, I always remember that and I like to try to be like that. Its good to practice hard and get tired but its really nothing to be so serious and strict about.

Les Trois-Îlets
(8 reviews)
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Yoga Alliance qualified experienced teacher in Vinyasa Yoga and Sivananda Yoga course gives in groups, individually and in business. Long personal experience.

I give instruction for every student (all levels) focusing on strengthening weaknesses, breath awareness and the development of an ever broader perspective of yoga that can also be applied concretely to everyday situations.

(2 reviews)

I teach Yoga (all levels) in Lyon. Classes at your place/outdoors, small groups or private lessons!

Are you thinking about giving yoga a go? Maybe you already practice yoga but cannot find a class that fits your schedule or your tastes? Contact me to arrange a private lesson or small group with friends and / or colleagues. I can teach at home or outdoors (park or along the Rhone)! I am in the center of Lyon (Metro Garibaldi) and I can teach anywhere downtown in Lyon.

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Professor of classical, modern and contemporary dance (former dancer of the National University of Cuyo), yoga and Pilates international certification, high experience with children and adults

The main objective both in teaching and in my artistic career is to deliver a training that allows the development of the expressive potentials of the body, using different systems of physical and mental training such as Dance (classical and contemporary), Pilates and Yoga; worrying especially in the different needs, interests and learning times.

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Yoga teacher looking to empower aspiring yogis in Sydney! All levels welcome!

No one is "not flexible enough", "not strong enough" or "too busy" - yoga is a practice, not a performance. My approach to teaching is guiding my students to nurture their own practice, for their own body, mind & spirit.

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I pursued a p.g degree in commerce. I have been teaching school students and the government job aspirants. I have a passion for teaching.

My method of teaching is interactive and conceptual. I make the students understand the topic. I push them hard.

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Certified Yoga Teacher in Kanata with a passion for teaching others the gift of Yoga. Back pain, muscle & joint aches, anxiety, depression and insomnia are just a few of the things we can begin to tac

I base my classes indidually to fit each student. Although I have a traditional template and style I like to use, I understand that each person is so very different and unique. That being said, each students practice will be geared individually for them based on their personal goals and limitations.

(5 reviews)
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Licenciada en actividad fisica y deporte da clases a domicilio de yoga, aerial yoga, aerial Dance and fitness in Barcelona

With a versatile profile that is characterized by the power of the will and respect for individuality. One of my principles is that every human being should be treated with kindness and my job is to teach someone in the first place how to listen and understand what the body needs. Through this, the biggest changes come. I love creating and being in constant learning.

Ormeau Hills
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Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Gold Coast & Brisbane Region - Appropriate for all ages and levels

I am Irish born, living in Australia for the last 5 years. I can accomodate my yoga classes to all ages and levels and I am to bring a smile to your face while guided you through a flow. I truly believe that yoga can heal people.

Henley Beach
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My yoga therapy is designed to help and heal motivate all students all ages all levels from dynamic poses to restorative yoga, inc straps for stretch, blocks and bolsters fir support

I teach to the level of the student by assessing their capabilities and where each individual is at, depending on the type of movement /yoga that their body can benefit from, ranging from movement limitations to rehabilitation from surgery pre and post parental, emotiinal trauma and general stiffness, all movement for health and well being

1st lesson offered free !

New and enthusiastic yoga teacher wanting to share her passion for yoga.

My teaching method is a bit of a fusion. I incorporate alignment based postures with vinyasa and hatha styles of yoga as well as mindfulness and meditation techniques.

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Experienced Yoga teacher in Sydney teaches private Yoga classes for beginners and groups!

I find fluidity between breath and movement, creating a beautiful stillness of the mind.

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Dedicated Yoga Instructor and Marma therapist specialized in Yoga science, Sadhana, Pranayama & Meditation, Yogansana & wellness

Teaching Method: Customized to clientele; precise and rigorous. Time management through course planning Continual updating of yoga and marma therapy skills.

(6 reviews)
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Hatha Yoga teacher Lyon (relaxation) Vinyasa (dynamic), Yoga Therapy, for all levels

Graduated in Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga (French Federation of Yoga), I am interested in Yoga Therapy, which I am currently training (Institute of Yoga Therapy). I appeal to everyone regardless of age or physical condition. I propose dynamic or relaxing courses, according to the expectations, and individual sessions of Yoga Therapy, for specific needs.

1st lesson offered free !

Mindful yoga and meditation. Quiet your mind and get in tune with your body, while tightening, toning and improving your body alignment, flexibility and balance. Focus on traditional yoga, based in Ay

Classes are based on proper yoga methodologies and are open to all levels. Classes are progressive and will build on previous techniques learned. Classes are always focused on safety and are inclusive to everyone, no matter what your age, fitness level, or experience. Classes are fun, mindful, challenging and ultimately relaxing.

(3 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

International yoga teacher with costumized classes for each student. Private and small groups (ex friends on vacations). Teach at your home and outdoors. Meditation, Stress Management, Weight Loss, Fl

Private lessons, or in small groups, are an excellent alternative for those who wish to take physical and mental benefits from the practice of yoga, focusing on a highly individualized practice focused on the goals of each student at a time and space defined by the student . Classes can be given at the residence, in the studio, or weather permitting, in the open air.

1st lesson offered free !

Marci winters yoga- austin- certified in meditation, chi quong- 20 years of experience, nurturing, supportive

I approach each individual according to his/her unique needs, including fitness level and overall health. I am extremely nurturing and supportive, also allowing for a healthy challenge. I use modalities that are appropriate for the beginner to advanced student.

(3 reviews)
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Taking a warm, person centered approach that is an extension of my personality

I believe every individual and group have a different set of needs. I tailor my classes to fit the needs of the students and am a firm believer in meeting a client where they are in their practice, mind, and body.

1st lesson offered free !

200-hr Yoga Teacher with over ten years of personal practice experience, offering personal and group lessons. Looking for people of any age and body type!

For my personal lessons, I would like to specialize what I teach for the particular body type and goals of the individual. For group lessons, I am able to create vinyasa and hatha flow classes, as well as infusing Pilates. I can also lead classes for a particular goal of the group, such as hip opening or core work.

(5 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Hatha Yoga teacher in Mérignac, a traditional practice towards wellness and wholeness!

Many think of yoga only as a physical exercise, this part is actually only the most superficial aspect of this profound science that aims at the fusion of body and mind towards unity and inner peace.

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Perfect! Ranjani has offered me a great experience for yoga lessons so far and I am really looking forward to continuing with her. She has been very responsive by email, after the loooong process of figuring out how to send money to India. Also she is...

Jonathan, student
8 months ago
(4 reviews)

Perfect! "Really enjoyed my first lesson. Looking forward to many more. Thank you." Realmente disfruté mi primera clase. Esperando muchas más. Gracias

Mitch, student
1 year ago
(9 reviews)

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