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Graduate Professor of Yoga Prasad Institute in India gives traditional Hatha Yoga class (individual / group)

Your Yoga teacher in Charleroi used a gentle method respecting the physical limits of each and intended to achieve harmony, well-being and refocusing on his positive emotions and his feelings. It is also an awareness and awareness of one's body.

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Home Yoga courses for Stress Management (soft yoga) and Toned Shape (dynamic yoga)

Practicing Yoga since 2009, I like to offer a Yoga that is both contemplative and physical, connecting breath, body and mental for 45min to 1 hour of practice in the confort of your home, alone or together with friends.

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I teach yoga. The form that takes goes against what is the conventional expectation of average yoga class attendees -- only because the idea that people have about yoga is often colored by sexualized

I teach yoga. The form that takes goes against what is the conventional expectation of average yoga class attendees -- only because the idea that people have about yoga is often colored by sexualized images and a work-out mentality that has been bred deep into us.

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I believe that yoga is the only mantra to be fit not only phiscally but also mentally. Single solution for many problems.

My method of teaching is that I teach in such a way that how as a student I expect to be taught. Keep things very simple.

Berkeley Vale
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Specialised tutoring in contemporary dance, ballet, tap and yoga for committed and enthusiastic learners.

I base my classes on ballet and contemporary dance technique and also hatha yoga techniques. My classes are focused on strengthening and refining.

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Yoga teacher available in ajax to teach yoga in personal class and in group class both including seniors and children

I am able to teach yoga and meditation in traditional approach in a scientific and systematically to Adult,children and people with disease or disorders

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Yoga Teacher for mental wellness, teaching restorative, yin and trauma-informed yoga for mental well being.

I combine my counselling and yoga skills for a nurturing, warm and authentic style that is accessible to all. I seamlessly tie in physical work with breath work, meditation and philosophy to foster true change in my students. I give practical solutions that can be practiced daily for a variety of mental health issues.

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People who want to get slim and look attractive with Yoga with my guidance in Gurgaon, can contact me.

My teaching method involve understanding the problem , keeping myself included with the student for motivation and help them with every step.

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Yoga teacher, dancer and physiotherapist offers yoga private and group classes in Madrid.

Hello! I offer yoga classes focused on awareness with the possibility of integrating other techniques or body concepts of dance or physiotherapy, trying to balance the effort and surrender of the body. The dogma and the absolute rules are avoided to look for what is possible in each individual.

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Yoga classes for everybody - yin , vinyasa, restore , prenatal,

My teaching methods are from ancient wisdom - filling the path of 8 limbs of yoga I teach you to find happiness freedom and balance in your yoga practice .

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One can contact for Individual Yoga classes, Corporate yoga classes and can also contact for Yoga classes in club house or Group yoga class

Therapy yoga, power yoga, Tradition yoga, pre-post natal yoga, Vinayasa yoga, Hatha yoga, Asthanga yoga, Meditation, yoga for stress management

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Yoga relaxes body internally and externally; and provides calm effect! So try the calm effect now

My teaching method is different from person to person it's completely a flexible class with lots of fun, because through lots of play,games I am making the student mind and body relaxing.

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Yoga for young and old, best way to stay fit and relaxed

Teaching methods are very different depending upon students, most used technique is to do it practical and less theory, enjoy

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Need a stress buster and relax your body and mind. I can help you with that with the help of yoga.

Starting with basic yoga and afterwards go for some advance yoga. Depending on physique we can use different forms of yoga.

Bela Pratapgarh
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Students which are interested in Yoga and also wants to learn aasana and pranayam can join us.

I will teach you through photos and posters...But it depends on you how much seriousness and pratice do you do to learn this... because this is totally depend on your practice..

New Delhi
Kastur yogi
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Transform your life ,live quality life and feel good. Asana, pranayama , meditation, relaxation.

My teaching method is on client's condition basis, it may medical conditions , their need(like weight loose) or stress relief.

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Hatha Yoga and Therapeutics in Madrid: all people can get the benefits of Yoga

Hatha Certified Teacher with Sivananda ATTC Advanced training of 500 hours (Rudraprayag, Himalayas) and others such as Anusara, Therapeutic Yoga and Yoga Nidra with Swami Atma (Rishikesh, India). Sessions between 1h and 1 h 30 minutes.

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Hatha Yoga and Integral Yoga teacher. Yogatherapist. Group ir individual classes. Customize yogatherapeutic programs.

Integral and Hatha Yoga. Yogatherapy. I offer individual or group classes according to the students needs, focused mainly on breathing and relaxation. The practice focuses on the body postures integrating breathing, attention and awareness to work on different levels. I Design individual practices and therapeutic processes to enhance health and wellness.

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Personalized yoga classes and home meditation; aimed at individuals, small groups or companies. Vitoria-Gasteiz.

If you want to receive classes in your own home or workplace, the first step is to enable a space suitable for practicing yoga; and, the second, count on enthusiasm and joy to embark on the adventure! I propose to stay, without commitment, to know your personal goals and to be able to adapt the classes.

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Yoga teacher on training at Ashtanga Yoga Inbound School in Barcelona. Classes in French, English or Spanish and group or individual.

My classes are aimed at people who want to enter practice and need a dynamic type of yoga. 1h to 1h15 classes, starting with a warm up, following corporal series based on the needs of the person and ending with 5 to 10 minutes of mindfulness meditation. It is recommended not to eat two hours before practice and use comfortable clothes.

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Yoga wellness and fitness of everyone , yoga tutor,yoga classes always available

my teaching methods are generally starts with very slowly and peacefully with meditation later as few classes went we began to start with asanaas and different types of yoga and finally complete with full steps of yoga for everyone to keep us fine

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As a qualified yoga instructor, I am taking class for individual groups provide life skills and weight management in south bangalore

My teaching methods based on hatha, gyana, bhakthi, ashtanga and vinayasa yoga From basics to advance learning

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Yoga helps to control your mind and connects you with the God.

My training method is based on the capacity of my students. I base my yoga classes on asana, pranayam, meditation, relaxation. My trading method starts with warm up then Surya namaskar then sitting, standing asana sequences then pranayam and then meditation and relaxation.

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Yoga teacher would love too meet you on your mat in Regina or world wide.

I constantly seek out new and innovative ways to create different and exciting practices/sequences and recently completed courses through Yoga International for my continuing education. My focus is a safe practice and classes are alignment based with hands on adjustments in poses.

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Hi , approach me to know best of yoga , sanskrit and life management.

i am perfectly comfortable with all types of teaching methodology. i prefer interactieve style of teaching. i have been teaching since last 7 years.

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Personalized yoga classes and yoga coaching sessions for adults and teenagers in Angers

An way of approaching body, a psychology and a philosophy together to serve your life project: this is yoga. Its purpose extends to everyday life. I propose you to discover or to improve this yoga through my courses and my coaching. This will be done in traditional classes or through coaching sessions combining body, psychology and philosophy, according to your needs, according to your life plan.

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Inhale exhale repeat everything will be okay. We will walk together to conquer the world

Understanding that we all come from different backgrounds we all learn differently taking my time when it’s needed

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Flow yoga at home in Bordeaux, experienced teacher trained 5 years in India

I give you a practice 100% customised to your needs. According to your goal, (lose weight, let go of stress, back/knee pain, etc) I design a unique sequence to help you feel better physically and empotionally. My teaching is inspired by a sense of alignment (Iyengar method) and fluidity drawn from the Ashtanga system.

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Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 200) @yogaalliance @sivanandayoga|Hatha Yoga, Vedanta and Bhagavad Gita lessons.

I carry a holistic approach to the teaching of life philosophy from a logical standpoint as well as an emotional one. I blend Hatha Yoga [the physical practice of Asanas] with anecdotal philosophies from the Bhagavad Gita and Vedanta school of thought.

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Perfect! Diana has been a real pleasure to have in our lives and has an incredibly calming, energising way of teaching and interacting. Diana has been teaching us regularly and is very reliable and punctual. She is professional but extremely friendly and we...

Lydia, student
2 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Ranjani has offered me a great experience for yoga lessons so far and I am really looking forward to continuing with her. She has been very responsive by email, after the loooong process of figuring out how to send money to India. Also she is...

Jonathan, student
3 months ago
(4 reviews)

Perfect! "Really enjoyed my first lesson. Looking forward to many more. Thank you." Realmente disfruté mi primera clase. Esperando muchas más. Gracias

Mitch, student
1 year ago
(9 reviews)

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