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1st lesson free!

A-Level student who has experienced the pressures of exams and still managed to push through by being positive and staying motivated.

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I would like to know what suits each individual the best. I would like to identify what it is that’s causing the individual to lack positivity and to lose motivation and together we will work out a solution. I have studied psychology for 4 years which has helped me to understand a person and help them to replace the negativity in someone’s mind and replace it with calm thoughts.


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  • Stress management


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About Rizwana

This isn’t my first time tutoring and I’m very excited. I just finished my A-Levels in Psychology, Law and English Literature. My psychology knowledge has contributed with my positivity as I have been able to understand what causes someone to, for example, stressed or unmotivated. This will help me to understand the individual that i am tutoring. My hobbies include reading, listening to music and definitely eating!



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I vary my rates based on the students level and what they would like me to do or if they want me to create any extra work for them. If the student is located rather far, I will also charge extra £2.

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