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Marine Scientist Marine Sciences Bangor North Wales - Oceanography Diving Underwater Exploration


I am new to this but have been presenting in Singapore, Thailand, Brunei and USA. Presentations have been to middle school students, University Students, the General Public at trade shows and dive show exhibitions. I've advised Government on conservation protocol


I am a Marine Scientist with Masters Degree Offshore & Ocean Technology Cranfield University and Degree in Zoology Marine Zoology from Bangor University. Have worked overseas Diving Instructor and trained as Underwater Pilot. I can teach most elements of Oceanography.


Transportation Fee : £20
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Lessons offered by Nick
In group
The lessons will be held
at his home
at your home
Taught subjects
  • Biology
  • Anatomy
  • Physiology
  • Zoology
  • All Levels

Nick's CV

Underwater Explorer ~ Photographer & Wildlife Film-maker
U-Boat Worxs Malta Supervised Submersible Pilot. June 2015
Underwater Centre ROV Pilot Technician. Feb 2009
Cranfield University MSc Offshore & Ocean Technology. Sept 2005
Bangor University BSc Honours Zoology & Marine Zoology. June 1997
Bangor Technical BTEC National Diploma in Science. June 1992
Sir Hugh Owen 9 GCSE’s Sciences, English and Maths. June 1989

Masters Degree Diving & Underwater Tech - Offshore & Ocean Technology
Subsea Oil and Gas Exploitation, Offshore Project Management, Offshore Structural Integrity Monitoring, Offshore Safety, Reliability and Risk, Offshore Renewable Energy – Technology, Offshore Renewable Energy – Management, Diving Science and Technology, Underwater Optics, Acoustics and Control, Underwater Vehicles and their Applications, Underwater Technologies.

Bachelors Degree (Hons) Zoology with Marine Zoology
Oceanic Biology; Life in Extreme Environments; Benthic Ecosystems; Shark Biology; Fish Culture; Poisons, Venoms & Toxins in the Marine Environment; Foraging Behaviour; Modern Approaches to Evolution and Systematics; Ecology of River Animals; Fish Migration; Population & Physiological Ecology; Ecosystems; Genetics & Evolution; Biology of Algae; Behaviour and Physiology of Marine Organisms; Benthic Ecology; Plankton & Fisheries; Marine Invertebrate Diversity; Applied Statistics and Experimental Design.
Universal Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training with Helicopter Underwater Egress Training and Emergency Breathing Systems; United Kingdom, Dutch and Norwegian Medicals and United Kingdom HSE Diver Medical.

Applicable Offshore Experience.
When younger, for many seasons, I worked for StenaLine on the HSS fast ferry to Ireland as cabin crew. Later, I spent almost two months on a jack up barge in the South China Sea, conducting ‘full risk assessments’ of facilities, dive operations and platform. Compiled a thorough report suggesting a complete business solution from a marine consultants perspective. Have dived under offshore platforms in Brunei Darussalam with the Shell dive team and many of the Wrecks of North Borneo, reefs of Thailand, Malaysia, Sulawesi and some ‘big shark’ diving in Burma.
Technical experience during Masters:
50m Chamber Dive using oxy arc welding, pneumatic tools, dives using surface supply and saturation systems. GVI and CVI by diver and operation of Hyball ROV. FMD, offshore inspection, offshore safety case and formal risk assessment, hazard identification, diving science technology risk assessment, subsea production, oil and gas exploitation, fibre optics, acoustics sonar design theory and operation (sector, sidescan & profile). LBS, SBL & USBL. NDT. Ultrasonics; A-scan , B-scan, C-scan, defect sizing and weld inspection. Eddy currents. Radiography production. ACFM, ACPD, MPI and internal and external pipeline inspection. Manipulator technology, hydraulics systems, accumulators & master - slave actuators. Diving bell risk analysis, ALARP, FMECA and HAZOPS. Review of Sea Gem, Alexander Keilland, Star Canopus and Piper Alpha disasters. (Post Degree) - Attended to Gulf of Mexico post-operations of Horizon Oil Spill disaster as Marine Photographer. At Cranfield University, worked as part of a team to design an AUV (Autonomous Underwater Vehicle) to navigate an obstacle course and complete a series of control tasks. Personally responsible for design of the vehicle housing. Research into buoyancy and ballast systems, material selection and manufacture design subject to compatibility needs and costing. Pressure, stress, water integrity checks, selection of appropriate sealants, o-rings and ‘through-housing’ connections. My Individual project was on “Solutions to the problems of biofouling within the National Institute for Research into Aquatic Habitats ~ NIRAH project” ~ the Worlds largest Freshwater Aquarium to be completed in Bedford, United Kingdom.

ROV Training
The Underwater Centre, Fort William, Inverness-shire, Scotland. United Kingdom.

40 hours of operations with the Seaeye Falcon ROV
Sonavision Mercury and Tritech Seaking sonar mapping and location
General Visual Inspection and Close Visual Inspection of NDT test structures
Diver observations at wet-bell, closed-bell and on surface supply using tools
Using LARS and cage launch system with Hi-Ab and A-frame
Manipulator tasks including search and recovery
Voice commentary, seabed mapping and data logging
Pipeline and shipwreck surveys
Night Flying

Scottish Vocational Qualifications
Electrical fundamentals E9RT 04
Introduction to electronic test equipment and measurement E9S9 11
Electrical installation – An introduction to industrial electronics EC2Y 11
Fault diagnosis on basic electronic circuits EE9K 12
Electrical installation in adverse / hazardous conditions ED13 12
Engineering systems- Hydraulics D991 12

Electrical safety, electricity & electronics, resistor networks, electrical power, electricity in the home, magnets & motors, test instruments and measurements, use of oscilloscopes, semiconductors, capacitors, inductors, relays & time delay circuits, transducers and systems, mains power, soldering techniques, amplifiers, logic gates, multivibrators, operational amplifiers, fault finding techniques.

Diving Experience
Been diving now for 23 years. As Pilot, I am presently qualified to 300m using C-Explorer. As Diver, I have a commercial diver acquaint at Fort William Scotland. I am also a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer; Qualified Closed Circuit Evolution Rebreather Diver with full Deco to 45 metres seawater, Professional Underwater Photographer, Videographer & amateur Film-Maker. I’ve trained a few specialist expat clients, shell geologists, reservoir engineers, and airline pilots in marine resource management, emergency first aid, nitrox, wreck, boat and deep diving techniques. I am also a keen RYA power boater - ‘trained in marine evacuation procedures’ and safety at sea. In 2009 I trained as ROV Pilot Technician and used those skills, qualifications and resources to attain Supervised Submersible Pilot level qualification in Malta in 2015.

Other previous experiences
Diver risk assessment, boat safety, marine accident management and professional deep diver training of wrecks around Brunei. Accountable for private diving ops and consultancy work. Freelance Consultant, environmental business reports for Malaysian companies, advice to Government - the Bruneian Ministry of Industry and Primary Resources, lectures on marine ecology to schools, universities and conservation presentations at dive shows and occasional instruction to private clients.
In 2010, I returned from the Gulf of Mexico USA where I worked as Marine Photographer for the Gulf Coast Research Laboratory as part of the Whaleshark Research Team with Dr. Eric Hoffmayer. I surpassed their expectations by making and marketing a movie called “Colours of the Gulf” which was premiered at a 1950’s Auditorium at the Mary C. O’Keefe Cultural and Arts Centre, Ocean Springs ~ Mississippi. Since then I have had two successful gallery exhibitions in Brunei and I have held a Fine Art Exhibition & Movie Night at Radisson Hotel where I advised the Minister of Industry and Primary Resources to ban shark fin soup and shark fishing in the Sultanate. A decree was made by his Majesty the Sultan at an arranged event at the Sultans prestigious Empire Hotel & Country Club - inviting a variety of renowned shark conservationists to speak - called ‘Celebrate the Sea’ - an Ocean Geographic event where the Minister declared that more than 60 tonnes of shark meat per annum would be saved due to the ban and primarily due to my efforts. I was given a medal of “Outstanding Contribution to Conservation” and presented with a gift from Fisheries. I was also asked again to visit USA, this time - Washington DC where I was selected to attend as an Ocean Leader delegate for the Blue Vision Summit. Also asked to attend Celine Cousteau’s Ocean Inspiration in New York and coincidentally in similar location my films were selected for show at Wildlife Conservation Film Festivals in the Hamptons New York. Later at another film festival in Belarus (Russia) and my photography - presented at the Festival of the Sea, Rome, Italy. In 2015 I went on expedition to dive Sudan with Fabien Cousteau and created a substantial portfolio of underwater works online on Redbubble.
Along with my social networks, my marine images have been instrumental in raising marine awareness over facebook with Borneo Sharkarma amassing over 1.6 million views and gaining protections for sharks in the sultanate of Brunei Darussalam.
Earlier years, I have worked in varying roles ranging from cabin crew on Stena Line through to waste management auditing and sales and marketing within the educational and pharmaceutical industries. I have taught industry specific English to Chinese oil and gas professionals and lectured in China on the negative impact of shark finning - and after graduating in Marine zooology I worked as an educational coordinator at the UK National Sea Life Centre - in Birmingham.
Other Interests and Skills
I spent 2 months placement at the School of Ocean Sciences in the electronics laboratory, manufacture laboratory, and marine labs. I learnt to build basic circuits, wiring and soldering and within the workshop I used precision machinery, cutting, drilling, riveting, and using a lathe to mill particular parts. I also spent time at sea on the research vessel the Prince Madog and helped with the deployment and recovery of CTD measurement equipment.

Project managed the build of my house in North Thailand and given resources am considering building a sustainable fish farm in the future. Fluent in Welsh and also speak Thai and some French and Malay. I like to ski, swim, cycle and play tennis. I was the Environmental Officer for the Brunei sub-aqua club and I dive regularly. Due to my strong networking, sales and presentation skills I was asked to represent the Malaysia International Dive Show, present at ADEX Singapore and TDEX Thailand. Regularly visit the gym, read books, play pool, enjoy movies, socialising with friends and eating out. Enjoy travelling internationally and embrace cultural diversity. Whilst in Borneo I spent a lot of time documenting Wildlife in the Jungle of Brunei Darussalam. More familiar with Mac than PC, but basic knowledge of Excel, Word, and PowerPoint, proficient with Keynote, Pages and Numbers, internet and social media. Network using facebook, skype, twitter, linkedIn and admin six pages on FB and can content manage websites if necessary. Am sales trained with strong management and team leading qualities. Current UK driving license and am willing to relocate. Comprehensive dental check, eyesight check and full range of up to date travel vaccinations.

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