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Masters of Chemistry and Pharmacology now studying a PhD, available as a tutor for Chemistry, Biology and Maths.


I think the best way for a student to understand a core subject is to address the issues and then to tackle problems with past paper questions to provide a thorough understanding of the subject. As I have not long graduated myself, I know the struggles of not understanding something and encourage students to ask questions and to never feel stupid when asking them.


I am an organic and medicinal chemist and have graduated with a 1st class Masters in Chemistry and Pharmacology at the University of Liverpool. I am now currently studying a Phd in Chemistry and I would love to help students grasp a better understanding of Chemistry, Biology and maths.


Rate for online lessons : £25/h
Rate for 5 hours of lessons : £100
Rate for 10 hours of lessons : £210


GCSE Chemistry, Biology and math- £20 per hr
A-Level Chemistry, Biology and maths- £25 per hr

Lessons offered by Heather
The lessons will be held
At the tutor's house
at your home
Taught subjects
  • Maths
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Organic chemistry
  • Natural Sciences
  • Biochemistry
  • All Levels

Heather's CV

Personal Profile
I am a driven and enthusiastic undergraduate studying M.Chem in Medicinal Chemistry with Pharmacology at the University of Liverpool. I am on target for a 1st class honours degree and eager to continue enhancing my skills and knowledge in chemistry and general science. I enjoy laboratory work and have completed physical, inorganic, organic and pharmacology laboratory work.
For my third-year project I successfully synthesized a new antimalarial drug and consequently I am now doing my final year project on synthesising large molecular inhibitors of cyclophilin D as a potential treatment for acute pancreatitis. Each step in the reaction pathway has been successful and the results look promising. I have a particular interest in organic synthesis and the analysis of compounds and I have become familiar with analytical techniques such as NMR, gas chromatography, mass and infra-red spectroscopy.
In my personal life I have worked during my summer vacation at the National Nuclear Laboratory in the Measurement and Analysis business at their Preston Laboratory between my second and third years at University, gaining work experience in industry. In previous years I have also worked at Amazon as a problem solver and taught swimming to disadvantaged and disabled children.
As a teenager, I was a UK National Finals swimmer in Sheffield and also won gold and silver medals in consecutive years for the North West of England at the UK Water Polo finals in Walsall. I believe my academic and personal achievements demonstrate an ability to work under pressure, in positions of responsibility and to also work alone or as part of a team where perseverance and a willingness to complete challenging tasks are essential.
Education and Qualifications
MChem Hons On target for a 1st Class in Medicinal Chemistry & Pharmacology - University of Liverpool (2019).
- 71% in Year 3 Practical Research Project
- 72% in Practical Chemistry with Database Skills
- Molecular Modelling: predict ground state energy and structures of isolated molecules, estimate equilibrium and rate constants and calculate transition states, rationalise some aspects of reactivity and understand intermolecular forces and complexes.
3 A Levels Grade A-B in Chemistry, Biology, Maths - Cronton College (2015).
1 AS Grade A Fine Art - St Edwards College (2014).
11 GCSE Grade 6A*, 3A, 2B, including Maths, English and Science at St Edwards College (2013).
Level 1 Amateur Swimming Association (ASA) Swimming Coach.
Date:2018 Problem Solver at Amazon
Over the summer I worked for Amazon in various roles, including being, a receiver, packager, loader and eventually a problem solver. My role as a problem solver was to provide quick solutions to logistical challenges that occurred during the day and to communicate the way forward to my peers. Solutions to problems included planning new locations for incorrectly assigned incoming packages and ensuring that online codes and locations were corrected. This was followed by controlling outbound product distribution to the correct destination.
Date: 2017 Summer Placement in the National Nuclear Laboratory
I gained experience in my summer vacation at the National Nuclear Laboratory, working in the Measurement & Analysis Team at their Preston Laboratory. This involved handling and characterising radioactive waste and effluents from the UK nuclear power stations. I became familiar with working safely, in a high security environment and enjoyed learning about the procedures and working as part of the team. I was able to observe and take part in the analytical methods that involved separation of radionuclides from complex matrices and measurement of radioactivity using instruments such as Liquid Scintillation Counters (LSC) and Alpha and Gamma spectrometers. I also observed how to operate a trio-furnace to provide efficient and rapid extraction of Tritium 3H, and Carbon 14C for analysis by beta counting using LSC.
Date: 2014-2015 Chef and Waiter at Nandos Restaurant in Widnes
After the adequate training I was ultimately responsible for cooking food after progressing from taking orders and waiting on in a fast food environment. This required me to multi-task and think ahead because I had to work efficiently as part of a team to ensure the customer expectations were met. Occasionally, I also needed to be very patient when interacting with customers if they were unhappy to ensure that they eventually had a positive experience from their visit to the restaurant.
Date: 2012-2014 Swimming Coach for Total Swimming
I really enjoyed teaching children with special needs. The role required a lot of planning and preparing lessons in advance. I needed to demonstrate a variety of communication skills with the children who all had individual special needs and were all at different levels of ability regarding their swimming. At the end of each lesson I wrote swimming reports for the parents and always received very positive feedback from both the children and parents.
Research experience
Date: September 2018 4th year practical research project
The title of my project is the syntheses of large molecular inhibitors of cyclophilin C as a potential treatment for acute pancreatitis. The aim of my project is to create these large macromolecular inhibitors that contain various function groups that are thought to inhibit a receptor, cyclophilin D. Inhibiting these receptors reduces the passage of molecules into the pancreas, which in theory could prevent cancer. As I am preparing experiments to be undertaken by myself and potentially other students, it requires consideration for health and safety, particularly the need to carry out formal risk and COSSH assessments.
Date: January 2018 Third year practical research project
The title of my project was the synthesis of orotidine analogues as potential antimalarial drugs. To date the synthesis of these target compounds has not been possible and I was looking to synthesis methyl ester analogues of particular interest to mimic these compounds. The mechanism for action of these analogues are thought to inhibit the growth of malaria in humans. By using various analytical techniques such as proton and carbon NMR, mass and infra-red spectroscopy, I was able to determine each compound in my reaction mechanism and finally synthesise the correct methyl ester analogue. The results are available from my dissertation and oral presentation and the assessment of my project resulted in a high mark.
Other experiences and skills
• In 2014 I was a module leader at the Edmund Rice Camp for vulnerable and disadvantaged children from the Merseyside area.
• In the summer of 2013 I had 2 weeks work experience with the National Nuclear Laboratory in the Human Resources, Finance, Procurement and Commercial departments. I also worked for 2 weeks in the local GP surgery.
• My I.T. skills include Microsoft Office Excel, Word and PowerPoint. I also have experience of Spartan Molecular Modelling and Chem-Draw Professional.
Personal information
I occasionally swim for Liverpool University Swimming and Water Polo Team. My other hobbies include fine art and I like to paint. I have my own clothing account and regularly sell clothes online. I like to keep fit at the gym and regularly run. I am a keen traveler and have been fortunate to visit some amazing places and gain memorable experiences.
Professor Rick Cosstick – Dean of science, third year project supervisor, (concealed information)
Dr Neil Kershaw – Third year project supervisor, (concealed information)
Dr Neil Berry- Head of department, Forth year project supervisor, (concealed information)
Professor Paul O’Neill – Fourth year project supervisor, (concealed information)

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