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MATHS & Accounts Tutors when required at any time in Williamsburg at an afoordable rate at all times

I have a BA in accounting, I graduated with a first class and with honors as an accounting major. I am an Accounting graduate student based in Williamsburg VA. I love MATHS especially College Agebra, MATH 111. I have been a MATH and Accounting tutor for the past three years. I also love helping students with some learning diffrences.
I Use one on one teaching method and I can also teach students in a group paying special attention to each student's needs. I like helping students to go over materials that they cover inclass and home works. I love to use the students suggested text book in teaching and doing revisions. I also like helping students to study for tests and exams. I am able to teach students at all levels in College Algebra and College students in all accounting courses and MATH 111.

Travel fees based on mileage and travels vary with timing and availability . Online lessons to be planned with a student. Meeting areas be restricted in public areas like schools, Churches and libraries.

I teach maths, algebra, statistics. For the level(s)primary, secondary, GCSE, as level, a level, BTEC, , adult education.
I give lessons in person, at my home or the student's home.
I give lessons by Webcam.

Bernadette's Experience

For the past three years I helped over 20 college students to improve in their grades to B and above. For both high school and elementary I help over 40 students to improve in their performance to execellent grades. I remember in my former college I was the only MATHS and Acounting tutor for students who had learning differences. Most teachers were surprised when students with learning differences could make good grades with my assistance. Helping students with learning differences made me achieve a college 2016 Honor's Service Excellence Award.

Bernadette's CV

I have a BA in accounting and I graduated with Honors and grades A in all my major courses including all the MATHS courses I took. I have been a college tutor for over three years and I have enabled over 20 students to improve in their grades below C to B and above. I received service excence Award at my graduation for the best services I provided for my students. I use one on one teaching method paying attention to areas of difficulty per particular student. I love teaching College Algebra, statistics and all accounting courses. I am interested in helping any one who needs help in order to share my knowledge, experiences and success. Many tutors don't like to share personal secrets to success, I love to share my personal secrets that enables me to succeed therefore encourage my students to aim at success. Using a one on one teaching approach I am able to help students with learning disferences to succeed as well. I like to study my students, know their strength and weekness then help them to use their strength to overcome their fears and weeknesses. Through my tutoring services I learned that even though "hard work pays" "We succeed when we help others to succeed."

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