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  • Resume - cover letter’s writing prep
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  • BTEC
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I am a mature final year Masters student in Human Resources Management at Liverpool John Moores University with BA Hons Degree in Business Management and teaching on a part-time basis at the moment. I


Worked with students in small groups of 4-5 to help develop their basic reading, understanding, and writing skills. Helped individual students prepare for exams. Filled out evaluations and reports to chart students`progress. I enjoy teaching and considered to have a caring approach and try to make sure that learning takes place in a relaxed but studious situation.I teach business studies, business law, Economics, Academic study skills, from GCSEs, 'A' level, AS -level, BTEC Diploma, and undergraduate degree students.


Teaching online is a lot of work.
I`m sometimes asked if I feel it takes more or less time to teach online, compared to teaching in the classroom.

Quite honestly, I don`t feel I can answer that question. Online teaching does seem to take more time, but I`ve never systematically compared it to a classroom-based course.

Up front, it takes a great deal of time to put curricular materials together for an online class. I`ve spent as much as several weeks reshaping my classroom materials to work for online students. In some cases, activities that I have used effortlessly in the classroom couldn`t be adapted at all for online use, such as hands-on activities so instead, I created new but comparable activities.

I also sunk a lot of time into learning the classroom management system, which at the start of my online teaching was WebCT. How were we tutors going to use assessments with this system, or incorporate discussion? How was I going to grade my students, and how was I going to motivate them to participate in a discussion? Countless decisions had to made at the onset about just how the online course would be structured, operated, and maintained.

Although a lot of effort goes into planning the course and its website, there`s also the matter of the daily and weekly workload. In an online course, students will not necessarily be completing assignments at similar times each week. Instructors must communicate with students on their schedules, which means checking email on a regular basis and keeping up with student discussions that take place on virtual message boards.

Another issue with communication that new online instructors might overlook is that questions that can be answered verbally in the classroom require a written explanation in the online course, and sometimes, it takes more time to write out a sensible explanation than to say it.

If classes are conducted on a regular basis, the tutor needs to be able to grade things quickly and efficiently to ensure that students receive timely feedback, and grading papers and other assignments electronically might take some time for the instructor to get used to. I try to respond to students` questions and concerns as quickly as I can. I use discussion in my courses, and with around 4-5 students per session, I need to be online daily so the workload does not become too overwhelming.

In some ways, I think the workload for an online course is similar to that of a face-to-face environment—but it seems like more work because it`s not as concentrated. For example, in a classroom, a tutor may do the bulk of his work for the week while he is meeting with students, and if all students are together in one place, announcements can be made and questions can be answered for the entire class. In other words, a great deal of teaching can be done in one sitting. An activity (or several activities) can be completed during a single class period, and any issues related to that activity will be discussed in real time with the entire class. Then everybody moves onto the next thing simultaneously.

In the online setting, though, the workload is distributed. Students will likely be working at different times during the week, and their questions will trickle in accordingly. Plus, an activity that might take 20 minutes to complete in a classroom setting might take a few days to discuss online, especially if students are not able to be online together at the same time.

2. Students appreciate regular communication and timely feedback on their progress.
I teach statistics, so students often come to my courses feeling anxious about the subject matter. Students may also feel anxious at the thought of taking an online course, and it should be part of the tutor`s job, as much as possible, to put students at ease right from the beginning.

I want them to know I`m there if they need help. I want them to know they will receive quick responses to any questions or concerns they have. I strive to create a supportive online community where students can be free to take risks in a discussion, attempting to explain their understanding of challenging concepts and ideas. For this reason, it`s crucial that the instructor has a presence online.

I try to let students know that I`m online often and that I want to hear from them if they have questions or concerns. To set the tone, each subject starts with me asking the students to introduce themselves, and I always begin by posting my own intro.


Transportation Fee : £10
Rate for online lessons : £22/h
Rate for 5 hours of lessons : £110
Rate for 10 hours of lessons : £200


It varies depending on the journey covered, it could be £10 or less.

Lessons offered by BENJAMIN
In group
The lessons will be held
at his home
at your home
Taught subjects
  • Resume - cover letter’s writing prep
  • Secondary
  • GCSE
  • AS Level
  • A Level
  • BTEC
  • Adult education
  • Undergraduate
  • Diploma


Benjamin M Nyengerai
6 Chaffinch Close L12 0NX
Email: (concealed information) Mobile: (concealed information)4
LinkedIn: Benjamin M Nyengerai
Personal Profile
Business Management graduate with a thoroughly understanding of key managerial decision making, business management, strategies for sustainability, managing projects, business and entrepreneur, and business plan for new venture theories as well as excellent writing, researching, and social media skills gained through writing my blog and articles for local church events website.

Education and Qualifications
2016-2017 Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU)
MA in Human Resources Management: Expected Grade-Merit
 Modules include: Developing Academic Business & Leadership Competencies, HR Context, Strategic HR and Leadership, Employment Relations and Legal Framework, Managing and Developing Talent, Development and Performance Strategies, Research Methods for HR, Dissertation and Impact Report, Postgraduate Management Learning Programme.
2013-2016 Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU)
BA (Hons) Business Management (2:2)
 Modules include: Managerial Decision Making and Change (51%), Strategy for Sustainability (45%), Managing Projects (53%), Business and the Entrepreneur (50%), Researching and Developing a Business Plan for a New Venture (40%), Academic Study Skills (61%), Business Law (66%), Business Economics (57%), Quality and Operations Management (62%), Small Business Management and Accounts (40%), Managing People and Organisations (67%), Contemporary Issues in Management (60%), Principles of Marketing (62%), Business & Society (71%), Introduction to Management and Finance (60%)
 Career: World of Work: Bronze & Silver (100%)

2011-2013 Liverpool City of College UK
National Diploma (BTEC Extended) Double Distinction *
 Modules include: Business Resources (D*), Starting Small Businesses (D*), Business Accounting (D*), and Introduction to Marketing (D*), Business Communication (D*), Business Environment (D*), Financial Studies (D*), Creative Promotion (D*), and Development Plan for Career in Business (D*), Managing Business Events (D*), Supply Chain & Stock Management (D*), Understanding Business Ethics (D*), Business Markets and the Economy (D*), GCSEs including English (C)

2011 -2013 City & Guilds UK
Certificate: Functional Skills Qualification in Mathematics at Entry 3

2012-2013 Ifs School of Finance: Incorporated by Royal Charter UK
Ifs Level 3 Certificate in Financial Studies

1987-1990 Chizhou Secondary School Zimbabwe
 7 GCSEs including Maths (D), History (A), English (C), Geography (C), Science (B), Bible Studies (B), Agriculture (B)

1996-1997 Good news Catering Company South Africa
Hotel and Catering Supervision Training (Certificate)
 Subjects include Food & Catering Supervision, Front Office Operations & Administration, Waiting Services, International Business Communication, Restaurant Services & Bar Tending, House Keeping & Accommodation Studies, Silver Service, Buffet Service & Plate Services, Stock-Taking & Control, & Function Organising.

2000-2001 Business Environment Services College Zimbabwe
Certificate in Computers
Subjects include: Ms-Word, Ms-Excel, Lotus 1-2-3 (Spreadsheets), and Word Perfect 5.1

1998-1998 Det Norske VERITAS, Zimbabwe
Certificates of Attendance: Quality Awareness Seminar
 Introduction to Quality, What is Quality?, Basic Concepts?, Who are Customers?, The Company and Quality, Why is it so important? What is ISO 9000?, What is a Quality System?, How does the Quality System work to assure Quality?, How are we going to achieve Quality using Quality System?, What are procedures and Work instructions?, What is my role in a quality systems?, & How can I contribute to the success?

2008 Helping Hands Homecare B49 5AJ Warwickshire UK
Skills for Care Common Induction Standards in line With Helping Hands Procedures
 Subjects including: Administration of medication (85%), The Role of a Care Worker (90%), Principles of care part 1 and 2 (80%), Manual Handling Theory (96%), Manual Handling Practical (90%), Emergency First Aid (60%), Communication (92%), Health, Safety and Security (84%), General Infection Control (84%), Incontinence Care (84%), Protection of Vulnerable Adults (86%), Basic Food Hygiene (98%)

2007 Creative Training L13 1EL UK
CTC: Personal Development (Certificate)
 Training Including Workstation & IT Application Familiarisation, Call Handling Skills, Customer Services Principles, CV Preparation, & Interview Skills

Related Experience
Jan 2013-present (B&R Sportswear and Fashion) Owner/Sales Assistant
 Passionate about exporting and importing merchandise, cars, electrical gadgets, crafts and arts. I as the owner of B&R business I source merchandise to sell and using my energy to seek out buyers; I identify what foreign buyers want to spend their money on and then hunt down domestic sources willing to export. Then sometimes B&R takes title to the goods and work on a commission basis. Have sold a number of items for the business and on behalf of domestic sources online, and the goods have been well received and I have been asked to continue supplying for foreign and local buyers.

Skills Profile
Communication & interpersonal Skills
 Strong written communication skills demonstrated while working by writing business reports, presentations and coursework assessments at university and by writing on social media advertising products and services. I focus on using writing style which is concise and engaging to encourage readers/buyers to regularly read on my firm website and communicate or comment about the products and services. Interpersonal skills have been developed working with clients at St Mary’s Hospital. When discussing financial problems with clients I listen carefully to their situations and discuss the next steps they need to take to manage their financial spending. I have to use tact to be sensitive to the clients’ needs and gain their trust by using assuring the client that everything they discuss with me is confidential.
Teamwork Skills
 Excellent skills demonstrated whilst working as a member of the Anthony Walker Charity Organisation. Organised and planned schedules of activities for children, and running workshops for adults in the local community. I worked closely with my team members and sharing tasks out based on strengths. By listening to each other’s ideas and built a rapport with everyone in the team we manage to raise £5000 as a sponsorship money from the local Chamber of Commerce donated by the local businesses. Furthermore, all our tasks ran to schedule and we created a fun, educational environment for the kids and the community.

Time management Skills
 Faced problems with submitting one of my assignments on time due to family problems. Although I have always met deadlines in the past, evidenced by my first class marks in the first year and second year, this year I have experienced major personal demands on my time. I have to work part-time to fund my studies and having to provide for my family and elderly parents. As this began to affect my studies leading to me missing deadline for a key assignment for one of my modules. Demonstrated time management skills by drawing a work and study schedule plan, highlighting and prioritising the main tasks that need completion on a specific day, date and time. I restructured my hours with my employer to allow me to have time to complete the remaining assignments on time and work additional hours after my assignment deadlines.

Commercial Awareness
 Completed the first and second stages of World of Work at the university, which highlighted the importance of understanding the industry, focusing on strategy, planning and setting realistic timescales when working on a project. Keeping up to date with the industry sector trends by reading and browsing businesses news and following and registering with various recruiting agencies and professionals on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Organisational and Administration Skills
 Demonstrated organisational and administrative skills in my role as an Admin Assistant by providing diary management. Do basic bookkeeping and complete banking transactions. Communicate with customers, employees and answering questions. Take orders and address complaints. Book travel arrangements and plan events held in the department. Thanks to my ability to research effectively, forward-planning and monitor my progress with a task. I organised my workload effectively. Strong ability to multitask by prioritising my workload by importance and reacting to pressures by adapting plans as new work comes in. Gathered data from a range of sources during my Researching and Developing a Business Plan for a New Venture whilst balancing my other studies and a part-time job, resulting in a second class degree.

 Devised a comprehensive marketing strategy to promote charity events and activities in Warrington for Calvary International Ministries. Designed and developed flyers, which I distributed around the university and outside other church venues. Created a strong social media presence, generating links with promoters and other charity organisers and generated over 10,000 “likes” on Facebook, within the first 3 weeks.

Planning Skills
 Demonstrated strong planning skills in my role as a member of IOD-Institute of Directors by providing a list with a number of students who registered to attend the Entrepreneurship Summit Event to the head of Marketing Department, which was held in the city of Liverpool.

IT and Social Media Skills
 Competent using all Microsoft Office programmes, including word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access, which I have used in university and in my admin role. Use an online website builder to host my blog use, design skills and include my own photographs to make it look contemporary and interesting and update it on a regular basis. Familiar with SPSS enable me to predict what will happen next in my firm, so I can make smarter decisions. Excellent social media skills particularly Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, which I use regularly to share information with friends, followers, entrepreneurs and other organisations about anything they need to know about B&R services/ products, or any events. Engage with a range of people from import and export, and marketing industries to keep up to date with new marketing software apps.

Work History
Jan 2013-present B&R Sportswear and Fashion- Director- Import/ Export Manager
 Responsible for managing a sales team, establishing sales territories, setting sales targets in association with a senior manager of the organisation, analysing sales statistics and helping to grow the business. Planning, coordination and distribution of a product or service to customers. Managing the clients’ relationships and ensuring that the staffs manage any complaints appropriately as it is vital to the function of the export department and so monitoring customer feedback.

Mar 2012-present Madanger Cattle, Pigs and Poultry Farm Zimbabwe-Farm Owner/Director
 Manage a small team of professional staff to deliver high-quality services and products. Oversee effective management of animal welfare and compliance with regulations. Write an annual budget and submit quarterly updates of actual against forecast to the team. Communicate effectively with people of all backgrounds and improve the diversity of farm users and ensuring equal opportunities are incorporated into management practice. Ensure the aims of the business plan are met and update the business plan annually. Ensure the skills and knowledge collectively required to manage the farm are maintained and that any gaps are filled through training or recruitment. Carry out whatever other duties that may be required to ensure that the farm is developing as envisioned and to ensure it is sustainable in the long term.

2009-2012 St Mary’s Hospital-Rehabilitation Co-Therapist (RCT) Warrington
 Assessing practical and emotional needs of clients and drawing up care plans. Providing emotional support and listening to clients problems. Making cases notes and completing a logbook. Maintaining confidentiality at all times in relation to information pertaining to patients, their families/ carers/ friends, visiting professionals, work colleagues and the organisation. Communicate information to those who have a need or a right to know in accordance with the data protection act. Maintain personal safety and the safety of others by taking reasonable care, reporting concerns, taking immediate action when appropriate to do so in response to an identified hazard and complying with relevant procedures and the health safety at work act. Complying with all hospital security protocols, reporting any concerns or breaches in a timely manner.

2007-2009 Top Gear Recruitment Agency
Warehouse Assistant-ASDA Warehouse Skelmersdale
 Receiving, moving, checking and storing incoming goods. Ensuring there are of accurate quantity, type and also acceptable quality. Packaging and labelling products before they are dispatched and selecting space for storage. Making sure that all inventory processes are completed on the same day. Contacting transport companies, coordinating dispatch and delivery with them. Preparing deliveries for van drivers, ensuring a clean and safe workhouse for staff to work in. Storing stock away safely and removing hazardous products from the warehouse.

Production Worker- Walkers Skelmersdale
 Measuring, grading crisps, feeding batches of raw material into production machinery, operating production line equipment and reporting equipment faults to maintenance staff. Monitoring the production process and carrying out basic testing and quality checks, packaging of crisps into packs of 24, 6 & 36.

2007-2009 Search Recruitment Agency Liverpool
Bartender /Waiter- Hardy Nights Hotel-Liverpool
 Prepare daily / weekly reports as required. Maintain low wastage levels through good stock management and rotation, accurate recording, training and active monitoring, create drinks/cocktail menus that are new and inspiring. Liaise with the stocktaker to ensure the monthly accounts are accurate. Receipt and administrate all deliveries and making sure are up to date. Manage the cellar and stock storage areas ensuring they are secure, neat and clean at all times. Liaise with other managers to ensure tight stock control and budgeted margins are achieved.

Housekeeping Porter- Hardy Nights Liverpool
 Ensure the highest standards of cleanliness and maintenance in all guest rooms, guest corridors, maid services and storage rooms. Provide all necessary equipment and items, which are requested by the Housekeeping Supervisors or guests.
Waiter-Holiday Inn Chester
 Take customer orders, communicate dining or order details to the kitchen personnel and prepare checks that itemise and total meal costs and sales taxes. Explain how various menu items are prepared, describing ingredients and cooking methods. Prepare tables for meals, including setting up items such as linens, silverware, and glassware. Present food or beverage information or menus to customers, and inform customers of daily specials

Bartender Tate Restaurant Café Docks Liverpool
 Serving alcoholic beverages, attending the customer’s needs, by either serving them drinks at the bar or with table service. Interacting with people well and be a good listener, Work consistently within legal and regulations for customer service, responsible for alcohol service, legal weights and measures, health, hygiene and safety, and control of substances harmful to health. Maintain all equipment safely in accordance with training, including cash registers, glass washers, optics, free-pours, draught pumps, glasses, cups, and fridges.
1998-2005 Bar Manager-Golden Reef City Casino South Africa
 Recruiting, training and motivating staff, keeping up to date with licensing legislation and taking legal responsibility for the premises. Ensuring beer and wine are kept in good condition (and no one can't drink them if they 'look gone off'). Enforcing health and safety rules and managing kitchen staff. Ensure that staff have strong product knowledge and are able to up sales and delivery service to the standards required. Dealing with difficult customers. Coordinate and control all aspects of stock deliveries and keep accurate and up to date records. Regularly liaise with the stocktaker to ensure the monthly accounts are accurate and all deliveries are updated. Monitor, review and feedback on individuals’ performance, set and review objectives in line with the performance review and induction process.

1991-1995 Administration Clerk-Dunlop Tyre Company Zimbabwe
 Types agendas for meetings. Prepares meeting packages and distributes to members at least two days prior to the meeting. Attends, records and transcribes minutes of all meetings. Transcribes formats, inputs, edits, retrieves, copies and transmits correspondence, documents, data and graphics. Word-processes all manuscripts, letters, documents and proposals. Records, date stamps and distributes all incoming mail. Compiles and maintain an up to date telephone directory of numbers and addresses.
Voluntary Experience
2012-2013 Anthony Walker Foundation
 Running workshops and community events for children and adults, and as part of the team, my role was to generate funds for the event and establish the timeline for the event. With the help of Chamber of Commerce, I and my team managed to raise £5000 from the local companies that covered the event and workshop costs. Excellent customer service, communication and interpersonal skills demonstrated when dealing with distressed clients.

 World of Work Skills Bronze and Silver at LJMU: stage 3 completed alongside my degree demonstrating my self-awareness, organisational awareness and ability to make up happen. Received excellent feedback on my communication and interpersonal skills during the employer interview. Would be completing my World of Work Skills stage 4 when doing my postgraduate programme in September 2016.

Additional Information
 Interests: Enjoy a variety of sports in particular basketball, tennis, golf and football to keep fit, and recently I am part of Westderby Social Community team that won the County Football championships in 2016.
 Travel: Have travelled extensively around Europe, Asia, Middle East, Australia, New Zealand, Africa and the USA. Put my strong organisational and time management skills into practice and immersed myself in different cultures.

 Dr Akis Papagiannis, Module Leader/Senior Lecturer, Liverpool business school, LJMU
 Tel: (concealed information)8 Email: (concealed information)
 Kaizer Mothibi, Team Leader, Nurse, 23 Knightswood Court, L18 9RA
 Tel: (concealed information)3 Email: (concealed information)

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