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1st lesson free!

Media, Indsutries & Innovation Student with background in Production offering Media Studies Sessions From Brighton, UK

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I consider myself very lucky in as much as I've managed to self teach myself a vast array of aspects of media. These range from Social media marketing and Understanding audiences, right the way through to the hands on; Photoshop, Video editing software, pre production, post production, Media spreadsheets and so on. Upon your request for a class, I would suggest you also let me know if there are any specific areas you would like to focus on. Failing this, I will put together a broad class which will cover as much as possible, with resources, in the time we have.


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    Media Studies

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About Luke

Hey! My Names Luke and I originally went through A Level Creative Media production to which I managed to achieve Distinction Star! As a result of this I moved to Brighton to pursue Media in depth at University. I have recently had experience working with Signature Entertainment, The UK's leading film distributor, on a number of their up and coming releases this year. I love interacting with and helping people to the best of my capabilities and am sure you'll enjoy expanding your knowledge in the Media space, with myself.



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