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1st lesson free!

Meditation and the art of moment to moment Mindfulness; transforms us from within. It tunes us into alignment with who we really are... This is our inner purpose. We become calm and grounded, and ther

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The wealth of experience allows individual spontaneity to provide each class or student with exactly what they need for themselves at that time.


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About Esther

Life experiences lead us to our divine inner purpose and from their we realise our outer purpose.
Those who have lived it, can help others live through it.
We teach what we learn and still we learn from that we teach, and from those we teach.
You are so much more important than you may have realised.
Find a way to ease suffering, and do your bit to create peace on earth.
Break free. Learn with me!

Teacher of Mindfulness and Meditation.
Holistic Hypnotherapist and Reiki Master/Teacher. An abundance of experience in all walks of life.
Fully cleared and highly skilled, providing a unique transformational service for all beings, with no exceptions. R.P.H.H diplomas Hypnotherapy- Meditation- Mindfulness, Animal Healing, care and psychology.



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Find out more about Esther

  • 01

    How long have you been interested in the field of well-being and are you practicing?

    All my memorable life. I first discovered the ability to heal and help small animals and other creatures as a very small child. Through my close connection with animals, I realised I had the ability to assist them to heal. My compassion for every living thing led me into a life time of study and practice in holistic health.

  • 02

    Tell us what your discipline can bring to people's lives.

    I am able to help people realise their true potential. To gain the freedom and self belief required to move into their full power. To dissolve unwanted behaviours and blockages on every level.

  • 03

    Could you provide some instant top tips to help us feel good in body and mind?

    1. We are changing every second of every day, on a cellular level as well as energetically. It is never to late to learn to create positive change.
    2. Thoughts create emotion just as words are wishes- chose both wisely.
    3. Always be your true self, and trust that is all you need to be. Lean back into the flow of life, graciously accepting the variety of experiences without fear of their comings and goings. Contemplate on impermanence, for change is the only thing that can be truly guaranteed.

  • 04

    How would you describe your method as a practitioner?

    Friendly, personalised, encouraging and focused.

  • 05

    With experience, are there things you have learned or unlearned about yourself or others?

    I learned that being content within oneself is true success. No amount of accumilated material things will bring you everlasting joy. Inner peace is a blissful state which attracts to you an abundance of joyful experiences.

  • 06

    Do you have a role model, a person who really inspired you?

    I have had several fantastic teachers. Stephen Russel the Barefoot Doctor and everyone who ever dared to be free.

  • 07

    How do you personally relax; what methods work for you?

    I still love guided meditations and use them regularly. Also audio learning, brain wave frequencies; all help me to enjoy a relaxed state of being.

  • 08

    Tell us about a memorable lesson

    Most memorable lesson I received was with Guru Siddhanath Kriya Yoga. I was mentally visualising breathing up and down his spine during the practice. When I told him he said I was quite the Guru, doing a very advanced technique which I had never been taught. He laughed at me!

    Most memorable lesson I gave was a workshop I did teaching the power of applied focus and how to use it to our advantage in every part of our lives - ( before the law of attraction/ positive thinking became the mainstream thing ). 20 out of 25 students didnt get it at all. I'm sure they do now!

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  • From her studies in China, an instructor of Tai chi and Qigong in Liverpool.



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  • Teaching traditional OSHO meditation techiniques for healing ,and bringing peace and calmness in body



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  • Meditation and Breathwork coach/facilitator/teacher  Reiki Master Teacher   Available for individual and group sessions



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  • Ex addict with lots of experience teaching English, coaching disadvantaged adults in life skills



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  • Learn how to use art to relax. A highly qualified artist with many years of tutoring experience offering classes in art and art therapy.



    • £25/h
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  • I am a qualified Mindfulness teacher and have practiced mindfulness for 10 years.



    • £20/h
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  • Through connecting with Self through meditation, you will penetrate the depths of the subconscious mind, and experience a relief from anxiety, reduced depression and increased productivity.



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    • 30mins free
  • Qualified counsellor looking to teach students online specialist counselling drug addiction .



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