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MSc and BA graduate from Durham with 5 years experience of economics tutoring

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I always take the time to understand my tutees learning style. I am very patient and always adapt my lessons to ensure they get the best results from our sessions together. This is across past papers which I set and mark before the lesson and within the lessons themselves, where I always ensure we bring in ideas and critiques to the syllabus and this includes some from beyond the core content as well.


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About Tobias

I have been teaching economics for the last 5 years outside of my academic studies, across A Level and University courses and tutored dozens in the process. I know what it feels like to study economics and sometimes it can be daunting. I always look for the best method and way to communicate the message. I also bring a great deal of understanding and insight from my undergraduate economics and postgraduate management courses at Durham that will help students grasp complex ideas from a new angle, leading to successful improvements and realising their full potential.



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