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Multi-award-winning LSE Econometrics Lecturer with over 10 Years of Experience at leading UK Institutions

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Revi is one of our best tutors. They have a high-quality profile, verified qualifications, a quick response time, and great reviews from students!

About the lesson

My approach to tutoring borrows from the Socrates approach of a question-centric form of teaching. A serious emphasis is placed on the structure and content of the exam in question. I structure my tutorials so that relevant past exam questions are always an integral part of learning. Here is what former LSE students have said, via anonymous surveys:

“Even though Revi was not my assigned class teacher, whenever I did attend his classes, he would always go the extra mile to make sure we understood inside out the topic of the class. Wherever possible, Revi would apply what we had learnt to the real world, making every class stimulating and inspirational. His teaching made the course one of my favourites at the LSE, and he made the course a joy to study.”

“Made subject matter inspirational”

“He inspires the class and motivates each one to push in more.”

“Excellent variety of teaching methods which allows students to engage with the course material in a practical way. Also goes beyond the course to ensure students have relevant theories which can be applied in a practical sense. Uses current market issues and structures to teach the theory of industrial economics from a modern-day perspective”

“Revi's intelligent use of well-placed questions to engage students and involve them in his explanations removes the abstractness of microeconomics and brings the subject to life. As an applied discipline, this is obviously of huge importance, and Revi's frequent use of "look around you" examples transforms odd, theoretical concepts into simple, intuitive ideas.
Whereas the rest of my teachers at LSE use questions arbitrarily without purpose (often slowing the class down, especially as students are reluctant to put their hand up to answer easy questions), Revi has clearly put thought into when, how and what he asks.
He also picks out students to answer. I cannot stress how much of a difference this has made. As students, we're all on our toes, we're actually paying attention and when we're thrown a difficult question, we make an effort to answer it (there's no longer a fear of putting your hand up and looking stupid). I would love to go on but the character limit cuts me off...”

“Is a teacher that is passionate about his subject and makes himself available to students at all times. He is an excellent teacher of the course content. For example, he taught us Game Theory by giving us an interesting history of the subject and then asking us what problems we had with the problem set, before specifically addressing these issues ad clarifying all of our problems. He consistently gets people outside his class attending his classes because he is a quality teacher.”


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About Revi

In the past 12 years, I've officially lectured and taught students at leading institutions including at LSE, University of Oxford, Sciences Po and Stanford University. During these years, I've been the recipient of five teaching awards, awarded from the LSE, including an award in Innovative Teaching. I've also taken part in the selection process of incoming undergraduate students at both the University of Oxford and the dual degree of Columbia and Sciences Po.

I believe both my experience and past performance make me one of the best tutors in London for undergraduate and graduate students studying economics, management or related subjects.

Official teaching experience:

Introduction to Economics (EC102), Mathematics and Statistics for Economists (EC400), Econometrics: Theory and Application (MG205), Managerial Economics (MG207 & MG431), Quantitative Analysis in Management (MG461), Marketing (MG101), Intermediate Microeconomics (EC220), Econometrics for Graduate students (EC402), Industrial Economics (EC313) etc

University of Oxford:
Finance, Introduction to Economics (Prelims), Industrial Organization (3rd-year option), Quantitative Methods (2nd-year course)

Sciences Po:
Macroeconomics, Development Economics, Introduction to Statistics, Econometrics

Stanford University:
International Trade (for visiting student at University of Oxford)



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  • £199/h


Please note that all my prices are exclusive of VAT which will be chargeable if a student is taking lessons from the UK/EU. It will not apply for online lessons when a student is outside the UK/EU area.

While the first hour is not free you do not have to pay for it if you decide not to continue working with me. You only pay if you are thrilled to continue and learn with me. The first hour is guaranteed at the above price but subsequent hours might be at a higher rate.

I do not complete students' coursework or make myself available during online timed exams (e.g. a 24-hour exam). Please do not contact me if you require such 'assistance'. I will, however, take the role of a dedicated supervisor to support you reach your academic goals and prepare for assignments/exams etc.


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