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Offering maths and physics lessons up to university MSc level in Glasgow and Edinburgh.


different way of teaching depend on the student level, some time I use the Wight board and sometime use the experiment to reach the idea of what I am explaining is. for a group of student I use the projector.


I am physicist, I have PhD in laser and Molecular Physics, I have been giving private lessons since 2014, before that I was a university lecturer teaching laser, optics, atomic, molecular, nano, electrical and electrodynamic physics. I work as a teacher for more than 13years.


Transportation Fee : £4
Rate for online lessons : £12/h
Rate for 5 hours of lessons : £55
Rate for 10 hours of lessons : £100
Lessons offered by Qusay
In group
The lessons will be held
at your home
Taught subjects
  • Physics
  • All Levels

Qusay's CV

Qusay Raghib Ali Altaai
2/1, 60 Maryhill Road, Glasgow, G20 7QB, UK, (concealed information)1, (concealed information)
Driving License : ALTAA704268QR9SV 55

Social Profiles
LinkedIn : (concealed information) ResearchGate: (concealed information)
 December 2005 - February 2012
University Lecturer and researcher, Nahrain University
Tasks and Duties;
Roles within the physics department: Lecturer; Teacher in the field of laser and molecular spectroscopy; responsible for research conducted in the Laser and optics laboratory; demonstrator in the computer, electronics and digital laboratories; supporting and monitoring students in the electronics laboratory; operating and maintaining HW and SW of the computer laboratory; membership of the Departmental Examination Committee. I hold additional teaching responsibilities in the Medical Engineering department (laser and molecular spectroscopy) and the Chemical Engineering department (laser and modern physics).
 November 2010 - Present
Researcher at Laser and Molecular physics group, Physics department / Baghdad University
Within the Laser and Molecular Physics Laboratory, I am part of a group that conducts research and provides maintenance for the spectroscopic system that I developed during the course of my PhD project.
 March 2014 - Present
Mathematics and Physics Teacher, Private school
Teacher of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry for students from level S1-S6, to improve their performance in the Advanced Highers examinations.
 January 2018 - Present
Interpreter and IT technician, MERAS Health Care Centre
A volunteer position with various responsibilities: assisting the IT department to manage and control all electronic and computer systems; acting as an interpreter (Arabic/English and English/Arabic) between patients and doctors in the clinic; translation of clinic documents into Arabic.

 November 2009 - December 2013
PhD in laser and Molecular Spectroscopy, Physics Department / University of Baghdad
I undertook taught courses for one academic year (two terms), then passed comprehensive examinations in three areas of physics - General, Laser and Molecular. I then commenced my PhD project in TCSPC and design, during which I developed a spectroscopic system capable of measuring samples of differing shapes, sizes and states.
Thesis title: “Photobleaching Spectroscopic Studies and lifetime Measurements of Fluorescent Organic Dyes”.
Graded courses level: (80.04%), Degree of comprehensive exam: (84%), Degree of Thesis: (86%), Average degree: (83.416%) (The average score is for each of the two term courses and Thesis Discussion).
Scholarship Chemical Department, University of Malaya, Malaysia. Scholarship of three months duration, to enable completion of advance chemical and fluorescence lifetime measurements related to the PhD project.
Primary subjects taken during the taught component of the PhD: Mathematical Physics; Quantum Mechanics; Advanced Laser; Atomic and Molecular structure; Electrodynamics; Atomic and Molecular spectroscopy; Laser design; Nano technology; Advanced and Nano Optics; Seminars on laser dyes.

 October 2000 - October 2003
MSc in laser physics, Physics Department / University of Baghdad
I completed two taught courses, then commenced the MSc Project in Passive Q-switched laser, during which I studied the effect of inter-system crossing ISC and compared all results with active Q-switched methods.
Thesis title: “Study of Modified Rate Equations for Passively Q-switched Laser Systems”.
Graduated with Honours – First Position
Graded courses score: (83.769%), Degree of Thesis: (80%), Average degree: (82.72%).
Primary subjects taken during the taught component of the MSc: Optics; Solid state physics; Electromagnetic theory; Mathematical Physics; Seminars in Lasers; spectroscopy; Laser physics; Laser devices; Special study topic - laser Q-switching.
 October 1996 - June 2000
BSc in Physics, Physics Department / University of Baghdad
I completed a four-year academic course, then completed the BSc project in light sources design and structures.
Graduation Project: “The Structure and Properties of Light Sources”.
Graduated with Honours – Third Position out of 112 College of Science students in the University of Baghdad , Graded score: (85.29%).
• “Calculation of Spectroscopic and Thermodynamic Properties for Germane Molecule (GeH4)” accepted for publication in Al-Mustansiriyah Journal of Science.
• “Determination of the Radioactivity in Water Samples in Ramadi City” accepted for publication in Journal of Nahrain University – Science (JNUS).
• “Nonlinear properties of olive oil films doped with poly (methyl methacrylate), polystyrene and their blend by using z-scan technique” - International Journal of Advanced Technology in Engineering and Science (IJATES), 3 (1) (2015) p43-59.
• "Photobleaching Influence in Different Phases for Coumarin 307 and Acriflavine Laser Dyes" - Journal of Physical Science and Application 3 (2) (2013) p65-71.
• “Study and measuring the uranium concentration in soil samples taken from different sites in western Baghdad using CR-39 track detector” - Journal of Nahrain University – Science (JNUS), 12(3) (2009) p9-15.
Spectroscopic measurements, Programming in Matlab and COMSOL, Photographic designing using Photoshop, MS office 2016 group (ECDL 2018), PC hardware/software Maintenance, Design & Draw in 3Dmax, Auto CAD & Corel Draw programs, native Arabic language speaker, fluent in English.
• Member of the Iraqi Association of University Lecturers.
• Member of the Iraqi Society of Physics. This society is a member of the Pan Arab Union for physicists and mathematicians.
• Member of COMSOL group "COMSOL Group provides software solutions for Multiphysics modelling"
• Member of the Iraqi teachers Union.
• Member of the Iraqi Al-Majid Institution for Information Technology.
 July 1999 - Present
• Scholarship from Chemical Department of University of Malaya, to conduct training and research on the Quanta Master 40 Steady State Spectro fluorometer, including measurements of the fluorescence lifetime and fluorescence spectra for laser dyes samples, also using the NMR instrument, Malaysia
• Official dispatch from Nahrain University to undertake training on CO2 and Nd-YAG workstations in the PI miCOS company, Germany.
• Technical Negotiator with the manufacturer of CO2 and Nd-YAG with regard to laser workstation specifications manufacturing errors, Germany
• COMSOL MULTIPHYSICS Workshop, By COMSOL Ltd, Edinburgh, UK.
• Glasgow Imaging Network Symposium 2018, University of Glasgow, UK.
• CENSIS 4th Technology Summit & Conference 2017, Glasgow, UK.
• Optical Design Workshop, “semi-formal Zemax workshop”, University of Glasgow, UK.
• Lasers for Quantum Technology Workshop, University of Glasgow, UK.
• Raman Microscopy Workshop, “Translating RM into Regenerative Medicine”, University of Edinburgh.
• Manufacturing & Materials Competition Brokerage, University of Strathclyde, UK.
• Surface Engineering & Coating Technology for High Value Manufacturing Innovation Competition, UK.
• Research Frontiers in Decommissioning and Radioactive Waste Management Conference, UK.
• Lecture on Quantum Physics in University of Strathclyde. The speaker was Professor Serge Haroche, Glasgow.
• CENSIS Hyperspectral Imaging Supply Chain Workshop, delivered by the Innovation Centre for Sensor and Imaging Systems, Glasgow.
• Advances in photonic tools and techniques for the life sciences exhibition and conference, at the Technology and Innovation Centre, Glasgow.
• Quantum Enhanced Imaging Hub Launch Event, Organized by Quantum Enhanced Imaging Hub at Glasgow Science Centre, UK.
• Member of conference committee, 1st, 2nd Conference in Nano technology.
• Workshop in the “plan managements of research projects”, AUL.
• Workshop in the “milestone of scientific research”, university of Baghdad.
• Training course in “University lecturer and modern teaching”, AUL.
• Training course in “Laboratory Laser instruments”, Nahrain University.
• Training Courses in "project cycle management, Following-up Evaluation & Impact Assessment, and negotiation skills", at Al-MORTAQA Foundation for Human Development.
• Consultative of Information System training course in (3D MAX, AutoCAD and Photoshop).
Available upon request.

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