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Passionate Accredited & Certified Life, Performance & Mental Wellness Coach ~ life coaching together to achieve your goals & aspirations in studies, work & life. Offering face to face, Skype or phone


As a passionate Accredited & Certified passionate Life, Performance & Mental Wellness Coach, I tailor sessions around your coaching requirements, either face to face, via Skype or over the telephone. My approach is none-judgmental, relaxed, friendly & inspiring. Coaching together to successfully achieve your goals & aspirations in your studies, work & in life.


Why choose me as your coach? Here's a snap shot of feedback from some of my lovely clients, to allow you to get a good feel, hear & see what the benefits of coaching together are either one to one or group workshops & find out about my coaching approach as a person. Happy reading!

Jane - Forest Town
“I have suffered from anxiety for over 5 years and my life has positively changed! I went to a party yesterday with friends and I was the most relaxed and confident I've felt in years!! I have Joe to thank for that. I was talking to a lady who suffers with anxiety and I've 100% recommended her to Joe.
It’s hard to put into words how much I want to thank Joe for everything she has done for me. I'm back better and stronger than ever and that's thanks to Joe and her positivity and belief in me. I wanted to thank her from the bottom of my heart for putting me back together and helping to find the way back to happiness. Her own strength has made me see the light again and helped me to feel strong, confident and positive about life again. Life is for living and I intend to do that.”

Rachel - Newark
"Whilst I knew that my sessions with Joe would be helpful, I did not expect them to have the profound impact that they did. Joe's calm and encouraging approach made it easy for me to reflect on my goals and aspirations and to take an objective stance in recognising any hurdles and barriers to achieving my goals. I found the priorities activity, particularly helpful in identifying the areas of my life that I am pleased with and those that require further attention.
I realised that the key to achieving my goals was to address my fear of failure. After discussions with Joe it became apparent that my 'greatest failures' were at the root of my greatest achievements. Joe was skilled in identifying key words that captured my personal values and motivation. Those words have stuck in my mind and I find them jumping to my aid if I find myself feeling lost or overwhelmed.
I have a technique now that I have 'bottled', as if motivation and encouragement on tap! Not only does Joe offer a font of knowledge and resources, she has the ability to make a person feel comfortable, relaxed, engaged and open to really utilising the session for great personal gain. Her kind and empathetic approach does not fail to make an impact and I am very grateful for all the encouragement, support and assistance that Joe gave to me. Joe was able to understand some of the challenges I face, and she managed to frame them in such a way that they did not present a barrier to change.
I credit that to Joe's ability to relate to and empower people, as well as having the skills to simplify problems into manageable and achievable steps. Highly recommended!! Joe was brilliant at enabling me to examine areas of my life and make changes, big or small, to help me as I journey to reach my potential! The sky is the limit and Joe can help you get there!! Xxx”

Anonymous Male - East Midlands
“First, I just want to thank Joe again, as my gambling problem has been an issue for the last 5 years, and it was only when I started coming to Life Coaching with Joe, that things really started to change.
I learnt things in coaching that I never thought possible, I thought I would never be able to get rid of my gambling addiction, and that I would have to live with it forever. The way things have changed for me in my life, just from learning how to control/stop my gambling, is unbelievable, and to start with it was quite overwhelming.
I had basically accepted that gambling was just part of my life, and that there was no way this could be changed. To anyone suffering from a gambling problem, please do not think that this will always just be part of your life, because with Life Coaching, and being able to change your thought process and your mindset, I can speak from experience, that you CAN fight this horrible addiction. I highly recommend going to see Joe, it is the best thing I ever did, I am now so much happier in life, and I will be forever grateful for the help and guidance that Joe has given me.”

Katharine - Sheffield
“Thank you so much for your coaching sessions, they have helped me make a massive change to my life! I was at a stage in life where I was feeling quite lost. Then I found Joe and in 3 months I have turned my life around, I moved to the city I wanted to be, got a new job, regained my social life and also gained confidence. Joe is a lovely person and I have enjoyed working with her to achieve these goals. I would highly recommend anyone who is in a similar situation to me to consider going down the route of working with Joe. It has been a great journey and I hope I can inspire other people with bipolar”.

Amy - East Midlands
“I first started coaching with Joe, when I was having a difficult time at work and my life revolved around my job. Since then coaching has made me re-evaluate what is important to me and what I want to achieve in my life. Although I've only had a few sessions with her, so far, she has helped me overcome redundancy, I’ve create an impressive cv, sort out my finances and gained my dream job.
I spend more time now with the people who mean the most to me and focus my attention on what is important to me. I have also realised a few things about myself and how I can be a better me. The best thing is, I came to the conclusions all by myself! Joe helps me see the obvious and with her help I get to live, rather than just attend. Thanks heaps for everything you have done for me."

Natasha - Derbyshire
“I went to see Joe for some coaching. What can I say...wow! What a shift in mindset. I felt empowered that 'I' can do whatever I set my mind to. We tried several different techniques. The most prominent one for me was a visualisation session. Joe talked me through the process where I thought back to a time in my life where I have felt on top of the world. I did so, and felt very safe and secure. What I didn't expect was that when I was to open my eyes, I literally burst into happy tears. It brought out such emotions in me, that I didn't know were in there. I found the whole process very intriguing and have used it to remind myself when in moments of doubt that you can in-fact do what you set your mind to.
One word Joe - Fantastic!! Thank you so much for the experience, and I wish you well in succeeding to assist others to achieve extraordinary things. Joe is very highly recommended. She helped teach me techniques that have had an impact in areas of my life I hadn't realised it would. Thank you so much for making a huge difference”

Karen - Sheffield - South Yorkshire
“My recent life coaching sessions with Joe have resulted in a clear vision for the future and have helped me to put things into perspective. Joe is very friendly, warm and approachable and listens attentively which in turn makes for a very relaxing atmosphere in which to talk openly. The structure of the sessions were really meaningful and have helped me realise my goals and values for the future. On further reflection I can say it has been a truly positive and enjoyable experience. I have taken something away from each individual session to implement in my job and also my personal life. It has given me inspiration and lots of ideas on how to get the most out of my time at work and how to put these ideas into practice within my new Managerial role. Looking back over the last few months I am amazed at how far I have come. Still the same old me but a new and better way of thinking. Fantastic, thank you Joe for helping point me in the right direction...forwards. Will certainly be pursuing more sessions in the future and I would gladly recommend Joe to anybody for Life Coaching. Thankyou Joe.”

Kelly - East Midlands
“I was ready to make some changes in my life and was lucky enough to have the opportunity to have some Life Coaching sessions with Joe Roe, which were excellent - helpful, meaningful, enlightening and exciting.
Joe obviously really enjoys what she's doing as she glows, which makes you want to be as happy as she is. She was very attentive and really listened, to understand what kind of techniques would work best for me. She helped me to clarify my ideas / wants, see paths that are possible, increased my focus and made me excited to achieve my outcomes.
The Life Coaching experience with Joe has made me feel more confident, positive about myself, my abilities and my future. We worked on a couple of areas of my life where I was ready to make changes and I know that I will be able to apply what I've learned to other areas too, when the time is right for me. The previous sentence is true but it doesn't express the continuous excitement and positive energy that I am full of now, when I consider changes and a future of possibilities”

Helen - Hucknall
“Joe is highly recommended. Such a lovely, kind, understanding person who is non-judgmental and helped me look at the positives in my life.”

Andrea - Sutton
“Wonderful and enlightening experience. Wasn't sure what to expect when I started having some coaching sessions but the whole process really worked well for me. Really nice, comfortable and relaxing environment and Joe is fantastic. Such an easy going, friendly, open and knowledgeable coach. Would highly recommend Joe’s services.”

Ami - Forest Town
“Speaking with Joe has enabled me to look at things differently. Seeing successes rather than failures. I felt empowered. Within a short space of time I have started to change the cant's into can's.”

Debbie - East Midlands
“Fab interview coach, gave me confidence and techniques to deal with anxiety and nervousness!!”

Louise - Anonymous
“Jo is a knowledgeable, open and approachable coach. I love her authentic and non-judgmental style. Her personal experience adds a level of understanding that is super beneficial for her clients. I wouldn't hesitate to make referrals or recommend her to anybody that needs help and support with mental wellness”

Sammie - Selston
“Hi Joe. Well I have to say I was a bit dubious and really unsure what to expect but you have blown me away. After months of CBT, Counselling, self-help books etc. etc. a few hours with you has given me more confidence and belief that I can do this than all the other put together. Brilliant Workshop and would recommend to anybody”

Gemma - Selston
“I arrived at the Workshop, not knowing what to expect, but knowing I wanted support. I started off saying that I wanted to be able to relax and switch off. I ended up lay on the floor with lots of cushion, half asleep. Joe is very calming, supportive & lovely. It was a small safe group and it was nice to hear other’s thoughts. I’ll be back”

Ian - East Midlands
“I found this very beneficial. A really good Workshop to look at your personal situation and bring focus to your own processes and how to positively work with them. I also really enjoyed working in a small group and sharing our experiences without any pressure.”

Nina - East Midlands
“I attended a coaching workshop today, I had no idea what to expect. I was made to feel very welcome and at ease. The workshop was a wonderful experience and helped me immensely in a short space of time we had. I found something out about myself that I never realised, and we helped me to be more positive in the future. Thankyou Joe”

Susan - Mansfield
“Fabulous Life Coach, motivating, understanding, listens, guides and puts you at ease. I highly recommend Joe Roe for anyone who is thinking of giving a life coaching or NLP session, course, workshop a try... Just do it! Thank you for the coaching workshop Joe, it was great. Joe, you are a fabulous creature x x”

Jenny - Forest Town
“Joe is inspiring and has made a huge difference to how I look at myself... fantastic. I would thoroughly recommend her.”

Jan - Newark
“I attended ‘Because I am worth it ‘workshop today. It was very engaging Joe was very inspiring and a lovely friendly small group setting. Came away with a better understanding of myself and some really useful tools to move forward.”

Anonymous - Mansfield Woodhouse
“I came to the “Because You’re Worth It” workshop, due to limiting self-beliefs. When the workshop was over, I had reminded myself that there had been times in my life when I felt supremely confident and self-assured. Now I can work on this to develop my self-belief going forward”

Ian - East Midlands
“I found this workshop very useful and very positive. The focus I was able to put on my limiting beliefs was of immense value. The workshop also gave me lots of thoughts and ideas from other group participants and the supportive environment gave me a nice feeling of kindness and wellbeing.”

Rebecca - Mansfield Woodhouse
“Hi Joe, I wanted to thank you for today's workshop, it was set in a lovely room with beautiful people. I was made to feel welcome and at ease and the way the workshop was lead was brilliant. I learnt about being more aware of myself and skills I can start to use, thank you.”

Carol - Mansfield Woodhouse
“Thank you so much for your wonderful workshop today and even though I have had coaching sessions with you before I soon slide back into my old ways, so I am now back on the right track. There were lovely people there, and it was a wonderful atmosphere.”


Rate for online lessons : £65/h


Please note face to face sessions are location at the Lotus Therapy Centre - Mansfield, Nottinghamshire - if sessions are required at a public venue of your choice, then there may be an additional charge. If less than 48 hours notices is provided on cancellations, then 50% of the session fee will be chargeable. The first free session will be over the telephone or via Skype to truly start to understand your coaching requirements.

Lessons offered by Joe
In group
The lessons will be held
at her home
at your home
Taught subjects
  • Positive thinking
  • Stress management
  • Personal coaching
  • Life coaching
  • Personal development
  • Public Speaking
  • All Levels

Joe 's CV

Passionately excelling at providing outstanding training, coaching and development expertise. Making a positive, meaningful and lasting difference to people’s life, by successfully achieving their positive goals and aspirations, maximising their true potential, leading to a life full of purpose.

Specialist Coach Trainer | Simply Changing Limited
2017 -2018
Accredited by the National Council of Psychotherapists (NCP) & Member Joanne Claire Roe (MNCP)

Level 5 Diploma in Performance Coaching with NLP | Simply Changing Limited
2016 - 2017
538 hours knowledge based and practical study
Accredited by the National Council of Psychotherapists (NCP) & Member Joanne Claire Roe (MNCP)

NLP Practitioner Certificate| Simply Changing Limited
2016 -2017
66 hours knowledge based and practical study
Accredited by the National Council of Psychotherapists (NCP) & Member Joanne Claire Roe (MNCP)

Life, Performance & Mental Wellness Coach | Owner - Joe Roe Coaching
2017 - Present
A passionate and enthusiastic Self Employed Person-Centered Coach, providing tailored coaching 121 in person and remotely, plus designing and delivering effective group workshops. Using an extensive range of tools, techniques, models and coaching & NLP lead conversations, to allow Clients to become empowered and tap into their own resourcefulness by understanding their strengths, behaviours, beliefs and values. Coaching together with people at all levels, across all sectors to successfully achieve their career and life ambitions. In addition, remotely training, supervising and coaching people to successfully achieve Graduation of their Level 5 Diploma in Performance Coaching with NLP. Possessing an impressive Portfolio to showcase an extensive range of expressive Client Testimonials.

Team Manager Customer Services | Nottinghamshire County Council
2004 - 2016
A highly motivated, ambitions and accomplished Team Manager within Customer Services. Key responsibilities and accountability include recruitment, induction, training, development, coaching, mentoring, supportive supervision, leading and performance managing a positive team of Customer Service professionals, to deliver a high quality of Customer Service delivery and standards. Project Management, including creating and implementing slick efficient processes and new technology. Liaising with Departments and staff at all levels within the organisation and externally, establishing, building and maintaining positive meaningful working relationships.

• Coaching, NLP, Training and Development
• Supportive Supervision, Leadership and Management
• Employee Engagement, Satisfaction, Motivation, Wellbeing and Mental Wellness
• Customer Services Delivery and Standards
• Strategic Planning and Implementation
• Recruitment Lead and Retention
• Project Management of Processes, Procedures and Policies
• Resource Management, Management Information Reporting and Data Analysis
• Solution Focused, Positive Outlook, Innovative and Inspirational
• Flexible Behaviour, Transitional and Change Management
• Independent Productive Time Management, Organised Planner, Self-Motivated and Remote Working
• Team Player, Positive Working Relationships and Networking
• Strong Verbal and Written Communications
• IT Systems - MS Office, CRM, Databases and Social Media
• Policy Compliance - Data Protection & Confidentiality, Equality & Diversity, Health & Safety - Safeguarding/DBS

My love for Coaching and developing people, became a natural ethos as my core approach within my 12-year Management style. I have had the opportunity to Coach for the Institute of Customer Service (ICS), Coaching people throughout Nottinghamshire to achieve different levels of Awards and personally gained the highest Innovations Award. Personal development achieved include training courses, Certificates, Accreditations and CPD, relevant to my Management, Coaching and Specialist Coach Trainer roles.
I have been fortunate to carry out a 1 year Acting up role as Customer Service Operational Manager, being a £2M budget holder and overall strategically responsible and accountable for driving and optimising a positive culture and high-level performance of a 120 plus staffed Customer Service Operation. Setting, attaining, evaluating and reviewing outstanding Codes of Practice, Service Standards and stretched growth of SLA’s and KPI’s. Consistently achieving exceptional 97% excellent satisfaction rate, across 400 plus front-line services.
I have co-created a 10-hour e-learning CPD program, designed for Coaches working with Mental Health through Coaching & NLP.
My choice of a career focused in the Coaching and people development arena, is determined and driven by the personal job satisfaction that I gain, as it authentically and truly falls in line with my personal beliefs and values. Being a caring, kind and nurturing person, with high emotional intelligence. I am passionate about my own personal development and growth, to allow me to follow my desire to deeply inspire others and to make a lasting difference to the workplace and to humanity.

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