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1st lesson free!

Passionate music producer and composer with 20 years experience. Enthusiastic, patient and friendly.

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My teaching method is tailored to you and what you would like to learn and achieve. We can structure our lessons or keep things relaxed and creative. I have my studio where I like to teach, however I'm more than happy to come to you if you prefer.(As social distancing measures are in place I'm currently teaching online).

We can cover:

Recording audio
MIDI Programming
Sampling and synthesis
effects - when and how to use them effectively, how they work.
compression and Sidechaining (Advanced compression techniques - Parallel,Serial and multiband along with the differences between the many variations of compressor models (FET,VCA,OPTO Etc), reverb, EQ (Static and Dynamic), Delay effects (Flanger, Delay, Chorus, Phaser Etc), Stereo imaging
Production tips and tricks that make the difference ;)
Layering - what is it, and how to do it properly
recording and mic techniques
Phase - In Drum programming/Layering/Recording and Multi mic recordings of the same audio source for example acoustic instruments.
Drum programming (Groove analysis, what makes an irresistible groove)
Arrangement and composition
Music Theory
The key to a solid and powerful low end
Mixing tips - how to achieve separation, clarity and depth in your mix
Breathing life into your music focusing on the finer details that matter

I focus on electronic music, that's my forte however I have experience with many other styles of music, if your unsure just drop me a message I'll give you a'n honest and genuine answer if I can help you. I'm a music lover through and through with a broad musical taste. I'm open to working on so many musical styles, again if your unsure send me a message to see if we can work together.

I offer unlimited Q and A between lessons via e-mail,phone or message.

I am proficient with most popular music production software and hardware. I have a great deal of experience with Ableton Live, Logic Pro X, Cubase and Reaper.


  • Music Production
  • Computer-aided music
  • Mixing
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    Music Recording



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About Tom

I've been releasing electronic music for the past 9 years. The labels, based in the UK and Europe include Big Mamas House records, Death Proof Recordings,SOA Berlin,Data Tech, Raise Recordings, Stig and Club Weapons. I feel it's safe to say I've got the knowledge and experience to pass on to others. I can help you with your goals as an aspiring music producer. Whilst playing regularly as a DJ I've learnt what works and what doesnt in a club environment. I've played at many events across the UK. Here in my hometown and further afield in clubs across Bristol, Birmingham and London supporting the likes of Fritz Wentink, Viers, Kris Wadsworth and Dense and Pika too name a few. I've gained radio airplay on many stations and podcasts including BBC Radio and S4C. I'm an avid learner and always striving for a cleaner and fuller sound. The journey is never ending, one of the many reasons I love this profession. I'm pleased that I can pass on what I've learnt over the years. The tried and tested techniques and practices of music production that have laid the foundations for the future and my personal way of doing things. 

I've been offering one to one lessons for the past year now.Having been encouraged by my students to keep doing what I'm doing, I'm thoroughly enjoying passing on my years of knowledge and experience to others. It's so rewarding to see people progress and enjoy themselves. If you'd like to talk about what you can learn or what you want to achieve through having lessons, let's talk it through. No obligation, I'm here to answer any questions you have and your welcome to your first lesson on the house if you choose to go ahead.

I'm on Spotify and iTunes. Search for Tom Algorithm.

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