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Perpetua - Wish - Ukcat


What is your dream? Oxbridge? Medical school? Somewhere prestigious and competitive?

You invest in my sessions, we partner. We bring your dreams to life.

You get quality- experience, credentials, speed, student-endorsed lessons. Tailored to you.

- Which subject(s) do you teach?

Your career begins at A Levels. It extends to university entrance and interviews. Undergraduate examinations and dissertations. Postgraduate coursework and dissertations.

I teach a range of subjects to help you meet your dreams. I edit your essays into beautiful masterpieces with a fine-toothed literary comb, and sort out the confusing mess that your dissertations and essays can get. Trust in the method which has helped so many, and your journey will be one of minimum stress, even if that sounds impossible now.

Psychology, Sociology, Criminology-- up to postgraduate level.

We all have better compatibility with certain phones, computer systems, and people. Your tutor is no exception.
If you expect tuition to be a miracle-producing brain-morphing magic pill if you do not put in any effort to pay attention or revise for two hours on your own each week, then this is not for you.

It doesn't matter if you secretly think you are hopeless even if you really want to do well. You may have been compared to a cousin or a neighbour all your life, and that makes you flustered during your examinations. We will work that out together. We will harness your potential, oomph up your stress-management skills and sharpen your learning.

If you are willing to pay attention (my students say that the topics. . like Research Methods. . may be boring, but my delivery certainly isn't), be up for being tested during lessons to consolidate your learning, and are willing to revise on your own, then we'll make an excellent partnership.

If you wish to involve your parents to test you on some concepts through the week, I'll work something out.

We'll make your desired outcomes come to live.

- Tell me about your qualifications.

Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, University College London, UK
MPhil in Criminological Research, University of Cambridge, UK.
BA(HONS) Psychology and Sociology double major -- 1st Class Honours. NTU, Singapore.
A-Levels, 7 Distinctions.
O-Levels, 10 Distinctions.

- How much do you charge?

1. All lessons are a minimum of an hour-- if your slot is booked, you pay for the session. You invest your money in me, just as I invest my time and energy into you.

2. Claims will be made for transport.

3. Group lessons can be discounted; if you are unable to afford my fees, we could negotiate a package-- I do probono work regularly for serious students who want to excel.

- Where do you teach?

I teach in Brighton & Hove area. Generally, students travel to my home for lessons.

Or, let's meet on Skype. It works just as well as face-to-face sessions, complete with a whiteboard where we both can draw concepts out together.

- When are you available?

Weekday evenings and daytime
Weekend late AM - early PM
School holidays

- Which ages and levels do you teach?


- Which qualifications do you prepare your students for?

University entrance

As required

- Describe your arrangements for online tutoring.

This is held over Skype webcam. The student should arrange a time slot, inform me about what he/she requires for that day, about transfer the fee by Paypal beforehand.

- Do you have a personal message for students?

Tutoring is intuitive. That's what you'll be getting from me, an approach tailor-made to your goals and personality. Whether you're the student who wants to go to Oxbridge, the student who is struggling as you're new to the country, or the student who needs the figurative crack of the (painless!) academic whip to succeed. I've done crash courses for smart students who want the extra edge to their answering techniques, crash courses for the stranded students who are in a state of panic, and steady revision for the devoted learner.

We'll make our lessons come to life. If you're struggling to understand economic principles, chances are you've learned it in a dull way divorced from your understanding of reality. Well, whether you love cars or shopping for earrings, we will adapt it that way to help you grasp it.

But you're not just getting someone who adapts to you. You're also getting someone with a knack for people and who's been professionally (psychologically) trained to help people reach their goals. You'll get someone who will facilitate you in your learning, empower you with the *other* techniques (time management? stress relief?) that they don't teach you in school, and someone with loads of experience in tutoring. And, don't we all appreciate someone who can show us the shortcuts to learning concepts quickly and successfully?

You're also getting a wordsmith who will teach you how to write the most beautiful answers in your examinations-- a skill that you'll take forward with you throughout your education career and beyond.


- What kind of experience do you have?

13 years of tailoring lessons intuitively and intelligently. Qualifications and experience. And rave reviews from happy students and parents. That's what you get.

It's the last leg in the sprint to your examinations and dissertation deadlines. It's crunchtime. It feels like your hair is on fire. But you want the best outcomes.

I know the complaints you have. You cannot understand your teacher in school. Your dissertation supervisor is unhelpful and seems to speak another language. You work so many hours, but try as you might, you cannot seem to score those extra few marks.

I also know the fears you have. That the schools and classes you attend create a gaping hole between those who do well and those who don't. And that tuition widens that gap further. You don't want to lag behind any further, but pay for lessons? You ask- "shouldn't your teachers be doing their job?", or "haven't I paid enough for my school fees?".

I'm not here to replicate your learning environment in school. I'm here to understand what you want, gauge your personality type (I'm a licensed Psychologist too), and work with you effectively and quickly. I spent years frustrated that a lesson which can be digested in half an hour is delivered in more than three in schools- so I've sought out the ways to make them memorable and applicable. You pay for speed- experience delivered in a potent dose, not stretched out over many hours inefficiently and wastefully.

SO. .

IF YOU WANT THAT BOOST FOR YOUR EXAMINATIONS, my students have gotten top places in top universities globally, and in highly-competitive courses. I have taught in the UK and in Singapore, known for academic excellence. Together, we have aced major certificate examinations, school entrance examinations and intelligence tests. In Singapore, I also collaborated with the guardian of a boarding house in Singapore where she entrusted most of her students to me. These days, I specialise in A Levels and up. The most specialist attention, the better I can cater to your needs.

IF YOU WANT THAT DISSERTATION OR ESSAY TO BE A BEAUTIFUL MASTERPIECE, it's not too late. Fret not. We can unpick flaws, craft a solid gameplan, and give order to chaos. I have done this over and over again with academics, students and professionals, who have published their works. You don't want a dull and grammatically-sound piece; I can give you flair.

IF YOUR DISSERTATION RESEARCH IS GIVING YOU A HEADACHE, and you may be panicking and mumbling, "I do not know what exactly I am doing", "What statistical models am I using", "I don't know how to test my hypotheses", "I don't know how to use SPSS", or "How do I interpret my output!?". I get the drift. You are not alone. I can help simplify it all in little time, and before you know it, your ten thousand word paper is signed, sealed and delivered.

IF YOU WANT THAT PLACE IN UNIVERSITY SO BADLY, the competition is as difficult as you think. We will draw on your strengths and my background as a Psychologist and Coach. Every stage of the process, from a beautiful CV to tackling the scary interview questions to dressing sharply, we will cover it. Clinch that coveted scholarship? Not so hard after all. . .


Some ask me, "WHY DO YOU TEACH SO MANY SUBJECTS?". The world is connected. Subjects are intertwined. That's how the Masters and Renaissance Men (and Women) like Leonardo Da Vinci and Galileo Galilei rolled. Cross-disciplinary training means that your brain pathways fire up better, faster and louder. Concepts will become obvious and relevant, and you'll remember them better. That said, I only teach the things I am passionate about.

- Do you have an up-to-date DBS (Disclosure & Barring Service, formerly CRB) Certificate?


- Do you belong to any professional organisations?

British Psychological Society

- Tell me about some of your current students.

How about two pieces of good news I received in a week?
A client I consulted for landed a place in . . the PhD program of Cambridge Psychiatry + an academic I coached had his manuscript accepted for publication in a well-reputable social science journal.

How about. . an A-Levels student who is now in Medical school (plus his scores for one of his A Level papers increased from C to near-perfect!)

Or, feedback from some parents (because I know you parents trust each other!)

"We have tried the rest now we got the BEST. My daughter is very happy with her tuition. She is more enthusiastic and understands the principles of chemistry , psychology and the exams in general. Perpetua is a born teacher and a motivator. My daughter is more confident in getting her A grades" -- Mr Tijanni, GP

"Perpetua has been a great help - Lola's confidence has really grown and she has advanced by several grades in her mocks. Perpetua is obviously very clever and has a fantastic memory for all things chemical and teaches in a clear enthusiastic and interesting way. Big thank you, Cathy " - Mrs Cathy

AND feedback from some of my students . . .

Anna, postgraduate student, taught for two lessons
"When I hired you, I was panicking. The statistics assignment was so confusing, and I had stared at it for eight hours without any progress except for copying things from my textbook. You made things easy. You explained the SPSS procedures in two hours, decoded the scary-looking tables and I now know how to work statistics independently. And. . I topped my class in my assignments!"

Juliet, preparation for GCSEs, taught for two years
"Your teaching style is the best! Lessons are so interesting, also because we discuss about things beyond the scope of the lesson. You helped me learn to speak and write English well using topics like Prison Break and Dan Brown novels. Also, you were there for me during my O-Levels when my tutor for English comprehension/essays was not. And I remember tuition lessons till late at night before my exams. Your teaching style is patient, and you give me good advice, and how to reduce panic. Whenever I had stories to develop, I would give you ideas, which you would patiently develop with me. . writing became exciting and fun for me. Even after you stopped teaching me, you would help explain difficult concepts for my Advanced Diploma in Design whenever I ran into you."

Jessica, preparation for GCSEs, taught for two years
"Ms P explains concepts very comprehensively, and helped me with all my subjects before my O-Levels, even for my science practical exams. She makes the lessons very clear and concise, which is very effective for 'last minute' revision and I still do very well XD. She also helped me with IELTS that I applied for last-minute, and here I am doing my undergraduate studies in Australia now as a result!"

Siena, preparation for GCSEs, taught for two years
"Perpetua is a very intelligent teacher equipped with very good teaching skills. She simplifies things I don't understand, and makes the learning process easier and faster. Even for A Math, she taught me ways of remembering complicated trigonometry. She always finds time to teach me, especially before my tests. I was so happy when she came back for a holiday in March so I could have her teach me again, because she knows how to make me understand things. Lessons are fun and three hours pass by very quickly."


Rate for online lessons : £60/h
Lessons offered by Perpetua
In group
The lessons will be held
at her home
at your home
Taught subjects
  • Ukcat
  • All Levels

Perpetua's CV

• MPhil Criminological Research, University of Cambridge; Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, University College London
• First Class Honours in Psychology and Sociology
• British Psychological Society

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