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Lessons offered by Neda
  • Individual
  • In group
The lessons will be held
  • at her home
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Taught subjects
  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Acrylic painting
  • Oil painting
  • Sculpture
  • All Levels

PhD student of arts offering painting and sculpture classes for all ages


My teaching methodology is based on two important factors. First, the fundamental knowledge, techniques and practices that are necessary for all visual artists and second ability and interests of person who wants to learn and enjoy this incredible field.


I am Neda Mohamadi, an Iranian artist, curator, art director and university lecturer and I live in London. I was born in 1987 in Istanbul. I received my BFA in sculpture (2010) and my MFA in painting (2013) from Tehran University of Fine Arts. Recently I started my PhD in contemporary arts in Middlesex University in London. Meanwhile I worked as a lecturer at the Tehran University of Fine Arts and University of Applied Science and Technology in drawing, painting and sculpture courses.


Rate for 5 hours of lessons : £94
Rate for 10 hours of lessons : £192
Lessons offered by Neda
In group
The lessons will be held
at her home
at your home
Taught subjects
  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Acrylic painting
  • Oil painting
  • Sculpture
  • All Levels

Neda's CV

Nada Mohamadi
NEDA MOHAMADI Curator/ art director/ lecturer/ artist
Born in Istanbul, 1987
Live in London
Iranian nationality
Languages: Persian (Native). English (Fluent).Turkish (Upper intermediate)
Present Ph.D student in contemporary art, Middlesex University, London.
2010-2013 MFA in painting, University of Tehran, Faculty of Fine Arts.
Graduation Thesis: A research on Sculpting and Painting Interaction in Art after 1960 until today.
2005-2010 BFA in Sculpture, University of Tehran, Faculty of Fine Arts.
Graduation Thesis: A survey and research on Contemporary Figurative Sculpting by Comparative research on Anthony Gormley, Ivan Penny, Ron Mueck, John Monoz Art works.
Since 2013 Member of Iranian Association of Painting, Researcher at International Academic Exchange department.
Since 2008 Member of Iranian Association of Sculptors.
Since 2015 Member of New Media Society.
Honors and Awards
2013 PhD Scholarship Candidate, outstanding talent in Tehran University
2013 Winner of Urban Wall Painting Festival Competition, Mashhad Municipality.
2014 Awarded 28,000 $ Scholarship from MICA university, Maryland, USA.
Artist assistant
2007-2008 Assistant for Hossein Maher , painter
2002-2004 Assistant for Morteza Katouzian , painter
Aug 2016 Essay on “All other passports”, Honaragah Contemporary Art Magazine, Monthly Magazine, No. 10 and 11, P:
40- 42.
2016 Essay on “Comparative study of figurative statues of Evan Penny and Ron Mueck”, Peykareh Peykareh Magazine, Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz, Iran, No.4, Winter 2016, P: 79- 92.
2014 Critique on exhibition, “Misunderstanding of Neo-Traditionalism in contemporary Iranian art”, Tandis Magazine,
No.286, Published in Oct 2014.
Curating and gallery experiences
Since Sep 2016 Art director and chief curator of Knack gallery.
Since Jun 2016 Assistant curator in Collaboration with MAXXI Museum, Rome, Italy.
Since Jun 2016 Collaboration with Tehran Museum of Contemporary Arts TmoCA, Tehran, Iran.
October 2016 Curator of a group exhibition in Circa100 gallery, Vienna, Austria.
2016 Co-curator of The New Media Society booth, All Other Passports, at Art Athina, art fair of Athens, Greece.
Since spring 2016 Director of Iranshahr Gallery, Tehran, Iran.
2015-2016 Managing Director and co-curator of Aaran Projects Gallery, Tehran, Iran.
2015 Co-Curator of the exhibition “Angels, Saints and Co.”,Aaran Projects Gallery, Tehran, Iran.
Lecturer in Shariaty University and University of Applied Science and Technology in skills and bachelor students. Lecturer in Tehran University of Fine Arts for BA students.
Teaching Painting, Sculpting and Drawing Since 2004, Particular institutes.
Lecturer of Art History (Iranian history of art, painting, drawing, sculpture, colourology for Bachelor of Art Graduate students since 2013. two years at Tehran University, three semesters at University of Applied Sciences, two semesters at Shariati University, private lectures at private studio
Lecturer Painting, Drawing (Sketch Design) and Visual Creativity to Children range between 4-12 years old in Tehran Fine Arts Institute, 2014-2015.
Translated essays from English to Farsi
May 2015 “Co-productive exhibition- making and three principal categories of organisation: the background, the middle- ground and the foreground” by Paul O Neil, from “curating: politics and display” series, April 2014.
May 2015 “Slow curating: Re-thinking and extending socially engaged art in the context of Northern Irland” by Megan
Johnston, from “After the turn: art education beyond the museum”, Issue 24, Dec 2014.
Mar 2015 “Objects of study or commodification of knowledge? Remarks on artistic research” by Simon Sheikh, from “art and Research” journal, Vol 2. No. 2, Spring 2009.
Feb 2015 “A critical history of 20th century art” by Donald Kuspit, Chapter 7, 8, 9 and 10, 2006.
Abilities and acquired skills
- Experienced in organising artistic events. I have organised 35-40 exhibition events in last 2 years.
- Experienced in setting up art galleries from A-Z. I have stablished Aaran Project, Iranshahr Gallery and Nack Gallery.
- Managing people with various expertises in order to achieve objectives of an exhibition’s project.
- Managing human and financial resources to obtain the best outcome of an artistic event.
- Broad range of networking with the buyer and collectors of the artworks in Iran and Iranian outside the Iran.
- Ability to create the connection with collector’s society either in the Iran or Iranian society abroad to sell
artworks, based on the collector’s interests.
- Ability to promote and improving the attendees for each event.
- Experienced in negotiation for selling the artworks.
- Experience of cooperation with the big scale museums and institutions.
- Ability to discover investment opportunities based on the individual artists or art projects.
- Experience of organising artistic talks, performance arts and managing discussion panels in the art area.
- IT Skills: Macintosh, Windows, Microsoft software, Corel and 3Ds Max.
- Teaching experience: 4 years of experience in the universities in Tehran and 8 years of experience in private institutions in the field of art, world art history, Iran art history, the principle of visual arts, basics of painting and analysis and critics of the art.
- Ability to create artistic writings such as statements, email communication for exhibitions and artists.
- Communication and working in team.
Group exhibitions
Haft Negah, Annual selling exhibition galleries in Tehran, Niavaran Gallery Center.
Censorship, Haft Samar Gallery, Tehran.
Members of Iranian Association of Sculptors, Artist’s Forum, Tehran.
First Festival of Mural Painting; in the collection the Municipality of Mashhad. Figurative Sculptures, Shirin Gallery, Tehran.
Members of Iranian Association of Sculpture, Artist’s Forum, Tehran.
Urban Sculpture, Artist’s Forum Tehran.
Realism and Hyper Realism, Niavaran Cultural Center, Tehran.

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