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Hi! I'm a PhD student offering physical geography and environmental science lessons. My specialities include GIS and glaciology but I am also able to help with various other themes.

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Each lesson would start with a brief overview of the importance of the subject that you'd like to cover, followed by a more in-depth explanation of the topic and a couple of related exercises. We'd finish the lesson with a question and answer session. It's important to note that this is your lesson, I'm just the teacher, so let me know what works for you and what doesn't so we can help you learn in the way that suits you. The lesson-structure isn't rigid and I will change it around to suit your preferences.


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About Laura

I have loved geography since I found out other places existed and have been actively studying it since AS level. With consistently outstanding results, I decided to give tutoring a try and spread the love. I'm currently working on a remote-sensing project called 4D Greenland for the European Space Agency and completing a PhD in glaciology. These are my most knowledgeable areas but I'm proficient in most subject areas of physical geography and environmental science, just drop me a message and we'll find out if I can help you!



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  • 01

    When did you develop an interest in your chosen field and in private tutoring?

    I became interested in geography during my secondary school years when I was being taught by a particularly enthusiastic teacher. During my undergraduate degree, I decided to start private tutoring as a way to spread my love of geography (and also boost my student-level income!)

  • 02

    Tell us more about the subject you teach, the topics you like to discuss with students (and possibly those you like a little less).

    For GCSE and A level, I teach both human and physical geography. For undergraduate and masters level students, I teach mainly physical geography and environmental science with a specific focus on remote sensing, GIS and glaciology. I am a glaciological researcher by profession so these topics are where my expertise lie, but I have studied many different branches of geography meaning I am proficient in teaching most topics.

  • 03

    Did you have any role models; a teacher that inspired you?

    As I mentioned earlier, I had a geography teacher in secondary school who was very enthusiastic. She explained difficult concepts to me in a way that made them seem very simple. This is part of the reason why I started tutoring - I want to be able to help other people with things that they find difficult in the same way that she helped me.

  • 04

    What do you think are the qualities required to be a good tutor?

    A good tutor needs to listen to their students. It's all well and good teaching someone, but if you aren't listening to them, how do you know they've understood, or that you are even answering the correct question? The ability to understand what the student is asking also helps. Sometimes I get students who aren't sure what question they are trying to ask - often because they don't fully understand what is being asked of them. When this happens, I help by explaining to them what the question/coursework/exam prep is asking of them. This means they can ask the questions that will help them progress and get the most out of their tutoring session. Obviously being kind and compassionate also helps! We all need a friendly face when we're asking questions and I hope I provide that to my students!

  • 05

    Provide a valuable anecdote related to your subject or your days at school.

    "But it's just colouring-in, right?" - This is a question that was frequently (and still is) posed to me about geography and why I chose to study it. Unfortunately, many people in the UK choose to stop studying geography when they are about 13 years old. This means a lot of people you'll talk to about geography will remember it fondly as the place where they spent an hour colouring in a map of the UK counties - very few actually know what geographers do. It's important to remember that the majority of people you'll meet won't mean this comment to be malicious - they just don't understand. It's also important to remember that geography is a wide-ranging subject that involves every aspect of human existence from the volcanic eruptions that caused life on Earth to be possible, to the use of Google Maps on your phone. Even the internet wouldn't exist without geographical knowledge. It underpins a lot of things we take for granted, which is part of the reason why people are so willing to dismiss it as "just colouring-in" - it is too huge to fathom and easier to ignore.

  • 06

    What were the difficulties or challenges you faced or are still facing in your subject?

    I always found coursework deadlines crept up on me. It's very alarming to realise you have two assignments due in the same week and that, somehow, it's already that week. This is why I try to make sure I am available at short (1 day) notice for my students so if they have issues with a piece of work and need help immediately, I am on hand.

  • 07

    Do you have a particular passion? Is it teaching in general or an element of the subject or something completely different?

    I'm going to go completely off-piste here and say fencing. I've been fencing epee for the last 3 years and absolutely love it. The exercise and competition aspects of it force me to stop thinking about work and give me time to relax. I'm actually writing this whilst waiting for my Thursday night training session to start!

  • 08

    What makes you a Superprof?

    I realise how difficult geography can be to understand and I also understand that it can be embarrassing to admit you are finding it challenging. I know all this because I've been studying geography (as a choice) for almost 10 years and I am not immune to the confusion and frustration caused by the subject. However, I am now much better equipped to deal with it than I was during my GCSEs, A levels, bachelors and masters and I now know how to help other people equip themselves with the same skills.

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