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Pimmi - Chelsea - Personal coaching


Would you like to speak clearer, present effectively and improve your career prospects? I am a Voice, Dialect, Public Performance and Wellness Coach specialising in helping people speak more dynamically and develop an enhanced core confidence.

- Which subject(s) do you teach?

Elocution & Vocal Skills. I have a modern RP accent, well spoken with clear articulation, but not conservative, Think BBC News, but NOT Made in Chelsea or The Queen!.
Public Speaking
Life Coaching
Executive Coaching
Mindful Leadership
Stress Management
Motivational Coaching

- Tell me about your qualifications.

MA International Journalism
Cambridge Celta
Performance and public speaking skills.
Experience working with professional actors and public speakers, both in my past working in film and TV and for the past 6 years as a Private and Corporate Coach.

- How much do you charge?

The Voice, Dialect and Public Speaking Coaching is £50 per hour for individuals, rising for more complex needs and corporate bookings.

Wellness and Life (Goals) Coaching starts at £60 per hour.

I offer discounts for low income earners.

- Where do you teach?

At the moment I am mainly doing a lot of online coaching, using Skype and FaceTime, it's something I'm very experienced with, I understand exactly how to help you achieve the same level of training as you would in person. The results are excellent. In fact I believe it to be less distracting and more focused. Feel free to ask me for references from my other Skype clients who are all very satisfied, or, if preferred, contact me about a free trial to experience it first.

- When are you available?

Monday to Saturday.

Bookings start at 0900 and the latest is at 1845 for 60 minutes.

60 minute bookings are available.

Corporate workshops are roughly 5-6 hours of training per day plus breaks.

- Which ages and levels do you teach?

For public speaking and elocution, I work with adults with a pre-existing good base of communication.

For voice coaching, including vocal issues, I have worked with younger teens upwards. The majority have been adults.

In Wellness and Goals Coaching, I work with adults of all ages and backgrounds. It is more about the willingness to self improve and move forward.

- Describe your arrangements for online tutoring.

I offer Skype and FaceTime coaching sessions. I normally call the client at the agree upon time and email material that we will use ahead of the session. The sessions are very structured - there is always an objective and at the same time it is bespoke, designed to suit the needs of each person. It's a brilliant way to offer more flexibility to clients.

- Do you have a personal message for students?

I really believe in jumping straight in, making mistakes, not giving up and most importantly, having fun with it. It is a fascinating area of self improvement which I absolutely love and feel privileged to be able to work in. And, most of the time, it can open up a client's world and literally improve their lives, because so many people have confidence issues and self scrutinise, that when they make what might be very simple adjustments to their communication, the impact can be huge to their self esteem.

I aim to help my clients discover their inherent communication strengths. They are there within everyone. Often though, clients might not be exactly sure which area of voice training they need to improve upon. So, I spend time listening acutely to their speech or performance and then work out what the key issues are as well as their natural strengths to help them develop a relaxed, personal style. From these, I can then base all kinds of self improvement that suits their needs, from: clear articulation, vocal projecting, developing a more attractive voice, how to sound more interesting and less flat, body language, vocal strengthening, confident public speaking, performance skills, making a great impression in interviews or meetings, accent reduction, over or under intonating or just achieving a more convincing British dialect. For all of these, I have designed some effective techniques and workshops which are personalised for my clients to make that and more possible.


- What kind of experience do you have?

I am a voice, dialect, public performance and wellness Coach. I have my own Coaching business which I have been running for six years, delivering 1:1 video coaching and bespoke in-person corporate communication workshops. But over the course of twelve years I have coached people towards giving better 'performances' in the corporate world as much as in the Entertainment Industry.

I do work extensively with private individuals on a 1:1 basis and have helped performers in international Film and TV productions. In the Corporate sector, I have had repeat bookings from companies such as: Moody's Investor Services Ltd, Landesbank Baden-Württemberg (UK), Sparkasse Niederschlesien Oberlausitz (Germany), IBM, Marshall Wace Asset Management.

There are two main areas I focus on: Voice Coaching, Performance Coaching & Wellness / Goals Coaching.


Voice Coaching covers all kinds of vocal skill, from speech clarity, vocal strength, using your voice to 'hold' an audience, right through to dialect and elocution.

The majority of my clients are long-term, repeat bookings. They tend to either be native English speakers who wish to have a stronger, more attractive voice or improve their accent or elocution or just to sound more interesting. I have also worked with non-native speakers for similar reasons.

I can help people with slight speech impediments to improve the sound of their words and their self esteem, which is hugely rewarding. These have included slurring, stuttering and excess mouth air/'heavy' tongued voices - but please note, I am not a voice therapist.

When it comes to working with Corporate professionals, I am usually consulted upon to improve their overall communication impact, particularly in presentations or meetings to building their confidence and enhancing their corporate image. My consultancy is also able to provide corporate role play training workshops whereby professionally trained actors help company staff navigate real situations and challenges at work, while creating a positive outcome and building on existing strengths and skills to improve their working relationships.


My clients often work in high stress environments and want to stand out, to be positively noticed for their abilities; I train them to be able to speak publicly with a sense of assurance and to be able to lead their teams with calm, confident focus. I work on everything from elocution and vocal skills to body language, developing gravitas and stage presence.

I have helped people write and prepare for speeches, press releases, presentations and readings at events and upcoming performances and auditions. I have a background in print journalism and creative writing so I lend these skills to those that require help constructing written material.


Wellness Coaching focuses on tackling issues like the Imposter Syndrome, building core confidence and self esteem. This is a very empowering process that aims towards releasing the client from self doubt, moving them towards achievement recognition and the trust in themselves to continue to succeed. It is very much about moving forward. It is not therapy, but can work really well alongide counselling.

Goals Coaching is about helping people become self aware, to express their needs and to help them reach where they want to be. I help them create a plan for turning their wishful thinking into something more concrete; an achievable goal to improve the quality of their work and personal life.

- Do you have an up-to-date DBS (Disclosure & Barring Service, formerly CRB) Certificate?

No, I'm afraid I don't work with this client group for that reason.

- Where and with whom did you train?

MA International Journalism from City University London.
Cambridge Celta from Westminster Kingsway College London.

- Tell me about some of your current students.

They are a mixture. Some are private individuals looking to improve their communication when in personal situations, or to be able to speak with confidence at an event or meeting. Others' are actors who require help preparing for a role or audition. And then many are from the corporate sector who rely on their voice and overall image to convey a positive, successful impression in high profile meetings or with clients.

I have regularly been booked by well known financial organisations to help their employees. And I have worked with people internationally over Skype and face to face.

Nowadays, I find more and more clients are preferring the convenience of Skype because they don't have to worry about travel and then they have more options for fitting coaching into their lives.

I know how it feels to learn online as I myself have learnt online courses and have found it to be a really effective medium. And actually, so much of my coaching is arguably more successful without the added distraction of the surrounding ambience; I often have to move in to a close up on my mouth to illustrate the mouth or tongue position to a client. Similarly, I might ask a client to use a makeshift 'tool' to assist them in isolating a part of their mouth or tongue to produce the target sound; with Skype, you can focus much better in many ways, and there's no embarassment you might get from being in a public space. Even the fact that between myself and the client is a glass interface kind of helps us both relax and concentrate!


Rate for online lessons : £20/h
Lessons offered by Pimmi
In group
The lessons will be held
at her home
at your home
Taught subjects
  • Personal coaching
  • Stress management
  • Life coaching
  • Public Speaking
  • All Levels


Rate for online lessons : £20/h

Pimmi's CV

• MA International Journalism
• Cambridge CELTA

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