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Politics and Governmental Studies, International Relations, Sociology, Reserach Methodology, Anthropology, Religious Studies

About the lesson

-I did my MPhil degree at the University of Cambridge and have research experience from the University of St Andrews and two other International Universities and Research Institutions [Terrorism Studies from the University of Leiden and Marxist Institute]

-I did my PhD degree in “Political Science and International Relations” [1st Class Honours] with dissertation subject in Sociology.

-I did my first MA in “ Governmental Systems and Administration” with dissertation in Governmental System [1st Class Honours]

-I did my MPhil in “Theology, Religion and Philosophy of Religion” with a particular interest in Anthropological-Religious subjects. My dissertation is based on extremist religious groups, "Salafism, Wahhabism and ISIS."

-I have theoretical and teaching experience in Research Methodology which I thought at the University and consulted several students.

-I provide extensive feedback to students.

-I am fluent in 6 languages.

-I am currently working as a political advisor and tutor in London and regularly participate and presents at international, regional, and national conferences including Oxford, SOAS, St Andrew and at many other EU universities.

-Many of my articles have been published in several newspapers, blogs and political magazines. I have also been invited to several talks and appear on TV channels including BBC, France 24, i24, Islam Channel, TRT Haber, TRT Turk, Rûdaw TV, Radio Monocle, and The Voice of America and has been interviewed by several newspapers and institutions.

-I am currently working on my two books titled “The Kurds and the Politics of Turkey: Agency, Territory and Religion", and “ISIS and the Kurds: The Roots of Conflict in Syria and Iraq” for the I.B. Tauris Publishing.

I provide private tuitions in the areas of
*Research Methodology
* International Relations Theory
* Security Studies
* Political Theory and Philosophy,
* Political History,
*Comparative Politics and Political Systems,
*Religious Studies
*Democracy and Governmental Studies,
*Sociology and,
* I provide consulting for many BA and MA dissertations and PhD theses to undergraduate, postgraduates and research Students in the UK.

I have students from almost all the UK universities including the University of Oxford, Cambridge University, UCL, LSE, Kings’ College London and Royal Holloway universities.

* In International Relations (IR) Theory, I provide private tutorials on the IR theories including Realism, Liberalism, Constructivism, Marxism, Neo-Conservatism and Feminism with an intense focus on the leading scholars in the field such as T. Hobbes, N. Machiavelli, J. Lock, F. Hegel, Morgenthau, H. Car, K. Waltz, I. Kant, J. Rousseau and I. Wallenstein.

* In Political Theory and Philosophy, I mostly focus on the notion of ethnic, morality, religion, modernism, moral society, and the leading scholars in the field with intense focus on Aristotle, Socrates, Pluton, Ghazali, Ibn Haldun, F. Nietzsche, and Leo Straus.

*In political history, I mostly teach on the Middle East and the Modern European History with a particular focus on B. Lewis, A. Hourani, K. Karpat and C. Tilly.

*In Sociology, I provide tutorials on the state, ethnicity, nation, identity, culture, federalism, political institutions, democracy, governmental studies, nationalism, capitalism and democracy. Within this discipline, I mostly teach the theories of E. Gellner, B. Anderson, A. Smith, C. Tilly, E. Renan, M. Weber, A. Poggi and N. Chomsky, Foucault, Bourdieu and K. Marx.

* In Research Method, I am specifically expert in the fieldwork, case study, qualitative method, theory in research method, deduction and induction methods, theory deriving, and critical approaches to the methodology.

* For Religion, Terrorism and Security Studies I mostly teach the peace process, conflict resolution, violent extremism, Jihad, Salafism, Wahhabism and as case studies extreme Islamic groups such as Al-Qaeda and ISIS.

*In Anthropology, I provide teaching and assistance in culture, religion and anthropological fieldwork.


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About Jan

I have an extensive research background in academia and as an independent scholar; I am quite familiar with Political Science and International Relations. I have an intensive academic background in International Relations Theories, Political Theory and Philosophy, Political History, Comparative Politics, Religious Studies, Democracy and Governmental Studies, Religious Studies, Sociology, Terrorism and Security Studies and Research Method. During my Ph.D., I took ten courses [at the Ph.D. level] regarding the underlined disciplines for two years and completed with the high honour degree (distinction) (3.88/4). Before and after my Ph.D., I also took courses from various Social Science Institutions.



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