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  • Response Time 14h
  • Number of students 50+
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1st lesson free!

1st lesson free!

Professional artist offering realistic drawing classes from basic fundamentals to professional portraiture.


We host the best tutors. Quality of their profile, experience in their field. China will be happy to arrange your first Drawing lesson.

About the lesson

My method of teaching is always catered to the student's needs and abilities. For example, if a student is a beginner and they want to learn how to draw realistically, I would show them how to understand the principles before we try to draw straight away.

To understand nature, we must understand how to see in order to translate that onto our paper.
If a student is more advanced, we will look at what really inspires them and how we can push their abilities by looking at the finer details, whether that is refining a good drawing to become more realistic, the equipment quality, or the tiny nuances in the line direction that need tweaking. We should always keep pushing ourselves and learning from what we do so I fully encourage people to embrace their mistakes and enjoy the process over the finished result.

Topics I cover are value scale, shapes, portraits, figures, life drawing, still life, feet, hands, hair, fabric and much more.

I also provide an option for a ready made drawing kit with all the equipment you need to start or enhance your drawing practise including a hardcover sketchbook, 4 pencils which are staple in my lessons, and a putty rubber which is good for controlling the removal of pencil.

You may be wondering if online learning is for you as I fully understand the differences and anticipations of online as apposed to in real life. Having taught throughout the whole pandemic online with a thriving community and many students have stayed with me since, I would encourage those who are against it, to try online in their trial session and then further lessons can be discussed as to whether they are best suited online or in person which has travel costs.


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  • Life Drawing
  • Botanical Drawing


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About China

My name is China and I am a professional portrait and figure artist. I specialise in a variety of mediums including pencil, pastel, and oil painting. I have been teaching for 5 years to private students varying in different ages ranges from 8 years old to 70 years. These lessons have been either just for fun as a hobby progression, to help students for creative degrees, or for groups in workshops.

Drawing is amazingly fun and therapeutic and if we don't have the tools to connect the dots, we can find it frustrating and stressful. I am here to show you how to connect the dots so you can draw confidently on your own.

I am available for group hire as well as private 1-to-1's and I can adapt my teaching style to suit your needs.

Usually, I like to go through the fundamental basics with students so they have a good grasp of basic tools before we learn about anything else.

These lessons include:

* Shading
* Materials
* Negative space
* Line direction
* Shapes
* Perspective

Once I feel the student has grasped these, we can begin to apply the theory to drawing things such as:

* Portraits
* Architecture
* Still Life
* Botanical
* Animals

I primarily teach adults however I am open to helping children too if they are passionate about drawing and have good concentration. I believe everyone is entitled to learn to draw and sometimes we just need a helping hand to reach our goals.

For some background information on my training, I have a fine art degree from Wimbledon College of Art, and I have trained with many masters such as Fernando Freitas and Coung Nygun. I now sell commissions both figurative as well as animal art and I often exhibit in galleries around London.



  • 5h: £160
  • 10h: £315


  • + ££10


  • £35/h

free lessons

  • 1hr


This is the standard rate for pencil drawing classes for all levels. The first class is always free and and if travel is needed, a £10 - £15 surcharge will apply.

The first class will be online as this is complimentary and any in person lessons can be discussed after. From November, a studio will be available for the student to visit the tutor to avoid any travel fees.

Classes are the same high standard virtually and physically.
If you need to cancel, please do let me know 24 hours in advance. If you have paid and cancel after this time, you will not be eligible for a refund.


Find out more about China

  • 01

    When did you start practicing? How did this passion find you?

    I have been selling artwork since the age of 23 but training and drawing for many years before that to become a realist portrait artist. I found my passion as a small child when I first discovered the shape of an eye was not a circle, but an almond shape. I ran home and asked my dad to show me how to draw objects and we went through some simple 3D drawings and I was hooked. 25 years later, I am still hooked to painting and drawing and learning.

  • 02

    Which artists or works affect you the most?

    The artists that inspire me the most are the likes of Mitch Griffiths, Cuong Nugyen and the classics like Da Vinci and Rembrandt. These artists are incredibly powerful at storytelling through realism and depicting nature in an amazing way.

  • 03

    What are the qualities and skill required to succeed in this area?

    To be able to succeed in realistic art you need patients, perseverance and a yearning for learning as cliche as that sounds. You need to drop all expectations and allow yourself to fail before you get better. If you never fail, there will never be room for improvement. You need to learn to see in a different way in order to improve your own translation from the visual world onto the 2D surface.

  • 04

    What is the most valuable advice you can give to help someone stay focused on creative projects?

    Give yourself a break! Often I find students are so disappointed in themselves when they don't draw perfectly for the first time and when we try something new, they are frustrated that they haven't mastered it already. If you were that good already, you wouldn't be needing lessons. Be kind to yourself and celebrate the small wins.

  • 05

    How would you describe your passion; how does it make you feel?

    My passion is creating a lifelike representation of whatever subject I am drawing. If I have captured the likeness and brought the character or object to life then I have done my job well. It makes me feel like I have achieved something each and every time and so if I can draw something everyday, I am then achieving everyday.

  • 06

    What creative achievements are you particularly proud of?

    I am proud of working for several major brands with my painting skills. My best achievement was when I collaborated with Dominos to help the launch of the master pizza series. I painted the Mona Lisa eating pizza and it was a nationwide press event. Pretty cool.

  • 07

    Have you ever been surprised by a student; by their ability or quick progression?

    Yes, I am often blown away by students' achievements and their dedication to a particular drawing. I always have low expectations with students so that we can work on perfecting the fundamentals and sometimes people speed through that stage really quickly! Other dont, but that's fine because we then we move on when the time is right :)

  • 08

    Being a Superprof is an art! What is your secret?

    Having great students :)

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