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« Perfect! I recommend her,she a wonderful tutor. Really friendly tutor. »
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Professional Artist Teacher with 15 years experience in Art tuition at all levels. Based in Oxford and Abingdon.


I enjoy teaching on a one-to-one basis & as a class tutor, & I am flexible in my approach. I can provide feedback & advice for exam & portfolio work, plan, deliver & assess specific media-based lessons, develop skills & techniques through demonstrations, expand on knowledge & understanding through introducing a wide range of artists, movements & schools, as well as developing written skills in annotations essay writing & critical studies.


One of our best tutors! High-quality profile, qualifications verified and response guaranteed. Helen will plan your first lesson with care.


I am a practicing Artist Teacher, BA in Fine Art, PGCE Secondary Art & Design, & MA in Art & Education. I have 20 years of experience in teaching Primary, Secondary and Adult tuition, GCSE, A’Level, Arts Awards, exam preparation, and scholarship preparation. I provide one-to-one or group/class tuition in a range of media including; drawing, illustration, painting, printmaking, 3D, design, collage, textiles, digital art, photography, installation, & performance. My Artist practice is largely drawing and printmaking, I exhibit my own work annually & will work to commissions.


Rate for online lessons : £20/h
Rate for 5 hours of lessons : £150
Rate for 10 hours of lessons : £300
Lessons offered by Helen
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Taught subjects
  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Art and Design
  • Art Exam Preparation
  • Printmaking
  • All Levels

Helen 's CV

Helen J. S. Edwards

E-mail: (concealed information)
Teacher Registration Number: 1053120
(concealed information)


An accomplished Primary and Secondary Art teacher, Primary school teacher, and Arts Aware advisor with a genuine passion for teaching adults and children of all abilities to help realize their full potential.

I am a compassionate, creative, and highly organized teacher proficient in Art education across Key Stages one to five, as well as teaching the full primary curriculum in Key Stage two. I have valuable classroom experience committed to providing fun, engaging, and challenging lessons by teaching a range of skills, techniques, and media, with an aim to develop confidence in young people and exposing them to a rich and diverse education.


- DBS Certification - Expertise in Art - MA in Art & Education
- Primary & Secondary - Curriculum Mapping. - CPD Staff training in Art
- Art Coordinator - Behavior Management - Assessment & Feedback
- MFL Coordinator - High-level Questioning. - Project Planning
- Resources Planning - PPA Cover, all Subjects


2017 – 2021 MA Art & Education (Artist Teacher Practice) Distinction
Oxford Brookes University.

2010 – 2011 PGCE Secondary Art, Craft & Design, Oxford Brookes University.

2007 – 2010 BA Fine Art 2:1. Oxford Brookes University.

2000 – 2001 Foundation Diploma in Art & Design. City of Oxford College.


2019 - Current. ArtOxford Private Tuition, Oxford & Environ.

Teaching a range of skills & techniques in Art & Design to children & adults including:
- GCSE, A-Level, Foundation, Arts Awards.
- Life Drawing, Print-making & Painting.
- One-to-one, group tutoring & workshops.
- On-line tutoring.
- CPD teacher training.

2007 – Current. Senior Tutor, Artworks School of Art & Design, Oxford.

- Teaching pupils aged between 7 & 19 years on a one-to-one basis.
- Facilitating the pupils’ learning in skills, knowledge, & contextual studies in art, craft & design.
- Assisting older students with GCSE, A-Level & foundation coursework.
- I also run, deliver, & moderate Arts Awards from Discovery to Gold.
- Skills taught include a wide range of media, skills & techniques as well as
contextual studies in the history of art, art movements, & critical studies &
essay writing on artists & works.

Sept 2013 – Current. Teacher, Arts Award Advisor, Art Coordinator & MFL Coordinator. St. Mary & St. John School, Oxford.

- Organizing, planning & delivering the whole school art curriculum.
- Delivering CPD sessions to all teaching staff.
- Planning art events & trips, organising & curating exhibitions such as
- Planning, delivering & assessing subject curriculum across Key Stage two. - Organising subject-related trips & educational visits.
- Providing feedback during parent consultations, pupil reports, pupil
progress meetings, & meetings relating to children with SEND including
outside agencies.

Sept 2011 - July 2012 Private Tutor & Supply Teacher, Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire.

- Teaching a range of subjects to pupils across key stages 1 to 5 in several
Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire based schools. Duties included
- Leading tutor groups.
- Planning, teaching, & assessing Graphics for years 7 & 8.
- Planning, teaching, & assessing Art to key stages 3, 4 & 5 including
invigilating & moderating GCSE & AS level course & exam work.
- Organised extra-curricular Art clubs.
- I also worked at an SEN charity school, teaching Art & PSCHE to pupils
across the SEN spectrum.


- Safeguarding - First Aid incl. Epi-pen. - Prevent
- Dyscalculia & Maths Mastery - Swimming & Tennis
- I speak French at conversational level, having worked & lived in France.
- I am proficient in using Word and PowerPoint & touch-type up to 60wpm.


Fine Art
• Drawing – Observation & Life Drawing / Conceptual / Experimental / Illustration.
• Painting - Powder / Block / Poster / Acrylic / Gouache / Watercolour / Silk / Ink / Oil.
• 3D - Wire / Clay / Mod-roc / Card / Paper-mache/ Mosaic / Installations.

• Print - Etching (Dry-point & metal grounded plates).
• Screen-printing / Collagraphs / Mono-printing / Lino (inc. reduction) /
Polymer plates.
• Japanese woodblock printing / Woodcut.

• Screen-printing
• Fabric painting / Silk painting / Batik / Dying / Tie-dying.
• Felt making 3D & 2D.
• Fashion design / Sewing - hand & machine / Working from pattern cuts.

Digital Art
• Film - Stop Motion Animation / Film (Final-Cut Pro and iMovie) / Performance / Installations.
• Photography / Photoshop (basic).

• Designing Logos / Sublimating design onto hard & soft surfaces.
• Designing Children’s menus, games, & pop-up cards with mechanisms


2020 - Online Exhibition - MA Dissertation - Etching / Multi-Media
2019 - The Nuffield Hospital, Traces Group Exhibition - Etching / Multi-Media
2019 - Oxford Brookes University - Transience Exhibition - Etching / M-media
2019 - Artweeks, Artworks, Oxford - Etching/Multi-Media
2018 - Artweeks, Oxford - Etching / Multi-Media
2017 - Artweeks, SSMJ, Oxford - Etching
2017 - Life Story Exhibition, Magdalen Road Church, Oxford - Etching
2016 - Artweeks, Artworks, Oxford - Etching
2015 - Artweeks, SSMJ, Oxford - Drawing
2014 - Artweeks, Artworks Oxford - Etching / Drawing
2013 - Artweeks, SSMJ, Oxford - Drawing
2012 - Artweeks, Artworks, Oxford - Painting
2010 - Modern Art Oxford, Oxford - Film
2010 - Cohesion, The Pegasus, Oxford - Film
2010 - Oxford Brookes University, BA Exhibition - Film
2009 - Ovada, Christmas Night Fair, Oxford - Film

15 reviews on Helen
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Perfect! I recommend her,she a wonderful tutor. Really friendly tutor.


Perfect! Helen is flexible, adaptable and very patient. She really makes the most out of each lesson and teaches at a pace that makes it easy to learn. Her approach is good humoured and friendly, with a clear style that easily conveys the vast wealth of knowledge and
experience that she has to share. Thank you Helen!

Helen 's response

Viv is a lovely, funny, and enthusiastic, she was eager to learn skills and techniques and responded well to new ideas and approaches. Such a Joy! Really looking forward to the next lesson.

13 recommendations


Helen is a very friendly and helpful tutor. She always makes sure her clients understand the work and she is always happily ready to help.


Helen is a really art lovely teacher. She's incredibly supportive and helps each student reach their personal goals without pushing too hard. That being said, if you need guidance on solidifying ideas and projects, she will 100% help! Could not reccomend more!


Helen is an amazing art teacher! She has an inordinate amount of patience and is friendly, calm and professional in her approach. She has a fantastic ability to engage kids in art and build their self-confidence whilst supporting them on their journey of self-discovery. She thinks outside the box and is full of creative ideas from across the artistic spectrum. I wish I’d had Helen as an art teacher when I was at school!


I have known Helen for many years in a professional capacity. I was her PGCE tutor and am currently supervising her Master's study. I have always been impressed with the depth and range of Helen's subject knowledge, her thoughtful attention to planning and her ability to deliver art and design lessons with innovation and care. Helen is a brilliant teacher!


Helen tutored me while I attended ArtWorks for 3 years during secondary school, helping me develop my own personal style of painting and she equipped me with skills to improve my pieces that I still use today. Helen was also a brilliant help when I did art GCSE, helping me with coursework ideas and the development of final pieces, introducing me to new techniques that I otherwise wouldn't have had the opportunity to learn, and also introducing me to new artists in the process for inspiration.
Helen really helped me to also build my confidence in my art work, highly recommended!


Helen has been tutoring our daughter for five years, and I have known Helen for much longer. Helen is of impeccable trustworthiness.


Helen is an excellent tutor with proficiency in many different materials. She can work with any level of ability (both my younger siblings were also taught by Helen). She is always lovely and encouraging, which makes any lesson with her a joy.

Studying with Helen for many years really helped kindle my passion for art which is an integral part of my personality to this day and to improve my technical ability. She comes highly recommended!


Helen has helped me develop my art techniques immensely! With her patience and warm outgoing personality she has aided me in exploring art from my own unique stance, listening to my struggles and advising me. I greatly respect her opinion and feel that she possess a real depth in knowledge about art which I value massively.


Helen has committed her life to art and education. In addition to that, she has a natural warmth and curiosity, which makes her an excellent teacher. Why would you not want to be taught by someone like that?


Helen has been teaching my daughter art for several years and I can happily recommend her. My daughter really enjoys her lessons with Helen because she is warm and encouraging. She has a kind, gentle manner that brings out the best in students. Yet she is also rigorous and knows how to inspire them to raise their game. She gives good, clear feedback to pupils and parents. My daughter completed the Bronze Award with Helen at a young age and I was very impressed with her thoroughness and knowledge of what was needed to make the grade. She didn't just do this for my daughter, she kept everyone on track to excel and was steady as a rock. She is fair and takes the time to assess where the work is at. Helen is also an accomplished artist with a wide knowledge of her field and many skills and techniques that she shares with her students. She provides inspirational guidance and encouragement based on her own mastery. In short, Helen is great at both inspiring and motivating students of all ages but also at giving expert teaching that gives them the tools to deliver and excel.

Interview with Helen

QUESTION 01 | 08
When did you start practicing? How did this passion find you?
Helen — I think I have always been an artist, but it took me a long time to really believe in myself. I started producing work from when I was really little, which we all do, we play and we explore. I have always had a great interesting in tactile elements, texture & how light changes things, & I would always be creating things with whatever I could lay my hands on. I would often just spend hours staring at objects, fascinated by the form, the colours & the beauty, especially from nature. Teachers would comment on how I would often daydream or be in my own head in class and I would spend a lot of time doodling, but it was a way of processing ideas, either my own or others, which is something very often misunderstood by non-artists. Art has always been a very much a part of me as it strongly represents who I am as a person. My art-practice has helped me develop as a person intellectually, and in terms of my teaching-practice, & also in relation to my well-being.
Professionally I have been practicing for about ten years, I regularly exhibit work during Artweeks, an annual art event in Oxford, as well as several other venues in & around the Oxford area, and I have also exhibited at Modern Art Oxford.
QUESTION 02 | 08
Which artists or works affect you the most?
Helen — Here, the list is endless… My first loves were Degas & Michelangelo, but I have also had a strong attachment to Matisse from early on. I love Gerhart Richter, Jenny Saville, Van Gogh, Marina Abramovich, Durer, Gauguin, Caravaggio, Anselm Kiefer, De Vinci, Ansel Adams, Ai Weiwei, Louise Bourgeois, Rodin; that’s just to begin with. More recently, Casper David Frederique, Raphael, & back to Michelangelo. I think I find it difficult to name a favourite piece of work as there are elements in each of the artists’ works that really fascinate me. Degas will always send shivers down my spine, Michelangelo will always captivate me, & I will be continually inspired by them all.
QUESTION 03 | 08
What are the qualities and skill required to succeed in this area?
Helen — I think first and foremost you need to be moved by art, as an inspiration to create but more importantly as something which elevates you. You also need to be passionate & resilient, as any art form requires a lot of motivation & practice. It is not something that comes automatically, even Michelangelo had to work hard at it… & I would strongly suggest perseverance, as unfortunately, Art is not seen as something which is valued in certain societies & artist often have to justify their practice. But do not let that deter you, if you love art then make it.
QUESTION 04 | 08
What is the most valuable advice you can give to help someone stay focused on creative projects?
Helen — I think the most valuable advice I could give is to keep practicing, whether it is your art as a whole or if it is practicing what you love doing the most. I still practice my drawing & I am always learning, it never stops.
QUESTION 05 | 08
How would you describe your passion; how does it make you feel
Helen — Art is my passion. I think the only way I can describe it is that is the truth in me. It is something that I will always love and will continue to be inspired by and awe struck with. It is something that elevates me, and to describe how it makes me feel, I think would be somewhat futile as Art for me, defies language as we know it, as it is ineffable and one which engages in tacit dwellings, such as intuition, flow and other forms of internal references.
QUESTION 06 | 08
What creative achievements are you particularly proud of?
Helen — There are lots of creative endeavours that I can say that I am proud of, but most of all I am proud to call myself an artist. It took a long time to believe in myself as an artist, I used to bow my head in shame because I felt that I needed to justify being an artist, but I now know that is it a part of who I am and it would be denying a large part of my development if I were to not engage in my practice. I am most proud of my educational pursuits, studying Art up to Masters’ level has substantiated my self-belief as an artist-teacher. I am also proud of my artwork, past and present, I enjoy looking though past sketchbook and portfolios to see how I used to engage with my practice and see how I have progressed and changed over the years, it is a document of my life.
QUESTION 07 | 08
Have you ever been surprised by a student; by their ability or quick progression?
Helen — I am always super proud of my students, no matter what rate they progress. It is a very personal thing and we all reach our ‘Eureka’ moments at different times. I think, like previously mentioned, if the passion is there so will be the drive to push you through, to keep trying and working hard to achieve to the best that you can. My job is to remind my students of just that, to feed that passion and to watch and help it grow.
QUESTION 08 | 08
Being a Superprof is an art! What is your secret?
Helen — I think I like engaging with artist of all ages and helping them to developing their passion. I still very much learning myself and I think being a tutor requires constant development and education. It never stands still and should never do so. As they say, the more you learn the less you feel you know, it is an endless pursuit, which is just fabulous!

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