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A professional full-time English and Creative Writing Tutor providing excellent online support to students worldwide since 2009.

About the lesson

I'm incredibly passionate about my all aspects of English, English Literature and Creative Writing and consider my teaching to be confidence-building and my approach is friendly, patient and inspiring. I am encouraging, reassuring and always enthusiastic throughout my sessions. I try my very best to instil a sense of enjoyment for the subject in my students, who often tell me they have a renewed enthusiasm for books, poetry and story and essay writing as a consequence of our lessons.

After a short consultation with either student or parent, I promptly tailor my online lessons to tackle an individuals needs. My own academic experience, alongside my professional writing and editing skills, enables me to help students focus on their weaker areas quickly, instigating structured and achievable plans for progress from the initial session. I help students to realise their potential in English studies with organisational help and mentoring, as well as a clear focus on academic expectations. I set challenging yet attainable goals in order to support students to improve in their weaker areas and see my students achieve beyond their expectations and surprise themselves with the ease by which they do so. This is as successful in helping them realise their ability to be critical and analyitical about texts that they read, as it as of their ability to improve in their use of descriptive techniques and actual story telling skills.

I have extensive experience of using email and Skype for online lessons with school-age students as young as Year 5 and adult learners, and this method has proved as successful, and rewarding, as my many hours of face-to-face tuition. I also use Google Docs to share documents with my students so that all amendments can be clearly seen by both parties and provide resources, recommended reading and research links for my sessions.


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  • English Literature
  • Creative writing
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    Essay Writing

    School Entrance Exams


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  • GCSE
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    Adult education


About Ruth

- What kind of experience do you have?

I provide online lessons to students all over the world. I have tutored students from postgraduate level through to primary school age, and have a proven track record of improving exam and level results, as well as grades, as my testimonials fully demonstrate. I also provide some some face-to-face classes, depending on the student's location.

I frequently support students applying to grammar or selective schools, who are sitting 10+, 11+, 12+ and 13+ style exams, and other key stage two and key stage three students who also need help to improve their grammar, comprehension and creative writing skills, as well as advice on how to successfully plan, structure and edit their writing.

I support GCSE/IGCSE students with all aspects of their English Language and Literature courses, including exam techniques. To do this I use a selection of past exam papers to provide help with individual questions, and give advice on time allocation, as well as thorough feedback on all approaches and progress. I aim to improve confidence and therefore in-turn help provide the skills needed for both tackling tests, exams and classroom discussion.

My A-level and IB students typically need help with their textual and literary analysis and essay writing skills and I have also worked with home-learners who have all achieved grades A*, A or B in their IGCSEs with my sole support.

I regularly assist undergraduate and postgraduates preparing and writing essays, reports and dissertations and I also work with and mentor adult learners who may be returning to studying after a long break, or are preparing for a professional course or qualification. I also support individuals who are working on new business or extra-curricular projects, providing editing, proofreading and copy writing services.

I always work at an appropriate pace and encourage a high level of interactivity and discussion. I have taught students with dyslexia, dyspraxia and autism, and who speak English as a second language.

I offer a committed, professional and flexible service. I can provide testimonials from a variety students and parents, and references upon request.

- Tell me about some of your current students.

My current students are varied and include Year 5 and Year 6 students in the UK and abroad, who require entrance exam support; especially focusing on understanding the expectations of comprehension questions, the comprehension texts themselves and preparing stories, descriptions and essays in timed conditions. I am also supporting GCSE and IGCSE students who need help with poetry/text analysis and essay writing, IB students preparing for their IOP's, written assessments and exams and some students who are studying in British or International Schools abroad who need extra help with developing their creative writing or planning, structuring and writing their analytical essays.



  • 5h: £225
  • 10h: £450


  • £45/h


- £45 per hour for primary students through to those studying at GCSE/IGCSE level
- £50 per hour for students in Further Education, Higher Education or adult learners

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